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Shop 8293 Adilas Time 10/21/21  

Pretty quite today. Steve wasn't able to get on the GoToMeeting session. He sent me some texts and we chatted on the phone briefly. Both John and Danny popped in for a bit. I was working on emails, recording notes, and doing a deposit.

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Shop 8363 check and push code 10/20/21  

On a GoToMeeting session with Bryan. We were working on some logic between 3rd party solutions and normal merchant processing actions. Previously, all of the merchant processing stuff was done by super high up system admins. This new option allows a corporation or business level admin user to setup merchant processing for a certain company. Once they interact with things on the 3rd party solutions page, it actually fills in the gaps and makes an entry in the normal super high up merchant processing section. That will end up saving time and efforts on our super high up system admin folks. Basically, back and forth editing in a lower accessible spot that still affects the higher level settings.

We then went over some of the code that Bryan has been working on for other merchant processing actions. Each merchant is different, so, he just had to get this new merchant up to speed with a few new things. We went over his normal sale, credit card processing, pre-auth (pre authorization - fill in the actual amount later), refunds, voids, and other stuff.

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Shop 8334 Brandon and Cory LOS 10/20/21  

Looking into a loan origination process for a finance company. They provided us with some general flow and a wish list. Cory and I were going over their specs and requests and making a plan. It will include a password protected area, a simple customer search via name or email (or both). If we don't find a customer, they can add them. If we do, they could verify info and edit information. We talked about some possible image or media/content uploads, server-side validation, database entries, and populating specific forms and then saving them. That's the rough request of what they want.

They can already do this whole process from inside of adilas, but this new process would be somewhat public facing so that their dealers could quickly enter the information and upload the correct pieces to get approval for loans and deals. Custom mini process.

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Shop 8361 Working on Steve's Projects 10/20/21  

Finished up a small portion of the production project and pushed up new code to the servers. Checked in with Steve via text message. Merged in some new code for John and recorded notes from earlier in the morning. After that, back into the recipe to elements of time stuff for production. Working on pulling a list of recipe/builds to populate a drop-down, if they have the correct settings to merge the two (recipes and elements of time).

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Shop 8302 Dev check-in - Alan and John 10/20/21  

Developer check-in meeting. Cory, Alan, John, and I were on the meeting. Alan was reporting on his transition invoices and being able to restore them to the cart. Lots of new changes and what not. He's been on this project for awhile. This was the first time that we got a full demo and were able to run it through the paces. Prior to this, it was mostly backend code changes and such that we couldn't really see. Lots of new changes and functionality.

Sometimes, if you get so deep, you forget how long it took (in the past) to get to where you are. Good reminder of all of the work that you don't even think about because it just flows and you don't even think about it (built-in functions, flow, data validation, and processes).

Cory was asking Alan to keep reporting in and giving her updates. She wants to go in and play with things before we push it up live to the client. She, Cory, has been a great resource for backend development, project management, and also frontend training and interacting with the clients. She is a power user that has been placed in that critical in between place between backend developer, code, projects, and client expectations and wants and needs. Very important.

Alan and John are going to work together to get the new code and pieces up on the new developer testing box here in the next few days.

John reported on the auto deploy code from the master code branch and repository (server stuff). He and Wayne are making some global tweaks to the MySQL servers (database servers). He also reported on some other projects such as the adilas docs, the adilas phones, and the discount engine.

At the end of the meeting, I was showing Cory some of the new recipe link building stuff for Steve's production projects.

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Shop 8299 Meeting with Chuck 10/20/21  

John and Chuck started out swapping some code for the responsive tables that Chuck is building. John was going to put that info on the templates and also requested Chuck to put it (the new code snippets) on the adilas docs. Both of those guys are helping out with the virtual style guide that is being built in the adilas docs section.

We got into looking over code and design for the parts and general inventory homepage redo or facelift. It is looking good. Chuck wanted to know if he could copy and paste stuff from that page onto the advanced search page. I told him that it would be similar, but that we couldn't just do a full copy and paste. It is fun to watch how things get built. We spend some time on the first view or report. We then take that same code, where possible, and tweak it out for the next and next and next pages. Kind of a form of code piggy back in a way.

More work on the style guide. Chuck and I went into his code and started working on his list of to do's. Good little work session.

Towards the end of our meeting, Cory and Alan joined for the next meeting. We had Chuck show them what he was working on. It ended up being a half an hour session of questions, answers, demo, feedback, and requests. Good little impromptu meeting to get some feedback and suggestions. Cory wanted to make sure that she was prepped before we launched any of this new code as it may disrupt our existing clients (old habits and not wanting to change). We talked about getting it ready, and then letting our internal team beat it up a bit before going into live production. We also talked about getting a news and update entry as well as a small training video to show some of the new functionality. Great ideas.

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Shop 8287 Adilas Time 10/20/21  

Pretty slow morning as far as social things and general happenings. I was working on projects for Steve (a recipe link builder for elements of time - production stuff). Both Sean and John were also on the meeting. They checked in and then just worked in the background.

Sean did have a question about sorting the invoice line items based on custom criteria. We talked about some options. The best one that we came up with was a little bit of black box code right at the submit cart to invoice process. This would be totally hidden, but it would do the database insert of the line items and then resort them and record the correct sort order (small update to the line items once entered into the database). The existing invoices already sort all line items by the sort value and then the auto id number. This would just be an automated step to run and manipulate the data behind the scenes. As a side note, there is also a bulk sort tool for invoice line items that already exists as well. This would be incase any manual tweaks or changes would be needed.

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Shop 8366 Working on recipe and production stuff 10/19/21  

Coding the link builder for the recipes and production stuff. This is tied into settings for elements of time and using flex attributes to auto generate recipe/build links for production based off of settings and usage of the flex attributes. This is a project for one of Steve's clients.

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Shop 8329 Help Steve on Projects 10/19/21  

Started off doing emails and recording notes from the earlier appointments and meetings. I then switched back over to Steve's projects for some new production, recipe/build, and elements of time code changes.

Future plans for fracture and maybe even before - we will need session values for recipe/builds and elements of time. These are the first new dynamic settings that are not tied directly into the normal corp-wide settings. They are more of a group or page level setting, but still needed to cascade through the quick search, homepages, verbage, links, buttons, error messages, and other places. This is a slight variation from the normal corp-wide settings, but they still play a similar role.

Pushed up some dynamic quick search and dynamic permission name changes (7 updated files). Let Steve know where I was at on the project. The next step is building in code to use time flex attributes to dynamically build recipe/build links if the correct settings are in place.

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Shop 8243 Work with Shannon 10/19/21  

Work session with Shannon on some new content for an origins outline and overview for adilas core concepts. Lots of discovery and community involvement to get us where we are at today. See attached for where we are working. Trying to cast a light flavor and hint towards the fable or folk story of "stone soup" and how through sharing, more was accomplished and enjoyed.

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Shop 8316 Server meeting 10/19/21  

Server meeting with Cory, John, Wayne, and Brandon. We talked about a custom data extract for Emerald Fields. They wanted some light tweaks to the data that we are pulling for them. We then switched gears and talked about auto deploy from bit bucket to our production servers. The goal is to deploy from master or update the production boxes with master once a day. The script has been working great until bit bucket made some changes to their defaults. We will get it figured out and set it back up again.

We went over some database group by options and global variables. We will make sure all of the main database servers are setup in the same way and open to allow a looser group by criteria or requests. Cory asked for some follow-up on some of the other projects. Still moving forward there.

At the end, just Cory and I were still on the meeting. We got into talking about subs within permissions and how some of the permissions almost need to break into sub levels, dealing with what functions, views, and options each permission allows. Lots of custom needs and almost crazy levels of micro permissions (sub permissions based on functions within a single permission).

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Shop 8291 Adilas Time 10/19/21  

Steve, Danny, Dustin, John, Sean, and I were on the meeting. We merged in some code for Danny. John was checking on the auto deploy from master on the servers. Dustin gave us some code through chat for the servers and how the database handles the group by clauses. Steve and Sean were going over some custom data uploads. Small work session.

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Shop 8364 Production Stuff 10/19/21  

Working on projects for Steve's client in the recipe/build, elements of time, and production areas.

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Shop 8331 Help Steve on Projects 10/18/21  

Working on dynamic naming and settings for elements of time (time) and recipes (recipe/build) in the adilas quick search. Lots of dynamics and switch-a-roos. Part of a production project that Steve is working on.

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Shop 8362 Emails 10/18/21  

Emails, tech support, and responding to questions and follow-ups. Recording notes.

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Shop 8360 Meeting with Chuck 10/18/21  

Steve and Chuck were going over sales, new page updates, virtual facelifts on pages and sections, and other happenings in the adilas world. We then started to look into some new changes for the parts homepage. John joined us and the conversation switched briefly into style guide stuff and making things more and more standard. They were looking at buttons and icon placement (left vs right) and other small style guide options. I'm really glad that we are talking about these things and getting things nailed down so that we present a consistent look and feel.

After those discussions, Chuck and I had almost an hour long work session. He had a number of small to do's and we started into them one by one. We got into some light query tweaks, layout changes, and other pieces. Good little work session.

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Shop 8272 Steve, Cory, Brandon-Catch up on projects and updates 10/18/21  

Steve, Cory, and I talking about projects including hardware integrations. We spent some time talking about the Paypod project and possible options there. I gave the two of them (Steve and Cory) a small demo on the Bear 100 mobile ready app vs the older Bear 100 runner portal (non mobile ready or older code). I showed them how to compare the two based on the different URL's or web paths.

Steve wanted me to book some more time to work on his projects for a clients. We looked at the calendar and add a few more hours. Danny and John joined and had some questions about the auto deploy from the master code branch and how to monitor that per server.

The deeper we go, we keep seeing more and more need for more modern code and technology such as AJAX, jQuery, JavaScript, and other things that make virtual one-pager type interfaces work. We currently have lots of pages and sections that do a linear progression from page to page, with action pages, and form submittal and validation. That works great, but more and more requests and requirements are going to be needing the smaller more agile code options that are available. We have a number of developers who can do that, but often they are on other projects. There is a growing need to update our developers and keep them learning and playing with new code and tech. Maintenance - the ball keeps moving, this is not a static game. We need to keep moving as well.

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Shop 8283 Adilas Time 10/18/21  

Alan, Steve, and Cory were going over some rounding options out in ecommerce land. Especially dealing with tiered pricing and advanced cases. Just trying to come up with solutions. They were talking about rounding error buckets, maybe going out to 10 decimals (I was voting against that - we are already at 5 decimals), and implementing certain rules for splitting subs and which ones to use. The subject also went deeper into J.I.T. (just in time) special cases and even into talking about mini conversions and getting into that realm.

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Shop 8358 Bear 100 - Aid Station Results 10/15/21  

Working on the last page of the Bear 100 mobile ready app. It is the aid station search results. There are 13 aid stations along the 100 mile race. This page dynamically pulls in the results and shows the results as a report as the runners come through the different stations. Finished things up and launched the new sites.

Just for fun - here are links to the three different folders. The main one will be the plain "bear100" folder. The other two may be used to show the difference between the old site and the new site. Once again, just for fun...

Main Bear 100 Runner Portal Site -

Old site since 2015-2021 -

New site as of 10/15/21 -

At least for the first little bit, we will be updating all three folders so that we can compare apples to apples (same data, just a different look and feel, and how mobile friendly the site is).

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Shop 8357 Recording notes 10/15/21  

Emails and recording notes for last week. Almost caught up.

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Shop 8343 General 10/14/21  

Recording notes, doing some clean-up, and going through tons of post-it notes and transferring info into the developer's notebook.

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Shop 8345 Meeting with Chuck 10/14/21  

Great little work session between Chuck and I. We were looking at the layout and design changes on the parts homepage. This page already exists inside the system and has for years and years. We are looking at giving it a face lift and revamping it. Chuck had a series of questions prepped and ready for me. We just started in and went question by question. If it was code, we did code and logic. If it was design or choices, we did that. Great little 2-hour work session. Making progress.

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Shop 8240 Work with Shannon 10/14/21  

Small little work session on the origins of the adilas core concepts. We had a multi-page document of ideas and where we wanted to go. We went through things and cleaned it up and made a really small list of topics for the origins doc. We don't have a lot to show for it today, but we did a lot of cleaning and started into the flavor of what we are trying to do. I also want to go on record that I think that is little project will be fun and has tons of value, if to no one else, it is super valuable to me.

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Shop 8333 Brandon and Cory review LOS info 10/14/21  

Cory and I meeting to go over projects. We started by looking up some hours and timecards for a client that had a question about their bill for some custom work that was done. We then looked at a request from a finance company to automate and integrate with their bank for loan type transactions and forms/documentation. This will end up being an API socket wire up job with Trailer Solutions and their financial flow process. We also did some other planning and scheduling for the coming weeks.

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Shop 8342 Alan jumping on to give update on project 10/14/21  

Alan was showing Cory and I where he is at with the transition invoices out in ecommerce land as well as the restore to cart functionality inside the main system. He did a demo for us and showed us items with tax included, with discounts, with changes to the cart, etc. He also showed us tiered pricing out in ecommerce, back and forth between the customer facing ecommerce and user facing backend tools. It is looking good.

We went over some light logic and tweaks on the restore transition invoice to cart (inside the secure part of the system). Towards the end, Cory was asking for more communication and even a virtual blow by blow type approach. This has been a long (duration and depth) project and we need to report to the client that wanted it. They have been patiently waiting, as we knew that this one was pretty big with multiple pieces or facets. We are hoping that the whole thing should be wrapped up in 7-10 days. We'll see as there are still some small variables. Anyways, good report.

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Shop 8286 Adilas Time 10/14/21  

Danny and John were on the morning meeting. Much quieter today as compared with yesterday. Nothing major going on. I was doing emails and recording notes from past meetings and entries.

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Shop 8346 Finishing up for the night 10/13/21  

Finishing up for the night. Working on some new production settings for Steve. Got everything on the first part of the project (sub letter a) done and pushed up to live servers. Also did some light research to figure out where the next pieces will be going. Making a small game plan.

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Shop 8332 check and push code 10/13/21  

Bryan popped in for a bit. He wasn't quite ready to push up the code that he is working on. We chatted for a bit and then bailed out of the meeting to work on different projects. I went back to some production settings that I'm working on for Steve. Bryan went back to finishing up some code dealing with refunds, voids, and pre-auth's for merchant processing and payment transactions.

Working on new settings for elements of time and incorporating flex attributes for time into the new settings to help with some recipe/build and production stuff. This is part of Steve's project.

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Shop 8324 Meet with Dustin for project updates 10/13/21  

Dustin was checking in with Cory and I. They were going over some smaller pieces and doing some follow-ups. Dustin is currently working on some samples and sample packaging code. Sample, in the cultivation and production area are very common. They need to be tracked and monitored, but they aren't really like real inventory (kinda a mix).

Dustin was going over some layout options and changes that he is planning for the sample packaging build section. Lots of crazy gymnastics for the different test types and API socket data (state by state) that we get back. It makes it hard to program things with all of the dynamics.

Cory is going to reach out to clients and see if she can get requirements and screenshots of what the clients are looking for. It is so helpful that she is willing and able to coordinate research and customer needs.

As they were talking about things, the topic switched to sub attributes (child inventory and child or sub attributes) and how deep they needed to go in the new process. Showing and hiding the attributes when needed and making sure that they are there at other times. Pretty dynamic process.

Light talk about code repositories and using bit bucket. Cory was asking for more communication and keeping us posted on changes, timelines, problems, and launch dates. We aren't done yet, but Dustin was asking about the next steps and next projects.

After Dustin left, Cory and I were chatting about clients and some of their needs. Some of our clients are very demanding.

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Shop 8304 Dev check-in - John 10/13/21  

John was checking in on the discount engine and his proposal (mock-ups in Adobe XD). He was showing us some of his queries, math, and logic. It gets pretty deep with no discounts, in-line discounts as a percentage, in-line discounts as a dollar off, and mixed (percentages and dollars off). We spent quite a bit of time on database logic and discount logic and flow. That is almost a mini project, just by itself. We were looking at advanced invoice line item searches, printable invoices, new discount engine code, etc.

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Shop 8344 General 10/13/21  

Emails, follow-ups, and recording notes

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Shop 8301 Meeting with Chuck 10/13/21  

Chuck joined the meeting, but we were on hold basically due to the servers and the routing issue. He was on the meeting, just working in the background on his own projects.

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Shop 8292 Adilas Time 10/13/21  

Everybody was scrambling this morning, as the servers were down. It appeared to be a routing issue, upstream from us. We had Marisa, Cory, Sean, John, Shari O., and myself on the meeting. We also had Bryan join for a bit. Steve was texting back and forth, and Wayne joined and gave us more information as well.

The whole tech support team was answering emails, text message, and trying to help pass on the information that we had. Great team effort. The sad thing was, we couldn't really control all of the variables. The routing problem was even above the data center or server farm level. We fix code and can tweak a few things, but if the main highway is broken, I don't care how good your vehicle is, it just won't go.

A few small lessons learned... We were trying to send out an email blast, but most of our data was on the primary servers and we couldn't get to it. We did have some older exports of our client list, but it was a few months old. We also updated some files, through FTP, but the caches weren't being updated. Interesting.

As the time progresses, we kept fielding calls, texts, emails, etc. Wayne and John were doing a great job bouncing around and checking all kinds of different maps, up/down internet sites, and even bouncing to different countries to try to access our sites from different IP addresses and access points. Pretty crazy.

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Shop 8341 Working on Steve's projects 10/12/21  

Working on cleaning up the production settings pages. These are custom settings to help with planning, phases, and parent/child inventory while doing production (builds within the system - converting raw products into other products).

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Shop 8320 Help Steve on Projects 10/12/21  

Emails, photos for Marisa (social media stuff), and paying bills. On a GoToMeeting session with Bryan going over pre-authorizations logic and flow for invoices and merchant processing. More emails and tech support stuff. Small code merge and push for Danny on a custom label. Finally back on Steve's projects for elements of time, recipe/builds, and production (manufacturing) type options.

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Shop 8249 General 10/12/21  

Recording notes from today and other notes from clear back on 9/27/21-9/28/21. Trying to catch up. I also got on a GoToMeeting session with Chuck to go over the code and logic for the parts homepage. Chuck is working on a new snow owl theme facelift for the page.

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Shop 8317 Server meeting 10/12/21  

Having fun talking about history and progression. Dustin and Wayne were swapping stories and even talking about fun old games that they used to play. Lots of learning along the way. Interesting to see how far things have come.

Talking about current servers and monitoring CPU spikes and loads. Checking logs and scripts. Both Wayne and John are doing awesome with the servers. Wayne reported in on converting Application.cfm (in-line or line by line code) pages to Application.cfc (components, methods, and functions - much more versatile). Cory was asking about timelines for projects.

Wayne and John have a new testing environment almost fully setup to help our developers out. That is really cool! We are putting John in charge of the developer box. He can reach out to Wayne as needed. Some of our plan is to keep making it up as we go... :)

Talking about redundancy in the databases and some cool stuff that is coming down the pipeline. Talking about being able to switch out databases, datasources (pointer to the database), and even having multiple datasources and databases per server. At one point, we were calling that project world building or the datasource project.

John was reporting in on the adilas phones project. Cory and Wayne were chiming in. They were coordinating efforts and communication stuff.

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Shop 8290 Adilas Time 10/12/21  

Lots of guys on the meeting. Steve and John were talking about servers and a small outage last night. It didn't look like any malicious. They were also talking about how many changes happen month over month. It gets pretty crazy. That is both good and bad. Good, in that we are pushing the ball forward. Bad, in that the landscape is constantly changing and even altering flavors and flow. All part of the game.

After that, I got to show Steve what I was working on for one of his clients. Sean reported that they had a good demo yesterday and the client is going to come on to the system. Steve and Dustin where talking about the cultivation pages and section and what else is needed. Fun to see the progress.

Some of the guys were talking about the whole progress, over years and years. Code, Internet connections, needs, etc. Fun little trip down memory lane.

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Shop 8339 Phone call with Steve 10/11/21  

Phone call with Steve going over progress and options. Talking about funding, percentages, options, projects, our team, and how to make everything keep going. That has been the game for the past 20 years. What is the next step? Ok, let's go for it!

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Shop 8319 Help Steve on Projects 10/11/21  

Merging in some files for Dustin. Looking into some new time settings that are needed to automate internal recipe/build actions. Light clean-up on some existing pages for time settings. On a quick GoToMeeting session with Chuck to go over the parts homepage and the differences between parent and child inventory items. We did some drawing and came up with a plan. These new changes don't exist yet, but will be coming on a facelift on the main parts or general inventory items homepage.

Phone call with Alan to follow-up on the ecommerce new cart model project that he has been working on for transitional invoices. He gave me a report and I relayed it over to Cory. I left her a voicemail message and she called me back. We are going to keep watching this project as it has somewhat lost some traction and needs to be pushed across the finish line. I talked with Alan and we'll try to push on it together to help get it done. Deep waters and lots of moving pieces. We've been stuck in black box land (custom code) as well as fringe or outlying cases dealing with recalculating taxes, with tax included, and rolling discounts into the mix after a valid login or customer assignment. Still doing some testing.

Back on the time settings for Steve. He is trying to get the projects and I'm trying to work on them to get them done. We are trying to tag team.

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Shop 8269 Steve, Cory, Brandon-Catch up on projects and updates 10/11/21  

Cory and Steve catching up on things. Steve was filling Cory in on some new developments with Mike, eXPO, and other things that are going on. After they were done, Cory and I finished up the meeting going over projects that needed help, project management, and quoting. We went over a bunch of options. Here are some of my notes:

- Two big project that might need some help here soon - One of them is dealing with cash drawers, cash management (daily ins and outs), and reports to help manage those pieces. The other big project that is starting to gain momentum is the usage of the sub invoice types (deliver, normal, backorders, ecomm, etc.). We are seeing a need to further breakdown some of our reports and drill-downs based on sub invoice types. It is amazing to me to see how deep certain things need to go. Subs and subs of subs and so on. Very interesting.

- Cory and I were talking about the piggy back type system that we have developed. One client will pay for one thing and then another will step up (virtually) and say, I'll take that to the next level and will fund that project. Meanwhile, our other clients are benefitting from the constant game of piggy back or standing on the other persons shoulders.

- We talked about existing merchant processing options and how a high-level systems administrator needs to help setup and doing any maintenance on those merchant accounts. We would love to push some of those options out to the 3rd party solutions page and let a corp-level administrator take care of those pieces vs a super-high level systems administrator take care of those pieces. Basically, there is a need to give more power and options to the individual corporations vs keeping it all at higher levels.

- Cory needs me to check in with Alan and Eric on some of their projects. We need to get a tighter loop on the communication, progress, hang-ups, etc. - for those bigger project that they are both working on. We need things to get all the way to the finish line. All part of the process and development cycle.

- Cory is going to be upping our development rates to $150/hour. It is just taking more to get things done and we need to cover the costs of what it really takes to do this. Once again, just part of the game.

After the meeting, I was doing emails, texts, and recording notes.

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Shop 8294 Adilas Time 10/11/21  

Steve, Danny, Sean, John, and I on the morning meeting. Lots of the guys just touching base. There ended up being a light sales flavor to the meeting. They were talking about some sales, uncovering some new sweet spots with small to medium sized businesses. Steve and Sean were talking about an on-site deployment that they did for a company that does nuts and bolts and other industrial supply stuff.

Steve and Sean spent some time rehashing the system setup and possible angles that we could pursue. They were also talking about merchant processing and how some of that flows. We would like to start referring folks to USAePay for ecommerce and full merchant processing, including EMV chip reader stuff. We have used USAePay for well over a decade and would like to possibly be a reseller and/or a rep for them as a merchant processing.

Steve had us check on a database update for backorders and the backorders homepage. We did that and then started talking about sales tax and some growing needs there.

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Shop 8327 Working on the Bear 100 mobile design 10/8/21  

Emails and then back working on the Bear 100 mobile first site. Building out the final page to show the aid station search results page.

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Shop 8326 General 10/8/21  

Emails, feedback on some questions from the guys, and paying bills.

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Shop 8325 Special Server Meeting - Sales Tax 10/8/21  

Steve, Wayne, John, Alan, and Brandon on a meeting to talk about servers, special needs, and how sales tax runs and plays through the mix. Some of these states are really trying to get a tighter grip on the real-time sales tax tracking. They are losing millions. The need is big enough that they, the states, are willing to pay for new software or new development from sales tax revenue.

John was recording some notes. Wayne was asking questions on how deep do they want to go and can we really require some of those things that they are proposing. Wayne was proposing that any POS (point of sale) system could send their transactions to the some entity and we could help them (that entity) control the backend API socket system.

The preferred solution might be to create a separate entity that gets the majority of the load and the traffic. We use adilas and then push to that other entity through an API socket that we create. In computer language, that is called "eating your own dog food" (using and consuming your own API sockets).

Steve was proposing that the state wants to mix what adilas has right now and what eXpo has (a third party solution that does some banking and payment solutions) right now. They are looking for the whole system that works and plays together. Some of the biggest needs are on full inventory tracking, sales tax reports, and other compliance stuff.

Alan was chiming in and giving some ideas. Basically, use any POS system that they want, but you have to play a certain way to handle the state compliance. The state compliance pieces would be virtually mirroring what we are doing inside of adilas and how we do it. Once again, sales tax and inventory tracking are the biggest pains. It comes down to needs, requirements, and scalability (how big/small can you be and how quick).

Small observation - Good mix of ideas and suggestions. Mixing Wayne on backend servers and new tech, Alan on backend development and observations, John on general flow (backside and frontside) and taking notes, Steve stating dreams, sales, and requirements, and Brandon trying to illustrate and help the different people get their point across. Interesting mix.

The cool thing is, adilas already has a ton of these things already built-in. It is exciting to be able to replicate things and then go from there. We don't have to start from scratch... We already have and do a bunch of the things that are needed.

Wayne was proposing a small sample (an MVP - minimal viable product type approach) then see if they like it or don't like it. If they do like it, we could then build it in and deploy it quickly. Basically a foot in the door or experiment type process. As we got deeper into it, there is a whole other side to that to get all of the other supporting pieces that are needed (worlds, corporations, locations, users, permissions, settings, etc.). It is always deeper than you think (cause and effect relationships) once you bring in the supporting pieces and variables.

From Wayne - What is the end report or output that you want? Ok, let's go build that. That gives us a goal and a target. Let's start with that. It could expand from there vs trying to get the whole picture all at once. That's the way that we should be developing software.

From Alan - What if we build them a report from our existing data and system right now? Then, if they like it, we duplicate it and make it scalable.

From Steve and Wayne - What if we show them what we currently have and then ask, what else would you want or need? Pretend that it is the sales tax portion. Basically, give them a good starting point and then let them dream. We could put in some dummy data (or even use real data) and then show them some simulations. We could even show an outside party usage (using API sockets) and how it play into the mix. Let them see what is possible based on existing reports and options (out of the box). That would be pretty cool!

From Steve - Even seeing the possible vision of what we are proposing for scaling for this current project (all of the stuff above) may help us all out, even with our normal adilas stuff. This idea of a separate API socket that sums things up could really be super helpful. Similar to the business intelligence or enterprise level corporation (world or entity) - a common place to hold, store, aggregate, and sum things up (BI - business intelligence stuff). Pretty cool to see where it could go.

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Shop 8323 General 10/7/21  

Emails, wrapping up projects, and general to do list stuff. One of the emails was back to Chuck who is providing us with mock-ups for some of the existing pages inside of adilas. See attached for a proposed mock-up for the parts homepage.

Spent the remainder of the time working on the Bear 100 mobile app and mobile first website. Working on the pagination for the photo gallery and the aid station results. Getting close (ish) to being finished with that project. Good stuff.

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Shop 8241 Work with Shannon 10/7/21  

Shannon and I met and finished reading some of the older verbage and origin story (adilas history and overview) from element of time 8089. We were trying to figure out what to help write in the adilas core concepts - origins document. We don't have anything set in stone yet, but doing some planning and brainstorming. See attached for our current progress.

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Shop 8261 Steve, Cory, Brandon-Catch up on projects and updates 10/7/21  

Cory joined the meeting earlier and got in on the last half of the server meeting with Alan, John, Wayne, and I. Cory reported on her recent road trip with her mom. Crazy times. After that, Cory and I were catching up on tons of different projects, emails, questions, etc. At the end of the meeting, Cory had some questions for John who was also on the meeting, in the background. He was reporting on servers, updates, versions, and our new developer's box (testing server).

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Shop 8296 Adilas Time 10/7/21  

Wayne, John, Alan, and Brandon on a server type meeting. Talking about advanced API options, swagger docs, AWS (amazon web services), and other options. Leaning towards AWS options to allow for high functionality and high demand sites and API's. The talks even got into some costing models and other topics.

Wayne was proposing that we see what the primary functionality is and what is needed and then just do that first. Kinda like a trial run and a virtual prototype.

Steve joined us via phone call. Light discussions about traffic and load balancing. Talking about 10,000 instances and what would that take. Performance and reliability in those high traffic sites. Lots of unknowns and questions.

Alan was talking about separating transactional data and the reporting side of things. Figure out which areas need more flexibility and which areas need high availability (load and traffic). Clustering servers and what would that take?

Bring in more people or do an all hands on deck call for our current developers? Talking about options. We were also talking about documentation, questions, contracts, requirements, stats, matrixes, usage, scalability, etc. Still a lot of unknowns... more information will need to keep coming in for us to make better decisions. Another big question is how big do you want to be?

Question from Alan - What about supporting tons of other developers and their API coding languages? Also, are we talking about duplicating all of adilas or just a few specific API sockets and pushing all of the new traffic over there? It goes back to pain points and priorities.

There was also some talks about co-branding things and even creating different entities as needed. These are some of the other options that we are talking about.

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Shop 8356 Custom report 10/6/21  

Back on the custom 3rd salesman report for Trailer Solutions. Finished up the report and did some live testing. Let the client know via email.

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Shop 8355 Custom report 10/6/21  

Back on the custom 3rd salesman report for Trailer Solutions.

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Shop 8311 check and push code 10/6/21  

Working on the refund process with Bryan. Talked about rounding error on taxes and going over other taxes, math, and other logic. We spent quite a bit of time talking about the refund process and what is needed. Looking over the duplicate cart logic and how to do refunds. We were sharing code back and forth and working through a possible solution.

Bryan was also talking about expanding the merchant settings table to handle sub functions (virtually permissions per merchant account) such as voids, refunds, pre-auth's, look-ups, and normal sales. Basically, a series of checkboxes that allow you to pick and choose what options you want per merchant account. That way you could tell the system if you wanted to allow certain sub functions of the merchant accounts.

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Shop 8354 Small rewrite on a custom report 10/6/21  

Working on the Trailer Solutions custom report. Decided to gut the internal code and do a rewrite of the whole page. I was getting lost (lots of moving pieces). It's a mix between normal invoices stuff, flex grid tie-ins, and custom 3rd salesperson data. Originally, this report was written in 2015 to 2016 by another junior developer. It just needed some loving.

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Shop 8353 Custom report 10/6/21  

Custom fix for Trailer Solutions. Added some new conditional search options for filtering by a 3rd salesperson on a custom report that they have. Also looked into a flex grid filter that they use on the same report. Lots of order of operation stuff (what comes first - filter this or filter that first, second, third, etc.). Pushed up the changes.

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Shop 8303 Dev check-in - Alan and John 10/6/21  

Checking in with John on his projects. It went pretty quick. He and I have been working on other projects and I pretty much know where he is at on most of his projects. After he got done, I switched and worked on a small debug option for a client. They needed a few changes and tweaks to a custom report that showed a 3rd salesperson. By default, we only have 2 salesperson per invoice. They have a custom mix of options including custom add-on's, custom text entries, and flex grid tie-ins.

Alan checked in on his projects. He is somewhat stuck out in black box land (custom code and even dead custom code - clients that have custom code but they don't use the system any more). We made a plan to go in and do some black box clean-up. We will run a query to see if they are still alive and then go from there (do they have any new records in the last 6 months).

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Shop 8298 Meeting with Chuck 10/6/21  

Discussing with Chuck the new presentation gallery. We talked about a couple of small changes. We went over some payables and then moved into in-line validation and JavaScript validation on some of the existing projects he is working on. After that, we did some training for the parts homepage, sub inventory, and light shopping cart functionality. Chuck is going to be working on a redo (modernize or face lift for the general inventory or parts homepage). We got pretty deep into the differences between parent and child inventory and how things are tracked.

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Shop 8289 Adilas Time 10/6/21  

John and Sean were on the meeting. I did some checking on bills and payables. Eric jumped on and reported on his sales tax aggregation project. We talked about force adds and logic lines and channels. There are times that we need to make sure that certain things are in place vs giving all of the power over to the users.

John and I talked about how to get the Adobe XD files for fracture up on the content server. We may need to convert them to .zip files.

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Shop 8352 Projects 10/5/21  

Checking on an error message from a client. It ended up being funky characters that they were copying and pasting from some outside source that they were trying to use instead of retyping the information. Basically, the copied data needed to be cleaned up or sanitized. The database couldn't handle some of the funky characters or character patterns.

I registered for an online Adobe ColdFusion conference in December of this year. I also sent the guys some emails with information so that they could sign-up as well.

Working on the photo gallery loops for the Bear 100 mobile app and website. Pretty deep and crazy loop with tons of custom logic. Finally got it figured out.

Got a new presentation gallery (sales gallery) link from Chuck. Here is the new link:

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Shop 8253 Work with Shannon 10/5/21  

Shannon and I going over history docs to get some good summary data. See elements of time # 8089 for more information. Lots of good history, origin story, and key points. See the sub notes and comments on that element of time for more details.

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Shop 8309 Meeting with PayPod 10/5/21  

Microsoft Teams meeting between Steve and Paypod. Going over things.

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Shop 8314 Server meeting 10/5/21  

Server meeting with Wayne, John, and Brandon. Going over a few small projects and talking about server upgrades on both the Adobe ColdFusion side and the Java side of the puzzle. We also went over some bootstrap 4 and 5 pieces and doing reordering inside of the bootstrap grids. Click here to see more info.

The other topic that we covered was some custom looping to figure out some custom math and logic for a photo gallery that I'm working on. They were giving me ideas and helping me figure things out. Good stuff.

Checking on an error message from a client. They were trying to input huge values into fields that didn't have that big of field size compacity.

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Shop 8284 Adilas Time 10/5/21  

On the morning meeting. Steve and I finished up from an earlier meeting. Danny, Sean, and John popped on to check in. Mostly a small work session where everybody was on mute working in the background.

Dustin popped in to show Steve some new features on the cultivation and samples pages. Lots of new JavaScript and AJAX type stuff. Nice demo and it is looking good. We asked Dustin to organize a small training class for us on AJAX, jQuery, and JavaScript - mixing those pieces.

Emails and text messages as the other guys were working together.

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Shop 8313 Meeting on new projects - production 10/5/21  

Steve and I met and went over a project to help with recipe/builds and production settings. He had met with a client and taken some notes. I met with him and we went over his notes and added some other details. It was mostly just he and I on the meeting for the first little bit.

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Shop 8351 Phone call with Steve 10/4/21  

On the phone with Steve talking about options and loading the wagon (paying projects and funded development). He is going to load the wagon and I'm going to try to unload the wagon (either doing projects myself or coordinating them out to our guys with Cory's help). Steve is so good at sales, pitching the vision, and helping clients see the need for what we are doing. Basically, he will talk to the clients, line up the projects (fill the wagon), and then we will build it out and virtually clear the wagon. Good phone call.

One of the topics of the phone call was dealing with JIT (just in time) sales tax collection and allocation. There is a growing need to collect, report, and even pay/fund the sales tax as it happens. Some of the states are wanting to get more real-time on some of the payments out to them and the virtual float (time in between collecting and paying) that exists. Many states allow the clients to collect sales tax for a month (all the money is in the client's hands or client's bank accounts), and then at the end of the month they pay it back to the states (if they still have it). There is a known gap, a delay on the repayment, as well as some trust issues. The states are feeling like they are getting misinformation, not getting all of the taxes, and are very limited in what sort of audit reports they have access to. You are talking big money and who gets to claim what. Steve was talking about some ways of automating some of those pieces, as needed. Not everybody likes these ideas or concepts, we were just talking about possible options.

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Shop 8350 Tech Support 10/4/21  

Looking into an error on data 8 for add/edit parts for a client. It ended up being special characters that were outside the allowed characters for an item description. I redid some code for a client to help with a data dump. Working on the output after I added a number of parent attributes, at their request.

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Shop 8310 refund process 10/4/21  

Working with Bryan on the refund process. We proposed a couple different options and I tried to lead him to some code or things that might help get his process finished. It is always good to get a sample or what we call a handrail - other code that does the same things or does something similar (kinda like an outline or sample or snippet).

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Shop 8349 General 10/4/21  

Small data fix for Shari O. on un-posting an expense/receipt inside of adilas. Posting is kinda like a final lock-down. There are no tools to un-post something currently. I was asked to check on a data dump for Euflora and added a number of parent attributes to the custom data dump file. Pushed the file up live. I also merged in a file for Dustin, pushed it live, and sent him an email with some suggestions on some of the logic.

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Adi 2060 Top ten pages - Redo and visual facelift - Ongoing 10/4/21  

We will get the top ten pages (ongoing) over to the designer to get an upgrade. We will then wire them up and make them look good and work well. The plan is an ongoing process of doing the top ten and then rolling to the next top ten. The number ten may be one or two at a time, but the concept is to roll through the top ten pages and then do the next set of top ten pages.

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Shop 8348 Bear 100 mobile photo gallery 10/4/21  

Working on a special loop for the Bear 100 photo gallery in the mobile ready site. Playing with the Mod and modulus operator functions to help find good division results. The loop was pretty tough. We do tons of loops, all the time. For this loop, you have four columns that needed to be populated (left to right), numbering goes vertically in the columns (up and down), you also have a show per page count, pagination (next page of x number of pages), and other dynamic filters. You also have to reorder the sort based on the number to show. It got pretty tricky. I had to start in a scratch file before I could code it live because it was so tricky.

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Shop 8347 General 10/4/21  

Emails and trying to think of options for where we are headed. Sent an email out to Steve with some questions, suggestions, and ideas. Trying to figure out a plan. Sometimes that is a tough balance.

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Shop 8295 Adilas Time 10/4/21  

Talking with Steve about Paypod and deeper development needs. After that, Steve and Sean were talking about deployment and helping companies with setup, deployment, and initial training. John had some database questions about discounts and discount campaigns. Helping John pull the correct parts, items, and vendors for his discount stuff. The deeper we go, the more the need presents itself that we could use and need more data aggregation.

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Shop 8307 Meeting with Marisa and Audrey 9/30/21  

Fun meeting with Audrey and Marisa. Kinda like a small interview. Both of these girls help out with our marketing stuff. They were asking questions and I was drawing, showing pictures, and presenting some of the history behind what was happening (then and now). I had a great time. I think that they had a good time as well. Basically, a quick 45 minute tour from here to there - How did adilas get started and some key points along the way.

See attached for an older Microsoft Excel document with some timelines and key versions of the adilas platform.

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Shop 8162 Projects 9/30/21  

Email to the race director with the Bear 100 mile race. Light sales pitch and trying to sell some of our other services.

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Shop 8094 Work with Shannon 9/30/21  

Working with Shannon online over GoToMeeting. We were reviewing all of the verbage and copy (text) on element of time # 8089 in the shop. It has a ton of older history or biography of the adilas origins and what we are trying to do. Click here to view that document (also see the subs or additional notes at the bottom for even more info).

Working on origins and concepts and how they have played out (been uncovered or discovered - on our own journey). We are learning and trying to harvest what we are learning. That is awesome! Lots of progression, discovery, decisions, scars, and consequences.

We are (our minds are) geared for stories. We love to hear stories. As history unfolds and unrolls, we are living it and it becomes a part of the story. It also gives it value if your in it and living through it.

General observation - We are virtually running at lightspeed (super busy and understaffed) and having a problem of slowing down or not being able to slow down. Lightspeed sounds awesome, but if you can't stop or can't slow down where needed, you may have a problem. It feels like we are forced into running so fast, we can't slow down to check things out, smell the roses, or even see the roses.

Shannon and I got back into talking about history and our (the) story. It seems to come down to asking, what comes next? Being willing to keep exploring and pioneering. It's part of how we do what we do. We honestly don't know everything, we just keep pushing on and asking what is next and how does that fit in? Ideally, we want to help provide people with the correct tools, concepts, knowledge, and principles to allow them to succeed and grow. That can be a real challenge.

See attached for where we are working on these origin concepts.

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Shop 8140 Adilas Time 9/30/21  

Emails and small bug fix for the content server. Making sure that the SSL (secure socket layers) certificates were being used correctly.

"Be a part of the solution" - This is more for me... Sometimes it is easy to find fault or point fingers. I want to try to be a part of the solution and thus need to act as such.

Working on the Bear 100 pagination and photo gallery pages.

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Shop 8197 Bear 100 9/29/21  

Working on more of the Bear 100 mobile version for the public runner portal. Working on the runner photo gallery pages. We also had to deal with an SSL (secure socket layer) issue. Some of our certificates weren't letting people access the sites. Nothing was wrong with the certificates, it totally had to do with time zones and where or who was trying to access them. We had clients in one state that couldn't get in, while others in a different state were doing just fine. We are not sure what happened, but something was going on. We ended up reissuing two of the certificates. That seemed to fix it.

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Shop 8277 check and push code 9/29/21  

Working with Bryan on pre-auth's (pre authorizations for credit cards and merchant processing). We also looked into voids, and refunds. Bryan had built some small prototypes and we were giving each other some feedback and cautions. All of these processes have virtual teeth. We decided to use the duplicate invoice to cart functionality and do a quantity flip for the user. This would be the start of our refund process. This was a great idea that we got out of the discussion. Prior to this meeting, we were going in a different direction. This way is much better and puts a little bit more weight and decision power on the user. That is perfect, just what was needed.

We talked about using flex grid tie-ins to keep track of the data relationships (old invoice to new refund invoice) and what not. We also talked about using spreadsheets and scratch drawings to make sure that we cover all of the scenarios.

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Shop 8163 Projects 9/29/21  

Emails and working on the Bear 100 mobile site. Trying to get the pagination all working and styled out. Also adding in filters to the runner comments (subs of time).

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Shop 8187 Dev check-in - Alan and John 9/29/21  

John checking in on some of his projects. He has been helping out with the servers and chipping away at other pieces and projects.

Alan reported in and let us know where he is at as well. He is currently working with cart totals and making more code into functions and objects (refactoring). Alan and I also talked about turnaround time on some of our projects. There are many unseen and unforeseen obstacles in what we do. Talking about breaking things into smaller or mini projects, so that we could get traction. He also had some questions dealing with stuff out on ecommerce.

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Shop 8176 Meeting with Chuck 9/29/21  

Meeting with Chuck. He and I were working on the Bear 100 pagination and styling those pieces. We talked about some other styling projects that are in the works and coming down the pipeline. We chatted about the WordPress stats and how the new website is doing. We also talked about the Adobe XD mock-ups for the payee/user add/edit permissions and user profile pages.

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Shop 8146 Adilas Time 9/29/21  

Danny was on the meeting this morning and asking about a possible mini training session per month. He was calling it a monthly deep dive, where we could pick a topic or section and do some training on that. We could let our clients know, our internal team know, and then go from there. Great idea. He was also talking about an idea for a feedback form and page for monitoring what our users and clients are wanting and needed.

Dustin, Sean, and Kelly were chiming in. Working on emails and other small to do list things. I unpacked a new events banner from Marisa. It looks great. It has a QR code and a web address on it. It also has the adilas logo and some other graphics including Adi (the blue dog avatar) on the banner. It will be used when we help with other events, such as the Bear 100 and other races, events, or whatever.

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Shop 8308 General 9/28/21  

Recording notes and rereading some older documents on where we were and where we came from (business wise). Heather came down and we talked a little bit about the current state of adilas. We chatted for a good 45 minutes. The good, the bad, the ugly, the potential, the sequence of events, cause and effect relationships, etc. Good conversation.

See elements of time # 8089 for notes from a history bio and old web page with tons of verbage and details about some our our origins, as a company. I would really like our guys and gals to know what we are doing and where we are going. It's worth money to me to be on the same page (virtually) with our team.

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Shop 8172 Meeting with Bryan 9/28/21  

Bryan and I got together to go over a custom project that he is working on. He wants me to help review some code and we also talked about getting Chuck involved to do some design work. I showed Bryan the new design for the Bear 100 (click here to view) and how it is very mobile responsive and mobile first designed. We talked about how to handle custom projects and how to get Cory involved and how to charge and bill for those pieces that don't flow through the main adilas project path.

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Shop 8169 Projects 9/28/21  

Merging in some files and custom labels for Danny. Emails and recording notes from the day.

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Shop 8089 Work with Shannon 9/28/21  

Shannon and I were working on adilas core concepts. We started out and did a small review of the Bear 100 from last week and what we are learning and hoping to do in the future. Kinda fun. We then started in on the primary adilas core concepts. The first one is dealing with capturing and recording the story (digital storytelling). That may seem super simple, but that is a huge part of what we are doing. Our goal, is to go over these core concepts and make a small standalone document for each of the main core concepts. There are 12 main core concepts that we are pitching and hoping will get traction and weight. They are:

Adilas Core Concepts

Why & how does it work? Virtual world building...

1. Capture & Record The Story
2. Groups, Players, Individuals, & Characters
3. Relationships
4. Trouble, Problems, Needs, & Goals
5. Decisions & Choices
6. Consequences (Cause & Effects)
7. Accountability
8. Permissions & Settings
9. Systems
10. Vision & Future Developments
11. Tech, Tools, & Maintenance
12. Objects & Data Over Time

We decided that we may end up doing a preface or lead in before we just jump into the core concepts. In doing so, we were looking at some existing verbage and seeing if we could use it. The existing verbage is already in story and paragraph type form. Just seeing what we can come up with. See attached for what we are working on. Also, I added some sub notes and comments to cover some of the other verbage that we are looking at. All of this verbage is from our older website and some PDF flyers.

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Shop 7997 Server meeting 9/28/21  

Wayne, John, Cory, Sean, Steve, and myself were on the server meeting today. The first topic was dealing with bug on certain queries of queries. This was not our fault, but it broke due to an update and release from Adobe. We had to roll all of our servers back to a stable release and then the error went away. Wayne did file a bug tracking report with Adobe.

Wayne and John are working on a project to get all of the main applications and Application.cfm pages switched over to Application.cfc pages. Those pages are an auto include on all other pages under those different applications and system folders. Pretty big impact, due to the fact that they hit almost every page in the entire system. Anyways, they are working on that project.

I expressed to Wayne and John that we are really grateful that some server side or server level training that is going on. They have our blessing to continue and good praises there.

The last topic of the meeting was dealing with database sizes and clean-up options (getting the skeletons off the bus). We talked about some options but they are not majorly pressing right this minute. We also talked about doing some database backup and restore processes, as some practice exercises.

Wayne and some of the others left once we got done with the main server stuff. Just Cory, John, and I were left. Cory and John were going over projects, bug tracking, and plans. After that, John and I chatted about maintenance costs and setting up a budget for servers and maintenance. Good little meeting.

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Shop 8148 Adilas Time 9/28/21  

Danny, Sean, Steve, and Shari O. were talking about sales and strategies. Good stuff. While they were doing that I was working on emails and follow-ups.

This is from Steve - He said that his mom had a sign in her kitchen saying "If at first you don't succeed, ask your mother." Kinda funny! He was referring to us, both Steve and I, talking with our wives and getting some great advice and direction.

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Shop 8275 Brandon and Cory e-commerce deep dive 9/27/21   Meeting setup by Cory - Brandon figured out the issue where the sub price wasn't displaying on e-commerce for show subs sell subs but couldn't determine how to fix it. An active client is trying to use show subs sell subs so this meeting is to figure out how to fix this.
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Shop 8263 Brandon, Steve and Cory projects 9/27/21  

Cory jumped on to the meeting. We were talking about monies being owed to us and from us to others. Maybe even holding projects for payment before starting. Lots of talks about cash flow and getting the development funded that we are doing. We do a lot, we just don't charge for everything. That is both good and bad. We really need to charge for the services that we provide. We tend to do a ton of stuff for free, but that is costing us big time.

We talked about a menu board project and who was going to do what. We have developers who can handle the backend, but they don't have the frontend or design skills to really make it look nice. We have to mix and blend who is doing what. We also talked about breaking the bigger projects into tons of smaller, more manageable mini projects. They, the clients, were requesting a 4th menu board (already have 3), new settings, auto refresh, and tied to quantity on hand.

The concept of an "MVP" (minimal viable product) and how that fits into the bigger or master plan. Either way, you still have to manage these projects from end to end. 

Towards the end, Cory and I spent some time looking into the timeclock issue with the AFB timecards and timeclock app. We ended up checking different versions of the code, working with the backend actions, and looking over code with Cory. I was coding and narrating and she was watching and asking questions.

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Shop 8145 Adilas Time 9/27/21  

Shari O. checked in and was asking about server sizes and what servers have space or availability. Database sizes and data counts (how many customers, invoices, deposits, expenses, PO's, users, vendors, elements of time, inventory counts, etc.) per server and per corporation.

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Shop 8338 More Bear 100 Stuff 9/24/21  

Bear 100 mobile app work. Working on the general show comments and runner support page. Working on some of the custom pagination (next page of x number of pages).

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Shop 8337 Working on the Bear 100 mobile design 9/24/21  

Filling out a tax form that I needed. Back on the Bear 100 mobile app. Working on the full race page, last known aid station logic, and finish line results page. As a side note, the actual Bear 100 race started this morning at 6 am. I was trying really hard to finish up the mobile version so that we could get it up and launched. We still have a few pages that aren't done quite yet. In the meantime, the Bear 100 was using the older pages that have existed since the 2015 race. Bummer, but we are trying!

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Shop 8336 More Bear 100 9/23/21  

More work on the full race view for the Bear 100 mobile first app. Also worked on some drill-down links from the runner details (profile) page.

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Shop 8335 Bear 100 9/23/21  

Back on the Bear 100 mobile full race page and full race view.

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Shop 8193 Bear 100 9/23/21  

Working on the Bear 100 mobile runner profile page. Working on different legs of the race output on mobile.

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Shop 8233 Paypod Adilas Project Update 9/23/21  

On a meeting with the Paypod folks and our internal adilas team. We are trying to hit the pause button for right now. It has great potential, we just can't do that big of a lift right now with our developers, resources, and timelines. We hope to circle back around to this project as things free up.

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Shop 8165 Projects 9/23/21  

Chuck and I on a quick GoToMeeting to go over some minor display issues with the new mobile Bear 100 pages.

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Adi 2058 API connection for LeafLogix 9/23/21  

9/23/21: Steve working on the api connection. Billing hourly.

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Shop 8097 Work with Shannon 9/23/21  

Shannon joined the meeting and we chatted for a few minutes. I told Shannon that I was working on the Bear 100 mobile first app. We decided to skip our normal meeting so that I could keep working. Thanks Shannon!

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Shop 8147 Adilas Time 9/23/21  

John was reporting on the size of the different database. That was awesome to see. Shari O. joined and needed some small updates and help to setup some new credit card processing accounts. We got her all setup and good to go.

Working on the Bear 100 large photo gallery page. Text messages, emails, and other to do list stuff. Pushing up code for Bryan and then back on the Bear 100 mobile first stuff. Working on aid station stuff.

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Shop 8265 check and push code 9/22/21  

On a meeting with Bray. We did some light code reviews and merged in some files. He then was chasing down a small error while I was working on other stuff and doing emails.

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Shop 8157 Projects 9/22/21  

Working on code for uploading photos for the Bear 100 mini app. Ran into some small coding issues with the modals, loaders, and general page flow. Working through things.

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Shop 8186 Dev check-in - Alan and John 9/22/21  

John and Cory going over server stuff and advancing the ball on the developer's box and converting that into the new testing server. Here are some of my other notes.

- Feedback on the discount engine - John has some small mock-up's and screenshots.

- Light talk on logic and flow within the discount engine.

- Talking about graphs and show/hiding data. We have tons of data and I can't wait to start showing what we got through graphs and charts - eye candy stuff.

- Some people like seeing all of the data and stats and some people want it all hidden and virtually keeping there employees in the dark a little bit - level of who knows what. Interesting.

- We talked about permissions and sub permissions.

- We also got into talking about one-pagers, modal pop-ups, AJAX, and other asynchronous data look-ups.

Alan joined the meeting.

- Alan and John were touching base on the developer's box.

- Alan had some questions on tax settings, discount settings in ecommerce, etc.

- We talked about target price per item and logic and flow for that. We also talked about other values called locked price and original price.

- Order of operations between discounts, customer types, tax category settings, and either changes or updates - rolling things back and forth.

- Small error with transition invoices and restoring them back to the cart.

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Shop 8178 Meeting with Chuck 9/22/21  

Working with John and Chuck. The two of them were talking about creating new adilas data tables and other options. Chuck and I talked about the Bear 100 mobile first site and tweaks and changes that we needed. Chuck helped me with some of the layout pieces. Good little catch-up meeting. Here were a few other things that we covered.

- Talking about special events, possible pricing, and info about sponsoring or running a special event

- Forms for contacting us and info about wanting to sponsor things

- Strategy for mock-ups and wire-ups - Chuck and I going back and forth about what works and what is still needed

- Also, just talking about payables and getting things paid

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Shop 8142 Adilas Time 9/22/21  

Small demo for Sean and John on the Bear 100 (old code and new code). Emails and pushing up files and doing some merging.

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Shop 8306 Working on the Bear 100 mobile site 9/22/21  

Working on the Bear 100 photo uploader for the mobile app site. There were a number of changes from the bigger desktop version of the site. Working on the Bear 100 photo gallery page for displaying the photos and images. Other emails and what not.

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Shop 8264 Meeting with the Bear 100 folks 9/21/21  

Meeting with the Bear 100 folks. There were nine people on the meeting/call. We had the race director, radio folks, data team, and two of us from adilas (Chuck and I). Good meeting. We gave them a quick demo of the new mobile friendly design and then got into the backend. We went through each of the main buttons and sections. I was driving and did a bunch of explaining and drawing to illustrate flow, logic, and backend code. We had some question and answer stuff, good participation, and great back and forth feedback. Towards the end, the race director got on and thanked everybody.

At the end, we did a bigger demo of the new mobile friendly runner portal and talking about upcoming changes and updates. That was kinda fun. After the meeting, Chuck and I went over a bunch of things and did some planning and scheming. Good meeting!

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Shop 8174 Working on the Bear 100 9/21/21  

Working on the new wire-up job for the Bear 100 public runner portal. Also did some back and forth (texts and emails) with Chuck on some feedback on his design for the special events landing page. Most of the session was taking the mock-up HTML files and converting them into Adobe ColdFusion pages with dynamic code that is tied to real databases in the background. We call this a wire-up job, going from a static looking mock-up to a dynamic data driven page.

Click to view time photos.
Shop 8166 Projects 9/21/21  

Recording some notes from this morning and then back on the new Bear 100 code and his mobile first code that I got from Chuck. I also got some new screenshots from Chuck to help with a special events page. See attached for a couple of screenshots.

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Shop 8092 Work with Shannon 9/21/21  

Shannon and I met and talked about where we are headed next. We currently don't have any major fires that are blazing, so we looked at our tick list (click to view our current tick list) to figure out what to work on next. It took us a while to figure out which way to jump, but we decided to finish up the new content for adilas core concepts. Along those lines, we took our bigger document (almost 20 pages) and made 12 new files and dumped the raw brainstorming data for each core concept into its own file. We will be going through all 12 of the core concepts and refining things down and making each file able to stand on its own. That's where we are heading.

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Shop 7989 Server meeting 9/21/21  

Quite a few of us on the server meeting this morning. I had a small list to go over with Wayne and we started there. My list was:

- The new Emerald Fields server and custom database

- Training for John - that is going great and we are very happy there

- Talking about the developer's server and making it more into a testing environment as needed - a server that is in total flex - lots of great ideas and conversation here

- Corp-wide settings and carving up the bigger tables. We also got into talking about switching between Application.cfm (current) and Application.cfc (where we are headed). Wayne and John are going to be looking deeper and working on this in the next couple of weeks.

- We need access to some Adobe XD files that we put on the content server. They exist, but we can't download them via a direct URL currently.

- More great talks about the testing and developer's server

- We would like to setup a meeting with Russell, Chuck, John, and others to go over Bootstrap 3, 4, and 5 - We would also like to look at options for other data tables that we may want to use. When we do this, we will eventually want to let Dustin, Bryan, Alan, Eric, and Steve know about decisions and direction.

- John reported to Cory on the adilas phones product and progress there

- John went over some of the discount engine stuff and showed us some of his new plans - light question and answer session between John and Cory

Good meeting and making progress. Good stuff.

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Shop 8149 Adilas Time 9/21/21  

I joined the meeting but not a lot was going on, so I bailed out to work on the Bear 100 new stuff that I got from Chuck.

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Shop 8194 Working on the Bear 100 9/20/21  

Working on Bear 100 stuff. Changing event dates, they needed an aid station swapped out, and prepping files for the public runner portal. Uploaded a number of files to start pushing up new changes.

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Shop 8159 Projects 9/20/21  

Recording notes from the end of last week. Trying to stay semi caught up. Answering text messages, emails, and other follow-ups.

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Shop 8262 PayPod cert file 9/20/21  

On a meeting with Bryan going over the Paypod project. We did some research on Google and tried a few things. We are stuck on some Windows certificate pieces and how to connect and pass data back and forth with the hardware (or even the hardware simulator). I think that this project is going to take an actual Windows developer who could create a small piece of software as a bridge. Both Bryan and I are web developer, and I'll speak for myself, this project is over my head right now. We are going to need help from someone of the Wayne or Calvin type level. Hardcore software/hardware guys.

As a note, I told Bryan to hit the pause button on this project. I also sent text messages to both Cory and Steve letting them know. We are spinning our wheels right now.

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Shop 8260 Steve, Cory, Brandon-Catch up on projects and updates 9/20/21  

Cory, Steve, and I on a meeting going over projects. The first topic of the day was 3rd party solutions and who is going to do what. They play a role, but also require quite a lot in time and resources. Talking about who is going to be covering what and what deals are going to be made.

Cory and I then jumped into some review on a cash drawer or cash management project. She had a bunch of notes from different meetings and we read through them. We have a decent picture of what is needed, it just comes down to decisions and directions. As we were talking, we bumped up against another big project for splitting up the corp-wide settings into smaller pieces. I pitched a couple of ideas and then Steve jumped in and added some new ideas. We recorded a few of them on the project inside of adilas.

Regardless, we are looking at breaking things up into smaller tables per section and doing some much needed maintenance. We then got off on another maintenance based tangent talking about some other older projects that we haven't gotten finished yet. We are going to be checking in with Wayne tomorrow on some of those. We feel like they are somewhere between 40-70% finished, but we don't really know and also don't know what it will take to finish them. Just looking at options.

On a different note, I know that both Steve and I are feeling strung out and it's hard to focus, with so many things calling for our attention.

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Shop 8144 Adilas Time 9/20/21  

Steve and I on the meeting touching base. He had some new code that we pushed to all servers. I then went and ran some database updates to add some new corp-wide settings for PO names (internal build and update PO). We did some light testing and pushed up some small changes. Steve and Sean were talking sales and some contact info. Pretty casual meeting.

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Shop 8271 Working on the Bear 100 9/17/21  

Got some new files from Chuck for the Bear 100. Getting into the new branch and moving some files around. Made some back-ups of the older files. We are planning a pretty big facelift and mobile friendly version to be pushed up.

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Shop 8270 Pushing up some files 9/17/21  

Pushing up new quick sales report changes to all servers.

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Shop 8268 Working on a custom report 9/17/21  

New custom date ranges, new date presets for the quick sales report - at a client's request to add the new preset date ranges.

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Shop 8267 General 9/17/21  

Fixing FTP settings, running some updates and pushing up files for Steve.

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Shop 8203 Working on online bookings and reservations 9/16/21  

Wasn't able to get to this, again. Pulled in too many directions. Good intentions, but it just isn't happing. Not enough time in the day.

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Shop 8259 check and push code 9/16/21  

Met with Bryan and did a code review on a merchant processing project for Green Links Merchants (GLM). We merged and pushed up some code. Bryan was going to go to each server and run some update scripts before we went to the next step.

I had to field a couple of calls from funding sources and lenders. Trying to shop around for some funding to keep pushing things forward.

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Shop 8164 Projects 9/16/21  

Looking up a data problem for a client. They had two sets of records for a specific item and only wanted and needed one. I sent them an email showing what I was seeing from the database side of things. As a side note, this same client had us do some custom imports and data uploads for them. It is possible that is how we got the double records. We haven't seen this same thing happen through normal channels within adilas. Hoping and assuming that it was due to the custom imports and possibly bad data (from the client) that made this happen.

I did some checking on some funding and made some calls and uploaded some bank statements to some potential lenders.

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Shop 8091 Work with Shannon 9/16/21  

Shannon and I spent a session going over some verbage and copy (text) on the presentation gallery. We added some suggestions for Chuck on his Trello (project management) board for the project.

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Shop 8236 Sales Tax Feature 9/16/21  

Meeting with Eric to go over his sales tax aggregates project. The meeting started and both Eric and John were touching base on the project and how we have a need for a high-end database admin (db admin) person for a part of our project. Lots of triggers, stored procedures, and grant permissions are needed. We also have some database level scheduling and other database administrator type tasks.

The topic switched from db admin stuff to code. We were talking about how some of the original code is very linear and in-line vs more object oriented and layered. Some of that is just legacy, but it keeps coming up. We also talked about using abstract getters and setters vs really big methods or functions. Smaller and more modular - able to move and be independent.

After the initial meeting with Eric, he left to keep working on the project. I then met with John and Bryan for a bit. John and I were talking about Adobe XD files out on the content server, but we couldn't really get to them (research, layouts, and mock-ups). We will ask Wayne about that. Bryan joined and had questions on merchant processing and tying things into existing tools and pages as well as offering options from the 3rd party solutions page.

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Shop 8150 Adilas Time 9/16/21  

Steve was working on a database update for some new corp-wide settings for PO names and recipe/build names. We looked at his code and made a few changes. We then went on and talked about the growing need for super high enterprise or global level product and item catalogs. It seems to be more and more needed, yet it is still out there a little ways.

Steve and I chatted about some funding options and then I pitched some ideas to Steve about the data assembly line concepts. Lots of small little drawings. We are actually doing it, building towards the full data assembly line concepts, but we just haven't really made that our focus. Dustin has already added a phase base process for cultivation. Steve is currently working on some production phases, and we have other projects that have similar flavors. The absolute ideal would be to allow our clients the ability to setup and run their own business processes and let them (our users or our clients) setup the phases, sub locations, options, flow, defaults, timing, etc. of these processes and procedures. That would be really cool!

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Shop 8196 Working on online bookings and reservations 9/15/21  

Originally planned, but it didn't happen. Got pulled in another direction looking into a problem with ecommerce.

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Shop 8239 Brandon and Cory working on eCommerce 9/15/21  

We were going to work on a cash management tool, but ended up looking into a possible bug out in ecommerce land. The bug was showing up live, but not on our local testing environment. We then did some hidden, live testing, and took some notes. We will have to go deeper on this one. We went from thousands of lines of code down to a set of 300 lines. Having said that, it still may take some time to really get through the rest of this little bug fix.

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Shop 8168 Projects 9/15/21  

Back and forth with Steve about some ideas and options. Recording notes and working on a small custom report that was requested by a client. The new changes were dealing with preset date ranges like current month, last month, etc. Basically, they, our clients use a simple value and we figure out all of dynamic dates behind the scenes.

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Shop 8177 Meeting with Chuck 9/15/21  

Chuck and I touched base on the new Bear 100 mobile app (public facing runner portal for the Bear 100 mile race). Chuck is already doing frontend code and going from Adobe XD mock-ups to HTML pages with the pieces and colors and styles built into the pages. I will be his backend wire-up guy for this project. Our plans are for Chuck to hardcode things and add a series of comments and notes so that I can follow along from the backend.

Sent an email to Steve with some numbers, ideas, and options.

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Shop 8258 Budgeting and playing with numbers 9/15/21  

Working in Excel - Light planning and reviewing numbers for funding, budgeting, and future plans.

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Shop 8184 Dev check-in - Alan and John 9/15/21  

John and Cory were going over projects. John had a small proposal for some changes on the discount engine. We went over some ways of speeding things up as far as queries, existing methods, lists, text values vs numeric id numbers, and other ways to tighten things up a bit. John wrote down some notes and will look deeper into some of those pieces.

Alan and Cory touched base as well. Alan is still working on some testing but getting really close. There are still some issues with the setting - with tax included, but other than that, things are looking good.

After both of these guys bailed out, I gave Cory an update on some projects that I've been working on. I launched some code last night for helping to hide new money types and we also added Venmo as a payment/money type to all servers. I also got rid of an older Adobe Flash setting for my cart favorite buttons. As a fun side note, these three changes and requests were from my notes from the adilas training session back in June of this year. Trying to get things done as we are able.

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Shop 8141 Adilas Time 9/15/21  

Sean and John joined and checked in. We were all pretty much just working on our own little projects most of the time. I reviewed the adilas and Flyhi video recording and pushed it up to our content server. Here is the link to it, if needed.

I spent the rest of the time recording notes from yesterday and checking on funding.

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Shop 8175 Settings for elements of time 9/14/21  

This didn't happen. Got pulled in on other projects.

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Shop 8167 Projects 9/14/21  

Emails, checking on funding, phone calls with developers, and finishing up a project dealing with default money types and how they show on different drop-downs, inside the adilas site. Finished up that project, merged in new code, and cascaded the Venmo payment type or money type to all servers.

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Shop 8093 Work with Shannon 9/14/21  

Working with Shannon. We spent the first little bit going over some highlights of what is going on in different areas. We talked about the presentation gallery, the new facelift for the Bear 100 mobile app, and some other happenings.

We had a conversation about the "stone soup" analogy - bring what you've got and through it in the pot, we are making stone soup. The meaning here, is that, if we are playing stone soup, you can't be as picky as say a high end restaurant. We are looking for progress and refining things as we go. If we had all of the talent and funding in the world, we would play completely differently. Currently, we have to play the stone soup game (more of a community effort or just in time type project) vs other well funded traditional methods and approaches.

Shannon and I talked about changing directions. We were going to be working on refining the adilas core concepts for the presentation gallery (verbage and copy), but they already finished the presentation gallery, so maybe we will jump over there and read through things and try to help there. We would really like that to go live and to be able to be used for teaching, training, and helping new clients and prospects get the idea of where we are headed.

See attached for list of adilas core concepts that we were working on. It's not finished, but a great start. We may try to get back to that later on. For now, we are moving on to the next little fire.

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Shop 7994 Server meeting 9/14/21  

Server meeting with Wayne. Checking in on the adilas phones app. Wayne was talking about some new discoveries that he and John were finding out (doing some digging in the background). The adilas phones app was built by another party and adilas was able to acquire it through a mutual contact. It seems to work well, and we use it for the adilas tech support line, but it is hard to work with (meaning backend stuff). Anyways, Wayne was reporting on the layers of software that it is built on and how some of them are open source packages and some of them are older, non supported packages. Anyways, he was somewhat pitching newer options for either Amazon Connect or Twilio Flex packages and just rebuild it.

Lots of discussion about the topic. Wayne and John are hesitant to resell the adilas phones pieces until we can make a decision on what backend it will be using. Steve and Wayne were talking about the adilas phones app and pros and cons of either sticking with what we currently have and/or rebuilding in something like Amazon Connect or Twilio Flex. There was also some talks about changing the URL or domain name (web path) to the app. The current one that was acquired from the other party doesn't run over SSL (secure socket layer or https) and we really need that to be in place.

Cory, John, and Wayne were coordinating on different projects and topics. The internal email options were brought up and Wayne is going to look into some settings that we can change on the Newtek and SmarterMail side of things.

There were other discussions about reselling certain functionality that we build and what markets are wanting and needing those pieces.

John and Cory were talking about the discount engine and doing some bulk flipping of some records for a client. The client has multiple corporations and multiple locations within each corporation and wanted some global changes made to the discounts that they have stored. One of the request was dealing with the actual discount engine (inside of adilas) and being able to edit discounts and be able to see all previous selections (from lists of checkboxes). You can edit the discounts right now, but it doesn't show the checkboxes (in big huge lists) that you chose. It just shows you what names (text values) of what you had selected.

Towards the end, John was asking Sean for some training in other areas that he doesn't know that well. That is awesome. We want to encourage that (cross training).

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Shop 8154 Adilas Time 9/14/21  

Just Steve and I chatting for the first little bit. We were talking about projects, new settings, and how important dynamic naming is to our users. Certain people want to call things bill of material, others recipes, others components, etc. Every little thing, depending on who is using it, may change. Even things like location, store, department, room, job, event, etc. All dynamic naming for each industry.

Eric joined and had some questions on logic and flow for his special expense type groupings. He had some good questions and you could tell that he was thinking about things and trying to wrap his head around that. Good stuff.

Click to view time photos.
Shop 8199 Going over the Bear 100 mobile app with Chuck 9/13/21  

Chuck and I jumped on a GoToMeeting session to go over the mock-ups for the Bear 100 mobile app. We already have a customer or public facing runner portal, but it is old school web and is not fully optimized for mobile display. Anyways, Chuck is redoing things and building a fully mobile first mock-up. We went over the pages, screens, and flow for the new mini app. It is looking great!

After Chuck and I finished, I was going back and forth with Eric about some of his special expense types (texting back and forth). Working on the default money types project as well. A couple small texts back and forth with Chuck about other ideas and changes that we could incorporate.

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Shop 8234 check and push code 9/13/21  

Met up with Bryan to go over the invoice voiding process and how that works with credit card transactions. There are a couple different routes. First, if the invoice doesn't have any credit card transactions (merchant processing) the void process does its normal routine. However, if it finds one or more credit card transactions, it has to flow a different way so that it can try to clean-up any non batched payments. If a payment has already been batched and processed, you can't just void it. That gets into refunds. Anyways, going over logic and flow with Bryan.

After we finished. I went back and was working on an internal project for selecting money types and defaults for carts, invoices, deposits, and expense/receipts.

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Shop 8170 Projects 9/13/21  

Recording notes from this morning. Then on to working on the AFB timeclock and quick timecards project - checking over existing code and tightening things up.

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Shop 8238 GLM 3rd party 9/13/21  

Meeting up with Bryan to go over invoice payment flow and credit card processing for a project that Bryan is working on. GLM stands for Green Link Merchants. We got deep into the credit card and merchant processing pages, data, flow, and logic. We uncovered some options and other things that did a similar process to what Bryan is trying to do. Those other code pieces are great guides and virtual handrails. He will be able to follow those other pages and create his own small logic tweaks. Lots of exploring other pages and finding out where the logic switches come into play inside those other pages.

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Shop 8235 Sales Tax Feature 9/13/21  

Eric and I met up to go over the sales tax aggregates project and what are the next steps. We looked at some code, talked about dependencies, logic, drill-downs, and backend database triggers and such. We also know that we need to prep and condition each individual server before pushing up these changes. Kinda a big merge process with some dependent steps that need to be taken.

We decided to pull his code branch on to my server and run things from the start to see what happened. We got in there and started running some experiments. We found a couple of small issues and kept building out the tick list. Making good progress.

One place that still needs a little bit of work is the add new corporation process. We finished up the meeting by making some plans with what else needed to be done before our next meeting and/or during our next meeting.

Click to view time photos.
Shop 8231 Brandon, Steve and Cory cash handling 9/13/21  

Cory, Steve, and I on a meeting talking about cash drawers and cash management. We have a client that is really wanting a dynamic cash drawer type management system. This would include unlimited cash drawers, options for counting things up, down, over, and short. See some of the screenshots for what they are using for Excel spreadsheets right now. We are wanting to build in a new cash handling feature inside of adilas. Also, by way of a note, the Paypod project will need the same thing, for a cash drawer or cash management feature.

Cory had a question about a quote for a client. We looked into it and set the price. I will end up being the one who does that project. It deals with adding some more preset dates to a drop-down list for a quick sales by category report.

The last part of the meeting was Cory and John working through projects, lists, and going over more discount engine tweaks and changes. Behind the scenes they were looking at code and database values and making decisions from there. Good meeting, kinda random, but good.

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Shop 8155 Adilas Time 9/13/21  

Steve and Danny were talking about sales and different angles. They were also talking about the Flyhi demo and what a great job they did in building out the full integration and process. I was very impressed as well. Danny was talking about the possibility of showing what they did as one a valid product, and two as an inspiration to others to see what is possible. Great ideas and I love the angle. Click here to view my notes from the actual demo (last week).

Cory joined the meeting and her, Steve, Danny, and I were all talking about ways to harness what the Flyhi guys have done and built. Lots of options. We told Steve that we will try to get him a link to the video recording that they did during the demo. He is excited to see that and also to get on the phone and let others know about it.

John had me push up some new code for the discount engine. Once we pushed it up, we talked about changes and then also expanded the conversation into what are the next steps on the discount engine. Cory and I are leaning towards John going in there and doing some clean-up work. He has been doing great and is the one who has been making the last few changes.

When I wasn't helping others, I was doing emails, checking payables, bouncing between things.

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Shop 8237 General 9/10/21  

Phone calls, emails, paying bills, uploading receipts.

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Shop 8192 General 9/9/21  

Recording notes from earlier today. Lots of meetings with outside parties. Back looking into a possible bug with the AFB timeclocks.

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Shop 8136 Steve, Brandon, Bryan Paypod 9/9/21  

Checkup meeting with the Paypod folks. They had three guys on the call and we had three from the adilas side (Cory, Bryan, and I). We were touching base on the Paypod project and integration process. The goal was also to see what is needed to take it to the next level. Currently, according to Bryan, it is somewhat hung up due to a certificate issue between the simulator and the ColdFusion server. We setup a meeting for Monday to meet with them (tech to tech) to see if we could resolve that issue.

The Paypod guys did a good job selling and pitching their products. They are trying to completely eliminate all cash in the front of the store(s). They are providing self checkout options as well as self pay options.

Some of the meeting was talking shop and business options and strategies. Their model is to sell the products and then support those products through a service agreement. As far as working with us, they have offered some technical support and help on that side of the fence. We will both (both companies) be pitching in on the funding of the project. Cory worked out some details about billing and expectations. She did a great job negotiating and communicating from the adilas side of things.

To close the meeting, we did a light recap and setup the next meeting time. Murray, from there side, seems to be a good project manager and likes to keep the ball rolling. After the Paypod guys left, Cory and Bryan touched base on some other projects that Bryan is working on. Making progress!

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Shop 8158 Projects 9/9/21  

Small validation fix for Cory and sub inventory. Spent the rest of the time recording notes.

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