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Shop 7776 Steve Palmer, Brandon, Steve and Cory 5/6/21  

METRC delivery API endpoints

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Adi 2013 Website SEO Maintenance 5/5/21  

5/5/21: New website launched 5/3/21. This is for ongoing maintenance.

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Shop 7742 Meeting with Chuck 5/5/21  

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Shop 7771 Sean is not available 5/3/21  

On Vacation

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Shop 7761 Brandon and Bryan meet with Aaron Stone 4/29/21  

This will be to ask Bryan's questions, etc for the Paypod integration.

We want a MVP (minimal viable product)
Available Documents and what they contain:
UAPI_V1.3.1 SRN.pdf:  Release and edit logs
CPI Payment Service OEM Integration Script Test V1.1.pdf:  Equipment description and testing
Paypod Platform Architecture - Host Protocols.pdf: Coding of cashbox - how it runs.
*Paypod Integrated Solution _ OEM Integration Guide. pdf: Integrate Paypod with POS (This is the document we need for integration).
Is there a sandbox or do we have to be connected to a PayPod for testing?
1. (2.3) Transactions.  Assuming a Post-Pay Transaction?
2. Communication methods: Rest API , serial Web Socket or USB serial? 
3.  Rest API (call info here. see 3.5 p15) . Where do we get the username, password, pcname({hostname}?  Obtained at setup?  (3rd party setup).
4. (4.3.1) Start-Up: POS request for status at checkout or starting cart?
5. (4.3.2) Multiple POS Connections. Setup per session/login?
6.  (5.1.1) Transactions (Commands see 5.2.1 Transaction flow) Assume Payment automatically handled by Pay station vs POS?
7. ( Retry process. Retry x times: how do we want to do this?
8. (5.3.3) Payout/Refund.  Do we do refunds?
9. (5.4) Test Cases
10. (6) Cash Audit. Is this required in our MVP?
11. (7) Cash Management (Add/remove currency - Float-up/Float-down). Is this required in our MVP?
12. (8) Diagnostics and Error Handling.  Is this required in our MVP?
13. (9) Updates Integration.  Is this required in our MVP?
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Shop 7619 Developer weekly update 4/28/21  

11am= tent Alan

11:15=tent John

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Shop 7552 Meeting with Chuck 4/28/21  

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Shop 7770 Prep work 4/26/21  

Reviewing a document from Steve McNew (Mac) about the adilas structure and where we are headed expanding into more structured engineering practices.

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Adi 2012 New Cochrane payment solution 4/23/21  

4/23/21: Bryan had an initial meeting with their team and we are waiting to hear back on particulars. 

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Shop 7766 Phone call with Russell 4/23/21  

Emails and a phone call with Russell to talk about plans for the summer. Sad note, Russell may be moving on. He graduates this summer with a master degree and has an internship lined up with a company with the potential to become fulltime for that company. Sad day for adilas. Russell has contributed much. He said that he could still help out here or there, but not tons of time. He did say that he was open to help with questions, consulting, and bouncing ideas off of. Anyways, just recording the notes.

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Shop 7764 General 4/23/21  

Emails, checking on funds, brainstorming, and recording notes. Sending out a note and email about a possible adilas conference and training event in the first couple weeks of June.

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Shop 7749 Project #1988 - Payroll Updates 4/22/21  

Work session with John. Looking over the changes to the timecards and payroll project. We are going to be adding in special flags to help us speedup the clock in/out section that already exits. The project has two main pieces. One is some new flags and the other is doing some pre-calculated math and logic on the records to make them go even faster. One of the main things that we did was go through one of the primary functions and put some notes (just placeholders) on and where we will be adding the new pieces. That should really help. We still have to do the work, but it creates a visual plan of sorts. Good session.

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Shop 7668 Brandon and Steve deep dive projects-TBD 4/22/21  

Doing some planning for an adilas event and pitching the ideas to Cory. Fixing a small bug and pushing up some new files. After that, Cory and I were going over the project queue and talking about the different projects. We also did a small preview of the adilas label builder (new code that was launched). It still needs some loving, but it is at least up and live (still hidden, but live).

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Shop 7537 Projects 4/22/21  

Steve and I jumped back on to work on the template CSV upload project. As we were working, we were chatting about finances, our range of customers (who are we trying to serve), and building reports. We briefly talked about the story of the little red hen and how she was trying to get people to help her but they just wanted the homemade bread at the end. They didn't want to help plow the field, plant the seeds, water things, weed things, harvest things, mill the grain into flower, make and bake the bread. They just wanted the end product. Sometimes we feel like that a little bit. People can see the vision, but they may not want to put in the effort to get there and/or make it happen. Just being silly, but Steve said that maybe along side of "Adi" the little blue dog avatar, we should put a little red hen - once again, just being silly.

Anyways, we worked on the upload tool and chatted a bit. We will be planning a retreat, seminar, conference type meeting in the near future. We had some ideas and even worked over some rough numbers and ideas. We'd like to do a conference type event similar to what Adobe did for a ColdFusion conference that 4 of us went to a couple of years back. Group meetings, keynote speakers, breakout sessions, etc. Fun ideas.

In the past, we've barely charged anything for these events, heck, even offered them free years ago. We are thinking of charging $1,000/person this time for 3 days, 7 to 8 hours a day, plus lunch. We will try to do it in Salida, CO - the home of adilas (Salida spelled backwards is adilas). Tons of fun ideas.

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Adi 2011 Misc Code Issues 4/22/21  

4/22/21: Catch all for misc code issues

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Shop 7442 General 4/22/21  

Working on some small to do list stuff. I made a small driver license tweak for Marisa in the sell stock/unit section. Other small changes and pushed up some files.

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Shop 7748 Review of Parent/Attribute report & Item upload 4/22/21  

Steve was reporting on a dynamic report that he was writing. He took some ideas off of the existing build your own reports (like advanced searches for customers or elements of time). He then took his page and turned it into some sweet just in time (J.I.T.) builds and just in time logic. Great use of dynamic and processing power. Only pulling info and doing logic as needed. It should be pretty fast. Good stuff!

We spent the rest of the time working on a CSV template import tool for parts and items. I was coding and Steve was watching. We were talking about different things as we worked. Kinda a work/catch-up meeting.

Steve and John started talking towards the end. We are trying to get more Snow Owl (theme colors and look and feel) changes in place all over the site. As we were talking, we thought that it might be fun to have a developer's meeting in Salida, CO, this summer some time.

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Shop 7505 Adilas Time 4/22/21  

There were a bunch of guys and gals on the morning meeting. They were talking about custom labels and we decided to look and take a sneak peek at the online version of Calvin's adilas label builder. We just had Chuck make some upgrades and changes to the look and feel of the label builder. We pulled it up and let everyone get a sneak peek. It needs a little bit of loving, but I would give it a 90% or completion rating. Looking good. Nothing a few more hours can't fix.

We also talked about some new JavaScript functions and how to use them globally across the whole system. Lots of input there. We also had a few fixes that we pushed up online for a couple of pages. That is what we do, constant refinement.

The last thing that we did as a group was some general training and a small Q&A session with those on the meeting. We have a great team!

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Shop 7758 General 4/21/21  

Recording notes and transferring notes from post-it notes to digital entries for the developer's notebook. Pen and paper are so much quicker then typing out everything (in the moment when it is happening). Plus, the other guys and gals on the meetings don't even know that you are doing it (online virtual meetings) and you still get a full discussion (paying attention and talking) or flow (conversations and input) but you can remember what happened (small little scribbles to remind  you - quick bullet points). Good stuff.

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Shop 7683 check and push code 4/21/21  

Looking over some new code changes for a custom report that Bryan was working on. It looked good and we pushed it up to all servers. It seemed to resolve an issue that the report was having. We also reviewed some other 3rd party payment solution API socket documentation for another project that he is working on.

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Shop 7682 Work session with Steve 4/21/21  

Work session with Steve to build a new data upload and import tool. It is really generic right now, but it will be able to handle a CSV (comma separated values) file and do core parts and items, along with parent attributes. Trying to build the start of a parts template upload system.

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Shop 7538 Wayne and our model - our stack 4/21/21  

Met with Wayne for about an hour and a half. We were going over VPN (virtual private networks), FTP (file transfer protocol), and other server/computer stuff. We also got into some discussion on the adilas model and what our "stack" is: The stack is what technologies and software/hardware pieces make up your environment or production stack.

We talked about a number of things. Here are some simple, but general notes:

Our Database Stack is: Linux CentOS 7 and Percona MySQL 5.7

Our Webserver/Application Stacks is: Windows Server 2019 Datacenter, IIS 10, and Adobe ColdFusion 2018

We also went over some other stack features and monitoring software systems. These are things like:

PaperTrail - Centralized logging
Pingdom - Alerting and monitoring
Nagios - Alerting and monitoring
Cacti - Metrics, usage, loads, graphs, and visuals - we use this very heavily on the database side of things
FusionReactor - Optional ColdFusion monitoring system - able to turn on/off - detailed ColdFusion performance monitoring, tracking, debugging, and statics

Wayne also said, that if anyone wanted more details, we could refer them to him. He is very knowledgeable, that is awesome! Towards the end of the meeting, Wayne was showing us some other fun and high-level (geek) type stuff that he likes to play around with. He loves this kind of thing.

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Shop 7621 Developer weekly update 4/21/21  

Alan reported in to Cory and I on some of his projects. Alan is getting really close to launching the aggregate vendor catalog project. He thought that he was within a day or two of getting that launched. That has been a multiple month long project but it is getting close. This allows an enterprise corporation or enterprise system to create a list of vendors and then push that data to smaller transactional systems. The transactional system may also pull data down from the master or enterprise level system. Lots of other fun tweaks, permissions, settings, and flow (both up and down the chain).

He has also been working on refactoring code, resetting shared memory objects, admin reset tools, and unit testing. Busy times.

Also, as a fun side note, Cory and I are getting better at asking these developers some feeler type questions about different things. Not just - how is the project going, but things like how do you feel, are you ok with that, what do you like about this or that project, how are things on the financial side (getting paid), etc. We are trying to get better and better and treat our guys and gals like the friends that they are. Good stuff.

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Shop 7615 Weekly Project Update(s) - John 4/21/21  

John was reporting to Cory and I on his projects. He is working on some payroll changes, server stuff, and some other small projects like pagination and date picker stuff.

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Shop 7557 Meeting with Chuck 4/21/21  

Chuck was reporting on some projects and progress. He is doing some research on some tasks that have been assigned out to him. He is also checking on external hooks for custom PHP (open source server-side scripting language). If the PHP hooks and custom code doesn't work, we can always roll back on the existing Adobe ColdFusion code that is already in place. As a side note, Adobe ColdFusion is a server-side scripting language like PHP,, Ruby, and others. Chuck also reported on some other main website tasks that he is working on.

After that, we switched gears and started going over the web version of the adilas label builder. Chuck has been assigned to give that section a new facelift and make it look better. The developer had already released it, but it didn't look very nice. This was a small makeover. We jumped in and fixed a few things (path stuff). Looking better and better.

Chuck is also reskinning and redesigning a custom dashboard for a client that sells LED lights and light packages. Constantly re-tweaking small little pieces of the puzzle.

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Shop 7508 Adilas Time 4/21/21  

There were a few guys on the morning meeting. We ended up having Bryan and Wayne checking on some server errors. Wayne was editing a file live and then they were testing things. This was a custom report that needed some deeper attention. Lots of line by line checking and dumping the data and error logs. Pretty deep debugging session. Most of the other guys either bailed out of the meeting or were working in the background with their mics on mute.

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Shop 7755 Recording notes 4/20/21  

Recording notes and going over things from the afternoon. I'm excited to get in there and help design some new graphics to help educate people about where we are headed. That sounds fun!

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Shop 7680 Whyman Mark 4/20/21  

Meeting with some possible investor type persons. I did take some other notes. Brandon has them on his laptop computer. Good meeting, mostly showing progress and potential of what we've got and how far we've taken it. As a take home or side note, we really need some educational graphics to help show the concepts of what we are trying to do. Things like the transactional core, different levels - add on's to the core, technical stack (backend database and application code and servers), monitors and other systems, data flow, key points, etc.

One of the things that they were impressed with was that we are able to run multiple different verticals on the same platform, each with different interfaces, alternate flow, and usage - all under the same roof.

After the meeting, Steve and I stayed on for half and hour going over things as well. We are really excited to keep helping some of our guys push through barriers and learning and progressing. It just makes our team stronger and stronger. Lots of good stuff going on.

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Shop 7676 Steve, Brandon, Bryan and Cory new API for Elavon 4/20/21  

Good meeting between Bryan, Steve, Cory, and I. We were talking about a new cash management project. I took a bunch of notes. See attached.

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Shop 7549 Projects 4/20/21  

Follow-up and recording notes into elements of time for the developer's notebook. Converted a Microsoft Word document that contained the adilas glossary into a PDF version of the document. Posted the document on the online web version of the glossary.

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Shop 7445 Work with Shannon 4/20/21  

Working with Shannon on the online glossary and converting the web version into a full Microsoft Word document with all of the terms and definitions on it. The document ended up being 20+ pages. See attached.

Towards the end of the meeting, we were trying to figure out what our next plans are and where we are headed. We did a light review of the developer's notebook from 1/1/19 to 4/20/21 and had a good review session. It looks like the two of us are trying to focus on the education side of things. We may end up circling back around on the user guide, old school accounting vs new school accounting, and other content and educational pieces. Good stuff.

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Shop 7582 Weekly Server Meeting 4/20/21  

Server meeting with Cory, Steve, Wayne, John, Chuck, Sean, Marisa, and I. See attached for some notes. We were making some plans on the new main website and where certain parts and pieces would be housed and built. Good meeting. We will meet again next week to follow-up on progress.

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Shop 7503 Adilas Time 4/20/21  

Steve and Danny were brainstorming on some ideas for internal message marketing through the customer portal - out in ecommerce land. Steve keeps saying, the next best thing is taking a step in a good direction. Sometimes we think that the next best thing will be completely different, sometimes it is just the next step in a progression.

We talked about going to the mobile app level with some of our ideas. Lots of guys on the morning meeting, listening, participating, and chiming in. Here are some of my notes:

- Good intro by Steve and sharing some vision

- Use "Adi" (the little blue dog avatar) and make it fun

- Maybe only show the last 3 messages or maybe more

- Allow them to click and say that they have read the message

- Maybe a new drawing of Adi with a newspaper

- How many clicks to get what you want?

- What about saving a message for later use or reference

- We may need other flags - read, save, hide, etc.

- Chuck has some good tech and some great marketing ideas

- Modal or just a modal message saying you have messages?

- Where does the icon send you?

- Based on a valid login into ecommerce

- Single sign-on - and auto login - maybe a real mini mobile app or small bridge app (tiny) - we talked a lot about making this little bridge app

- Make a scannable QR code - or from a small webpage or app on site

- How do we distribute this? Who gets it and who doesn't get it?

- There is already an opt in/out for text messaging and email messaging - harness that

- Message marketing

- Steve was talking about corp level settings and customer settings (what they want) - both sides of the fence (users and consumers/customers)

- What about adding in "ecommerce message" as a new log note type

- The little checkbox on the log note (show on the web) is the main switch right now

- Talking about how much data to store and use... do we want to hold everything or dump things

- Using elements of time - building reports on top of the calendar - we have a table called time_sub_reminders - meant for text messages and email communications and scheduling those interactions.

- Using a simple text message to tell them that they have a message - small mini work around

- One advantage to the log notes is it can handle html and special formatting - kinda like flex grid - for now - some duct tape and bailing twine - temporary solution

- Steve wants to avoid the whole text message thing - too many hawks

- Some of our clients are using only the ecommerce mode - somewhat of a passive message mode - it already exists

- Just take the next step

- Flow - right after a valid login, and before we hit the summary (navigation) page, show the modal popup window with the messages. We may also want to have a link or button from the summary or nav page.

- Marketing - we kinda want to push that info in front of the user - marketing message or fulfillment message - maybe a setting on either push or pull (how we present the data and messages)

- More settings in the future... maybe we build it first with minimal settings and then go from there

- Make the modal conditional based on whether or not a message (one or more) is/are available

- Steve - maybe bring in the loyalty points on the popup modal - get some good marketing info in front of their eyes

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Shop 7757 Error handling with Bryan 4/19/21  

Bryan joined the meeting and we looked into some errors that he was getting on a special custom report. By default, we allow for two salespersons per invoice. Bryan has a client that needed a third salesperson. This special report took normal data and then extended the salesperson options out to a possible (not always, but sometimes) third salesperson. We spent quite a bit of time looking over code, data, and trying to narrow down some of the errors. I made a few suggestions and we ended up not being able to finish it up in our timeslot. He will work on it tomorrow. 

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Shop 7675 id 2001 modal message marketing with Danny 4/19/21  

Steve and Cory were talking about billing and finances for the first little bit. After that, it turned into a meeting with both Steve, Danny, and I going over some options for doing internal messaging and bypassing text messaging. These would be direct communication messages to a client based on a valid login through the ecommerce or customer portal section of the site. This meeting was mostly lead by Steve and Danny. I was adding in ideas and options, but mainly it was a brainstorming session. Here are a few topics that were discussed.

- Options for internal messaging and message marketing

- Start by making a plan

- Allowing the customer to mark things as read and even being able to somewhat control their own experience on how those messages are presented

- Taking things to the next level

- Helping Danny learn some project management tricks and techniques - he has great vision, he just needs to be willing to jump in and help form up those dreams

- Building and planning for the dream

Towards the end of the meeting, Steve and I worked a little bit on a data import file. The goal is to use a template based system and then be able to speed up data imports. That gets tough as almost every one is slightly different. Trying to get the cogs of the zipper closer together, one cog at a time.

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Shop 7677 Project update from Dustin 4/19/21  

Met up with Cory and Dustin to get an update on the cultivation project. Dustin is in the process of adding in a whole new section for processing plant on a batch level. The new page will have bulk actions such as move, phase, print, remove, and harvest. Good strides and looking good. See attached for a small screenshot of Dustin's local development box.

We tend to build with the details first and then circling back around to get the quicker or bulk type moves. If you can do it the long way around, you hopefully can then shorten it up and still have all of the pieces in place. Once you know where you are going, you can speed things up.

At the end of the meeting, Dustin bailed out and Cory and kept talking about other projects and other developers that we would like to take certain projects. Good meeting.

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Shop 7541 Projects 4/19/21  

Phone call with Calvin about upcoming projects, goals, and vison. Goo phone call.

Working with Eric again on the sales tax aggregation code and checking things out. Small work session.

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Adi 2010 Snow Owl Sort Issues 4/19/21  

4/19/21: Issues with snow owl sort. Dates, numbers particularly. Brandon said this is a tool from a library (not our code) and it is possible that we need a new tool or to edit this tool. High level project (spencer or alan). 

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Shop 7679 Eric review sales tax project 4/19/21  

Eric and I had a work session on his sales tax aggregate project. We ran the new code and procedures on my local environment (development box or server) to test things out. We had some great discussion about data aggregates (new data based on source data) and underlying source or detail data. We already have the underlying source data, the new aggregates could potentially be created and destroyed without hurting any of the underlying source data. That is huge. It allows us to experiment, if needed.

Eric and I made some other plans and talked through the deployment process. See attached for some small notes.

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Shop 7667 Steve, Cory, Brandon-Catch up on projects and updates 4/19/21  

Meeting with Cory and Steve. Cory was mostly leading the discussion and asking questions of either Steve or I. We were checking in on projects and making plans. Towards the end of the meeting, Cory was asking Steve about some accounting entries and how to get a client's books in balance. Without going into all of the details... we ended up trying to follow what really happened. Where is the money? How did it flow or get there? And other such questions. It came back to what is the story and how do we track that? Super cool!

We also talked about offering client oversight as a service - keeping their books and accounting records in good shape. In the past, we often pushed this service out to an outside independent rep or consultant. We will be striving to handle some of these other services requests internally from now on.

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Shop 7513 Adilas Time 4/19/21  

Steve and I were looking at a data import template from Kelly. Trying to get her a good sample. She sent us some data and we sent it back with a few tweaks and requests.

After that, Steve and I looked at a new sub inventory report that he is building. It is dealing with both core part/item attributes and parent attributes (dynamic and able to cross over part categories). The report is looking good and Steve is making great progress on the report.

Part of our goal, everyday, is to keep kicking the ball (or the can) down the road - little by little. We call that progress.

Steve and Sean started going over some of the new mini unit stuff. We also did some follow-ups on sales leads, demos, and appointments.

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Shop 7687 General 4/17/21  

Emails, recording notes, and prepping files for the new customer facing website. Trying to get it launched within a week or so.

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Shop 7681 General 4/16/21  

Emails, sending out a final version of the internal questionnaire summaries, recording notes, and other random things. Lots of follow-ups and emails.

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Shop 7686 Meeting with Dustin 4/15/21  

Dustin and I met and repushed up some code and did some code management stuff. After that, we got into one of his new reports and did some new queries, coding, and working through some advanced (multi relationship) logic. We did some deeper query, grouping, and looping training. Good session.

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Shop 7665 Working with Chuck 4/15/21  

Chuck and I got in on the adilas label builder - reskin and facelift project. We were getting lost, due to how deep the dependencies were (what files have to be called and used and in what order). We decided to go in a slightly different route to avoid all of the dependencies and stacking options. I think that it will help the project get finished quicker and be less painful.

After that, Chuck and I spent the rest of the meeting going over deployment plans for the new customer facing webpage that Chuck has been working on. We are getting closer and closer to getting that things launched. It looks pretty cool, from what I've been able to see and preview.

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Shop 7673 check and push code 4/15/21  

Bryan and I did a work session on his code for a new printable bank statement for an outside payment solution. We got in pretty deep and had to check multiple pages for special if/then statements and tables and columns counts. We had to check code on normal HTML/web output as well as save as PDF options. We are using the same pages and reports to show multiple different possible outputs, so it gets kinda deep on the techy layout side of things.

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Shop 7520 General 4/15/21  

Emails and reviewing the summaries document. Sent the new internal questionnaire summaries to a few people. Trying to get the word out. Phone call with Dave - new client from 2:30 to 3 pm. I took some notes and will be passing on some info to Sean to help schedule a demo and do some follow-up. Somewhat of a sales call. Good meeting!

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Adi 2009 Homepage redo for Global Designs 4/15/21  

4/15/21: Created project for Charles who is working on this, per Steve.

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Shop 7685 General 4/15/21  

Merged some more code for Dustin. Reading through the questionnaire summaries from the internal questionnaire. Light edits and saving it out as a PDF. On the phone with Eric talking about other strategy options.

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Shop 7678 Merge/Deploy Sales Tax Aggregates for testing 4/15/21  

Working and making plans with Eric on the deployment of his sales tax aggregation project. We went over some general questions and then got deeper into the project. Eric was explaining his processes and line by line SQL stuff. Pretty deep. This particular update has advanced SQL and procedural SQL pieces such as creating tables, adding columns, setting up events and schedules. It also sets up stored procedures and special triggers, all on the same update/project.

We spent some time talking about deployment and options, so an not to overload the servers. We have to be conscience of the possible users who will be on the servers and what normal loads they will be doing. There is no way to shut everything fully down. We some clients that go 24/7 and we have 20-30 servers that need the same updates. Pretty deep. We will be planning some smaller test runs before we do anything too aggressive.

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Shop 7510 Adilas Time 4/15/21  

Merged in some code for Dustin. Some of the other guys checked in. Pretty casual. Then started working with Eric on his sales tax aggregation project. 

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Shop 7536 General 4/14/21  

Recording notes from the day and doing emails.

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Shop 7671 Project #1988 - Payroll Updates 4/14/21  

John and I spent the whole time working on some database updates for the payroll changes. The new updates will add some new columns to help flag timecards with special flags for sick pay, holiday pay, regular hours, overtime hours, and a special flag for manual assistance needed. We also added some math to go backwards and fill in all of the valid timecards with a decimal total time value. Currently, we have to calculate that total time on the fly (convert the time to seconds and then divide by the total number of seconds in a day to get a decimal total time per timecard). Anyways, we added some new database columns, wrote a migration and update script, and did some other clean-up on the timecards. This will help us go faster and potentially be able to pull faster reports, do bulk payroll, and even eventually accrual liabilities for outstanding (but not yet booked) payroll expenses.

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Adi 2007 Building larger tool tip 4/14/21  

4/14/21: Charles is working with Russell.

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Adi 2008 Surfacing parent attributes 4/14/21  

4/14/21: Assigned this week to Steve.

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Shop 7612 Weekly Project Update(s) - John 4/14/21  

John reported to Cory and I on his different projects. We went over his progress on the payroll holiday chooser page, work on the servers, and other small projects that are on his to do list. Some questions and answers on some of the smaller projects. Good report and making progress. John and I will be meeting later today to jump in deeper to phase two of the payroll and holiday pay portion of the payroll project.

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Shop 7622 Developer weekly update 4/14/21  

Alan joined the meeting and reported to Cory and I about some of his projects. He has been traveling this last week and only had a little bit to report. He helped fix some cfqueryparams and also some Metrc (state compliance) issues. Towards the end of the meeting, both Cory and Alan were making plans and setting up other meetings to talk with and help some of the others.

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Shop 7554 Meeting with Chuck 4/14/21  

Calvin joined Chuck and I on a GoToMeeting session. We were looking over the web version of the adilas label builder project. Calvin has completed his part for round one, and Chuck is putting a facelift or skinning it, to make it look good. We broke a few things while trying to make it look good, so we pulled in Calvin to see if he could help us re-fix them (a color picker and his dynamic input values). We'll get it all working before we launch it. Good session with both Chuck and Calvin going back and forth, trying different things, and looking up assets and code pieces. We made some to do list plans and then we got into some light training. Good meeting.

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Shop 7506 Adilas Time 4/14/21  

There were six guys on the morning meeting. Steve and Sean were trying to find some old mock-ups for a secured transport (armored car) type interface. We ended up finding some older mock-ups from 2014 and 2015. See the photo gallery for a few pages and screenshots. Brandon has more of these if needed.

Steve, Cory and Eric were playing with all kinds of fun stuff and other projects. Eric is making progress on his sales tax aggregation project.

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Shop 7528 General 4/13/21  

Recording note from the past couple of days. Lots of good stuff.

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Shop 7664 Working with Chuck 4/13/21  

Chuck and I met and did a session on the new web version of the adilas label builder. Chuck has been styling things out and working on style and CSS changes. We got stuck on some advanced jQuery and JavaScript changes. We ended up calling Russell and pulling him in to help with the debugging of the jQuery libraries and dependencies. It gets supper deep, very quickly. Lots of checking outside assets and options.

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Shop 7672 check and push code 4/13/21  

Small work session for the first half. Bryan wasn't quite ready. We met up and worked on some of his bank statement stuff that he is making and generating for an outside payment solution and banking solution. Lots of layout stuff and formatting the output to meet our needs.

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Shop 7670 BUG: USAePAY SOAP vs. EMV 4/13/21  

Eric and I jumped on a GoToMeeting session. We looked into a small bug dealing with merchant processing and a clients who has multiple different types of merchant accounts. We have a page that helps them switch accounts, we just needed to add a little bit of code to make sure that the new choice was maintained all the way through the process. Small tweaks, but kinda deep. We merged and pushed up some new code.

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Shop 7436 Work with Shannon 4/13/21  

Working on the internal questionnaire summaries. It may not feel or look like much, but we are done with our editing and boiling things down. See attached. This is a great summary of where we are headed. Another big step along the path.

If you are interested, here is the original element of time where we were gathering up all of the internal responses for the questionnaire - back in August of 2020. Click here for that page and all of the individual responses.

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Shop 7581 Weekly Server Meeting 4/13/21  

Server meeting with Wayne and John. We talked about all kinds of things. Shari O and Cory joined us as well. Pretty much just a Q&A session for about an hour. Good meeting. Some of the topics were new servers, old contracts on old servers, FTP, text message marketing rules and regulations, moving and migrating servers, progress reports, and unit testing.

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Shop 7504 Adilas Time 4/13/21  

A number of guys checking in this morning. Bryan and Steve did a small session on building out a new external bank statement for a client and payment solution. I wasn't doing much, checking emails, and other random things.

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Shop 7663 Working with Chuck 4/12/21  

Met with Chuck for about 15 minutes. We drew out an overview of the invoice due date project. There are two phases there. One is the actual invoice due date portion. The other is using API socket connections and checking those invoice due dates on login to see if there are any outstanding invoices and then warn/prompt the users (our clients) for action, if needed. Basically, a way to chase down monies owed and accounts receivables.

Chuck and I did a small session on the web version of the adilas label builder that Calvin has been building. Chuck is reskinning it and making it look nice.

Emails and paying bills, after Chuck popped off the meeting.

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Shop 7649 Deep dive on AWH reports-Kelly, Steve, Cory Brandon 4/12/21  

Great meeting between Cory, Steve, Kelly, and I. The main topic for the meeting was talking about some advanced inventory (both parents and subs) search and export feature. The new report would bring together pieces from the main invoice tables, PO (purchase orders) table, parts (parent items) table, sub inventory, sub attributes, and parent attributes table.  This will end up being a combo type report - pick from viewable options, add filters and sorts, view report, get export, and be able to save the report for quick reference and usage.

Kelly had some great ideas as we were talking. Not all of these are directly from Kelly, but she was providing a bunch of these:

- Our clients, like to record the data and deep details about their inventory and their processes. However, once recorded, they need searchable and exportable access to all of the data, at every level. Basically, they want to get it back out (be able to use the data).

- Be able to point and click, name, and save the reports - under my favorites

- Lots of talk and ideas about parent attributes - how to help collect that data, how to show the data back in reporting, how to use it outside in ecommerce for marketing and stats.

- Talk about multiple or disconnected pages. All of the pieces are there, it could just use some more defined and simplified flow - workflow or data flow (interface and UI stuff).

- One-pagers - build in options for core part/item values, parent attributes, sub inventory attributes, all from one page and/or interface - our users are wanting more one-pagers.

- Kelly was saying - "The juice isn't worth the squeeze" - basically, the results are not worth the effort (at times). We need to find that balance point. More intuitive and more simple.

- Currently, they can do everything that they need to, but it requires some back and forth and even multiple touches (between add and edit) for certain pieces. The recommendation was to go clear back to the PO's and new item creation process. Maybe even allow for certain things to either be defaulted and/or hidden to make it more simple.

- Some of our conversations got into the next gen (next generation) of sub inventory and being able to allow sub attributes to flow across part/item categories. Parent attributes can flow over or across categories but sub attributes currently can not cross those boundaries. Kelly would like us to allow sub attributes to cross categories. Great idea, it may take some recoding and restructuring, but it could really be advantageous.

- Computer sprawl or digital sprawl - build, build, build - sometimes even without a full plan (like urban sprawl in certain neighborhoods).

- Training "if/then" statements is hard to do, especially if there are deep branching logic choices and consequences.

- Eventually we will want some great reporting for ecommerce and even activity out in the ecommerce land - not just buying but even browsing trends and client behavior and habits.

- Core attributes - currently, we sometimes call these the main attributes or main data fields. We will be using the term "core attributes" more and more to mean the main or primary fields or values for a certain group or section (12 main system players).

- We can use some of our existing code and snippets to build these new pieces. That will really help. We experiment all the time, let's harness some of that development.

- New term - web core or web core components

- Getting into marketing and customer trends and searching info (BI - business intelligence). Aggregating the data, even backend usage and stats (clicks, usage, page views, time spent per page, unique visits, and other demographic type stats). Everything is heading towards marketing and analytics.

- How can we speed up these processes? We know what is needed, we just need to figure out how to best wrap this or this whole thing (processes and procedures). That is one of the big challenges. The good things is, we've figured out a whole bunch of the smaller pieces already, let's just go to the next step.

- Breaking up these huge projects into smaller or bitesize pieces - that is big key to allowing multiple people and/or parties to play the game.

- Dealing with breaking things up, not only the projects, but maybe the UI (user interface) options. Things such as accordions (collapsible sub sections), show/hide pieces, tabs, dynamic - on the fly content and choices, cards, and other cool layout options.

- For this round, we are shooting for a mix between the advanced customer search reports and the save as my favorites (saving the reports).

- What about going back in time? Certain reports work really well for showing current (just in time) values and counts. What about being able to ask the system what was going on or what things looked like back in time (at a past date). Current (right now) vs going back to a date/time in the past. Playing with objects and data over time.

- We want to get to some futuristic or some predictive type reports in the future. Watching tends, alerts, and forecasting.

- The only way we can do it is to go step-by-step and take it slow. Sometimes we can only see just around the next corner, we can't see all the way to the end. One step at a time. That is ok!

- Towards the end, we got into some talks and conversations about building templates and virtual starting places for the next person who has to pick up the pieces and play the game.

- Steve and I will be working together to build and develop some of these pieces. Once we get things pioneered out to a certain level, we may get some others involved. Sometimes it is too hard to convey they whole vision. Sometimes, getting someone started so that they can see a little ways down the road really helps that process out.

- On data imports, it really helps us (the backend developers) if there are both human readable fields (text and verbage) and computer readable type fields (id numbers). Helping to prep for the next person down the line (who is who's customer).

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Adi 2005 Instagram added to social media icon list 4/12/21  

4/12/21: Should only take an hour or so for Russell. Add to 8 or 9 places, plus logo for Instagram.

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Adi 2006 Automate the tool that fixes edits to a PO after inventory has been sold 4/12/21  


This is the script that does this. This project would make this script run if someone edited an item after it was sold. Essentially build the tool in so it would auto clean-up

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Shop 7648 Steve, Brandon and Cory projects 4/12/21  

Cory was on with Steve and I asking questions and doing follow-up on projects. We talked about some internal maintenance stuff. We also looked over some check printing options and new code. Pushed up a few new files to let Cory do some live testing (new shopping cart and changes to the check write system).

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Shop 7511 Adilas Time 4/12/21  

Guys checking in. Dustin gave us a small report on the bulk processes for batches and cultivation. We merged in a couple of small changes. Eric reported on the USAePay EMV chip reader stuff and where that project is at. It has been released and we are kinda waiting on a client. We may end up making a few little tweaks. After that, Steve and Eric talked about help files, popup modal windows, and showing more info and page help. John then reported on his payroll and holiday chooser project.

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Adi 2004 Paypod Cash Kiosk API Integration 4/8/21  

4/14/21: Starting at $2,000 to get the ball rolling. Could be from $7K to $15K

4/8/21: Signed NDA, then will get API endpoints.

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Shop 7666 Reworking some web site verbage 4/7/21  

Reworking some possible website verbage on the new web site. See attached for the possible edits and changes. This is a brief story of who we are and where we are at.

If you want more, here are some links:

Small 1 page history

Expanded 6 page history

Small 1 page education history

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Shop 7660 check and push code 4/7/21  

Bryan and I got in and merged in two branches of code dealing with query params and security upgrades.

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Shop 7548 Projects 4/7/21  

Recording and transferring notes

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Shop 7611 Weekly Project Update(s) - John 4/7/21  

Work session with John on the payroll and holiday chooser project. We are getting into the final details of that project. The two main things that we worked on today was a full calendar reset (clear off all of the holidays) and being able to hold and maintain holidays (beyond today) that are both seen and unseen, depending on what date ranges are shown (the user gets to choose what range they want to work with). We did some testing and logic tweaks to allow any future date (beyond today) to be passed along regardless of if that value is shown on the calendar or not.

An example of this is: Say you have Christmas (12/25) set at a holiday and today is right around the Easter time (4/4). Say you wanted to just pull up July on the calendar, we need to pass along, as hidden form fields, from Easter to July 1st (any holidays set in that date range), and from July 31st to whatever the end date stored is (another hidden date range). The values from July 1st to July 31st will come across on the calendar (what the user asked to see), but we need all of the others to be passed as hiddens (behind the scenes), in order to keep the other set holidays. Anyways, a little bit tricky on the virtual smoke and mirrors. Good session.

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Shop 7617 Developer weekly update 4/7/21  

Alan called in and we did a phone update and review. He is getting close on his aggregate vendors and enterprise mapping for vendors. He is currently working on some use cases and unit testing. He is finishing up the push and pull options (manual processes) for pushing and pulling vendor up or down the chain of corporations. We talked about decisions and progress that is being made. Alan is prepping things for other projects that will use similar flow and technology (building virtual roads).

We got into some discussions on memory management, sessions, flushing application scope variables and objects, and strategic flushing options. The other thing that Alan has been working on has been delegating tasks out to Wayne and John for server issues and memory issues. Alan and I can only take things so far, then it crosses into the server guys world. Lots of follow-up and being available for questions and emergency actions.

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Shop 7559 Meeting with Chuck 4/7/21  

Chuck joined the meeting and reported on the new website. We went over a few things, small requests and I told him that I really liked what I was seeing. We spent a good 40 minutes talking about and drawing out our roll out plan. There are still a few gaps, but it is getting tighter and tighter. Our goal is to keep all parties informed and take baby steps to get it all up and online. The main parties are: Chuck and web site crew, Wayne and John on the servers, me and the developers (changed and/or prep stuff), and our clients. The goal is to keep all 4 parties up to date and ready for the next steps or phases.

After talking about the web site, Chuck and jumped into some other smaller projects that are on his to do list. We looked over the web based version of the adilas label builder. Chuck is skinning some of the pages and pieces.

At some point, Chuck and I want to go back and take the drag-and-drop functionality we added for one of our clients (custom code) into other areas inside of the system. There are lots of places that could use that kind of attention.

As a funny side note, Chuck and I got to talking about OCD (obsessive compulsive disorder) tendencies with designers and developers - certain layouts, way we structure code logic, variables, naming convention, whitespace, and other quirky things that we do. It either is OCD and/or bordering right on the edge of OCD. Kinda funny. That's what makes us good at detail level things.

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Shop 7514 Adilas Time 4/7/21  

Touching base with the guys and other small code tweaks. I started reading and reviewing some of Chuck's work on the main web site. It should be going live here in the next few weeks. I was clicking through buttons, links, and menus. I didn't have tons of time, but I also started reading some of the verbage and what not. It is looking good.

John and took a few minutes and started looking into some code on the payroll holiday chooser report. We got in, but needed more time. We left it hanging and will have to get back to it when we have more time. Part of the game.

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Shop 7662 check and push code 4/6/21  

Bryan and I met and went over multiple smaller projects. We pushed some code and made some other minor tweaks (sort order and sorting requests). We then flipped over and worked on a bank and payment project. Bryan has added in some save as PDF options for bank register reports and what not. He is still going to make a few more tweaks, but that project is coming along great.

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Shop 7546 Projects 4/6/21  

Paying bills and doing emails. Spent half an hour looking over a small request on printing checks in the classic mode and the memo field for the check printing.

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Shop 7437 Work with Shannon 4/6/21  

Work session with Shannon. We are proofreading and looking over some of the internal questionnaire summaries. We are getting further along. We are getting into the high teens and low twenties, out of twenty-five total questions. The summaries have been written, but we are tightening things up and proofreading them. See attached for our progress.

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Shop 7578 Weekly Server Meeting 4/6/21  

Server meeting with Wayne. John and Steve were on as well. Mostly we were talking about and making plans for the new website. Chuck, Danny, Marisa, and John have been working on the new site for a couple of months. Well, that is getting ready to launch and so Wayne and I are making plans on how to roll things out and get it fully deployed. As a fun side note, the new site is up in beta mode for some of our guys and gals to test and play around with. That is awesome.

Anyways, I pitched a plan and then we came up with a modified version of that plan. Brandon has some notes on his local computer about some of the plans.

Towards the end of the meeting, we switched gears and talked about the usage on the content server. Eventually, we would like the content server to hold all of the files, images, CSV files, PDF's, Word, Excel, and other media/content files. Currently, the system is setup to hold and store certain files locally (per box or per server) and then all of the bigger media/content pieces up on the content server. We would like to get all of the pieces in one general place. That would help with future projects on clustering servers and what not.

We also talked about breaking up and adding more content servers as needed. This gets into world building, universe level stuff, galaxies, clustering, solar systems, and stacking of servers and technology. See this help file for more info on world building.

Wayne is also pushing hard on some test driven design stuff. He is out pioneering some concepts that he wants us to use in our normal development processes. After that, Steve needed some help with some logic and wanted to get a number of sample files for uploading CSV files to the server. He has a new project that he is working on for a client.

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Shop 7502 Adilas Time 4/6/21  

Started out with some questions on the discount engine. Then Steve and I had a work session on his backorders and fulfillment pages. John had a few questions about the payroll and holiday chooser project. Started talking with Wayne about the new web site and plans there. Mostly random questions and mini work sessions this morning.

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Shop 7661 Working with Steve 4/5/21  

Working with Steve on the backorders homepage. We were working more on logic and flow. This is a section to turn a quote into one or more invoices to help with fulfillment and backorders.

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Shop 7659 check and push code 4/5/21  

Bryan checked in and wasn't quite ready to do everything yet. We decided to hit it later.

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Shop 7533 Projects 4/5/21  

Emails and follow-ups.

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Shop 7658 SAR USA Backorders 4/5/21  

Steve and I had a work session dealing with the backorders homepage stuff. This is a process where we take a quote and convert it into as many invoices as needed in order to do fulfillment. Clear out to subs and keeping track of what is still out and what has already been fulfilled. Today we were working on more dynamics, loops, validation, and tying things together. Making progress.

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Shop 7500 Adilas Time 4/5/21  

Nice weekend. There were quite a few guys and gals on the morning meeting this morning. There was an issue over the weekend with special characters in some batch names. We've had problems similar to that before (different section similar issue). Certain key field really struggle if they have special characters. We have to URL encode them, escape them, and even deny the users if they try to use them. Certain fields are fine, but other key text fields really struggle with certain special characters. Some of those special character are things like: ('"%^+=<>#)

Eric popped in and had some questions about the new sales tax aggregates. He and Steve were having some good conversations. We were talking about combo balance sheet items with both system maintained and user-maintained parts and pieces. Almost like a buddy BSI type relationship. It is so interesting how we have to mix things.

Shari O popped in and asked questions about the data 9 server. We had John reset some database and Adobe ColdFusion servers and it seemed to resolve itself. Welcome to a Monday morning!

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Shop 7654 Review of Back Orders 4/1/21  

Steve reported on a meeting that he had with a payment kiosk company. They were talking about both accepting payments and even doing possible pay outs (monies going out based on approved expenses). That could be pretty cool.

After that, Steve and I did a work session and did some review of adding sub inventory to the back order process. We worked our way through a checklist and actually doing the coding to go along with our hypothetical path (our prior mapping of the logic). Fun session.

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Shop 7526 Projects 4/1/21  

Recording notes from earlier today.

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Shop 7657 Meeting between Brandon and Steve 4/1/21  

We sure are learning a lot. We also keep going back to some of the underlying concepts that we've been working with for years and years. Here are some of my notes:

- Way back (2013) we put together a small photo gallery of some concepts that we deal with all the time. See attached. Here is a link to a bunch of concept images as well. Fun memories!

- It is so fulfilling to see people, users, and clients catching the vision of what is possible with elements of time. Tons and tons of cool options. Here are a couple of help files with some more info and options - main time homepage - subs of time

- We currently have recipe/build type options. What about bulk recipes? Steve was working with a client that may be looking for that kind of functionality. Pretty cool.

- Along those line of new functionality, sometimes we build and dream and have to say to ourselves, we don't have that person yet (who wants a certain thing). After a while, they always tend to show up and then they want that deeper functionality and/or deeper automation. Sometimes it takes years, but they will come!

- We really want to do more and more internally vs pushing things to outside parties or 3rd party solutions. We can't do everything, but we will sure try to pick up what we can.

- Steve really likes the new image of Adi (the little blue dog avatar) with the dog house and all of the things that we provide under one roof. See attached.

- It is crazy how deep things need to go. Sometimes simple and cute, just won't cut it. We keep finding that we have to mix and blend multiple pieces together to get what we want. There is a switch that happens. Do you want to be cute and cuddly (say a puppy staying on the porch with the other puppies) or do you want depth and different levels (say a big dog out running vs staying on the porch)? There is a switch that happens.

- Steve and I were talking about the acronym ERP - Enterprise Resource Planning and what it means to different people. It gets used by lots of companies to mean lots or a mix of diverse functions such as CRM (customer relationship management), POS (point of sale) system, accounting, operations, scheduling, and flow management. Interesting phrase and meaning.

- We were talking about management and relating things to an orchestrator of a symphony. First, you need to know how to play an instrument, the more the better. However, at some point, you want to be leading and conducting the play vs being inside or a pivotal part of the music that is being played. Ideally you want to guide and direct, if that is the goal.

- Both Steve and I may have to unload certain tasks to other developers and/or dependables in order to lead and steer the ship. Sometimes we get pulled into the small little details and fixing the tiny things vs really steering the ship or leading the symphony. It seems like a personality thing and having an attention for details. That can be good and bad. Hopefully we can find a good mix and run with it!

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Shop 7645 Meeting with Emerald Fields 4/1/21  

Wayne, Steve, and I jumped on a meeting with Emerald Fields. There was two guys on from Emeralds Fields with us. They are looking to get some of their data out to a separate database to run their own analytics on that data (not hurting the production database). This process is already somewhat underway, this was just a meeting to work out some further details and plans. Somewhat of a question and answer session. See attached for some notes.

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Shop 7482 Adilas Time 4/1/21  

We had a bunch of guys on the meeting this morning. Sean and Marisa were asking questions about using sub inventory out in ecommerce. There are tons of different settings. Ecommerce was not designed for the customer to be super detailed, like they are inside the main system. Out in ecommerce, they just say something like - I want this and that. Behind the scenes we have to check packages, counts, quantities, and other availability. This makes it kinda interesting... We have to play in simple requests but record things in crazy levels of details.

Steve was helping to guide the discussion. He did a great job and it was fun to watch and participate. We ended up having Alan pop in and go through things. As he was talking, I was scribbling down notes, ideas, and such. There are so many moving parts and pieces. All part of the same game or same puzzle.

We got into some Metrc and state compliance issues and needs. We ended up checking out some data for a client. They had added things, removed things, set things to inactive, voided things, and adjusted quantities using adjustment tools in the system. A complex series of events and timing. Also, different things done by different people. Thank goodness for histories being kept and maintained by the system. We ended up having Sean and Marisa do some fixes and then reach back out to the clients to let them know (passing on the knowledge and info - training).

Putting in another plug for a couple of other things that we still need to build out and/or refine a bit:

- We need to add a history table for sub inventory. The table already exists, but has not yet been wired up. That would really help.

- A quick search tool for RFID tags, media/content (files and links), and sub inventory attributes and packages (batches). The quick search already exists, we just don't have those things listed in the available search options. That would be really cool.

- The story about what is happening is so important. Eventually, it will end at a certain state or status, but what happened to get it there is huge. That's where the history and story comes in.

- We added more to the known issues report and known issues list. This will become part of the master code branch so that we can gather up ideas and such. We are hoping to get this report and tool out soon. Still under construction, but coming. Yeah!

- Steve is doing awesome on JIT (just in time) project management and delegation. Super fun to watch him work today.

- Steve and Kelly were on a meeting earlier today - as part of that meeting, they were using elements of time (calendar objects) to schedule recipe/builds to happen on certain days (production). The elements of time hit the calendar and the individual elements of time had links to fire off or do certain recipes on certain days. Creative use of both tools and mixing them together. As a side note, we are seeing elements of time being used more and more to coordinate and orchestrate different pieces as needed. So powerful!

-  There is a value of group trouble shooting and putting the puzzle pieces together. Not too many, but enough!

- Some of the jobs and tasks require planning and even pre-planning.

- We deal with moving targets all of the time - static (non moving) vs dynamic (constantly moving)

- Out in ecommerce, we have different levels. Inside the system, we help take the users into deep waters, based on permissions. However, out in ecommerce, we need to keep it simple (customer view and customer level), yet eventually we need the deep water info. What do we automate and what do we leave or make as a human type interaction? There is a balance and not situations are the same. Wouldn't it be cool if we could virtually setup the data assembly line with automated tasks and manual entry tasks. We can do that, but we have to be involved every time. Wouldn't it be cool if we could build the tool to help configure things as needed and have it all tied into the big picture software package or system app. Let's keep working towards that!

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Shop 7656 Recording notes 3/31/21  

Recording notes for the day and cleaning up my list of little post-it notes from prior meetings today. Busy times.

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Shop 7643 check and push code 3/31/21  

Recording notes from earlier meetings.

Bryan jumped on and we went over a project that he is working on dealing with bank statements and what not. We went over what we had and made a plan from there. The current project he is on is a bank/payment solution that doesn't have their own PDF bank statements. We are going to help the other company out by providing details out of adilas for all deposits, expenses, and summaries for that bank. We already do that, we just don't make it look super fancy and turn it into a PDF for storage and/or printing. We'll just take what we already have to the next level.

As a side note, if we do add in the ability to save existing bank register or bulk reconcile pages as PDF's, that would be a nice enhancement for what we already have.

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Shop 7542 Meeting with an outside software engineer 3/31/21  

Meet with Steve McNew via GoToMeeting. Steve M. lives in Colorado and is a retired software engineer and project manager for US Air Force level project and contracts. He is going to be helping Steve Berkenkotter (normal Steve) and I out with taking things to the next level.

Brandon (myself) has a seven page document that goes over a bunch of questions and ideas that Steve M. was proposing and pitching. Much of the meeting today was going over that document. Here are some of my other notes:

- Pull in some nuggets from other places

- Base line assessment – top down and bottom up

- Finding the low-cost solutions and putting those pieces in to play

- We do have a place for the docs to land and be housed – docs, reports, standards, forms, checklists, letters, updates, etc.

- Steve M. has some possible samples – may need to be sanitized (from other projects and other clients)

- Capture some of the proof of concepts, prototyping, risks/approaching, telling the story, R&D – we already do tons of this... maybe bring it more into the forefront of what we are doing and even marketing

- Model based engineering

- Throw a few things around and see what fits

- Connecting the dots – lots of existing pieces, let's just start connecting the dots

- As we connect these dots – how can we turn this into marketing?

- Some migration stories – where are we headed, where were we, and where are we now?

- Layering the big picture

- Trade studies – why do you do what you do? Prove it and/or show the reasons

- Finding our own mix of methodologies

- Steve M. will throw things at us and we'll judge and respond

- Letting some of the things rise to the surface and even showcase things

The following are a few URL's (web pages) that we used while talking. Some fun things: - starting of a plan for our company - help file and diagram of the interactive map - inside look at adilas - help file and diagram of the core interface and world building concepts - versions of adilas

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Shop 7655 Tech support 3/31/21  

Shari O. joined the meeting and had a tech support question. We ended up modifying some code to help with the issue. Pushed up code to all servers. We also talked about adding in digital signatures and dates for our PDF documents that we populate and/or control through the system. We would love to keep taking things to the next level on the digital docs.

Eric called over lunch to talk about his aggregation project for daily sales tax totals per location per day. We talked about the po/invoice line item date and when that changes and how to virtually trigger events based on changes. We were talking about simple strategies as well as deeper update and logic checks for things when they change or get updated. He is making some great progress.

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Adi 2002 Check Printing in Classic 3/31/21  

4/14: 2.74

4/8/21: 1.98

There have been some requests for us to check out the check printing in the classic mode. The user reported that the memo field was not showing up. This is part of the conversion from Flash printing to HTML and JavaScript printing for checks. The main project has already gone live. This is more of a clean-up and circle back around type project.

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Shop 7610 Weekly Project Update(s) - John 3/31/21  

John and I met to go over the payroll and holiday chooser piece. We worked on some date manipulation stuff and keeping the future dates, even if the date range submitted did not include the other future dates - helping to keep things persisting along the path and throughout the process.

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Shop 7620 Developer weekly update 3/31/21  

Alan checked in and gave me a progress report. He is working on lots of error handling and unit tests (unit testing). We talked about how to use testing going forward. One thing that Alan likes about the tests is, as he goes forward, if he changes something, being able to go back and make sure that all of the prior tests still work (making sure that you are breaking things by changing or adding new code).

We talked a little bit about test driven design and test driven development. The more complicated the code, the more the testing is really needed to make sure that we didn't forget anything. Along those same lines, even if something is not super complicated, the sheer number of tests add up over time (testing for small things, not just the super complex). It gives the developer a level of confidence that things are still in order. We also talked about commenting code and prepping things for others.

I asked Alan about the learning curve for implementing the testing and unit testing stuff. He is getting better and better at it and would be willing to help teach others. So far, just Wayne and Alan have been doing the primary unit testing. All of the other developers test as they go and test up until code sign-off. When learning to do proper unit test, you have to learn about mocking things up, expecting certain results, and checking dependencies.

Other topics of our review were: DAO's (database access objects), services, and using script vs tags inside of ColdFusion. Alan likes script for logic and tags for output and mixed HTML and ColdFusion output. Lots of talk about re-usability of the code and being able to transfer and make things more modular and independent. Good update.

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Shop 7553 Meeting with Chuck 3/31/21  

Meeting with Chuck. We talked about some real estate investments and just general stuff. After that, we switched over and went through some new pages and pieces on the new website. He is working on some new banner images, mobile friendly headers, and looking into mega menus and what we can do there. See attached for some screenshots.

Chuck is also working on a dynamic way of showing different testimonials and being able to cycle through the different quotes and sayings. We also briefly talked about getting a deployment plan in place for next week. He is getting close to releasing things to production and going live with the new site.

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Shop 7487 Adilas Time 3/31/21  

Working with Steve on the backorders homepage. This is taking a quote and slowly (depending on how quick things can be fulfilled) into an invoice or into multiple invoices (depending). We looked at some of his existing code and worked on a plan to improve some efficiency on how things were completed. Lots of fun logic mapping and simple text instructions that he can then translate into actual code (guides or directions).

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Shop 7540 Projects 3/30/21  

Emails and recording notes.

Reviewing a 7 page document from Steve McNew - internal consultant and software process engineer. I have a copy of the document saved on my local computer. Some new and exciting things. Mostly a structured refinement of some of concepts, methods, and practices. Trying to become more structured and standardized in our approaches and philosophy.

I also had a half an hour phone call with Steve Berkenkotter. Part of it we were going over the document from the other Steve (software consultant), talking about funding, and what are the next steps for us as a company. We talked about scale, stepping up to the next level, allowing others to help handle small teams and sub projects, and concepts of the data assembly line.

We keep seeing a need for things to be open and flexible, then coming together and getting more rigid, and then expanding and contracting again, over and over. This same process will be needed as we go up the chain, clear into aggregated or master systems at the enterprise levels. These are the virtual flex bubbles or flex pods that we keep seeing. It all comes back to the data assembly line type concepts. Kinda fun to see it go full circle and even to keep expanding beyond the simple transactional corporations and worlds. "O|O|O" (pretend that those are little flex pods or flex bubbles - the O's are the flexible or open areas (based on phases and permissions), the | (pipe symbol) is the checkpoint or divider for the next level.

More info on the data assembly line concepts - help file

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Shop 7653 General 3/30/21  

Emails and follow-ups

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Shop 7650 Dustin - Bulk Plant Functionality 3/30/21  

Sean, Steve, and I met with Dustin to go over some bulk move and bulk update options for his cultivation stuff. We are making plans to  use the counts to divert the clients to a bulk update process verses the traditional rendering of all information. We met with Dustin, pitched a couple of ideas, drew out some sample scenarios, and made a few plans. Everybody on the call was chiming in and all on the same page. Good meeting.

The general goal is to watch the counts, and do one of two things to help with the rendering of data. One, if the count is high, prompt and filter the records (even allowing multiple batch filters at a single time). The other option is to break the next step into slightly smaller pieces (counts per batch - within the returning record set). This would limit the amount of processing and still allow users and clients to view counts, quantities, batches, and be able to still drill-down to full details if needed. Kinda like an intermediate step where we show the groups within the data before we show the details. Both techniques will help a ton!

As a recap - group it, count it, break it down into smaller groups within the bigger group, and finally go to full details

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Shop 7580 Weekly Server Meeting 3/30/21  

We were going to have a weekly server meeting, but Wayne was not available and we were still running around fixing code changes and tweaks. John was on and we had a small touch base meeting on some of the servers. Nothing major to report. We'll try again next week.

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Shop 7484 Adilas Time 3/30/21  

This morning was pretty busy. We had merged and pushed some code last night. One of the servers got the new code before the nightly auto deploy had happened. Cory contacted Alan and had him take a look at it. Alan ended up doing some emergency surgery to get things straight. We had done similar code prior, but this stuff had a few things that we overlooked and that were different. Anyways, Alan was on, and a number of other folks, letting us know what was fixed. I sure am grateful for his help and expertise.

Using ColdFusion query params (cfqueryparam tags) we didn't know that decimals had to have the number of decimals set per tag (called a scale or number of decimal points). We had also switched around some numbers and dates. We got it all figured out, but it did add some stress to the mix. Small scramble to get everything all good to go.

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Shop 7652 General 3/29/21  

Emails, texts, phone calls, and recording notes from other meetings today.

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Shop 7642 check and push code 3/29/21  

Small meeting with Bryan. He was having audio issues on his computer. We merged in a branch of code and will let the auto deploy push everything in place later tonight. Mostly just some security updates on pages. Non mission critical but still needed.

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Shop 7529 Projects 3/29/21  

Emails, checking on funding, doing some follow-up on projects, and pushing up some new files.

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Shop 7651 Meeting with Steve 3/29/21  

Meeting with Steve to go over some ideas and plans. Steve has been on fire today. He was pitching new ideas, lining out developers on small steps to bigger projects, and showing me new code that he has been working on. Fun to see. He has a lot of vision and loves to share it and push it along. That is awesome!

Here are some random notes:

- Steve's vision is great! He's been the primary visionary person throughout the years.

- Creative direct messaging options, using HTML compatible customer log notes, that populate out in ecommerce land. This could be controlled by settings, push notification to the user's or client's phone, simple one click login, possible bulk tools on the build and send side, ways of skipping or marking things as read on the user/client side. All kinds of fun ideas. As a side note, we already allow unlimited customer logs or customer log notes. You can already mark them as show on the web, and they will show up outside in the ecommerce area. All we would need to do is tweak that tech a little bit to turn it into a two-way messaging app. If we wanted to... just an idea at this point.

- Steve is working on the mini units project for a gun and firearm dealer. They can set a flag at the part or item category level. It says use or don't use mini units. A mini unit is a sub section under child or sub inventory. The sub, or package, could have multiple subs or serialized pieces under the sub inventory. The mini units project allows for something to be sold as a sub inventory item in bulk, and then as the invoice gets fulfilled, the different serialized pieces could be added in as details of the bulk entry. To explain, say you wanted to sell 10 of a certain item... The invoice would say sold 10 of XYZ item. Then, inside the system, you could tie in special serial numbers to all 10 of those mini unit items. This becomes a mix between a normal stock/unit (one-by-one serialized inventory) and parent/child inventory with granular control and ability to sell in bulk (simple line items on an invoice, but more details held in the background).

- Steve and Sean are going through different scenarios and figuring out processes and procedures. They are then making notes and coming up with solutions. The two of them have been able to work very well together. That is awesome.

- Steve sees one of our core values as being able to listen and hopefully understand what is needed. We are then able to make a plan to fill those needs. That is what adilas has been doing for the past 20 years. The market is talking and leading out with what they want and need, how can we build and capture that market?

- Sometimes the best thing is just taking the next little step. drop by drop, inch by inch, line by line.

- How can we capitalize on what we are building and basically inventing? We love doing R&D. We just need to help it start paying for itself.

- Steve really likes building contacts and doing social networking as a way of getting the information out and selling the product. He really likes, small, on the ground sales team that work and play well together. We pitch it, we sell it, we deploy and do setup, we help train and maintain the clients. We use small internal teams to do the whole process.

- I heard Steve pitching the dependable independent model to one of our guys today. They, our guys and gals, really love that model. Having said that, it does take a special person to fully bloom there. Sometimes it takes some getting used to and/or adaptation of sorts.

- My goal is to help Steve. The two of us together can make a lot of things happen. Good stuff. Both he and I can do whatever and be ok with it. Good Batman and Robin type team.

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Shop 7573 Steve, Cory, Brandon-Catch up on projects and updates 3/29/21  

Cory, Steve, Sean, and I were all on the meeting. We were going over different projects, ideas, suggestions, etc. In the background, I was doing emails and small merges for some of the guys (just a couple of simple pages).

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Shop 7494 Adilas Time 3/29/21  

There were a bunch of the guys on the meeting. Mostly just checking in here and there and running small things pass Steve and I. Wayne had some database questions, Steve was working on sub inventory with mini units (serialized units within sub inventory), and Danny was working on some new notification settings. After Danny left, Steve and Sean  went over the power of using web based customer logs as direct ecommerce marketing tools to their clients. Steve has a lot of details and vision on that. He is going to have Danny start playing and building along those lines.

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Adi 2001 Message Marketing Modal 3/26/21  

3/26/21: This is the beginning of a project that will allow for message marketing with a modal in e-commerce.

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Shop 7644 General 3/25/21  

Recording notes and transferring info from handwritten pages to digital format. It takes extra work to do it that way, but it is way faster and doesn't disrupt the meetings and flow of things as they happen.

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Shop 7320 Brandon and Cory - Project Management 3/25/21  

Cory and I helped a client out by cleaning up some of their payroll and paycheck data for a single user. They had some things switched around and we used existing adilas tools to fix the data and get them setup correctly.

Next, we jumped in and did some project management and a deep dive on a project for an outside bank solution. The bank solution involves a data import tool, logic and matching (bank reconciliation), and then a nice printer friendly bank statement - all done through adilas and the outside banking solution. Most of our session was talking, drawing pictures, and putting notes and ideas on paper for a developer to get started with deeper planning and working on the project.

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Shop 7550 Projects 3/25/21  

Checking on funding, doing emails, and recording notes. Phone call with Steve to talk about plans and funding. Lots of good things in the works and circling around, we just need to land some of them.

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Shop 7449 Work with Shannon 3/25/21  

Great little work session - going over the questionnaire summaries and proofreading our responses. See attached for our progress. There was some mention of "Fracture" in the questions that we were working on today. We can't wait to get to that project.

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Shop 7481 Adilas Time 3/25/21  

Touching base with Sean and John. We also looked into some scenarios with John's payroll holiday chooser project. He is making great progress on that.

Emails, recording notes, and general to do list items.

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Shop 7625 check and push code 3/24/21  

Merging in code with Bryan. We pushed up some code and then jumped into a high-end JavaScript file and made some tweaks. We did some testing and then merged in that file. It was dealing with parts and items and show on the web functionality. The new code will look at the part category (higher level) and then adjust the show/hide on the web setting for the item based on the default value for the category. Basically, connecting the dots a little bit deeper.

After that, we jumped on another project and changed up the logic just a little bit. We made some small tweaks and then pushed that project up as well.

Emails and recording notes to finish things up.

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Shop 7517 Projects 3/24/21  

On a GoToMeeting with both Calvin and Chuck. Calvin has released some code to us for the web version of the adilas label builder. It works and is live, but we wanted to give it a little look-and-feel lovin before we released it (letting everyone know). Chuck will be do the re-skinning job on the adilas label builder. We met and recorded a small portion. Basically, we went over what we wanted and needed and some finer details of the label builder project. See attached for the recording.

After that, I jumped back on trying to catch-up and record meeting notes, emails, uploading videos, etc.

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Shop 7609 Weekly Project Update(s) - John 3/24/21  

John and I working on his payroll holiday selector project. Work session.

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Shop 7618 Developer weekly update 3/24/21  

Weekly check-in meeting with Alan. I did record a small section. Alan is working on the aggregate vendor project and being able to push vendors to transactional corps. We talked about the backend code and some changes that are taking place in the code. Things like: duplicating structures, locking inside of the object instead of outside of the object, being able to reset things (transactions), etc.

I checked in with Alan and both Wayne and Eric are doing great on their projects. Alan was helping them out and being somewhat of a consultant on those projects.

Accountability of the developers

New database tables vendor catalog or vendor aggregate systems - enterprise_corporation, enterprise_mapping, enterprise_setting, enterprise_vendor_mapping


Checked in with John - general project update - not yet on the check write project - still needs to redo some certificates for Nagios stuff - server update - developer notebook and moving servers

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Shop 7551 Meeting with Chuck 3/24/21  

Chuck checked in and showed me some new progress on the main website. See attached for some screenshots. The new screenshots are dealing with the 12 main players and what they offer as solutions. See attached.

After that, I went back to recording notes and coordinating other pieces.

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Shop 7489 Adilas Time 3/24/21  

A couple of the guys checked in. John showed me some progress that he is working on on the payroll holiday chooser pages. Looking good. I spent the rest of the time recording notes, uploading documents, uploading screenshots, and emails.

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Shop 7628 Project #1988 - Payroll Holiday Chooser 3/23/21  

John and I were working on the payroll holiday chooser pages and logic. Some of this was kinda new for John but we ended up going through cycles where we gathered up user form data (holiday date selections). We then took the dates, stripped off un-needed pieces, converted to variables, added to an array, add the array to a structure, and then converted the structure into a JSON object. We then saved the JSON object in the database. Some of that conversion processes was new for John, at least how we do it. Kinda fun and a good work session. Making progress.

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Shop 7593 Meeting with Dustin 3/23/21  

Great meeting with Dustin and the gang. Dustin gave us a report on some of the cultivation projects that he is working on. He has three major projects that he is working on. They are: harvest packaging, bulk adjustments homepage, and a super cool one called accountability homepage. See attached for more details and notes. Great meeting.

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Shop 7524 Projects 3/23/21  

Recording notes, doing emails, and small code merges for a developer.

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Adi 2000 API Bulletin 91 changes 3/23/21  

3/23/21: Dustin will make cultivation API changes for OR

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Shop 7435 Work with Shannon 3/23/21  

Shannon and I were going over and proofreading some of the questionnaire summaries from an internal questionnaire. We are making progress. See attached for our progress.

On a different note, we were reading over one of the sections and decided to add some more text and verbage to help explain things. As we started to add things, we could feel that we were losing some of the simplicity. We rolled things back and took out all of the extra stuff. We tried to further refine what we had as well. Sometimes it is hard to pull backwards. It often feels easier to add or keep adding to it vs removing and boiling things down to their simplest form.

Keep moving forward! Even if is is slow!

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Shop 7627 Developers Notebook Server Review/Deep Dive 3/23/21  

John and I spent some time going over the developer's notebook. It is currently on the data 0 box. We are planning to move that portion of the website over to a different server to help with spiders, crawlers, and persons who may be trying to use those pages as entry points (hackers). We were going over code and looking into page names and database tables. See attached for our progress. We still need at least one more session, if not more.

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Shop 7577 Weekly Server Meeting 3/23/21  

Wayne, John, and I had a weekly server meeting. We went over a few things that we are either working on and/or that are still hanging. Nothing major to report. See attached for a few extra notes.

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Shop 7486 Adilas Time 3/23/21  

Sean checked in. He has been on the road travelling but is circling back around. He was looking for Steve, but he was out as well. After that, John needed some help with a payroll project. We are building a new page for for of a payroll setting where they (each corporation) can select and set corporation level holidays, to help with holiday pay for payroll and timecards. Nice little work session as nobody else joined the meeting. It was just us.

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Shop 7624 check and push code 3/22/21  

Looking at XML code with Bryan. We were trying small things and experimenting with some scratch files. Hopefully we found a solution. We also talked about some other projects that are in the works.

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Shop 7530 Projects 3/22/21  

Phone call with Calvin going over over some details about the web version of the adilas label builder. I merged in some code for him and pushed it up online. We are going to use some of the existing permissions for label building to tie the new web version in with the main system. We will also get Chuck involved to help with a small face lift for the new web version.

After talking with Calvin, I then called Cory and we did some planning and coordination on different projects.

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Shop 7572 Steve, Cory, Brandon-Catch up on projects and updates 3/22/21  

Steve, Cory, and I going over projects. Steve and I did some manual data updates for a client using an older tool that we built years ago. It is always nice to use something that already exists.

After the small clean-up session for our client, we rolled into a brainstorming session to talk about priorities and projects that are either current or on the high to medium level. We are trying to get organized and get the projects that need the most attention, and/or get the best bang for our buck, out in front of us. We were organizing, sorting, and moving things around in order to set the order and priority levels.

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Shop 7476 Adilas Time 3/22/21  

Checking in with Danny and Steve. Merged in some new code for Danny, dealing with some new custom labels. Steve had some questions and wanted to show me what he is working on with the mini units (serialized subs). John jumped on and we reviewed his payroll holiday chooser project. After that, Steve and I did a small session and looked over some clean-up logic for a project that he is working on.

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Shop 7613 Brandon Steve and Cory Herbo project list 3/18/21  

Great little meeting between Cory, Steve, and I to go over plans, projects, and priorities. Cory and I started out and then Steve joined us. He was traveling and so he was on the phone and Cory and I were on the GoToMeeting session. The goal was to create a small master list of projects that Mike with Herbo might be interested in. The benefit of that is that we, as the adilas team, get a chance to see what is still needed and what is coming down the pipeline. Progress is made daily, but sometimes it may seem slow if viewed from the outside.

I was writing and recording the notes (on a google doc spreadsheet) and Cory and Steve were commenting and adding their insight and input. We added some notes, moved things around, set priorities, etc. Good session.

As a small side note, progress doesn't always involve getting things all the way done... lots of progress happens along the way. We also spent some time talking about resources, developers, and who can do what. Just because you know what needs to be done, doesn't mean that you can just do it. You still have to balance the resources that are available. That gets tricky sometimes.

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Shop 7314 Brandon and Cory work on Data 0 Server Health 3/18/21  

Cory and I jumped on a meeting to go over projects and progress. We talked about custom labels, server health for data 0, API socket tools, developer notebook, and other calculator type tools (web pages that don't require a login to use). We covered needs out in ecommerce land and helping to tighten up some of those pages. We still have some Flash clean-up to do as well. All of these are things that will help with the data 0 heath stuff. Cory and I were recording notes, details, and plans for each of these projects. Eventually, we'll get those pieces assigned out to a developer so that we can get them finished up and put to bed.

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Shop 7523 Projects 3/18/21  

Debugging the web version of the adilas label builder with Calvin. Recording notes form post-it notes to the developer's notebook - elements of time entries.

No po photos available. Click to view time details.
Shop 7450 Work with Shannon 3/18/21  

Work session with Shannon to refine the internal questionnaire summaries. See attached for our progress.

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Shop 7479 Adilas Time 3/18/21  

On a meeting with Wayne and John. We were looking at stuff on the content server. We were checking into FTP options, database stuff, server-side logging, and API socket connections. The content server mostly sits there and serves up files and media/content pieces. However, as we keep pushing things forward with Calvin and the web based adilas label builder, we are using the content server more to help with the processing of those pieces. Anyways, things are moving more in that direction.

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Shop 7630 Helping my dad and his friend 3/17/21  

Went into Smithfield to help my dad and Harry with adilas stuff. We got into inventory tracking, creating new users, and using the quick search features.

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Shop 7629 Working with Calvin 3/17/21  

On a Zoom session with Calvin working on the web version of the adilas label builder app. We were trying to get some logging going and having a database issue on the content server. We also were having issues with the API sockets on the content server because it couldn't connect to the database.

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Shop 7603 check and push code 3/17/21  

Small work and training session with Bryan. We were working with JavaScript and ColdFusion and mixing the two technologies. Lots of conversions from one format to the other so that they could play together. We had a complex problem, so we built some small scratch files to play with the pieces and concepts instead of just trying to build it live. That is so much easier to handle and manage. Once you get the flow and concepts down, it makes it easier to transfer that knowledge to the live environment.

No po photos available. Click to view time details.
Shop 7518 Projects 3/17/21  

Recording notes and trying to FTP stuff up to the content server. I can get small things to FTP just fine, having issues with big huge things.

No po photos available. Click to view time details.
Shop 7614 Weekly Project Update(s) - John 3/17/21  

Update meeting with John and Cory. John reported on a number of projects that he is working on. Here are some brief notes:

- He is working on the payroll project to setup and select holidays for timecards and clock in/out section.

- Troubleshooting the HTML check printing in the classic skin

- Cultivation and phase dates project dealing with sub attributes

- Servers with Wayne

- Developer's notebook migration project - moving it to another server so that it doesn't effect the main data 0 box

After we got an overview, we ended up talking about other things that he would really like to do. He has an interest in doing more design work. Maybe mixing and blending between backend code, servers, and design work. Full stack mixing!

We went over some questions that he had on the payroll and holiday selection project. Small work session. He also wants to help out with our own setup processes and helping to refine those pages, steps, and processes.

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Shop 7601 Developer weekly update 3/17/21  

We started out with an update from Alan. Cory was joining me on the meeting as well. That way, both of us could get the updates from Alan. He has a number of projects that have been pulling for his attention. He is working on the Metrc API sockets and some new forced changes that they have made. We tend to spend a lot of time dealing with Metrc and their forced changes. He has also been talking with Eric on the aggregated sales tax totals.  We talked about his involvement with Wayne and some of the new settings that Wayne is working on. Alan has been somewhat of a consultant on that project.

He is also working on a big project called the aggregated vendors or vendor catalog project. We went over some options to  help lock vendors on the transactional corporation side of things (permissions and levels). We covered both sides - the enterprise side and transactional side. We need data to be able to go in both directions up and down (push and pull). When updating a vendor, make sure and prompt for other cascading to help save other steps or efforts.

We also briefly talked about some projects that are needed on the transition invoices (between a quote and an invoice - Q.T.I).

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