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Shop 9044 Recording Notes 5/24/22  

Got caught up in my notes. Finished recording notes from yesterday and today. Filling in the gaps.

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Shop 9042 check and push code 5/24/22  

Working with Bryan on the invoice due date project. We checked on some code questions, added a few things, and pushed up the database update portion of the project. Started running the database updates on each server. That is a lot of clicking. After I stopped, Bryan was going to continue on and do the rest of the servers.

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Shop 9045 Recording Notes 5/24/22  

Checking emails, sending Bryan some older files, and recording notes from earlier today.

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Shop 9040 Brandon and Cory projects 5/24/22  

Dustin joined us and he and Cory were going over some live testing issues and the need to roll back a project. We did so and got it all merged back in and pushed back up to the servers. As a side note, they were talking about the cost of a bug. It takes extra tech support, causes stress, emergency development, code sign-off and re-deployment, and it frustrates our clients. There is always a cost for pushing up bugs.

This is just for fun, but Cory was saying - No pushing new code up on Friday! That's a bad idea.

Dustin and John left and just Cory and I were left on the meeting. We started going over a list of projects and questions that Cory had. We went over my cart favorite buttons and how they play with subs (child inventory). Next, we talked about 3rd party solutions and hardware.  They are both needed, but sometimes give us a black eye. We can't control those pieces very easily. We went over a question about active and inactive users, editing relationships, and possible solutions for resetting things and hiding inactive users. This already happens most times, but there are certain scenarios where both active and inactive users are needed. Say like a salesperson that is assigned to a customer. If an old assignment was put in place, they don't just automatically clear themselves if someone gets fired or made inactive. Those are still real relationships that need to be updated and reassigned. It can get tricky.

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Shop 8980 Server meeting 5/24/22  

Wayne,  Shari O., Cory, John, and I were on the server meeting. Shari O. stayed for the first little bit and then had to bail out. We were talking about a client and some of the needs and/or even their potential needs. One of our clients was sold to another owner and the new owners are going in a different direction. We were talking costs and prices of what it takes to open and close systems. We talked about normal storage where a client still has access to a system with minimal traffic vs full cold storage where it gets stored away and totally inaccessible unless a major system restore is done or made. We talked about costs to do some of those activities. You end up with costs both coming and going. We would have to pass those values over to our client, depending on which way they want to go.

Along those lines, of setting costs and values, I let Cory and Shari O. know that they have my full permission to set those prices as they see fit. After that, we rolled into a number of other server type questions. We went over possible options of doing some custom work and linking up the adilas database with a different service on the Amazon cloud. This would be specific for a bigger client with multiple systems. They are wanting to hire out a data analyst team to pull some deeper queries and get some aggregated data flowing into certain reports.

One small takeaway from our meeting - Wayne was pitching the concept of spending some time on doing a proof of concept before either fully committing or giving an estimate. Sometimes you have to jump in and swim for a bit before you really know what it will take. That is kinda scary sometimes.

Wayne left and it was just Cory, John, and I on the meeting. John was showing us a small demo of his newest version of the discount engine and new updates and changes. It is live, but hidden. We encouraged him to keep pushing things up to that spot (hidden but live) so that we could follow along with progress.

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Shop 8970 Adilas Time 5/24/22  

Steve had some code questions this morning. We went over some math on his running age in hours for sub dates and times, part of an elements of time report. We were also catching up and talking about sales and other options. I was asking Steve about some of the different meetings that he had been on over the past couple of days. Nothing sits still. Finished out the morning doing emails and what not.

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Shop 9048 Helping the guys 5/23/22  

New files for Bryan for his invoice due date project. Also helped Dustin and merged in some code. We repeated the process a couple of times, each with small changes. Lots of back and forth.

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Shop 9047 Helping Bryan 5/23/22  

Helping Bryan get some more older files for the invoice due date project. I ended up making a full back-up so that I didn't have to keep going backwards.

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Shop 9041 check Invoice Due Date code 5/23/22  

Working with Bryan and getting him some of the older files for the invoice due date project. We ended up making my computer go back in time (like 3 years ago) to pick up some of the older code files. Small journey back into the past.

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Shop 9046 Helping Dusting 5/23/22  

Dustin and I looking over a possible code problem. Doing some live testing. Ended up finding the error and it was a client's data and them missing something on their side (Metrc rooms) for an API socket connection. Made a few other changes and pushed up code.

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Shop 9038 Test (Merge/Build?) Recurring Bump 5/23/22  

Eric and I worked on his other project for the balance sheet bump value for both reoccurring expenses and duplicate expenses. We went over some existing code, made some tweaks, then made some more tweaks. We ended up settling on a more simple approach and recoded to that version. It was a process - somewhat a internal Q and A. If we do it this way, what will happen? If we tweak this, what does that affect? Etc. Anyways, we got the code done, did some testing, merged it in and pushed it up to all servers.

We also went over some JavaScript memory issues. Working through things.

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Shop 9039 Test (Merge/Build?) AAMVA JS 5/23/22  

Eric and I jumped on and looked at this. Because Sean wasn't around to do some testing, we decided to wait. We flipped over to his other project.

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Shop 8966 Adilas Time 5/23/22  

For the first part of the meeting, I was on with Wayne, Cory, and some outside clients on a Google meet meeting to go over an outside data analytics service that was being requested for one of our clients. It was mostly a brainstorming session about possible options and direction. We pitched a proposal for direct data access, showing real data, mirrored over to a new instance, but on an independent accessible database. One of the topics that came up was the data dictionary and the education on the database schema, rows, tables, columns, and relationships (what is what, inside the database). The term that was being flipped around between the parties was the data dictionary (written eduction on the database stuff).

I jumped on the GoToMeeting after we were done. Not much going on there this morning. I was doing emails and texting back and forth with Steve. He was on another meeting with Mike and the state of Mississippi. Steve had some questions about some timecard calculations and wanted to see if we were storing any of the calculated values. I told him that we do store calculated values for employee timeclocks and timecards but do not store calculated values on sub dates and times for elements of time. That may be something that we want to do in the future. It would help save time and speed things up. Steve was saying, when it's time, we'll go for the MVP (minimal viable product) type release. In the meantime, we'll just calculate things on the fly.

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Shop 9037 General 5/20/22  

Emails, recording notes, and checking banks.

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Shop 9036 Working on projects 5/19/22  

Finished up the first round of the bulk edit flex grid tools for the bike shuttle. Pushed up the files. It still needs some more loving, but I wanted to push up the progress, based on the page. Good stopping point. It doesn't work yet, but you get the idea of what it is trying to do.

I got an email from our tech support girls, and they were saying that we were getting some batches blocked on a syncing process that had the word "AppleTurnover" in it. The real cause was the keyword "Applet" which is an older way that things used to be hacked (XSS or cross site scripting). We went through and removed all of the restrictions on the word applet (a mini program or baby app). Pushed up the new code.

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Shop 9035 Recording Notes and doing some catch-up 5/19/22  

Recording notes from yesterday. Working on the edit bulk flex grid tools for the bike shuttle company. Making good progress. Other email stuff.

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Shop 9034 Recording Notes 5/19/22  

Recording notes from the past couple of days. It is amazing to see how much happens in a single day or a single week. Lots of moving pieces. We keep chipping away at things every day.

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Shop 8973 Adilas Time 5/19/22  

On the morning meeting with Steve. We touched base on the discount engine that John is working on. I was with John yesterday for over an hour and half looking at the code. There is a lot going on there. Good stuff and making progress.

Steve wanted a demo of where I was at with the bike shuttle company and some of the custom scheduling and booking tools. I showed him the progress, including the bulk add limited flex grid tools. I showed him where I was at on the bulk edit flex grid tie-ins tool and how cool that will be. We also jumped out in ecommerce and talked about the client facing scheduling options that we want to add in. I've got a few more internal tools to work on and finish and then I'll roll outside in ecommerce and work on the client facing scheduling options. Marisa joined us and expressed that when we get to the planning and design portion of that project that she and Chuck would really like to be involved. As a fun side note, this will end up being a precursor to the WanderWays project (campground, cabins, and other scheduling options).

Part of my role is to help share the vision of where we are heading and how to get there. I've got some of the other guys and gals building it out, I just need to keep helping them see where we are heading. As a fun bonus, they catch the vision and then add more to it. That makes it really fun.

Steve and Marisa were going over some Metrc syncing and Metrc training. There are tons of options built-in to the adilas platform. Pretty cool. After that, they got into a training session on how to deal with samples and how to bring them in, sell them, and account for them. Steve was showing Marisa how to treat them similar to normal inventory items. Next, they got into a small internal training session on using update PO's to help with inventory updates and adjustments. That lead to a conversation about how important dates and date sensitivity is when dealing with inventory tracking. There is value in being in a real time inventory management environment.

The last major topic of the morning was dealing with the value and need for education. We have all kinds of tools and some that are light years ahead of the competition. However, if we don't teach our users how to use them and if they don't know about them, then they can use them. There is a real need to train our internal staff as well as getting our clients trained up and using the correct tools. That is a challenge but also an opportunity. There is real value in a power user, someone who knows adilas backwards and forwards. They are needed and in demand. There is real value there.

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Shop 9033 Meeting with John on the discount engine 5/18/22  

Code review with John on his new changes to the discount engine. We went pretty deep and I think that it was really good. Lots of mixing and blending of technologies, code languages, tools, data, and general tech. Lots of crossing of both Adobe ColdFusion and JavaScript. Sometimes those two technologies can be hard to mix (server-side and client-side languages). Anyways, looking over code and talking about what and why we (mostly John) are doing what we are doing. Great discussion and lots of back and forth. We went over some JQuery, Dom manipulation, AJAX, date stuff, nulls, escaping characters, sanitizing data, JSON objects, crazy string manipulation, and even looking deeper at possible integrations with hardware or underlying Java code. We went pretty deep.

We also talked about what a project takes as far as planning, research, R&D, proposals, mock-ups, design, code, testing, review, project management, and deployment. There are lots of steps. You also have to look both forwards and backwards to make sure that things are prepped and ready for the future as well as smoothly integrated with the past or legacy code. What John is really making is a 1-pager type interface for the discount engine. Big upgrade from what we currently have. He has some big plans for it. The current project includes things like the 1-pager design, modals, pop-ups, custom CSS, tabs, data tables, exports, tool tips, helper windows, and dynamic pop-up sub forms. Lots of moving pieces. Good meeting.

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Shop 9023 Meeting with Eric from USAePay 5/18/22  

Reading reseller docs for Trinity Payments, NMI, and USAePay. Lots of legal stuff. I also met with Eric from USAePay over a Microsoft Teams meeting. He sent me some other forms to fill out. Signing and doing paperwork and contract stuff. Sent an email out to Steve, Cory, Craig, and Shari O. to let them know that new documents have been signed and are in the process.

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Shop 9032 setting services sprint with Alan 5/18/22  

On a meeting with Bryan and Alan. We were looking over the code that Wayne and Bryan were working on for moving the corp-wide settings out of the big huge corporations table and moving it into a smaller settings table. Our goal is to break up that huge table. As a fun history note, our first dabble into corp-wide settings was back in 2009 and we added in six new settings. Now that same table has grown to over 400+ columns. We will be taking about 350 or more of those settings and putting them into smaller tables that are able to be maintained and prepped for future growth. Good stuff.

By way of a note, we are seeing settings in a number of different areas. Starting way up high, we see corp-wide settings or world level settings. We see group or section level settings (any of the 12 main player groups). Next we are seeing page level settings come more into play. This is somewhat newer. And finally, we are seeing user or individual settings coming more into play. The foundation of adilas is built on permissions and settings. That is how you make everything so dynamic.

Anyways, back to our meeting, Alan will be looking over the branch of code and giving his thumbs up and approval. Once we get Alan's approval, we'll work with Cory to schedule a live or production deployment. This project, changing out the corp-wide settings, touches hundreds of pages. Anyways, we are testing things right now and will merge and deploy in the next week or so.

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Shop 8990 Meeting with Chuck 5/18/22  

Chuck and I looked at code and merged in two small branches. One was for credit card payments (manual or swipe). The other was for date pickers on the main flex grid tie-in homepage. Once we got those things merged in, we chatted about some other stuff. We talked about home office layouts, ergonomics, standing while working, and other hobbies and pastimes.

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Shop 8974 Adilas Time 5/18/22  

Shari O. jumped on this morning with a few questions. She was setting up a client on an account for merchant processing. We looked at a help file and got her going in a good direction. After that, John checked in and setup a meeting for later today. Shari O. jumped back on a little bit later and had a few more questions. We did some drawings and diagrams and got her all set. She just had some questions on how things work with internal merchant processing vs external or 3rd party solutions and standalone merchant processing. I also did some emails and other small things.

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Shop 9031 Invoice Due Date 5/17/22  

Meeting with Bryan and going over the invoice due date project. We did record part of our meeting. See attached, if you want to see it. At the end of the meeting, we did a light progress report and showing the progression of certain projects over time. We keep chipping away at things.

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Shop 9030 Code check with Chuck 5/17/22  

Chuck and I testing and going over credit card readers and the credit card payment page. Chuck was giving it a new look and feel (small facelift). We did some testing and Chuck is going to make a couple of changes and then we will push it up. We are going through things, one page at a time and trying to upgrade the look and feel to match a more modern theme.

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Shop 8979 Server meeting 5/17/22  

Wayne, John, Bryan, Cory, and I were on the server meeting. We went over a number of projects throughout the meeting. We need to spin up a couple more boxes and the guys were working on a quote and a time estimate for one of our clients. This was really cool, but Cory asked Wayne what it would take to get this project done. Wayne flipped it on its head and was talking about working the whole thing backwards. Basically, you start with what they want (that wasn't super clear) and then you figure out what things you will need to do to get there. Wayne's approach quickly started to focus on what was wanted vs what could we do (the sky is the limit). I've known that and even used it, but it was fun to see it play out in the meeting. I really enjoyed it.

We went over options and questions that we could take back to the client. Are they looking for access to raw data, summarized data, a webpage or web-based report, a spreadsheet, or even open API socket access points? That makes a huge difference as to where you go and what you do. We also talked about certain projects and possible code that has already been written for other clients and how we could tweak that if needed. Wayne was recommending that we get with the client, open up a blank spreadsheet and see what data they were looking for (basically doing some consulting - instead of just quoting something). I took it as a form of listening and even helping to educate our clients. That method or process, of talking with our clients, will actually help our clients be even more happy and really get what they want.

We have so many possible options, sometimes it takes some time to figure out what is really wanted and/or needed. There is a big difference between value and cost. We were talking about that. Ideally, we focus more on the value vs the costs. As we were talking about this, I was thinking about some of the ideas of the value add-on core model that we have been dreaming up for fracture. Here is a rough recap that I grabbed from an older element of time.

The concept of the value add-on core model - with different rings to denote the other levels of add-on value pieces. We have determined at least 5 levels as of right now. Starting from the middle. 1. Core (adilas core - everything that exists right now - image the), 2. Business vertical or industry specific, 3. Custom level, 4. BI or Business Intelligence level, and 5. Enterprise or multiple corp(s) level. Each of those value rings has to be purchased and serviced. You have to have the transactional data core to get it started, but anything beyond that, is extra or a value add-on piece. Very configurable.

Eventually, everyone will want some of the (BI) Business Intelligence stuff. This will take the underlying transactional data and will help to summarize it, aggregate it, count it, condense it, and display it in a way that is easy to digest and fun to look at (aka eye candy but also eye candy with a purpose). I'm really excited to get to that part of the project. I want to make sure, when we build out the fracture project, that we include this Business Intelligence (BI) level into the main application.

As far as history, when we started, we didn't have clear picture of where we were going. The further we go along the path, you can see how the other pieces play into the mix. I'm excited to keep working on them prior to getting to fracture, but I really want to make sure we include them in the next round. In a way, it's like what Wayne was saying, work the project backwards - what do you want, then make sure that it fits and fills those needs. Make the plan.

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Shop 8968 Adilas Time 5/17/22  

Pretty quiet this morning. Got a text from Steve, Sean was traveling, and John briefly checked in. I was doing emails and then back on the bulk flex grid tools for the bike shuttle.

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Shop 9029 Back on the bulk flex grid tools 5/16/22  

Finished up the first round of the bulk add limited flex grid tie-ins page. Pushed it up to the server and sent a text message to Drew, at the bike shuttle to check it out and see what he thinks. Making progress. Here is the help file for that page - so far.

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Shop 9027 eCommerce images for items 5/16/22  

We had a client ask for some info on ecommerce images. This is what I wrote. Just recording it for the record.

Good morning. This is going to be good news for you... The images are under the top_secret folder but there is no way of protecting a .jpg file. We only protect the code and data files. Images are images, if that makes sense.

Each company has a different path or corporation folder. If I were you, I'd do an API call, get the path one time, and then store that folder name as part of that company's record. Here is a sample for two corps – 53 and 54



As you can see, the last ten digits are a small hash (mini password) to help protect the images. If I were you, I'd figure that folder name out and just store that part of it. For example – for corp 53 – store this - corp53_5FC2B3D1C9.

Underneath that folder, there are the following other sub folders. thumb, small, and large. These are standard and exist for each corporation.

  • The thumbnails are in the thumb folder – really small. 29x22 pixels – file name pattern is "part-[part id]-th.jpg" for example: part-55555-th.jpg

  • The smaller images are in the small folder – little bit bigger – width is set to 160 pixels –
    height could be anything – file name pattern is "part-[part id]-[image
    number].jpg" for example: part-55555-1.jpg or part-55555-2.jpg, etc.

  • The large images are in the large folder – biggest images that we store – width is usually between 640 (older files) and 760 (newer files) – height could be anything – file name pattern is the same as the small folder. Often people will just use these larger images out in ecommerce.

Here are a couple of sample paths for a large image:

Hopefully that helps you understand a little bit more about the images and where they are stored and the naming conventions.

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Shop 9026 Prescott card reader issue 5/16/22  

On a GoToMeeting session with Bryan. He is trying to help a client out who seems to have a hardware/software type problem, dealing with merchant processing and a 3rd party card reader. We went over some ideas and talked about window's services, add/remove programs, restore points, zip files, and getting the client reverted back to old and old or going forward to new and new (this would require them to purchase a new card reader). Anyways, trying to help figure out the best options and possible approaches.

After Bryan left, I was doing emails and light tech support stuff.

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Shop 9028 Working on bulk flex grid tools 5/16/22  

Reopened the branch, got back in there and made sure that I knew what was going on. Started to make some code changes and got pulled off on another meeting. I'll get back to it.

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Shop 8957 Adilas Time 5/16/22  

Jumping onto the morning meeting. It was just Steve and I to start out with. Steve had a couple of code questions. We then started talking about reseller documents and contracts for USAePay, NMI, and Trinity Payments - all merchant processing stuff. We are considering being a reseller of online merchant accounts. We have had merchant processing built into our system since 2009, we are just now getting to the point that we may want to enter that market space and become a reseller of those services.

Steve asked about the bulk flex grid tools and customer facing scheduling stuff that I was doing the bike shuttle company. He volunteered to help build out some settings when I'm ready for that. He would love to go after some clients in that neighborhood. We also talked about using ecommerce, message marketing, and other client portal type tools to really connect with an end-user or client. Good stuff. Steve has lots of ideas.

Shari O. joined and we talked about banks, deposits, and bank transfers. After that, Steve and Shari O. were going over servers and where to setup and put new clients. They also went over some quotes and prices. The last thing that went on in the morning meeting was Steve and Sean going over sales and options to help out our reps in the field. They are bringing in contacts and leads, just trying to make sure that we take care of those leads as they come in.

Everybody left and I was waiting for my next meeting. Nobody came, so I did some emails and what not. Going through small to do list stuff to get my week started.

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Shop 9024 Recording Notes 5/13/22  

Going over notes from yesterday and recording them into the developer's notebook.

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Shop 8952 Budget Meeting 5/12/22  

Admin budget meeting. We had Cory, Shari O., Steve, and I on the meeting. We started out the meeting going over an email that Shari O. had sent with items on accounts receivable, bad debt (uncollectable invoices), expenses, and report on new systems. I was taking notes and we got lots of good back and forth communications and plans. Another key thing that we talked about was the need to get our guys (developers) to enter notes on the projects so that we can track hours and progress. Basically, a way to step up and clean-up some of our internal processes.

Notes were sent out after the meeting to all parties.

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Shop 9013 Brandon and Cory projects 5/12/22  

Cory and I going over a list of questions. About halfway through, Steve and Chuck joined us. I think that they were going to meet and work on some look and feel, but Cory and I were on the meeting. Anyways, the question got brought up about doing down payments on stock/units and how to book that and keep everything straight. The real answer is using transitional invoices. Having said that, we went round and round talking about possible options. Towards the end, Chuck was saying that when we redo our fracture stuff, we may need to make it part of the system that a prepaid invoice, deposit on merchandise, in-store credit, and other things be put in place and education and training made available.

For the record, here is how you would do it right now... using a transitional invoice.

1. Stock in the item, even if you don't have it in stock. If it is in stock, use that item. Anything that is unknown, just make a note of that. For example: a serial number or VIN number - maybe use the customer's phone number or email address.
2. Go to the stock/unit and go through the invoice/sale process. Make sure and set it to a transitional invoice (that wording is dynamic - layaway, prepaid, etc.).
3. Do the sale for the full amount and then take the amount that is either pre-paid or deposited. That will start the journey of the stock/unit and the payments received. All of these transactions will auto flow over to the balance sheet (already built-in) if using a transitional invoice.
4. Keep the invoice in the transitional state until it comes in, gets delivered, or whatever. If needed, additional payments (deposits on merchandise) may be made along the journey.
5. When ready, flip the transition invoice over to a real customer invoice and finish out the rest of the info. Once flipped, it will show up for sales taxes, on the P&L, accounts receivable (if money is still owed), and will count against inventory values. Prior to that, the whole thing is held on the balance sheet as the work in progress, pre-paid invoice, layaway, deposit on merchandise, etc. (dynamic naming).

Anyways, the takeaway is for fracture, we really want to have a way to show our people how to do certain tasks (searchable education mode). We also want to have some of the special account stuff like in-store credit, vendor credits, gift certificates, coupons, punch cards, etc. all done and part of the system. Those features may be built-in prior but need to be there. As a note, a lot of those will be sub sections of what we call special accounts, just like the current loyalty points stuff.

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Shop 9015 Meeting with Eric from USAePay 5/12/22  

On with Eric from USAePay and Trinity Payments. We met and went over some of the documents and contract stuff. We met for about 15 minutes. This was a small follow-up meeting. After that, I went back and read more of the documents. I have two main documents, each multiple pages (7-12 pages each), all legal stuff.

I also got a call from Bill at Harris Computer Solutions. We talked and I explained to him our SaaS model and where we are headed.

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Shop 9022 Reading and research on reseller agreements 5/12/22  

Readign the reseller document (contract) for USAePay and Trinity Payments. Lots of legal mumbo-jumbo stuff.

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Shop 8969 Adilas Time 5/12/22  

Steve and Sean talking about other connections (people) and different networking angles. Steve would really like to see if we could find some adilas power users that are looking for some work. Marisa joined and they started talking more sales and marketing. As a side note, both Sean and Marisa are doing a great job with deployment. Steve would like them to circle back around and help make sure that our other clients are being taken care of (reselling or re-pitching our older clients - reengaging them).

They were talking about news and updates and helping to get the word out and about. They were talking about getting some of the new flyers in a standard spot and making those available to any of our guys/gals who need them. Marisa has been revamping some of the flyers recently. The goal is to help our clients stay up to date and also inform new or potential clients of what we are doing and what we offer.

Those who were on the meeting, we touched base on other projects. I was reviewing a number of documents and looking at a website for a possible merchant processing vendor. I have a meeting later today with a guy from USAePay and NMI. The guy also represents a company called Trinity Payments that actually does the merchant processing. The other two companies are called gateways.

Towards the end of the meeting, Eric jumped on and we pushed up some code to the Herbo server. He needed to push up a file for some live testing.

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Shop 9021 Working on bulk flex grid tools 5/11/22  

Working on the bulk flex grid tools for High Valley Bike Shuttle. Part way through, I jumped on a meeting with Bryan to look over a small bug with the CFC's that he is working on. Those are dealing with a project that both Wayne and Bryan have been working on for helping to swap out some of the corp-wide settings. After Bryan and I finished, I spent the rest of the time back working on the action page for the add bulk flex grid tie-ins. Making progress.

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Shop 9020 Paying bills 5/11/22  

Emails, tech support, and paying bills.

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Shop 9018 Recording Notes 5/11/22  

Recording notes from yesterday and today. Phone calls with credit card companies - they want us to run our servers and other expenses through them for deals and discounts. Other small to do list stuff.

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Shop 8988 Meeting with Chuck 5/11/22  

Chuck and I going over things. We were talking about some of our leadership experiences and how the variables of the group can really change things up. We touched base on some projects and then switched gears again. We ended up talking about taxes, government programs, people being left behind, advancing technology, career changes, and ways of working together. If you make it free, people tend to keep expecting free stuff. We've even seen this with some of our adilas clients. There are some challenges there. Always in search of that balance. Affordable yet reachable.

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Shop 8963 Adilas Time 5/11/22  

Pretty quiet this morning. Emails, checking in the guys, training them on some financial flow calculator stuff - great training ground for showing the cause and effect between the P&L and the balance sheet. Paying bills and recording some notes.

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Shop 9017 Random stuff 5/10/22  

On a GoToMeeting session with Dustin. We were looking over code and pulling information out of JSON object for AJAX calls. We briefly talked about adding in even more asynchronous loading and data lookups, throughout the site. Dustin is getting into deeper JavaScript functions and dynamically reusing things. That is awesome and will save time and energy down the road.

Emails, research, and odds and ends. Met up with Drew from High Valley Bike Shuttle to setup his USAePay gateway and API keys. We got it all setup and did a practice transaction. After that, we did some light training and looking around his site. I'm excited to help them out and get them going.

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Shop 9016 Meeting with Bryan 5/10/22  

Bryan came over to my house and we chatted for a bit. He is buying a small percentage of Adilas, LLC in our restructure process. We chatted about some projects and then just talked about all kinds of stuff. Just for fun, I was showing him some stuff on an older project called "Learn To Freeride (LTF)". I did a small demo of that product and we talked about some lessons learned. Kind of a blast from the past. Some fun memories. The cool thing was to look at the timelines and see some divine direction and divine design stuff going on.

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Shop 9010 Meeting with Eric from USAePay 5/10/22  

On a Microsoft Teams meeting with Eric from USAePay and NMI. He was also representing Trinity Payments and we were talking merchant processing stuff. He was looking at reseller pricing with me, paperwork, giving me some ideas, and helping me to define certain terms and processes. We chatted about a couple of different scenarios and I gave him a demo of the adilas software system. He offered a number of possible relationship options and we'll be looking into some of those. He would also like to see what we are doing for our (adilas's) credit card statement. He would be interested in comparing rate and checking things out. Good meeting.

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Shop 8977 Server meeting 5/10/22  

Wayne was reporting on a question about data syncs on some of the servers. From everything that he can see, the pages and special sync functions are firing on those servers. He also reported that he has transferred the corp-wide setting project over to Bryan and he and Bryan are testing and going through things. This project will eventually allow us to limit how many columns are used for corp-wide settings in a couple huge tables. The goal is to break those tables down into smaller, more manageable pieces.

He is also working on some of the extra domain names and making sure that they resolve to the correct site. We briefly touched base on the sales tax aggregate project and Cory will be following up with that one.

Next, we covered plans for the data clean-up stuff on the different servers. That lead us into some discussions on data storage and different options. Depending on how deep and how long the storage needs are, we have a number of different options. We talked about costs vs value and what it would cost to reset or restore older data into live access and live activity. There may be fees for code updates, database updates, etc. Adilas doesn't just sit still, it keeps going and if someone goes into deep storage, they are not getting all of the new updates and system maintenance. Cory and Wayne were talking costs and values to restore systems, if needed.

Before we go live with big system wide updates, we need to plan things out, communicate, and make sure that everybody gets the virtual memo. Wayne and Bryan are working on some big changes, and we want to make sure that everything rolls out smoothly.

Towards the end of the server call, we talked about some other projects that need dependencies on outside libraries and outside files. We briefly talked about some pros and cons and light security stuff.

Wayne left and then Cory and John touched base on some projects. John gave us a small demo of where he is at on the discount engine stuff. As a side note, we have had quite a few clients request a smart cart type logic, especially based around discounts, by one get one, and other complex logic and processes. After Cory left, John and I talked about some training stuff and helping each other stay up to date on new techniques.

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Shop 8959 Adilas Time 5/10/22  

Steve and Sean were going over sales, options, and new settings. Sean and Steve were than talking about buying percentages of adilas and creating an asset (user-maintained balance sheet item) and how to track the whole purchase of that asset. Emails and reviewing a reseller agreement for merchant processing with USAePay and NMI.

Steve, Sean, and John started talking about LLC's, trusts, MMLLC's and ways of structuring companies and liability shields (virtually). I showed Steve some of the reseller agreement documents and he wanted me to ask a couple of questions. I have a meeting with a guy later today to talk about reseller options. The last thing we talked about this morning was custom forms out in ecommerce to help get and gather data for certain clients. Steve was talking custom options, using flex attributes, and being able to upload scans, images, and other documents. Full custom ecommerce client portal type stuff.

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Shop 9012 Ownership stuff for adilas 5/9/22  

Prep stuff for sending out emails, promissory notes, and owner percentages stuff. I sent out emails and individual documents to each person on my list for becoming part owners in the company. Small follow-up stuff via text messages.

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Shop 9011 Follow-ups 5/9/22  

Follow-ups with some banks and merchant account stuff.

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Adi 2191 Tweak Invoice payment API to send in store orders to METRC 5/9/22  

Tweak Invoice payment API to send in store orders to METRC

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Shop 9009 Pushing up some code for Chuck 5/9/22  

On a quick meeting with Chuck. We looked over some code and merged and pushed up some changes. This was on the parts usage page. These were some requests from Kelly and Cory. After that we looked at some of his other projects that he is working on. Small little session.

Shari O. jumped on the meeting and just needed a verbal consent for the bank to use a debit card for a foreign transaction for one of our vendors.

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Shop 8991 Steve, Cory, Brandon-Catch up on projects and updates 5/9/22  

Cory jumped on with us. She had a few things to run past us. We briefly went over the pick ticket for manufacturing. Questions for Steve and I on different projects and we are at, progress wise. Cory was reporting on some client training that she was doing and the client was really getting it and very grateful. She was really excited and called it enjoyable training. If you have a good student/learner, it makes it fun and enjoyable.

Steve and Cory got into some of the gram controllers and settings. Steve was showing Cory some of the options, advanced techniques, and settings. He is even interconnecting different pages and settings. It does get deep, but if you know what it is doing, you can do some really cool things. As a take away, the real value comes with good training and good setup. The importance of good education.

As Steve and Cory were talking, there is a real value in having everything in one system. Less dead ends, less need to maintain duplicate lists of data (items, customers, vendors, etc.), less having to switch between systems. We were also talking about speed, automation, and quicker setups and getting our clients up and going with minimal effort.

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Shop 8965 Adilas Time 5/9/22  

Pretty quite this morning. Shari O., Sean, and John were all checking in. Nothing major. Steve joined and he and Sean were touching base on some prospects and contacts. Steve had some questions on his smart gram controller settings, able to switch, between medical and recreational licenses. After that, Steve and Shari O. were going over pricing and some new accounts.

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Shop 8947 Review Usage Page 5/6/22  

Brandon, Steve, Kelly, Cory and Charles... if Brandon isn't working today we can record and ask any questions later.

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Shop 9008 Phone call with USAePay 5/6/22  

On the phone with a couple different people from USAePay. Trying to figure out what it would take to become a reseller of their gateway and merchant services. Due to time, they will be recalling me on Monday, at some time.

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Shop 9006 More catch-up stuff 5/5/22  

Recording notes and getting all caught-up. I always feel so much better when everything is sort of caught up. Boy, can I burn through piles of post-it notes. It is satisfying for me to record the notes, add to them, and then throw away the post-it notes. It is almost as satisfying as putting a checkmark on a big to do list.

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Shop 9005 Recording Notes 5/5/22  

Recording notes from this week and the end of last week. Rereading some of the files and other notes. Lots of moving pieces.

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Shop 9004 Follow-ups 5/5/22  

Emails and follow-ups with Newtek about our accounts with USAePay. We are trying to help one of our clients get all hooked up. It has been a hassle. Not on the USAePay side, but on the side of our vendor representative. Anyways, sent out some email with some screenshots and what not. Recording notes and uploading files and other notes for documentation. Also posted a bunch of things inside the media/content section (files and links) in the shop to document the adilas company restructure stuff.

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Shop 8972 Adilas Time 5/5/22  

Steve and Sean were going over the differences between Medical and recreational gram controllers. Steve was reporting on an older contact that he knew from almost 10 years ago. The guy used to use adilas back in the day, he now has a new business and will be starting up and getting back into it.

We talked about merchant processing and maybe looking into being a possible vendor or reseller. We've been having some issues with our current contacts or sales rep for the merchant accounts.

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Shop 9007 To do list items 5/4/22  

Emails, text messages, and other follow-ups. Recording notes. Installing some new tools from Calvin Chipman. He has a new image converter and a file renaming tool. Got those installed and ran some tests. Calvin is the tool guy. He loves making his own little tools to make things go faster and faster.

Got on a GoToMeeting session meeting with Shari O. to over our existing options for USAePay and getting re-familiar with the USAePay virtual terminal for credit cards, refunds, batches, and other transaction look-ups. We took a couple of screenshots and will be sending some emails to Newtek tomorrow to help get things going in the right direction.

This is just for fun, but earlier today I heard Cory say - "We the bananas from so and so (a client)". It made me laugh. The term "bananas" is what Shari O. uses instead of saying money. I told Shari O. that she is rubbing off on us... :)

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Shop 8992 Meeting with Drew 5/4/22  

On a training meeting with Drew and Lanette from High Valley Bike Shuttle. We also had Sean and Marisa, from the adilas side on the meeting with us. We were going to be doing some merchant processing stuff and setting up API sockets and API keys, but they didn't have the correct login access. That became a small issue and stopped the progress there. I told Drew that I would check with the vendor/representative from Newtek to make sure that they got the correct login access.

We flipped over to showing them other custom code that had been added since our last meeting. We have made a few tweaks to the bulk flex grid tools as well as some small tweaks to the limited flex grid options. We did some light training and even checked a few things that they had done on their own.

The last thing that we covered was getting them, the bike shuttle company, hooked up with Sean and Marisa to do some inventory management training (PO's, parts, items, categories, invoices, and shopping cart stuff). We also briefly talked about ecommerce and other things that will be needed later on. We had them exchange some contact info.

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Shop 8996 check code 5/4/22  

Bryan and I looking at code and checking some default flow on application variables and setting up specific services. We made some good progress but ended up deciding to get with either Wayne or Alan on the different pieces. Lots of moving parts and pieces. We were feeling like there was an order of operations error, with something being called before it was fully setup and instantiated. Lots of functions calling other functions and some functions extending from other functions (code inheritance stuff).

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Shop 8994 Brandon and Cory projects 5/4/22  

Cory joined and Chuck was already on with me. We talked about going with components and trying to focus on a new single date picker vs a dual spanning or preset date one (all ideas from Chuck). We will just get the first one done first and then move on.

After Chuck left, just Cory and I were on the meeting. We switched gears and talked about API sockets (request from a client). We ended up doing some code stuff and took off some navigation links off of printable invoices and mini invoices. After that, I did a small demo on the High Valley Bike Shuttle stuff and where the bulk flex grid tools are at, in the development cycle. Cory is trying to keep track of where time is being spent, just for our records.

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Shop 8986 Meeting with Chuck 5/4/22  

Meeting with Chuck and going over the mini calendar pages. I had to bail out to go pick-up my daughter. We got back together after I got home and pushed up the mini calendar. We did some testing. Actual times were 10:00 to 10:15 and then 10:45 to 11:15 am - total of 45 minutes - with the break in between.

On a different note, I'm excited to see where Chuck goes with some of his other designs and web components that he is working on. He is working on a possible web component to make a custom date picker, that we could use, even for other projects like fracture. Ideally, the more we create our own little custom web components, the better. Less outside libraries and dependencies. We'll figure out a good mix. Good stuff.

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Shop 8975 Adilas Time 5/4/22  

Both Marisa and Sean joined the morning meeting. They were touching base and checking on vendors and active parent items for certain vendors, for a client. We talked about some of our plans for the High Valley Bike Shuttle and where we are headed. John joined us as well. We then talked a little bit about adilas percentages.  We will just keep pushing things forward. Kinda like making an arrowhead out of flint (rock). You just keep doing a little chip here and a little chip there. That seems to be about as fast as we can go. Just keep going!

Sean and Marisa left and just John and I were left on the meeting. We went over some ideas, and I tried to answer some of his questions dealing with the company restructure and what we are planning. Nice little chat.

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Shop 9000 Reviewing video and uploading 5/3/22  

Reviewing the video from this afternoon (meeting with our CPA) and uploading files to the server.

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Shop 8999 Small admin meeting 5/3/22  

Small admin meeting with just Brandon, Steve, Cory, and Shair O. - going over the meeting we had with Bob and the rest of the team. Our next major step is getting things in place and doing some prep work before we take it to an attorney to get all of the verbage and wording correctly. Lots of good stuff and future options. Tons of potential and exciting things ahead. Just for fun - Steve said, "I feel like I'm on a big plateau, looking around, and don't see a fence in sight." Kinda fun!

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Shop 8953 Meeting with Bob Hamby 5/3/22  

Meeting with our CPA, Bob Hamby. We had 12 people on the meeting with us. Bob was speaking and answering questions, Stee was helping run the meeting, and I was recording notes and chiming in. After the meeting, we did have a small internal Q and A session, with those who were still on. Great participation. We did record the whole things as well. Brandon has a copy of this if needed. See attached for the notes.

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Shop 8993 Reviewing things with Chuck 5/3/22  

Jumped on a GoToMeeting with Chuck. We reviewed his progress on a mini calendar app inside of adilas. He is still working on some of the pieces, but we will most likely push up what he has and then go from there.

After Chuck left, I tried to spend some time and update the developer's notebook from the past couple of days. When things are happening, it is super hard to perfectly keep up with things. Especially if you flip flop from meeting to meeting or task to task without anything in between. I have found that a quick post-it note goes miles. I can scribble down a thought, and then go back and fill in the details later on. If I don't do the initial scribble, while it happens, I lose it. The information and happenings are still there, I just can't recall what the different topics were. I'm a big advocate for writing things down.

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Shop 8976 Server meeting 5/3/22  

Wayne, Cory, and Shari O. were going over server questions. One of the big topics was the clean-up of the data 0 database and servers. We talked about lists and ways to get a standard list of what is good and what needs to go. Wayne also reported in on his settings project. We told him that we would like Bryan to work with him on getting things tested and getting things finished. Wayne was excited to get another set of eyes on the code and help push the project forward.

Cory was asking Wayne about some background syncing between the adilas servers and Metrc (state of Colorado cannabis tracking system). We wanted to make sure that certain background clean-up processes were in place and working as expected.

Towards the end of the meeting, Cory and I were speaking with John. He had some questions from our meeting yesterday and we were talking about buy in and owner and percentages stuff. Sometimes communication and expectations are the hardest things to get figured out. We'll keep pushing things forward and figure it out, maybe even on the fly.

As a side note, we are all trying to do good. If someone isn't happy with what we are doing, it can deflate us. It's like a kick in the side. It hurts when someone doubts you or questions your capabilities or priorities. Just speaking in general. I for one, feel pretty fragile sometimes. Other times, I can take some pressure and heat. It all depends.

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Shop 8971 Adilas Time 5/3/22  

Small sales meeting this morning. We started out and Maris was showing us a new ad for a magazine that she is working on. Chuck and I talked with here a little bit about print specific stuff. Basically, print and web are treated differently, from color options to dpi or lpi (dots per inch or lines per inch). Print is, and/or can be, much more technical. You have to be careful.

Marisa and Sean were asking about the High Valley Bike Shuttle and progress there. I requested that Marisa help me reach out and get them all trained up and going. The conversation ended up with a marketing twist and what else we need to do and to help push these things along.

Esperanza (Hope) joined and wanted to do more person-to-person events and network marketing. She was pitching ideas and Steve and Sean were fielding questions back and forth. She seems to have a lot of energy and wants to get out and about more. It seems like she wants to be a promoter type person and help with events, meetings, and social type interactions and marketing. She, Steve, and Sean will get together and talk about ideas, budgets, and expectations. The goal is to get more demos.

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Shop 8998 Sending info around 5/2/22  

Uploading and converting the video recording from the earlier meeting. Sending out emails to the team members.

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Shop 8955 Open meeting - new company structure 5/2/22  

Great team meeting. We had 12 of our team on the meeting. We did record it and Brandon has a copy of the recording. The whole meeting was dealing with the company restructure. We are moving from independent sub-contractors to partial owners within adilas. Cool stuff. The meeting went the whole 2 hours. I (Brandon) was mostly presenting and going over a small agenda. Lots of drawings and trying to pitch the pitch. We also had great participation from others on the meeting. I have attached the notes and the agenda from the meeting. Most of the first part of the meeting was talking about items on the Word document. See attached.

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Shop 8995 Prep work 5/2/22  

Prep work and planning for a team meeting. Working on a small agenda and opening and prepping files.

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Shop 8956 Adilas Time 5/2/22  

Steve and I touching base on different things happening over the weekend. Steve and Sean then jumped into some labels, custom invoices, and gram tracking options. Steve is really trying hard to build out more settings to help automate different pieces and processes.

John was showing us some of his work and progress on the discount engine. He gave us a small demo and showed us what is still remaining, things that still need some work.

The conversation switched over to getting things pushed up and out for testing and live usage. We are really trying to focus on doing lots of tiny or micro releases vs big huge releases. Along with this topic, we started talking about possible projects and helping out Wayne with some of his bigger projects. If anyone gets too big of a project, they tend to virtually stall out and lose some productivity. We talked about the datasource project (world building), flex attributes for other system player groups (in-line database extensions), and client facing scheduling stuff.

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Shop 8954 Call Drew 4/29/22  

We had a training call planned, but Drew was unable to make it. No meeting happened. Just some texts back and forth.

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Shop 9003 Special email to the team about moving to the MMLLC 4/28/22  

Clean-up from the day. Also planning and writing a pretty long email proposal for moving the company into an expanded MMLLC for adilas. The email basically covered where we are heading and how things are going to work going forward. Dealing with percentages, ownership, switching from 1099 and independent sub-contractors to co-owners and getting K-1's at the end of the year. The email covered a number of other things as well. Mostly dealing with the restructure of the company.

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Shop 9002 Meeting with Steve 4/28/22  

Talking with Steve over a GoToMeeting session. We went over and covered a number of topics. We started out talking about merchant processing options. We already have a relationship with USAePay. However, we are also looking at NMI, Stripe, and Elavon. As we get more or new clients, they will have more and more merchant processing needs. Trying to stay ahead of the game.

Steve and I were also talking about the different mix of team players that we have. We got into talking about religion, beliefs, controversial topics, cannabis, non-cannabis, developers, sales, and how to balance all of those pieces. Our mix almost creates an interesting culture and a specific need (who else if needed). We don't have very many that can crisscross either based on the beliefs (religion and feelings), which topics that they are assigned to work on, and whether or not they will reach out and talk to people (sales). We have some of our developers that will only work on certain projects (me included) and other ones who don't do sales (they only want to do code). Because the team is so small, it can be a real challenge.

There has to be a balance and we are trying to find and maintain that balance. It feels elusive and slippery at times. Steve was saying or relating what we do to an analogy of people sitting around the fire. Everybody likes the fire, but nobody wants to go out and get more firewood. He really wants to push harder on the sales side of things. Basically, it feels like we are a little bit heavy on the developer's side of things.

Towards the end, we were talking about the ability to take basic building blocks and stack them into small combo packages to get awesome outcomes. It's not that the smaller pieces are super cool, all by themselves, it is just, when they get stacked together, they really become something cool. Taking the basics and stacking them together. Steve is really trying hard to work on bringing in custom controls and dynamics to all of his projects. That is awesome.

Here are some other notes that I took during the meeting. I started out jotting things down on paper, but was getting behind, so I started typing things so that Steve could see where we were and what we had covered. These notes below are from the typed stuff.

- People's willingness to play in different industries - cannabis and non-cannabis

- Personalities and where they feel comfortable and want to spend their time - development (writing code) and sales (getting out, networking, pitching things, and talking to people)

- We may need to cut back dev and push more on sales

- Analogy of cutting firewood vs sitting by the fire

- Balance and being able to keep going

- Have cory focus on clients who want improvements and are willing to make investments - client funded projects

- Wasting money on sales meetings and emails campaigns

- People who are great at what they do but they can't do all of the things to keep the balance - This ends up being a vacuum or a money pit because we have to pay for all of the one-sided stuff

- In cannabis - we can get some of the new accounts, but it is hard to make someone switch

- We are up against a lot of money - big money investments

- We want to stay as small as possible and stay nimble

- Paying someone for sales - somewhat of a headhunter

- Steve would like to see 5-10 new systems per month

- 3rd party solutions - there is a need there and they do help us float down the river

- Maybe looking at pair programming

- Talking about trust levels

- Shari O. has been the back-up for server resets

- Help is only helping if they are helping - we can't hold up a drowning swimmer

- We have had some peace and quiet with letting some of our guys/gals go... We need to get back there

- On the MMLLC - some of our team is worried about liability

- A couple of phases - anybody who wants to stay, needs to jump on the wagon

- Minimum is at 1/10th of a percent

- Don't worry about all of the details

- Get those set who want to and then go forward with the others

- Sort of a faith-based venture - just start, if you don't like it, we'll buy it back (talking about the company restructure stuff - buying and selling percentages)

- We have enjoyed working with Dustin

- Bryan has been a great work horse

- Steve would like to check in with industrial supply places and see what we can do there - find a vertical and then service it

- Maybe try some email campaigns for some of these smaller verticals

- Trying to expose more and more of the system - fewer black boxes and make it available for everyone

- Getting to a stable location (lifestyle)

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Shop 9001 Working on projects 4/28/22  

Emails, paying bills, and back working on the bulk flex grid tie-in tools for the bike shuttle company. Mostly I was doing some prep for submitting the bulk add form for the bulk limited flex grid stuff. Also worked on some new help files.

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Shop 8878 Adilas Time 4/28/22  

Steve and Sean were going over things when I joined. Sean was reporting on his research on Leafly and Steve was talking sales and prospects with Sean. Both Steve and Sean had to leave and that left just John and I on the meeting. We went over projects, the discount engine, and budgets. Everybody is wishing that we didn't have to worry about budgets and could just build to our hearts content. I often wish the same thing. Sometimes life just has other plans.

I was on the phone and then doing some emails with Newtek. They are working on some merchant accounts for some of our clients. It has been a much harder process than I remember. They keep asking for things, we show them, and they ask for something else. I want to get on a meeting with them so that I can ask my questions vs random email chains and small phone calls. This merchant account is for one of our clients, it isn't even for us. We have others that will need to go through the same process. We've had ours in place since 2009 ish. I'm just venting a little bit.

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Shop 8951 Working on bulk flex grid tools 4/27/22  

Working on the bulk add flex grid page for the High Valley Bike Shuttle. Lots of custom work. Merged in all that I have done to keep showing progress. It is looking good. Here are a few things that it does.

- By default it shows two records. There is a form at the top that you can change that number from 2 to whatever you need. Once submitted, it will show that many new records. The limit is 100 per page.

- The top row has special JavaScript that helps cascade the current value to all other records (cascading from top down). If any other record needs to be changed, no problem. It is just the top row of data that has the magic cascade down feature.

- If they are filling out the guest's name field, if they use the key word "Guest" it will add a number to the end of each value. Say I wanted three and I put in the key word "Guest". It would show Guest 1, Guest 2, Guest 3.

- It has a sub invoice field, all 30 possible custom fields (based off of the limited settings), and all of the general fields for flex grid. All of them work and have the top level magic cascade downward functions built-in. See this help file for more info on flex grid tie-in fields.

All new files have been pushed up to the data 0 server.

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Shop 8950 Recording Notes 4/27/22  

Emails, texts, and recording notes from yesterday and today. Trying to keep up with everything. Every day is different and brings new surprises, challenges, and breakthroughs. Good stuff.

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Shop 8891 Meeting with Chuck 4/27/22  

Chuck and I going over booking and scheduling ideas and things. He has some Pinterest galleries that have some cool calendar and time view widgets. He is somewhat collecting some samples and organizing a small gallery out on Pinterest to help with some research on date pickers, calendar views, time views, scheduling widgets, and calendar stuff. We talked about a new dynamic date picker that he would be willing to build. If yes, we could cascade it throughout the whole adilas site. That would be really cool. We already have a date picker on some of the pages, but not on all of them (there are a ton of pages that could use some loving).

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Shop 8879 Adilas Time 4/27/22  

Sean and I looking into the older code from the Leafly integration (back in 2019) done by Will Hudson. We were somewhat going through some of the pieces and virtually reverse engineering what we saw (looking at existing code and trying to figure it out). Basically, what was built by Will and what did it do?

John showed me some stuff on his discount engine. We were looking into a CSS (display) issue. We decided to wait for Chuck who would be popping in on the next meeting.

Just recording an idea, but what if we had Bryan help us out with some training and education stuff. We are really lacking there. Bryan could build it and then we could have Chuck make it look nice. Basically, Bryan could help with content and Chuck could help with presentation. There is a huge need for training, flow, processes, SOP's, etc. Also, just another idea... What if we put Bryan on a project to see if we could write a grant for building out fracture and where we would like to take it (huge future project in adilas and revamping the whole system). That might have some merit. We could really use some major funding to push that whole project forward. I know that Bryan has written other articles and/or research papers. Just a thought.

If needed, we could use the adilas developer's notebook to do more research on the whole fracture project. Lots of notes and ideas have been posted and pushed up to the developer's notebook over time. A great resource. A lot of it ties in with the adilas cafe and community that we are trying to build. We also have tons of R&D (research and development) on new UI/UX stuff from Jonathan Wells. Lots of great little ideas and such. Good starting point.

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Shop 8928 Budget Meeting 4/26/22  

Admin budget meeting. To start out with, we had all of us on the meeting (Steve, Cory, Shari O., and myself). Steve was having internet issues and ended up dropping off of the meeting. The other three of us kept plowing ahead. After the meeting, I sent notes and budgets to all of the main admin team. I have copies of those files here at my house, if we need them.

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Shop 8949 Helping Eric push up some code 4/26/22  

Cascading records and database tables from data 0 to all other data servers. We call this updating tables. There are about 10 tables that we update per server, to keep them synced up with the ones on data 0. Currently that is a manual process. That process took over an hour and a half. After that, I merged in some files and pushed them up to all serves. This was some new code for a 3rd party solution. Eric has been working on an integration with a company called Weedmaps. I don't really know much more than that.

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Shop 8948 Fixing bugs 4/26/22  

Chuck was on the meeting asking about calendars and goals and vision for elements of time. Cory and Bryan jumped on and we checked on a bug with some code that got pushed up earlier today. We got it fixed. I was really happy that we had such a quick reaction and were able to make the changes and push up the fix so quickly.

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Shop 8888 Server meeting 4/26/22  

Wayne, Cory, John, and I on the server meeting. Wayne was reporting on some progress on different things. Small talks about data 16 and some possible memory issues. Cory and Wayne were talking about some servers and data connections. We will continue to keep scheduling database clean-ups. The next one on the list is a database clean-up for the data 0 box. Cory and John spent some time going over projects.

Cory had to bail out and just Wayne and John were left on the meeting with me. Wayne was showing me the new corp-wide settings and changes that he is making there. We have a huge database table that has over 400+ columns or fields. The goal with his new setting service is to make that table much smaller and build out vertically vs horizontally, meaning adding in new rows with variable/value pairs, vs new columns that make the table huge. He is making great progress and seems to be almost halfway through the current process.

Towards the end of the meeting, we were shooting the bull and talking about a bunch of random things. Wayne likes to play around with hacker type tools. We talked about ways that his little hobby of hacking could actually help us make our stuff more stable, by knowing the common vulnerabilities and gotchas.

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Shop 8884 Adilas Time 4/26/22  

Steve and Sean were talking about ecommerce and what is needed to keep systems going. Lots of moving pieces. After that, it switched over to a sales meeting. Steve was asking questions about some dealerships and recent contacts that Sean and Marisa were making. We talked about how much custom code is needed per client or per industry vertical.

We got into a conversation about the client facing scheduler and how cool it will be, but also how much code it will take to make it fully functional. The subject then flipped over to automation, wizards, settings, training, and education needs. As things get more complex, there needs to be ways of letting people know what is needed and what needs to be done. If the education is not there, it actually makes it even harder to figure it out. We talked more about ways of helping to speed up the training and onboarding processes. We need a way for our client to figure things out and/or be educated on what is possible and what is needed. Steve was mentioning that we need a balance between sales and new development.

As a side note, in some of our design prototypes for the fracture project, we were working on a better UI/UX as well as a thing called education mode (toggle on/off for extra help and information). The goal was to make it available but hidden. If it was needed, it was there. If it wasn't needed, it was hidden but still avaiable. Also, a good UI/UX will help eliminate some of the education stuff (not all of it).

The final topic of the morning meeting was dealing with advertising and pushing that forward. We also talked about having the best team we have ever had. Good stuff!

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Shop 8940 Steve, Cory, Brandon-Catch up on projects and updates 4/25/22  

Both Steve and Cory were on the meeting. Touching base on projects. I gave an update on my projects and Steve gave us an update on his projects. Light budget talks. We talked about having to front load the initial setup, configuration, and any analysis of what is needed. We then got into client expectations and trying to get those expectations under control. Almost a conditional setup and need for education or step-by-step setup stuff. Ideally the goal is helping to automate things and coming up with wizards, handrails, and step-by-step setup processes.

Cory had some questions on MMLLC and percentage stuff. Checking on invoices and A/R's (account receivables) and getting payments. The subject switched over to pain and how that helps to lead and guide decisions. If we are calling ourselves a custom software solution and then charging accordingly. We need to play accordingly.

Spent the last 15-20 minutes paying bills and doing clean-up from the day.

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Shop 8946 Working on projects 4/25/22  

Emails and updating an active company and corporation list for Shari O. Switched over to working on some custom code and working on bulk tools for dealing with flex grid tie-ins. Coding and working through things.

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Shop 8944 Catching up from last week 4/25/22  

Recording notes from last week, busy week. Fixing a small image width issue on big photo gallery pages and photo/scan drill-down links. Emails and other small catch-up stuff.

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Shop 8870 Adilas Time 4/25/22  

Steve and Sean were on talking about possible advertising in trade magazines and possible budgets and marketing decisions. Sean and Steve were also talking about how Sean had done a lot of marketing previously (back in college and what he was going into - his major). They talked about changes and other possible options. Steve and I touched base on the demo that I did on Friday. We talked about the limited flex grid and upcoming client facing scheduling. Small report on where we are at there.

Eric joined and he and Steve were talking about options for the 2D barcode and digital scans of customer driver licenses. Eric wanted to know which way to head and where we are going. We talked about bigger options and chasing bigger fish but ended up coming back to an MVP (minimal viable product) type approach and direction. That's all that we can afford at this time.

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Shop 8932 Recording Notes 4/23/22  

Recording notes from last week. What a variety, from last week. We did stuff for corporation and business structure stuff, brainstorming, custom development, bug fixes, meetings, and advancing the ball in other ways. Busy week.

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Shop 8930 Training session with High Valley Bike Shuttle 4/22/22  

Demo and training session with High Valley Bike Shuttle. They had Drew, Jim, and Lanette on the call. We had Chuck, Sean, Marisa, and me from adilas. Good call. It went about an hour and 45 minutes. Lots of information to cover. We did record most of it, see attached if you are interested in seeing where things are at currently. Lots of other pieces are planned and in the development stages. Once the meeting ended, I wrote down a couple of ideas and pushed up the video. 

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Shop 8933 Prep work 4/22/22  

Prep work for the training session with High Valley Bike shuttle later today. Working on customer settings, setting up limited flex grid settings, and light ecommerce prep work. I came up with a number of scenarios, some planning, and light code tweaks to help with flow. I also started into some custom work for them. I'm excited to get them some training.

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Shop 8935 Improving the upload image quality 4/21/22  

Small tweak to the photo and scan upload options inside of adilas. We upped the quality and made some code changes to help with display. Pushed up the new files and did some live testing with some ecommerce images for the bike shuttle company.

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Shop 8934 Prep work 4/21/22  

A number of different activities. Watched some videos online about retirement plans, options, and rules. Just trying to get familiar with options for altering the adilas business structure into more of a multi member LLC with multiple owners. Prep work for the bike shuttle company. Planning and working on pieces, doing images, descriptions, ecommerce stuff, and helping to setup the system. Some small code tweaks to help with flow on some of the pages.

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Shop 8931 Going over numbers and scenarios 4/21/22  

Going over numbers, calculations, scenarios, and ideas for buying and selling internal ownership percentages of adilas. Trying to get our ducks in a line.

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Shop 8875 Adilas Time 4/21/22  

Small demo about the new global features for limited flex grid for both Steve and Sean. This feature used to be exclusive for the Ski School up at Beaver Mountain. We pushed it out to the whole adilas system earlier this week. It should be a great tool for those who are doing combos with flex grid tie-ins. Steve asked about the plan for the bike shuttle company. I told him that we are planning on doing 3 basic steps - prep, train on existing pieces, work on automation.

Hope (Experanza) reported in and wanted to do more marketing with a specific company. She has good connections in her industry. She and Sean are trying to get some advertising into magazines and in front of different parties. As a small side note, it was fun to listen in from the background. You could tell that she was a power user of adilas and those people tend to be our best salespeople or representatives. They have lived it.

Just for fun, Steve would love to go back through and figure out who else we could grab that were adilas power users. There is an untapped resource there - who has the skills and who has done what over time? Another idea was, if we can get the adilas cafe all setup, these power users could offer their own skills and services. That would be totally awesome! Also, if you take a power user and then teach them something else that they don't know (different section of adilas), they tend to pick things up really fast. They are able to build off of a good knowledge and skill base. They eat it up and see the potential.

We talked about other possible marketing stuff, events, swag, banners, the works. Steve and Sean were talking about options and marketing efforts.

Next, we switched gears and Steve and I started working on pulling in custom labels into auto print from the cart. We kinda got lost and couldn't figure it out until we saw that his browser (just a setting) was blocking what we were trying to do. We got it figured out but it had us stumped for a little while. After that, we talked briefly about the MMLLC (multi member LLC) stuff and where we are heading. We also talked about the upcoming scheduling stuff that is coming down the pipeline. As it gets developed, we will need to make sure and get the training and education stuff out there to help our users and trainers.

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Shop 8939 Finishing up on flex grid stuff 4/20/22  

Finished up and merged in code for the limited flex grid tie-in stuff. Close to 50 pages that got altered and updated. Pushed up files to all servers.

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Shop 8938 Working on projects 4/20/22  

More work on cascading the limited flex grid tie-ins to other system player groups. Worked on vendors, employee/users, parts, and quotes.

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Shop 8937 Work session 4/20/22  

Looking into a data issue on an expense/receipt on data 20 that wasn't showing up in the correct accounts payables section. It ended up being a vendor data problem. Got it fixed. Back working more on the limited flex grid tie-ins and distributing the links to all of the main application player groups (12 main player groups - deposits, invoices, PO's, expense/receipts, balance sheet items, stock/units, customers, vendors, employee/users, parts, elements of time, and quotes). Lots of local testing and coding. Going down the list, started with deposits and going from there.

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Shop 8890 Meeting with Chuck 4/20/22  

Chuck and I pushed up some changes. We then talked about investments. Lots of talk about annual returns on accounts, actively managing the monies and possible investments. Basically, what are the benefits of having another special account for retirement or savings? We talked about possible withdrawal rules such as any amount that is greater than or equal to $1,000. Basically, if we had another account, if you have $20K in that account, you could grab what you wanted, but you could do something like $100. It would have to be greater than or equal to $1,000 minimum ($amount to withdrawal needs to be >= $1,000).

If there was a bunch of money, you could do all kinds of stuff. Our current goal is to create and capture small drops based off of the reoccurring revenue model. We could open up other options later on down the road. We also talked about who may want to help manage and help monitor this account or business entity.

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Shop 8881 Adilas Time 4/20/22  

Multiple folks checking in this morning. Cory had some questions about payables and a company that reported that one of the payables wasn't showing up in their system. We briefly looked into it. Showed Sean and Marisa some of the progress on the limited flex grid tie-in stuff. Small mini demo for them. Reviewing notes on the adilas trust and ideas for the changes in company structure.

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Shop 8936 Brainstorming 4/20/22  

Up early and couldn't sleep. Spent the time brainstorming on scenarios, ideas, and trying to push things forward with adilas switching from just Steve and I being owners into a bigger MMLLC (multi member LLC). These are just ideas - not polished or complete, but at least a start. See attached for some scans. As a funny note, I woke up and had a few ideas floating around in my head, I started recording them and pretty soon, a huge tidal wave of ideas started breaking out. My original goal was just to record a couple of things. Two hours later, I went back to bed. Kinda funny.

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Shop 8942 Working on projects 4/19/22  

Back on the limited flex grid project and cascading those new links and settings to all 12 of the main system or application players. Part of the process of distributing that code to where it needs to go.

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Shop 8918 Call Drew 4/19/22  

Research and planning what is next with Drew and the High Valley Bike Shuttle. Called drew and setup some training for Friday at 2 pm. Going over the plan with him and talking about options.

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Shop 8929 check code 4/19/22  

Working with Bryan on some try, catches, if statements, and API socket payments. Emails and other to do list stuff.

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Shop 8941 Back working with Chuck 4/19/22  

Working with Chuck to get the multi file upload page live and online. Added the spinning loader gif to the page to help show activity. Pushed up files live on all servers.

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Shop 8887 Server meeting 4/19/22  

Cory, Wayne, John, and I on the server meeting. John was reporting on the discount engine and his progress there. He has a visual model that he was showing us for the demo. Wayne has been cleaning up some of the database servers and actual databases (data on the servers). Cory and Marisa are trying to make us look good by working on better communication stuff. We also were touching base on other server-based projects. Small meeting.

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Shop 8883 Adilas Time 4/19/22  

Morning sales meeting. They were checking in on email campaigns. They were looking at getting better calls and follow-ups. Steve was saying that we keep testing things, going through phases, and trying different things. Basically, small or little experiments on sales and promotions.

Chuck and I talking about 3D printers. Chuck and I going over the media/content multi upload page.

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Shop 8943 Projects 4/18/22  

Emails, reading up on a payroll audit and ideas on creating a MMLLC (multi member LLC) for the adilas company. Back on the limited flex grid project and cascading some of those pieces and changes around the site.

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Shop 8927 Inventory lookup bug 4/18/22  

Working on an inventory look-up project to help avoid bad user input and data. Switched a key look-up from a user-defined text look-up into a more controlled id look-up. We had to leave the flexible look-up for certain things and create a switch that allowed for both text and id look-ups on the same method. We've done this tons of times, we just had to do it and then follow all of the connecting paths and figure out which value to pass and base things off of. Cascaded the changes, tested, merged in code, and pushed it up to all of the servers.

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Shop 8914 Steve, Cory, Brandon-Catch up on projects and updates 4/18/22  

On a meeting with Steve and Cory. Talking about projects for Eric. Steve will be meeting with him today to go over projects and ideas for ownership in the adilas multi member LLC corporation. Light report on what Dustin is working on. Cory had a list of questions, and we spent some time going over those pieces and questions. Looking into a part look-up problem for a client. The problem ended up being a huge part number (lots of alpha/numeric and special characters) and whether or not it was being URL encoded for certain actions or functions. That little fix will take some more time and we could end up flipping things to an id look-up vs using the text-based searches that exist right now. It's only for a certain method, but it gets used 20+ times.

Spent some time with John looking into deep nested loops and sub filtering data. This is on the discount engine project. Lots of string manipulation and escaping certain strings and characters. Once again, rouge and random client data. It is a challenge to allow flexibility and still keep a level of control on what a user can enter into certain fields, lists, and values. All part of the game.

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Shop 8880 Adilas Time 4/18/22  

Steve and Sean were going over tired pricing out in ecommerce and how to set things up. I got to show a small demo of my progress on the limited flex grid stuff. Steve and Sean jumped back on going over some other new things that have come up and/or being developed. Both Sean and Marisa are helping with training and deployment and are doing a great job. As they are out in the field, they keep bringing things back that need a little bit of loving, small tweaks, and other ideas and feedback. Good stuff! That information is super valuable and even critical to our survival and success.

The more we do, the more we are trying to improve our internal connections. Steve and I were talking about ideas for an operating agreement and some sort of option for doing a retirement or special savings account of sorts. I scanned some scratch paper and I was asking him for some ideas and feedback. He recommended that the column for quality could be called position or position level. How critical or important is the role that the person is playing in the mix? We couldn't think of a good name. We were thinking value, quality, rating, or level. I like position level better. Just playing with ideas.

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Shop 8922 Recording Notes 4/16/22  

Recording notes from meeting and work sessions from the past couple of days. Sometimes it is fun to go back and review your progress and see what you are accomplishing. It all adds up over time.

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Shop 8926 Doing some coding 4/16/22  

Building out the ability to look-up settings and be able to flip flop between the add limited flex grid tie-ins and the fully expanded add/edit flex grid tie-ins page. Started coding some of the elements of time pages to allow for the flexible choice of doing limited or fully expanded modes in add mode. Making progress.

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Shop 8925 Working on limited flex grid 4/16/22  

Working on the limited flex grid tie-ins page and section. Finished up the advanced settings for the flex grid fields. Looking at the add limited flex grid page and the normal add/edit or fully expanded add/edit flex grid page. Going though both pages from top to bottom in order to compare what they do and see if we could combine any code or logic. Pretty deep dive. I will add my notes and scans to this element of time. Looking to build out the add limited flex grid tie-ins to make it a global tool. Currently, only one company can use it as it was developed as custom code, back in 2016-2017. It has a lot of power and really makes the custom flex grid fields seem much more digestible and easier to manage. See attached.

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Shop 8924 Planning and research 4/15/22  

Emails and playing with numbers for a retirement type program for adilas, co-founders, and co-owners. I was asking my wife and kids for some ideas and suggestions. I then was playing with some small calculations and seeing how things would look and/or work out. I also did some research and reading up on ternary operators in JavaScript. This is a shortcut for setting a single variable with either a true or false type logic (normal if statement stuff) without writing out the full if statement and setting the variables in the main if or the else clause.

Here is a sample: I got this online on one of the sites that I was looking at and it made sense to me. "variable = (condition) ? true-value : false-value;"

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Shop 8917 Budget Meeting 4/14/22  

Meeting with Cory, Steve, and I to go over budgets and corporate structure changes. Shari O. wasn't able to make the first part of the meeting so we recorded it. Brandon has the video footage at his house on his computer. We didn't want to post it as it contains some budget type info. Anyways, we went through the meeting and I was taking some notes, we were drawing and going through some scenarios. Shari O. was able to join us about half way through the meeting. I sent the meeting notes around after we finished. The meeting notes are mostly about the corporate structure changes that we are trying to make. See attached.

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Shop 8923 Planning and research 4/14/22  

Planning and researching some changes that are needed on the use limited flex grid tie-in pages. Currently only Beaver Mountain Ski School uses the special limited flex grid pages. We would like to roll that out to all clients and let them configure things and how things get setup and shown. Even though in the background it is doing flips and twists, make it look super simple on the frontend. It makes a difference. Imagine around 40+ fields to handle a single flex grid tie-in. What if you could get that down to 4 or 5 key fields. Wouldn't that look so much simpler. Anyways, we have it, but it fully custom and only tied to one corporation. We are looking at rolling that out to all clients. It will be pretty cool.

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Shop 8921 Check gram tracker issue 4/14/22  

Emails and then hopped on a GoToMeeting with Bryan. He wanted to look at some ecommerce gram controllers. We got it as far as we could. I recommended that he talk to Steve about some of the new settings. We jumped off and then jumped back on again for another issue. We needed to get Bryan's local environment up to speed and updated with master code repository stuff. Crazy to see how much changes, even in just a couple of weeks to a month. Every day something is different. It moves that fast sometimes.

I made some calls to a funding company, just checking on final payoffs and wrapping things up. It feels good to get all of that stuff done and fully taken care of.

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Shop 8882 Adilas Time 4/14/22  

Steve and Sean were talking about custom gram controllers and ways to setup certain settings to make it super flexible. As they were talking, I was thinking, yes, it can do it but we will need to train our people on how to use that. Often with complexity comes the need for more education. They seem to go hand in hand.

I was reviewing notes from a meeting with an unemployment auditor about employees and general employer stuff. We are trying to make some changes in how our business is structured. Good stuff, but also a challenge.

Cory and Steve were going over 3rd party solutions and dealing with them. It is kind of a bitter sweet relationship. They keep popping up all over the place and some of them expect us to virtually carry them. It can be a challenge.

On a different note, we keep circling back around and talking about Stripe and ways to possibly integrate with them. They seem to be a very good and valid merchant solution. Marisa and Sean were going over Metrc invoice syncing and tips and tricks to make things sync up.

After that, Chuck and I worked on media/content files and code review. We tweaked a few files and pushed them up to the adilas content server. Chuck and I started chatting about rules for 1099's and sub-contractors. We reviewed some of my notes from the meeting with the unemployment auditor. Just for fun, Chuck was say, why don't you move where the business is based out of to a more tax friendly state. I never would have thought of that. We don't plan on moving, but it was an interesting angle. Almost a business decision based on tax friendliness - kinda interesting.

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Shop 8920 Recording Notes 4/13/22  

Emails, client logs, and scheduling follow-ups. Recording notes from earlier today. Tons of notes. The ball keeps rolling! What a game!

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Shop 8919 Phone call with Drew 4/13/22  

Checking emails and then on a phone call with Drew from the High Valley Bike Shuttle corporation. We chatted and touched base. We also setup some times to do some training and progress reports. Here is our rough plan.

- Get in there and setup categories, items, images, descriptions, flex grid tie-ins, time templates, and general processes.

- Do some training on the general processes and get them using the system with current tools - somewhat of the manual or non-automated processes. We will record the training and make sure that they are good to go. This will get them going.

- We will keep building on the automation and client facing scheduling portions that are needed. Release things as soon as we are able as an MVP deployment (minimal viable product).

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Shop 8909 Review Auto Bump up/down with Eric 4/13/22  

Meeting with Cory, Eric, and I to go over the reoccurring expense/receipts and how they play with balance sheet items. I was showing my screen and drawing and talking with Eric. We went over the basics and then went in and did an actual example. Cory had to leave, so she and Eric switched over to a project dealing with an outside 3rd party solution and a full API socket setup. They will be starting from scratch (basically) and building from there. We have an API socket and API endpoints and they have an API socket with endpoints. We just need to figure out who is pushing and who is pulling data. Somewhat of a discovery process and taking things step by step with an end goal in mind.

After Cory left, Eric and I jumped in deeper and got into specifics on the bump up/down project for expenses and balance sheet items. We looked at code, made suggestions, and talked about a rough plan of attack. Eric should have some direction and will report back if he gets stuck. We are pretty good at doing just in time project management and getting things assigned out to our guys and gals. Good meeting.

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Shop 8892 Meeting with Chuck 4/13/22  

Chuck and I were talking about using setup wizards and easy setup steps to virtually walk people through complex or involved processes. We covered a bunch of different topics today. One of them was MVC or model view controllers and how splitting things into different levels allows for more modular code. The thing that changes the most is the view model (display). The other pieces tend to stay fairly similar without huge changes between versions. Chuck would like me to speak with his wife about some of those different levels and some tips and tricks on keeping them separate. She worked with a client that does government work and they were setup with really good deafferentation between data layers, business logic layers, and view or display layers. She is also familiar with a number of different frameworks and possible options there.

As we were talking, Chuck said that one of his goals is going to be working on layouts, use of whitespace, and number of clicks to get something done and finished. Those sounded like good goals to look into and work on for adilas projects. Next, we chatted about navigation, layouts, and the concept of an artist with a pallet and being able to change the layout and control your space (work environment). Sometimes the word space is too deep for people to grasp. They think of stars and constellations. We are currently talking more about personal space and configuring your own environment or working space (homepages, nav options, preferences, dashboards, etc.). Chuck would love to help develop some really cool dashboards and such. That would be awesome.

More talk about wizards and easy bulk setup options. We would love to configure some almost hands-free setup options. Think of what a cost saving this would be. Basically, if we could make the setup easier, we could eliminate some large costs and time savings by letting the users set it up themselves. That is still a long way out, but a great goal. Along those lines, we were talking about how both settings and permissions really need to dictate displays, options, and work spaces. If we did it well enough, we could even offer a free trial or something along those lines. Right now, it takes too much to setup it all up and get someone trained. We can't do it for free because it takes someone who know the system to setup it up, configure it, and get the people trained on it.

If we could get things done in bulk or through simple handholding wizards, that would really help the process. Those handrails or wizards turn mountains into smaller icebergs (perception of what is there to take in or acknowledge). We talked about some possible mini apps or standalone modules for the current adilas platform. Timeclocks, timecards, uers, payroll, expense tracking, point of sale, CRM (customer relationship management), ecommerce, etc. All of the main 12 business functions. Fun little meeting and some good ideas. We would like to include and even start working on the fracture project with some of these ideas. That is and has been a big goal and driving force for what we are doing. What is the next step and how can we get there?

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Shop 8876 Adilas Time 4/13/22  

It was Steve's day off today, but he was still in there pushing on things. He was checking in and uploading new custom labels to data 16. After that, he and Dustin were going over some new CSS (display) changes for some of the pages. We helped Dusitn figure out some stuff with the CSS and data table switches. Cory and Shari O. were touching base on some small tech support issues. Eric joined and was reporting in on the driver license scanning project. He is looking into our code and comparing it to a 2D barcode library that he found on git hub.

Eric and I ended up talking about other API sockets and functionality. He was saying that he likes to categorize things as - must haves and nice to haves. I thought that it was a fun way of saying needs and wants. Good stuff. Spent the rest of the time working on emails.

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Shop 8916 Recording Notes 4/12/22  

Recording notes from today and this morning. Reviewing notes, scans, and plans.

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Shop 8915 Planning and reviewing 4/12/22  

Somewhat of a mix of different things. Reviewing and planning an MVP (minimal viable product) for the client facing scheduling app for ecommerce. Doing some research and reading inside of pass elements of time in the developer's notebook. One of the items was some new time template settings on element of time # 8004. The other was some notes on the bike shuttle scheduling for a client on element of time # 8137.

Sending some emails over to the merchant processing folks to get some approvals on terms and policies for a client. This was required for underwriting for their merchant account.

Jumped on a GoToMeeting with Steve to go over some code for bulk printing custom labels. Steve also reported that he spoke more with Alan on the options for multi member LLC and the adilas trust options for a new corporation and entity structure. Good stuff.

I then jumped back into the research and planning for the client facing scheduling stuff for ecommerce and elements of time.

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Shop 8908 Small work session 4/12/22  

Cory, Steve, and I talking about merchant processing with both Elavon and USAePay gateways. Trying to figure out the best approach for those two solutions. We already have active code and implementations with both gateways, we are just trying to figure out which one to sort of lean on and favor (business decisions). Both seem pretty good, just weighing options.

Steve, Sean, and I jumped on a small fix it project for the complex labels (QR code and normal barcodes). We got in there and made a number of changes and pushed up some files. As we were talking about labels, we brought up Calvin's dynamic labels and the need to get back in there and work out kinks from his dynamic label builder. Marisa joined and had some label questions. That shot us over to the barcode custom labels and using the complex label generator to store sub packages, fixed quantities, and fixed costs, all tied to a single barcode value. Kind of interesting that the custom labels came up multiple times this morning alone. Pretty crazy!

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Shop 8886 Server meeting 4/12/22  

Wayne jumped on and was reporting on a number of server issues and projects. Just this morning, he did a clean-up on the data 3 database and removed some older data (we call them skeletons - dead data). They will be sweeping the floor on the data 20 box next week. Just some backend clean-up and maintenance. Wayne also touched base on a number of other projects that were on his list. Good report.

After the server meeting, Steve had some questions on the bulk printing of cart and PO labels. We got into the logic and other settings. Looking over code.

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Shop 8877 Adilas Time 4/12/22  

When I joined, they were going over some sales stuff. Steve, Sean, and Cory were going over specific examples and how BioTrack calculates units and grams. Crazy stuff. I joined later today. I had a dentist appointment.

As the meeting progressed, we were talking about client acquisition costs and how to manage expectations. We are really trying to get a good ROI (return on investment) from what we are doing. We can't charge for all of it and that is where it hurts a bit. It gets really crazy if there are a lot of unknowns or unfamiliar territory. An example in my mind is I start saying "I'm not sure" if I see too many revolving doors (variables) and the maintenance load is somewhat unknown (they keep changing things). Those are the scary ones.

With some of the BioTrack stuff, we are seeing lots of crazy tracking needs. Some per item, per patient/client, and some per tax category. It sounded like possible crazy taxing stuff based on items and customer types. Not impossible, but for sure deep and complicated.

These talks about crazy custom code levels lead into some talks about charging for custom work or what is expected of the software. That lead to talks about clients covering travel time and other deployment and reimbursement costs. Each door we open has a number of new options, possibilities and variables. We also talked about costs of deploying in different states and special code that is required per state. For example: state level payroll for all 50 states or driver license scanning and auto populating for customer searches. Each state may be very different. If we add them, we then have to support and maintain those things as well. It's not just a one-time cost, it keeps going, as long as we have clients in those states, using our products. You have to look down the road a little bit.

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Shop 8895 Working on projects 4/11/22  

Recording notes from this morning and getting going on a new page for verbage on terms and conditions, privacy policy, and refund policies. Required for ecommerce stuff. Got the first round verbage done and posted online. Click here if you want to read the generic terms and policies. Sent some emails around to get some feedback.

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Shop 8906 Steve, Cory, Brandon-Catch up on projects and updates 4/11/22  

Cory and I jumped on and looked over a bunch of projects. John was still on and showed Cory progress on the state choices and new payroll messages. I took some time and showed Cory some of the features of the new copy select chart of accounts tool - copying things between corporations. We also looked at some upcoming projects. I'll be working on some verbage for refund policies, privacy policies, and other terms and conditions. We need to add these pieces to our ecommerce site. After that, my next major project will be planning out an MVP (minimal viable product) for client facing scheduling and booking.

Steve joined and he and Cory were going over a number of custom label and other projects. Steve and Cory were also talking about some merchant processing options. We have some required updates that are coming up and we don't have very many people using that feature. As a business decision, we may need to get with those folks and see if they are willing to transfer over to a different merchant account. The more you have, the more you have to maintain. We are looking to consolidate on some of those options and available features. Finally, we went over next steps for each of us and then bailed out to work on our own projects.

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Shop 8871 Adilas Time 4/11/22  

A bunch of the guys were checking in this morning. Eric needed some info and direction on a driver license scan project. Alan checked in on the enterprise level parts categories and category images. Chuck and I did a small code review and merged and pushed up a file for adding media/content (files). After that, John and I looked over some small payroll changes for states and allowing for timecards without fully allowing for full payroll options. Mostly a small work session this morning.

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Shop 8913 Recording Notes 4/9/22  

Recording notes from Thursday and Friday. Just trying to stay caught up.

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Shop 8912 Finished up a special copy between corps tool 4/8/22  

Finished up the special copy between corporations for chart of accounts (expense types, deposit types, and balance sheet item types). Pushed the new file up to all servers and sent Cory an email as she is the one that needed this tool for a special migration project that she was helping out with.

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Shop 8910 Working on projects 4/8/22  

Emails, internal tech support stuff, and then back working on my projects. Working on the copy selected chart of accounts between corporations. In our terms, chart of accounts are expense types, deposit types, and balance sheet types.

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Shop 8899 Budget Meeting 4/7/22  

Budget meeting with Steve, Shari O., Cory, and I. Most of the meeting was done using spreadsheets and Word document that we have been adding to for the ideas and concepts of the multi member LLC that we are trying to get fully setup.

- Steve and I talking about the cost of getting a client on the system. Often, they have huge demands, totally ridiculous. Often, there are even times that they have huge expectations, almost expecting perfectly wrapped, signed, sealed, and delivered products. Steve and I were talking about the expectations and ROI on those clients.

- Levels of activation and setting a price tag accordingly. Setting the expectations and assessing their (our clients) needs. Seeing how deep we need to go and what we are dealing with.

- As is or are we doing extras?

- Steve was reporting on talking with Eric and maybe letting him take a crack at doing sales. Cory has some small development projects for him as well.

- Doing a better assessment of what it will take for them (each new client) to be fully on and up and going. It may be a 5-10K dollar rollout vs a $500 activation.

- Differentiate between training, setup, deployment, customization, consulting, and tech support.

At the end of the meeting, Shari O. and I touched base on ecommerce terms and refund policies. We need to create a general page that covers different privacy policies, refund policies, and other terms and such for ecommerce. We have a client that needs that in place before the merchant processing company will release their merchant account. After that, Cory and I quickly touched base on some other projects that we are working on. I showed her a demo of the copy selected chart of accounts between corporations and we went over the next steps.

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Shop 8911 Working on projects 4/7/22   Working on the copy select chart of accounts project for Cory. Getting into the first actual copy actions. Eventually it will do main groups, sub groups, and actual accounts (deposit types, expense types, and balance sheet types).
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Shop 8905 Recording notes from this morning 4/7/22  

Recording notes from earlier meetings and brainstorming sessions. Recorded a number of quick list items for what brings value to our company. This is not an exhausted list, but a good start. I was already able to think of a bunch more.

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Shop 8894 Brandon projects questions 4/7/22  

Cory has been on vacation for a week or so. She got back and a bunch of the folks on the morning meeting wanted to talk to her. She coordinated times to get back with Sean, Marisa, and John. After that we went over projects and progress reports. Lots of touching base on small happenings, projects, and updates. We decided to assign a few tasks to some of the developers who could help take things off of my plate.

We talked about state taxes, state payroll and withholdings. We have two new states that are needed. Sometimes, that takes time, research, and then ongoing maintenance (year after year). We talked about new clients and managing expectations. For our new clients, we need to figure out what they will be needing? We may need to pad the setup and activation fee to help with light customizations. Almost every client needs it, but they don't want to pay for that. We can't do it for free. We may need to add some of that flex coverage to the initial activation fee. Thinking about a fee of $1,500 for a brand new client and a smaller activation fee for existing clients that just need a new corporation or system. Something more like $500 vs $1,500 as we won't know what is really needed with a brand new client.

The last topic of the day was 3rd party solutions and some of the settings that we have and how they play in. Light talk about the API sockets and key connections that outside 3rd parties need to make. 

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Shop 8873 Adilas Time 4/7/22  

Marisa and Sean jumped on the meeting. We started out by talking about special driver license scanning options and possible state specific formats and options. Next we switched over and talked about a 3rd party solution and possible security issues. We came up with a couple of suggestions and Sean will relay those ideas back to the 3rd party folks.

Next we went through a number of scenarios on discount engine stuff, custom discounts for employees, and cost plus tax options for owners. We got deep into the discount engine and also using the advanced add/edit to cart feature. Pretty cool.

Tons of dynamic setting and setting up options for barcode quick carts and other speed and ease of use options and settings. Sometimes a new user may feel overwhelmed with too many settings. We can help them run their way without getting overwhelmed via a setup and deployment person on our side who helps guide them through the processes and sets things up for them, based on what they know or have been asked to do. Futuristically, we would love to have a series or wizard type walk-throughs or bigger global user types where we could quickly configure settings on a corporation, business industry level, and even a page level - based on known needs and patterns.

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Shop 8904 What brings value - small list 4/7/22  

I woke up this morning dreaming about adilas and what value it brings to the table. I went downstairs to record a couple of thoughts and ended up staying down there for a quite a bit of time, just recording ideas as they came to me. I then took a small notepad of post-it notes upstairs and kept coming up with different ideas. These could be expanded upon, it was just a quick, record what thoughts are coming to your mind, type of thing. I had all of these little one-liners written on about 9 pages of post-it notes. Kinda funny.

- 20 years of experience

- 250 customers

- Working model

- Trained team

- Data like crazy - tons of it

- Usage patterns

- Able to handle multi-industries (business verticals)

- People use it - daily

- Success stories from some of our clients

- Database model and database schema (what rows, columns, tables, indexes, data types, records, values, etc.)

- Code repository (huge code base)

- 10 full versions with back-ups of each version (over time)

- Documentation (things written, recorded, and organized)

- Commercial product

- Developer's notebook - full story and all that we have learned

- Able to do custom out of the box

- All of the custom code (as an asset)

- Plans for fracture (upcoming and future project)

- Established billing and revenue

- R&D and prototyping

- Graphics, visuals, and other artwork (even sketches)

- Presentation gallery - Full presentation ready gallery for business functions, attributes, key players, and core concepts

- Concepts - these are worth more than our code

- Pioneering paths and ideas

- Over 6.5 million in sales

- Willing to push the limits and try new things

- We know the pit falls, the costs, the good, and the bad - we've been playing in this arena for quite some time

- No one else is doing what we are doing and how we do it. Our approach to bring operations and accounting together is unique.

- Our story is fully recorded

- Reoccurring model and reoccurring revenue

- Support a team of 15-20 individuals and their families

- Thousands of users that use it every day

- Refinement and bug fixes

- We've built and maintained this application - we know what it takes

- We are doing it - following a dream

- Tons of video recordings and trainings

- Knowledge and experience

- Minimal debt

- Generating revenue right now

- Plans and vision for the future

- 40+ servers

- Ok with being who we are right now

- We don't have to have every client - Ok with serving those who like what we do

- Relationships with clients, vendors, 3rd party solutions, users, and team members

- Tons of intangibles

- Ecosystem

- 12 main players, 12 business functions, 12 core concepts

- Data assembly line

- 3D World building concepts

- The concepts are worth more than the code - We are one of millions of possible options vs everybody will go down the main primary path that leads to what we are doing and trying to do. If they (any other company or software system) choose to follow us, they will come down the core paths that we have found and are exploring. These are the core concepts that we are built on. There is tons of room down here (like exploring a giant cavern with tons of off shooting tunnels and shoots).

- We keep taking the next little step and keeping linking things together

- The depth of what we do and what we cover

- High-end software as a service (online SaaS model), we cover anything to do with operations and accounting, we have a standard package and can built out custom on top of that.

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Shop 8903 Recording notes 4/6/22  

Recording notes, doing emails, and checking out some new code from one of our 3rd party solutions.

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Adi 2174 New Mexico Payroll 4/6/22  

Research and re-activation of the New Mexico Payroll

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Shop 8902 General 4/6/22  

Emails, tech support, and met up with both Sean and Wayne on the GoToMeeting session for a bit. Responding to emails and checking on a loan repayment (big check that cleared the bank today). So many little things to do. They take up tons of time.

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