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Shop 9856 Bear 100 - Custom Code 2/8/2023  

Working through a number of notes from a client meeting. Work session on the requests for the custom code on the Bear 100 mobile app and the internal code. Spent most of the session getting back into the project. Read my notebook notes, looked around, tried a few things, and sent a text message to Chuck to see if he could help me out.

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Shop 9859 general 2/8/2023  

Doing emails, recording notes, and fixing a small bug on the classic homepage for the quick search. Pushed up new code.

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Shop 9827 Adilas Time 2/8/2023  

John and Steve were on the meeting going over the chooser page and graphic options. We kept going back to ways of limiting things down by selections and/or settings. We have a lot and sometimes it gets hard to sort through things. Sean was asking about email stuff and what we need to do there. That is still somewhat of a mystery with some unknowns. We went back to talking with John about the look and feel changes that are here and/or coming down the pipeline. There is no way to get it all done at once. We will have to allow for different rounds and being willing to circle back around again and again. All part of the process and that's ok.

We talked about being able to search and filter different options. John is going to be working on adding things to the adilas docs. Dustin reached out and had me push some code for him. Quick phone call (mini server meeting) with Wayne. He was not in the office and was out doing stuff with his family. We'll reconnect next week and push more on the email stuff.

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Shop 9872 check and push code 2/7/2023  

Working with Bryan on some new payroll and employer withholding settings. We got pretty deep into a code review. Working on custom calculations and dynamic looping (from 1-5 possible options - able to set them up with custom names, values, calculations, and show/hide options). We merged in some code and then did some live testing. We found that we had to fix some of the defaults, as this payroll setting had a couple of parts, and some companies had some and not all of the settings in place. We ended up remerging in some small re-work and code fixes.

While Bryan was fixing things, I was going over and through tons of emails and trying to do some catch-up. It's crazy to see how quickly an inbox can be full to overflowing.

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Shop 9871 Server Meeting 2/7/2023  

This didn't happen. We ended up using the time to roll back some code for the internal email servers.

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Shop 9824 Adilas Time 2/7/2023  

Dustin popped in and had some questions for both Steve and myself. We talked quite a bit about email stuff. That is a hot topic right now. It got a little bit heated and crazy. I'm trying but some of this stuff is over my head and somewhat out of my hands. Lots of pressure, both internally and from our clients.

We were supposed to get on a server meeting, but Wayne wasn't able to make it. I spent the next hour from 10-11 am rolling back about 38 files from pointing to the adilas content server back to the older adilas university site, where we had the old email API functionality stuff.

This is a side note, but sometimes I really wish that they (our team) would ask someone else to do it. I don't like being the fix it guy. That's a lot of pressure. Not my favorite thing, for sure.

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Shop 9874 Working on email settings and servers 2/6/2023  

Phone call with Newtek tech support on email issues. Submitted a support ticket. Changed some code and pushed up new files. Going over emails.

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Shop 9869 Meeting with Bryan 2/6/2023  

Meeting with Bryan and going over options for the tooltips on the horizontal time view and the timeslot page view for elements of time. We are thinking that small tooltips could really help there on those pages. After that we switched over and talked about the new employer withholding settings for payroll. Bryan is getting closer on that project. Just a little bit left. We also spent the last 20 minutes going over a new project for allowing a bigger logo/image for invoices. We recorded that small session. See attached for the video link.

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Shop 9854 Recording Notes 2/6/2023  

Recording notes from the last few days of last week. I was going to meet with Bryan, but that didn't happen.

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Shop 9810 Adilas Time 2/6/2023  

Pretty quiet meeting this morning. I heard over the grapevine that the sales meeting was going to be pushed back to just Fridays. Anyways, both Sean and Shari O. checked in. Light questions. Cory is out on vacation so they had some questions about data migration for clients and how to do some of those tasks. Cory normally does that. I showed them around and gave them some links and instructions on how to use the corp-to-corp migration and special copy tools.

Part of the session, I spent it taking a file that we had found and making it into a more robust so that we could use it as a new migration tool. It was hardcoded, but we turned it into a more dynamic or generic tool. The new tool deals with being able to copy part categories between corporations.

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Shop 9858 Add in a status flag for EOT's 2/2/2023  

More work on adding in the sub special status filter to the advanced time sub flags and tags search. I had to alter the search page, the results page, the backend logic, and the export to excel pages. After that, I switched over to adding in a fix to help prompt users to setup sub inventory templates when attempting to add/edit sub inventory. If everything is setup, it just flows through. If it's not all setup, it lightly prompts, with a message and a link, on how to set it up correctly. Light little bit of loving for that sub inventory functionality. Merged and pushed up files.

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Shop 9821 Adilas Time 2/2/2023  

Sean checked in and said that the business cards were done and ready. John and I tried talking over the GoToMeeting but my Internet connection was bad. We ended up on a phone call. Going over plans, design, layouts, and next steps. I found a small bug and started working on it. Looking into a request to add a status filter to the advanced time search page for time sub flags and tags.

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Shop 9863 Move email server from adilas university to adilas content server 2/1/2023  

Grabbing files from adilas university and putting them up on the content server. Compared folders for differences. Looking over and changing files that referenced to the older site. Testing and cascading code. Pushed up new files.

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Shop 9867 Recording Notes 2/1/2023  

Recording notes from earlier in the week as well as from last Thursday. See these elements of time in the shop for more information. Quick phone call with John going over design questions. Quick merge and push code for Bryan on some date-picker changes.

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Shop 9809 Adilas Time 2/1/2023  

Steve and I were working on a selection out in ecommerce for a burrito shop that Steve is working with. For example: Say you have a burrito or enchilada and want to offer meat or cheese choices. That kind of stuff. Anyways, we were fixing some code and advancing the ball a bit. It still needs a little bit of help but making progress.

The guys and gals joined the meeting and gave their reports. Both Sean and Michael seem to be doing pretty good and are out talking to multiple people and businesses. They are also following up on new leads and follow-up on older leads. Sounded like good stuff.

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Shop 9864 Recording Notes 1/31/2023  

Recording notes from past meetings. Meeting with Aspen and listening to her world building proposal and wireframe type mock-up of where she would like to take that project. Sounded good and I gave her permission and approval to keep pushing on it. We uploaded some notebook scans on the element of time that she was recording her notes and time on. As a fun side note, Aspen is trying to take the world building project and really turn it into a pitch as if she was pitching it to investors and/or new clients. We have tons of historical data, timelines, and plans. All of that stuff is still good but will play more of a background or reference material type roll. I'm excited to see what she comes up with. Good stuff.

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Shop 9862 Yearend Stuff 1/31/2023  

Working on yearend stuff. Filed the annual report for Adilas, LLC in the state of Colorado Secretary of State's website. Did some work on percentage ownership and added in new documents for each co-owner in adilas as to where percentage ownership values and numbers stand as of 12/31/2022. Paying bills and checking emails.

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Shop 9860 check and push code 1/31/2023  

Quick check-in with Bryan on his projects. We talked and he asked a few questions on the new payroll employer withholding settings that he is working on. We also went over some date-picker stuff and he has a few new files that need to be merged in and pushed up.

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Shop 9843 Server Meeting 1/31/2023  

Wayne, Cory, John, and I jumped on the server meeting. We were reporting on updates and what has happened since last week. Cory had some questions about being able to move corporations around. That lead to a discussion about future goals of being able to move to a fully clustered environment. Talking about plans and where we are headed. We also went over a few of the prep steps that we need to do in order to get there. Light talks about the datasource project. That is part of an overarching world building project that we are working on and chipping away at. It keeps coming up. We really want to push it forward, as we are able.

Wayne was explaining clustering to Cory. I was mostly just listening to them talk back and forth. We did talk about maybe doing a small prototype or demo project to do a proof of concept. Next, we talked about building up a data dictionary. At some point we want to document the whole database, tables, relationships, primary keys, foreign keys, data types, and other data definitions. As a fund side note, inside of the adilas shop corporation's site, we have a number of documents that Brandon has worked on over the years - the beginning of the data definitions and data dictionary stuff. To find those, do an advanced media/content search and add the keyword "database" to the file name or path field to get the results. Some of the original work was done back in 2014 and then added onto later on.

As we were talking about data dictionaries and definitions, we talked about getting everything in one spot where all of us could see it and contribute to the document. We have it stored inside of adilas, but it isn't really setup for quick contributions like a google doc or something like that.

Lastly, both Wayne and John got into some deep talks about Java memory stuff. John and Cory were also talking about look and feel pages and upcoming projects as we ended the meeting.

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Shop 9815 Adilas Time 1/31/2023  

Steve and Danny were talking when I joined the meeting. Steve had some questions about adding in extras out in ecommerce to append the extra choices to the product description. The other guys gave their updates and reports. John and I then did some work on splits, expense/receipts (E/R's), REI's (reimbursements), and other payables. Light training. Also spent some time catching up on emails.

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Shop 9855 Projects 1/30/2023  

Bryan jumped on and we pushed up some new files for date-picker stuff. We then did some planning on the new employer withholdings settings that he is working on for payroll settings. We went over some logic, choices, and data flow. He was taking notes to get to the next step. I also gave Shari O. a call and we chatted about numbers, plans, yearend filing stuff, and what not. We spoke for a little over half an hour. We are on the same page.

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Shop 9708 Steve, Cory, Brandon-Catch up on projects and updates 1/30/2023  

Two different sections. Steve and I got on a quick meeting to talk about yearend stuff and 1099's. We were talking specifically about different parties and individuals. After that, Cory and I were talking about how we can help Steve and take some things off of his plate. Nobody likes that, but sometimes if you don't remove some of the weight, it sinks the ship and/or makes the skipper make bad decisions.

Cory had a list and we started going though projects and updates. We went over 5 different client projects and where they are at. We looked in the code at a possible bug on inventory usage. We talked about new requested features and reports. It just keeps going!

At the very end, Cory and I were talking about the concept of being supported or feeling like you are supported (loved and cared about).

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Shop 9853 Brandon & Shari 1/30/2023  

Chat and work session with Shari O. We were talking about 1099's, both federal and state liability, ethics, values, and right (subjective) vs correct decisions. Good session.

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Shop 9811 Adilas Time 1/30/2023  

Danny was pitching some video and training options. Both he and Michael have some video editing talents and skills. That is awesome. As part of our meeting, Steve was expressing that he is getting overwhelmed and stressed. He both said it and you could feel it. We've all been there before (and most likely will be back there). There's lots to do. Anyways, Steve finally left the meeting to work on some stuff.

After that, the guys were talking about marketing and how to best market our product. Danny had a bunch of good ideas. We got into talking about how sometime maintenance and education are better than "new" features. Sometimes that is hard to remember. We talked about some things that we learned from a business consultant a few years ago.

We then did a small review of where we are at. I jumped into adilas and started clicking around and showing the guys. We are succeeding in a number of places. Yes, there are areas where we are falling short, but there is a lot going on and lots of good stuff. I spent a good 20-30 minutes going over things with the guys and gals. It doesn't fix everything, but it does help to lower the overall stress levels. Hopefully it helped.

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Shop 9866 Cascading code changes 1/26/2023  

Cascading snow owl - modern and snow owl - classic page view settings and switches. This is a new user level setting in case they (the user) want to go back a version on some of the new pages that we are changing. Tons of pages. Spent time checking both old and new page views. Committed and merged in files that I was working on. Made a list of ones that I will need to get back to. They were a little bit more in-depth or had harder logic pieces.

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Shop 9838 Projects 1/26/2023  

Work session. Bulk verifying 300+ PO's for Sean and Michael. They were onsite with a client and needed some bulk clean-up stuff done behind the scenes. Merging in code from Bryan. He had added a date-picker to the add/edit media/content files. Also spent time doing emails.

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Shop 9845 check and push code 1/26/2023  

Pushed up a bunch of new files for Bryan and his date format and date-picker project. Started adding the date-picker to some of the media/content pages. Small can of worms. This may take more time and review. We rand out of time.

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Shop 9865 Working with John 1/26/2023  

Working with John on snow owl them page display switches and settings. We did 8 pages together. Then I jumped in and started working on a number of other pages that needed the switch.

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Shop 9820 Adilas Time 1/26/2023  

Each of the guys were reporting in on what they did yesterday. Sometimes people discount us and our product because our rates are so low. The guys were talking lots of hits and some of their visits are kinda rough. It's tough being on the frontlines and in direct firing range.

Note for me - On items that are set to subs only, maybe help prompt the user to setup sub attributes, if we can tell that they don't exist yet. That has been a problem and we have to explain it all of the time. People forget that step.

Talks about internal training and having the guys help us figure things out.

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Shop 9839 Recording Notes 1/25/2023  

Catching up on notes from the past few days. Spent time recording note from 1/19/23 to 1/25/23.

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Shop 9844 check and push code 1/25/2023  

Two different sessions. One with John and the other with Bryan. John and I got some files ready for pushing up his new snow owl page view settings (modern or classic). Even though this setting has the name classic in it, it is still in the main snow owl theme. More of a mix but basically, new or modern views or somewhat legacy files with an older classic look and feel. Merged in the branch after fixing a few page conflicts.

Bryan re-joined and we merged in over 300+ files for date-picker and the 4-digit year stuff that we have been working on. That's thousands of pages in the last few weeks from Bryan to standardize things over the entire backend site. Almost done - good work!

The whole last part of the meeting was spent going over a plan for new flex withholding fields for employers (at the corporation or world level). We have a need for a new one (new withholding field), but it is only needed under certain circumstances. We thought that it might be nice if we could add in some flex fields and allow each employer (corporation or world) to setup their own custom fields and values as needed. That's just how we think.

Anyways, Bryan and I spent almost an hour drawing, talking about flow, ideas, and coming up with a rough plan. Bryan is going to take that info and make it into a better and more tighter type plan before doing any coding or application logic changes. He and I will get back together and look over the payroll plans and proposals. Bryan has a bunch of screenshots and notes on his end as well. In a nutshell, we were thinking about 1-5 new custom withholding settings and fields where the employers (corps or worlds) could set them up, use them, name them, and even provide some other custom settings, names, or values (rules for calculating).

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Shop 9842 Quote potential projects and troubleshoot with Cory 1/25/2023  

John, Shari O., Cory and I were on the meeting, at least at first. The three of them were chatting about mobile responsive webpages and options and costs. We know what we want, and our clients know what they want, but there is a huge cost barrier to really do it correctly. We have an internal website/system with thousands of pages, and each one is different. That's a challenge and would cost multiple hundreds of thousands of dollars. Even if you had the best team in the world, it would still cost up in that neighborhood. Big project.

Cory and I jumped in and did a small quote session and were going over requests and new projects. One of the new projects really wants to have us speed up access and reporting for sub inventory stuff. We would love to do that and are willing to share a cost with the client. Cory and I chatted about options and things that would help us get the data quicker and more standardly for certain reports. We also went over a number of other projects and upcoming feature enhancements.

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Shop 9819 Adilas Time 1/25/2023  

I was late to the morning meeting. When I hopped on, Steve, Sean, and Michael were talking about clients and helping them with ecommerce and system setup stuff. Steve was saying, we are almost offering (right now) a 30-day free trial and we'll help you set everything up. That's pretty awesome.

The topic switched over and they were talking about keeping up with modern trends, technology, and look and feel type stuff. Steve and Michael were chatting, and Steve was giving some great ideas and direction. Kinda a peptalk for Michael. All of the rest of us were just listening in on the conversation. After that, Steve and Shari O. were talking about ecommerce and a new client that they are setting things up for. They are making great progress and the client seems to be pretty happy.

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Shop 9852 General 1/24/2023  

Emails, merging in code from Eric, updating email settings on my local box, and on the phone with tech support talking about email servers and settings. Did an email password reset for Bryan and let him know via text message.

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Shop 9840 Projects 1/24/2023  

Small bug fix on the department homepage and being able to edit existing departments for payroll usage. John and I then switched over and worked on the new snow owl theme settings for snow owl - modern and snow owl - classic default page views. We prepped a number of files and pushed up the new code. This is new session stuff that needs to be pushed up before the new code that uses it (dependencies based on valid logins). We also ran some database updates to add new database columns and values.

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Shop 9841 Server Meeting 1/24/2023  

We started out the server meeting. Those who were on the meeting started out by reviewing the last meeting (morning sales meeting). We then jumped in and started going over server-based topics. The first main server topic was email stuff. We are going to be using or trying to use the adilas content server to send it out vs the adilas university site. The old adilas university site is on a shared environment and is an older server. We are going to see if we can get more up time and new features by using one of our fully dedicated servers.

Next we spent some time talking about data 0 and maybe updating or upping the CPU count and RAM memory. We talked about Hostek and the customer support that we are, were, and hope to get. At times, we really need more support. Currently, it hasn't been as good as it used to be. Sometimes we get slammed and need help. We don't need it all of the time, but when we need it, the support is critical. It all deals with server up time and keeping our clients happy.

Touching base on other projects. Wayne is going to be reaching out to Eric and Dustin to see if they need any help. Cory and Wayne got into some technical compliance stuff like SOC 2 reports and other compliance stuff. Lots of talk about risk mitigation and managing risk. While we were talking about risk management, we got into a conversation about accessibility issues and making content available for persons with disabilities. That got pretty deep but this seems to be a section of the web that is expanding, and requirements are being made more for mainstream sites vs just specialty sites. Lots of special tags and flags for screen readers and such. We also talked about the cost of making a fully accessible site. The costs are huge, especially for little guys. Anyways, it seems like there is some legal cases and such that are pushing this agenda further. We may need to keep an eye on it.

We spent some time looking at some of our other servers and database stuff. We then switched subjects and Cory and John were talking about projects and new CSS look and feel stuff. We would like to get more user feedback. We are doing the best that we can. We are constantly improving our code every day. Talking about new settings and dealing with look and feel and personal preferences. We would like to get good feedback and keep trying to connect the backend code with the frontend user interface (UI).

We looked at the calendar and did some scheduling for some of our new projects and rollouts. Right at the end, Cory was reporting to us on a couple of small bugs. We'll have to circle back around. We ran out of time.

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Shop 9825 Adilas Time 1/24/2023  

Morning sales meeting. Somewhat disconnected and a little bit rough. Nobody was really leading the meeting. Everybody reported in and some small demos of what people were working on were done. I was working on my own little project in the background. I added in a daily notes option for Beaver Mountain while I was listening.

At the end of the meeting, John was explaining some of the new default page view settings that we are working on. It didn't really go over that good. I think that it was because different people were doing their own stuff and projects and only heard part of the report. We got it all figured out in the end, but there was some confusion, contention, and some light friction for a bit.

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Shop 9851 Beaver Mountain -custom tool tips 1/23/2023  

More work on the Beaver Mountain Ski School and custom tool tips for the horizontal time view page to show lessons, availability, and who has things scheduled. They use that page every day, while they are open for the season. Worked on some custom formatting. Merged in the code and pushed it up for some live testing. Let the client know via text message.

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Shop 9850 Working with John 1/23/2023  

Back working with John again on the new personal settings for showing default page views for the main snow owl theme. Looking at code and going over our tick list. After that, we switched over to some server stuff. John and I were looking at CPU's and RAM memory for the data 0 server.

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Shop 9849 Working with Bryan 1/23/2023  

Working with Bryan on a couple of different projects. We pushed up 600+ pages for the date format stuff we are working on (2-digit year to 4-digit year or "m/d/yy" to "m/d/yyyy" format). We then looked at his code for the new payroll settings. We did a code review, fixed some merge conflicts, and pushed up new files. The new payroll settings deal with show/hiding numerous payroll commissions, and custom show/hide and global naming of five custom withholding fields for employees (users). Pretty cool.

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Shop 9837 Working with John 1/23/2023  

John and I working on new personal settings for a default page view for snow owl theme modern or snow owl them classic. Basically, a new setting for old school/new school on the look and feel for the snow owl theme. Good work session. As a fun side note, John started a to do list up in Google docs and he and I were filling things in and batting things back and forth. Pretty productive flow.

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Shop 9707 Steve, Cory, Brandon-Catch up on projects and updates 1/23/2023  

Cory and John were talking about GUI interfaces and UI/UX client experiences. That seems to be where everything is heading. John had a great idea of adding in a new setting to allow our clients to keep progressing and seeing our more modern changes or virtually flip back to what it is right now (a mix between classic and the snow owl theme). Great idea. We chatted about pros and cons for some time. Good stuff!

We are going to be calling the new setting - default page view for snow owl theme or default page view for short. The choices will be snow owl - modern or snow owl - classic. We talked about getting user feedback, outside opinions, and customer/client critiques. These new settings will be at a user level. The main theme is higher, at the corporation or world level. The new display or default page view settings will be a lower or user level, so that each person or user can set their own preferences.

We switched gears and Cory and I spent some time going over projects and updates. We looked into some code on PO's and how they relate to parent item costs and cost updates. We talked about new corp-wide settings for allowing cost changes or locking things down, on the PO level for tracking cost changes. After the meeting, I spent a little bit of time testing some of the GoToMeeting video settings and flow. They recently changed some things around.

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Shop 9816 Adilas Time 1/23/2023  

Morning sales meeting. The guys were going over the new business cards and asking for feedback. We got into a discussion about the user interface and how intuitive or non-intuitive it is. Danny was talking about possible small videos and things to help people get started. We also talked about doing some client feature stories and showcasing real clients and how they use the system. Danny had some fun ideas with small videos and what not.

Michael piped up and said that he has some film and video editing skills. We didn't know that. that is awesome and he and Danny may be working together to get more adilas content up on YouTube and other social media platforms. That's exciting!

All of the guys were giving their updates and what not. Shari O. and Sean were going over buttons and client settings for a small mexican restaurant. They are working on some menu items and how best to display and show things. We talked about a number of ideas and options. Towards the end of the meeting, John and I were looking at some look and feel things. Talking about page layouts and site-wide decisions for style guides.

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Shop 9848 Beaver Mountain -custom tool tips 1/19/2023  

Custom code for Beaver Mountain and adding custom data tool tips with lesson names, instructor counts, and student counts to the horizontal time view page that they use for their ski school lessons. Working through new logic and doing tons of testing. Ran into a CSS (look and feel) issue right at the end. Pushed up a temporary file to show them some progress.

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Shop 9847 Custom data export tool 1/19/2023  

Two different work sessions on a custom data export tool for a client. We had already done a customer data export tool. This time they wanted an invoice data export tool. Custom code, working on custom queries, logic, testing, and running it live with real data. Pushed up file and emailed the client.

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Shop 9798 Emails and phone calls 1/19/2023  

Back and forth with a client going over invoice for custom code. Added some customer logs to the client record. We got it all figured out.

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Shop 9846 General 1/19/2023  

Emails, billing, invoicing a client, adding customer logs, and code changes to add in a custom email address for a client. Pushed up new code files, sent follow-up emails, and back and forth with a client on their invoice.

As a side note, we have age verification as an ecommerce option. This is a global protection to keep underage customers out of the site. We already have two different levels, you have to say yes, I'm over x (some age value that is set by the company) and another that requires the birthday during checkout. The new request from a client was age verification on a per item basis. That's a lot deeper.

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Shop 9746 Adilas Time 1/19/2023  

Morning standup meeting. Guys and gals reporting in. Sean had a request to get sandbox merchant accounts setup for our demo sites. I told him that would not be a problem. Shari O. has been helping with onsite setup and training. As part of that, she had a few questions for the group. Shari O. asked about buttons and how to display things out in ecommerce. We talked about the need for stacking of buttons or stacking categories. We can do that internally through a tool and feature called my cart favorite buttons, but we don't have the same things exposed to the general public through ecommerce yet.

As we were talking about things, Steve was pitching us ideas about using parent attributes and being able to do some sub selections and choices out in ecommerce. We also talked about flipping the descriptions and adding small choices just to the descriptions. As a side note, if you have a checkbox (normal form control) and it is named the same as the other checkboxes, it can build a list for you without any special code. The key there is the value is different, but the actual form control is named the same. Small techy side note.

Switched over to working with John. He had some questions on how to do photos and media/content on his local machine. We talked about some other look and feel stuff as well. The discussion got into data tables and mobile responsive tables. What we want to do for our graphical homepages. This may be a topic for another time, but circling back around to talking about graphical homepages with charts, aggregates, sums, counts, graphs, and other dashboard type widgets and features. We really want to see what we could do there to help out. It all comes down to time and resources.

Once we started talking about layouts and custom CSS, that lead to a discussion about printable items, reports, and pages. We will need more time and more help to get all of that done in a consistent manner. We want it all to work and look nice. After that, we went over some other pages, branches, and code changes that John is working on. Making plans.

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Shop 9795 Working on projects 1/18/2023  

Recording notes and getting back up to date with my post-it note collection. I had stacks and stacks and was able to get through all of them. As I went back through things, I saw that I had a hard drive go out, custom projects due, and the whole yearend and Christmas holiday stuff. No wonder I was behind. Anyways, back on track, for now. Yee haw!

Worked on entries between 12/12/2022 and 12/22/2022. See the developer's notebook for more details and information.

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Shop 9796 Bulk update parent attribtues 1/18/2023  

Working with Steve on logic for updating and adding parent attribute values in bulk. Steve is working on a few new pages that have some new bulk attribute tools. After that, we flipped over and had to do a small data update for a client on the data 10 server.

Eric joined the meeting and was asking questions about the item catalog and enterprise level systems. He and Alan are working on those pieces. Anyways, he was asking about logic and flow from the main enterprise system out to the transactional corporations. We talked about flow and then got into training and user experiences (UX/UI) and user interfaces. That lead to a discussion about education and even certification for certain aspects of the system. Another option for compliance and good data outcome is a form of oversight or mentoring for our clients. This would be an additional service.

If you keep following the path of the data and the needs. We can see things at the world level (low level), the solar system level (linked corporations or worlds), and on up the chain to the universe level (everybody who plays into the system both directly and indirectly). Eventually things will need to get clear out to the API socket level where anything could talk to anything else. There was even some talk about subscribing to other high level vendor product catalogs. Basically, a way to make the data entry and updates quick and easy.

For fun, we got into some space analogies with universe, clusters, solar systems, worlds, etc. Eric was also using some construction and cooking analogies. Lots of people understand things at that simpler level. Thinking big picture and then being able to pull it back down into the smaller details. Data is king! Having the foresight and vision to see what else if needed and wanted. That's a challenge at times. We were talking about business logic, flow, aggregates, and other data level needs. Our goal is to keep revamping things as we go. Both logic and look and feel. That's about all we can do.

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Shop 9747 Adilas Time 1/18/2023  

Morning sales meeting. The guys wanted to see a demo on the new gift cards. We had 6 guys on the meeting, and we spent 45 minutes going over things and showing the ins and outs of all of the new gift card stuff. We were bouncing between carts, customers, invoices, P&L reports, and balance sheet liabilities. Good stuff.

The rest of the meeting was a small standup meeting where the guys were reporting on sales activity, leads, and companies that they have been following up with. Sean was really happy that the entry cost has been lowered a bit. That really helps the smaller businesses.

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Shop 9794 Recording Notes 1/17/2023  

Finished up recording notes from today and some other entries from last part of December of 2022. I've got stacks of post-it notes that still need to be entered. Busy times.

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Shop 9779 Recording Notes 1/17/2023  

Recording notes from past meetings and work sessions. Lots of back work filling in entries from 12/24/22 to 1/14/23. Somewhat behind but making progress. Trying to catch back up.

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Shop 9778 check and push code 1/17/2023  

Merged and pushed up over 100+ files with some date-picker and date format changes. We are switching form a 2-digit year to a 4-digit year to help with the new date-picker code. Lots of older files that need to be updated. Bryan is doing a great job and we will keep pushing up files as he gets them done and updated.

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Shop 9777 Working with Eric 1/17/2023  

Debugging session with Eric. We were looking into a bug on credit card processing and how that relates to the new gift card code that we pushed up. Looking into the flow and process of our existing merchant processing code. We got on a call with Missy from McCorvey's Pro Shop - bowling world - and chatted with her about for a bit. She gave us some info and we went into the system and looked around. We then ran a number of pages through a code diff (what is different per page) and actually found a small typo error. We fixed it, made the changes, and pushed up new code. Hopefully that will fix the problem as we couldn't duplicate it. We checked a bunch of shopping cart checkout pages and credit card processing pages. Everything else seemed to be working fine.

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Shop 9762 Server Meeting 1/17/2023  

Wayne was reporting on certain errors out in the API socket land. It seems to be some kind of bot or computer-generated traffic. Just John, myself, and Wayne were on the meeting. We chatted briefly about crazy life happenings and scenarios. When it rains, it pours.

Light server talk about traffic, server speed on data 0, emails, domain names, local SSL certs, and Docker stuff. After that, John and I were looking into some edge case stuff dealing with reverse deposits and reverse expense/receipts. Basically, when a user makes a negative deposit or a negative expense/receipt. For example a refund on a payment or a fee on a deposit or whatever. Kinda edge case stuff. Anyways, John was requested to make some small layout and color changes for the bank register and to show those negative deposits and negative expenses in a different way.

John was also reporting that he found an existing setting that helps the data tables be web ready and mobile responsive data tables vs static data tables. Russell implemented that settings way back; we just didn't know about it.

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Shop 9745 Adilas Time 1/17/2023  

Eric jumped into and was checking on credit card payments and a possible bug that got reported. Steve and Sean were talking about sales, leads, and follow-ups. Shari O. and Steve have been working on some local businesses and getting things setup for them. I spent some time while they were talking finishing up some of my notes from yesterday.

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Shop 9776 Meeting with a client 1/16/2023  

Quick impromptu meeting with a client. They need some data for a project that they are working on. Small meeting to get a flavor of what is needed so that I could start working on the export tool. Started doing some coding for the new page.

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Shop 9775 Recording Notes 1/16/2023  

Recording notes from earlier today as well as past entries. Doing some catch-up.

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Shop 9773 check and push code 1/16/2023  

Short meeting with Bryan. We talked about the date-picker changes and new payroll settings. I gave him a few more to do list items on the new payroll settings. We'll re-meet tomorrow or the next day. It was close but we didn't want to push it up quite yet. We also briefly discussed plans for internal email stuff. We've been using an outside email service and we are starting to outgrow it (so it seems).

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Shop 9706 Working with Steve 1/16/2023  

Steve and I looking at code. He is trying to do some bulk edit tools for parent attributes. After that, we ended up talking about sales and how much stuff (huge list of all of the pieces - servers, databases, permissions, settings, ecommerce, merchant processing, look and feel, shipping, fulfilment, backend accounting, etc.) it takes to make everything happen. Both side (operations and accounting) need to be fully built out.

As a side note, we ended on talking about other possible partnerships or outside companies that we could team up with to get all of the services that are needed. It can and is a big list of requirements.

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Shop 9748 Adilas Time 1/16/2023  

Small little sales meeting this morning. I started out and was pitching some ideas for selling our services (and backend application) as part of the adilas marketplace. We have so much to offer. We could sell products, services, events, bookings, registrations, etc. We talked a bunch about the need for easy merchant processing and I was pitching ideas about what if adilas was able to do an eBay or amazon level market where we could help sell goods and services for others.

We could setup one special merchant account (a whole other business or part of a business) and then allow our clients to use that global merchant account. Not directly, but through our adilas marketplace. Everything would have to be tracked through the marketplace. Basically, end up being the marketplace for them (like eBay or Amazon). We would call it the adilas marketplace or whatever else we decide. All of the monies would go into the adilas marketplace account and then we would redistribute those monies and funds to the correct places (corporations or businesses that use our marketplace). We could flag and tag and track all of those sales and transactions. Piece of cake.

We could either charge them to be part of the marketplace or charge a small service fee to help make everything flow well together. We are really good at tracking things and being able to fully show all of the details. I think that we could totally do it, I'm just not sure if we are ready for that step or not. Anyways, I spent over half an hour with the guys drawing, pitching things, and letting them ask questions. Steve liked some of the ideas and said that we would need to really think through things a little bit deeper. I agree, but it does have potential. Later in the meeting, he also mentioned that maybe we could use Expo or something like that as an intermediate or intermediator type company. They could handle all of the merchant processing and/or clearing of accounts and funds and we could be the software side of things. Some good ideas. Steve said that he would talk with Mike about some possible options.

There was also some consideration given to being able to quickly have each merchant setup their own merchant account (quickly) and then we wouldn't have to deal with all of the liabilities. We just need a way to figure out how to check all of the boxes. We already offer corporation specific systems, multi-locations, multi-tenant applications, ecommerce, merchant processing, photo galleries, paperwork, forms, web pages, etc. A quick marketplace would just be another checkbox that we could check off and offer the full roundtrip service package.

More research is required, but it was some fun ideas and discussions. After I finished, the other guys did their daily check-in stuff. We also got into conversations about site translations and translators, into different languages. The other topic of discussion was dealing with other possible companies to get involved with to create a cyntergy on pushing our products and services. Sharing and dividing the load a bit.

Here is some more links to some ideas on the adilas market or adilas marketplace:
- Element of time # 667 - meeting with a client on ideas
- More research on the adilas market
- Link to existing web page - other possible options

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Shop 9770 Recording Notes 1/14/2023  

Going over post-it notes and recording entries into the developer's notebook.

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Adi 2274 Bulk update parent Attribtues 1/14/2023  

This is the Element of Time forĀ 


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Shop 9780 Code review 1/12/2023  

Bryan and I were talking about helping to create default websites for our clients. Some of them don't have anything, as far as a website or web presence. After our discussion on building out simple websites, I was pitching a full package with special events, merchant processing (credit card stuff), online booking, registration, paperwork, the whole nine yards. I would really like to help pitch and sell our services, possibly even as a plug-in of sorts. Say somebody did a WordPress site or a Weebly site, it would be so cool if they could tie into some of the adilas functionality as a plug-in of sorts. Just an idea, but I think that it has some potential.

We pushed up some code for some of the changes that Bryan is making for date formatting and the date-picker code.

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Shop 9752 Beaver Mountain - Tool tips 1/12/2023  

Beaver Mountain custom tool tips for their horizontal time view page. Lots of prep work and reading over older code.

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Shop 9750 Yearend wrap-up with Shari O. 1/12/2023  

Shari O. and I doing some scheduling. We recorded it and will give it to a client for review. Most of the time was spent going over new setup of reoccurring online booking and scheduling. Small code changes. Testing and then we switched over to talking about yearend reports and 1099's. Small work session.

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Shop 9741 Adilas Time 1/12/2023  

Alan joined and was asking about parts and item photos. He may make some tweaks to that part of the system. He is working on the global item catalog and being able to flip default thumbnails and images. We were going to watch a demo from Alan on some of his production and manufacturing stuff. Eric popped in and we got pulled away and had to work on some small errors. All of the other guys bailed out over to Zoom and Alan gave his demo there.

Eric and I spent a couple of hours and tried to make some fixes. Small tweaks to the payment structure fix. Learning and figuring things out. As we keep going, we will end up circling back around and making it more efficient. We will keep refactoring things as we go. As part of this process, we kept finding small one-off's and custom code. Also, some of that stuff (custom code) is hard to test. One of our goals is to push as much as possible to data driven vs code driven changes. It takes the whole village to make it happen.

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Shop 9772 Beaver Mountain -custom tool tips 1/11/2023  

Back on the Beaver Mountain horizontal time view and adding in custom tool tips with captions and lesson counts. Finished up the top part for unassigned lessons.

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Shop 9757 Working with Eric 1/11/2023  

Eric and I working on wave 3 of the gift cards project. We broke a huge project down into 3 smaller waves to help relieve the dependencies that were built into the project. Lot of application-level stuff, session stuff, and cached server objects and views. Testing and reviewing code. We had to fix some merge conflicts. This branch (the new code) was started months and months ago. That sometimes makes for a number of merge conflicts. We also spent some time picking up missed files and rebuilding the needed assets. We had had some code repository issues with this branch. Good work session.

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Shop 9751 Beaver Mountain -custom tool tips 1/11/2023  

Working on the Beaver Mountain custom horizontal time view (the original one). They requested a rollover/hover type tool tip to show more info without taking up any space on the horizontal time view page. I started into it and adding title/captions, student counts, and instructor counts. Created a new code branch to track the new changes.

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Shop 9771 Payroll questions 1/11/2023  

Cory and Shari O. jumped on and we went over some payroll questions and strategy. Touching base on where we are heading. Certain clients require a lot of our time and absorb whatever we will give them. We have a client that has latched onto Cory and Shari O. and literally contacts them almost daily. It's way beyond tech support. It's full-on training. The two ladies were talking about plans and how to break that cycle and/or have them pay for training.

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Shop 9705 Steve, Cory, Brandon-Catch up on projects and updates 1/11/2023  

Page layout stuff with John and Cory. Getting good feedback from our clients. The hard part is listening and then implementing changes. Cory and I then went over a number of projects. We have a request for a custom (bigger) image for printable invoices. New payroll settings with show/hide options and new custom alias names and other settings. We also talked about charging for training. We fail at that sometimes.

We got into default corp-wide settings and wishes for the future. It is amazing how quick our clients want things, but at the same time, and in the same breath, they want sub settings, micro control, and sub level permissions. It's a very interesting mix.Cory had a list and we went down the list and chatted about projects, updates, and other things that are coming down the pipeline. Cory had to leave and John and I flipped back over to look and feel and layout stuff.

John is reworking the bank pages, deposits, and other financial documents and pages. We talked about responsive web stuff and also flipping it over to printer friendly. We haven't had to worry about printing much, we just made web pages and people printed them if they wanted to. Things change with certain responsive websites. You have to almost treat pages as three separate layouts and designs. You have desktop (full web but on a bigger screen), mobile (phones or tablets), and then print. You have to address all three. That adds a challenge, especially with thousands of pages.

Towards the end of the meeting, John and I were talking about graphical homepages and some of our ideas and goals there. I told John that we had been dreaming about graphical homepages for years. We would love to add in a consistent look and feel, graphs, charts, and other eye candy stuff. Just really make it fun and pop. It feels like the time is coming. As a funny or silly side note, John and I were talking about how we have been virtually hiding for years, building, beefing things up, and doing tons of prep work. It's time to flip the switch and start showing what we can do. Hopefully all the prep will pay off and we can stay ahead of the curve (demand and scaling efforts).

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Shop 9742 Adilas Time 1/11/2023  

Pretty quite morning. Michael and Eric jumped on briefly to check in. After we chatted for a bit, they bailed out to work on their own stuff. I went back to trying to catch up with recording notes and doing emails.

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Shop 9767 Emails and Recording Notes 1/10/2023  

Emails and recording notes from today. Light clean-up stuff.

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Shop 9744 Working with Eric 1/10/2023  

Eric and I doing some gift card project planning and testing. We were splitting up a code branch to do a second merge and release wave. Testing on my local branch. Lots of back and forth with Eric. Merged in the second branch and then talked about group dynamics and lessons learned. Making progress. Hoping for one more branch tomorrow, and then it will be fully up and deployed on the master branch.

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Shop 9766 Recording notes 1/10/2023  

Recording notes. One of the entries that I was recording notes on was a fun meeting with Russell last Saturday. See elements of time # 9765 for full details. Lots of stuff for adilas (business stuff) and lots of just life lessons and concepts. Good stuff!

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Shop 9764 Small meetings with the guys 1/10/2023  

A couple of different sessions. Small review session with Bryan on cross-corp invoice to PO processes. He is working on a sub barcode project. I spent some time checking out some of the adilas domains that we have pointed to the main website. I was supposed to get a list out to Wayne on my findings. I made an Excel spreadsheet and saved it in the Wayne folder on my local drive. I also met with John after lunch to go over some more quick layout discussions. We looked at things and made a decision. He is going to keep pushing it forward. We should have new pages (redo's and new look and feel facelifts coming online weekly). That is awesome!

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Shop 9761 Server Meeting 1/10/2023  

John and I were looking into a possible bank transfer bug with Cory. We found it, but we are not sure that it is a bug. It may be that the user is using it to do something that it wasn't designed to do. That happens more than we know. We then did a critique and review of some of John's new look and feel pages. All in all, I'd say that it is looking good. We talked about how much scrolling is needed and maybe adding in a quick summary section to help get people to the meat of the page as quick as possible.

John is going to be pushing up a number of branches of code here later today. All of them are dealing with deposits, banks, and expense/receipts. After that, we rolled over and started talking about levels of mobile responsive design stuff. We want to get what we can this round, but we also know that we may have to circle back around and pick up that piece at a later date.

Brandon is going to be checking out the parked or other domain names that need to point to We have like 30+ different domains that point to the main site. Wayne was on the meeting but feeling kinda sick. He will keep working on his tasks that are already assigned. At the end of the meeting, John and I were talking about controlling the printing to make that look good. Sometimes you think that you can just design something and it will work awesome for desktop, mobile, and print. Sadly, not always true. Depending, sometimes you have to design and have code in place for all three versions (desktop, mobile, and print).

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Shop 9740 Adilas Time 1/10/2023  

Danny was reporting on a sales demo from yesterday. The company that he is talking with has some complex shipping and fulfillment requirements. We talked about, if we can catch the data, we can then calculate things and help them out with quotes and shipping costs. The guys were talking about using complex parent attributes and possible tie-ins for outside shipping API sockets and connections.

The guys had some questions about inventory planning pieces. We decided to get Alan to give us a demo of what he is working on for a client. No one really knows what it is other than Cory who is helping to quote things out and point Alan in the right direction. Anyways, he will be giving us a demo on Thursday morning for the morning sales meeting. It should include stuff on scheduling builds, reserving inventory, planning, and doing the actual builds.

Steve was reporting on some of his sales conversations and leads. He has been meeting with a number of different folks and just reporting on each of those contacts. One thing that he kept saying was that some of the potential clients feel like they are growing out of their current solutions. That is great for us.

The last two subject for the morning meeting were talking about 3rd party delivery services and options as well as internal look and feel changes for pages. John is doing a great job and he's been pushing up new files here in the past few days.

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Shop 9763 Recording Notes 1/10/2023  

Emails and recording notes from yesterday and part of last week.

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Shop 9760 Recording Notes 1/9/2023  

Emails and recording notes for the day. I'm a little bit behind. You should see how many post-it notes I have on my side table. Stacks.

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Shop 9743 Working with Eric 1/9/2023  

Eric and I working on the gift card project. We had it all ready back around Thanksgiving time but we've had a hard time getting it fully integrated. Lots of variables and things (application level changes) keep happening all around us. We are making progress.

Today, we ended up having to roll back some commits and try to get his code branch back up to date. Somehow it got all mixed up. While Eric was rebooting his computer, John and I talked about an error message and tracking down a bug in the bank transfer code. After Eric's machine was back up, we spent a bunch of time trying to reset his branch. Sort of a salvage type mission and session. Thank goodness for Bit Bucket and the code repository. We had to go through a number of sub commits and try to reconstruct the main gift card branch.

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Shop 9759 Paying bills 1/9/2023  

Paying bills and recording expenses. Going over emails.

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Shop 9756 check and push code 1/9/2023  

Working with Bryan on the date-picker changes. He had a few files that we merged in and pushed up to all servers. Cory has been letting us know about pages with date-picker issues and Bryan has been fixing them. The main problem is switching from a 2-digit year, like 23 vs a 4-digit year, like 2023. The new date-picker likes the 4-digit years and defaults to that format, if you don't provide enough information. Anyways, we are reformatting code so that it starts with the 4-digit year. That seems to help it out.

Next, we switched over and started looking into some of Bryan's shift-based rostering (who will work days, swing, and grave for certain days) for the horizontal time view project. He is making progress there.

After Bryan left, Steve and I jumped back on and worked more on some 3rd party menus and image paths. Steve is working on a new API menu system for a company.

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Shop 9758 Work session with Steve and John 1/9/2023  

Helping Steve with some image paths for a 3rd party solution menu system. After that, John was showing us some new pages that he is working on and changing the look and feel. We looked at some custom Expo/Herbo code and layout stuff. At times, we are not sure what certain older pieces of code do and accomplish. Sometimes, just like in life, we have to fake it.

Steve chimed in with some accounting history to help John with some of our terminology. He was talking about the term "Posted" and what that used to mean. In a way, this older term was a way of locking things down and moving data along a virtual data assembly line - old school style. As a side note, it is amazing how much training and education it takes to help our users know what to do and how to do it. That seems to be a never-ending process.

The last topic of the meeting was looking at some of John's new mobile responsive code and page layouts. It is looking good. We are excited to see where it goes.

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Shop 9739 Adilas Time 1/9/2023  

Morning meeting with all of the guys. Everyone was reporting in and giving updates. I gave an update about using the snow owl theme headers and close to 40 custom navigation links that are available to the whole user base, per corporation. We talked about an update on gift cards. Eric and I are working on that project and trying to roll things out in waves.

We switched over to talking about ecommerce and gaining more control via settings and options. Steve was commenting to Danny about tiered pricing out in ecommerce land. There are some new options coming and we'll take the existing pieces and just keep making them better. As the discussion progresses, we were talking about our general approach and how diverse our user base is. Because of that, we have a ton of tools that some clients may never want or use. In that same breath, we can also offer things to our clients that they never would have gotten if they had a specific software package that only did one specific thing.

The guys were talking about problem solving and how we excel at that. Steve was talking about a shed analogy and how you can have a ton of different tools in the shed, but you only pull out what you need for a specific project and/or task. That's adilas, in a nutshell. Just for fun, Danny was talking about the TV show MacGyver or MacGyvering - making it work with what I have. We love the challenge of trying to make the glove fit. We have tons of tools and features that we can mix and blend to make it happen. Good stuff.

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Shop 9765 Training meeting with Russell 1/7/2023  

Working with Russell on a Saturday. We talked about all kinds of subjects and topics. Here are some of my notes:

- Self-help and continued education and learning. One little bite at a time.

- Using Microsoft Paint for quick drawings when I don't have the drawing tools from Zoom or GoToMeeting. It works pretty slick and can be pulled up quickly.

- On CSS templates and themes - spending time to get to know the templates and CSS themes. Get to know the components and what is already done and what can be modified and tweaked as needed. Well worth the time to get to know the templates.

- Priorities and getting the correct talent and teams together.

- CSS theme forest - some great pre-built themes - Making things flow and look pretty.

- Splitting up backend code, database logic and access, and frontend views and code. Once you get them all split up, it makes changes, on either front or side, easier to make.

- Back to templates and components, he explores around, looks for elements and asks, can I use that theme for something that I (or my client) wants? Don't get tied in to just what you see - look for potential.

- We can't do everything by ourselves - if needed, hire someone who has vision and can spend the time to make it happen. Make it a priority.

- Looks, performance, functionality, ease of use, and support - what clients are looking for.

- How easy is it to do a certain task? Learning from the user's habits and expectations. If needed, get a good UX/UI developer. Ideally, have a nice frontend that hides the whole backend. This can make it more feel more industry specific.

- Paving a path for our users.

- Full API socket backend. That is true power if it can be harnessed.

- Russell's goals - powerful, looks good, and easy to use.

- Using Adobe XD to mock things up.

- Making little building blocks. Then you can move them around and put them anywhere.

- Full mock-ups for the whole course or phase(s). Getting approval, then breaking things into smaller tasks to assign out. Figuring out routes, templates, flow, etc. Russell uses his team to help prep it for the developers.

- Someone has to manage it or coordinate the rollout.

- Using greenies (newbies) vs a senior developer. There are pros and cons to this approach. You have to almost look at each scenario and then decide what your course of action will be.

- Building things more modular for reuse.

- Everything comes down to choices. Including... whatever we don't change, we are choosing to let it be. It all comes down to choices.

- Leaving things better than you found it. Just like going camping.

- Grow from where you are at!

- Teach me (whatever) and then I'll choose.

- Russell's underlying concepts - pray hard, work hard, and use the talents of others around you. Russell likes to use the Big Guy upstairs (prayer and inspiration).

- What's our budget? What can we do to get more budget? Don't just see the budget and then stop there. If it's not enough, look at other angles and see what you can do (within reason).

- We talked a lot about life's pace. The keyword is "pace".

- Pondering the path of your feet - where are you heading? Mixing and blending what's in front of you.

- Smart goals - S.M.A.R.T. goals - Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic, and Time bound.

- The drip affect - that is awesome - the accumulation of tons of drops over days, weeks, months, and years. The compounding effect over time. Leaning for transfer, means leaning one thing and it helps you with another thing. Learning starts compounding and multiplying. That is really cool!

- Going back to measuring growth - what does a little bit of (____ - fill in the blank) do for us?

- Virtually filling our lamps, small changes, seeking and putting ourselves in good habits.

- It's ok to need help.

- Plans for our next meeting time. Russell and I talked about building out a small, baby component, from research, to mock-up, to code, in order to go through and do the whole process. Sounds fun!

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Shop 9753 My projects 1/5/2023  

Working on three different projects. First, quick tweak to help with High Valley Bike Shuttle and setting up reports and shuttles for the next season. Second, sending files over to Beaver Mountain. These included some instructions, template files, and blank registration forms. I also sent an email to the client with information. Third, I worked on some new tool tips for the Beaver Mountain on their horizontal time view. The folks at the ski school have requested a few things. Playing around with ideas and options. Light research.

Going back to the idea of setting up custom verbiage and SOP's (standard operating procedures) for clients, we have a ton of great options in the top header and footer for the snow owl theme. Each person has 8 of their own custom navigation links and buttons. There are also over 40+ custom navigation links and buttons that may be setup per corporation. If used correctly, it would make access to simple SOP's and other custom training, education, or tips available to all users, right from the site, using the custom headers and footer links. That is pretty cool. We need to remember this when we are building out fracture and our next theme and framework. These custom links and buttons are huge. What do you need? Where do you want to go? What is important to you and your company? Let us help you out... Good stuff!

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Shop 9755 new project 1/5/2023  

Bryan and I working on some of his projects. He has quite a few right now. We went over some of his rostering and new tool tips for the horizontal time view. We then flipped over and talked about new global payroll settings. We spent most of our time going over the show/hide settings and the custom naming for the 5 flex fields for doing payroll calculations. We went over commission fields, page flow, requests, etc. He took a bunch of notes.

This is a side note for me. I have a notebook that I use at church and what not. I had it opened on my desk and was reviewing a talk by Bishop Gerald Causse (french name). He is the presiding bishop. Anyways, his talk (10/1/22) was dealing with stewardship and caring for something. Sometimes I get overwhelmed by how much there is to do with adilas and building this whole system. I've been working on this project since 2001.

After reviewing my notes, I was trying to look at my role differently and how I help and take care of the adilas system. I can't do it all, there is no way. But I can help, take care of, and add my efforts to the mix. That is huge and my cumulative efforts add up. I am trying to be a good steward. Some of my stewardship deals with code, concepts, and vision. I can do that. Also, if you are a steward, it lessens the pressure (in some ways) and that will help. My personality tends to hold on to things way too long and sometimes that is not healthy. Anyways, learning and growing as we go. Yee haw!

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Shop 9715 Adilas Time 1/5/2023  

Quick sales meeting. We are finding gaps in older systems and seeing needs. We are going to try to fill in those gaps. We can do so much more, but there is a need there and we could get our foot in the door. We are looking for pain points and then help them improve and keep going. We can mix and blend and mix and match between our 12 main system players and 12 main business functions.

Steve and I spent some time looking into a complex data structure that he is trying to build out. This is for a 3rd party menu system. We also spent some time talking about being able to build out a small custom website for our clients. Some of them don't have anything and need some small contact us pages, about us, and sort of a homepage of sorts. We could just add those pieces to the ecommerce site and be good to go. Just some ideas and thoughts.

Steve is going to be playing with parent attributes and tiered pricing. He already has a small, hardcoded solution but wants to build it out a bit more and make it more dynamic for ecommerce transactions. Internally, we use a thing called a smart group that has rules and assignments but in ecommerce, we need to make it a little bit simpler because the users/customers don't have as much control or power.

John had some questions about some of the pages that he is reworking. He is working on look and feel and adding in responsive design and page layouts. After John left, Steve and I had a small chat about elements of time and where we are heading. Working on more time, event, and calendar based settings along with options for online customer facing booking and scheduling. Good stuff.

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Shop 9754 Custom data export tool 1/4/2023  

Got an email request from the client to add a few new fields into the custom export tool. Tweaked the form to show the address 2 (mailing address) and the customer status fields. Also added in a new report filter to help show/hide active/inactive customers. Pushed new file up to the server and emailed the client with the update.

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Shop 9769 Emails 1/4/2023  

Emails and some data clean-up for a client. They had us remove some duplicate parent attribute assignments that got added in somehow.

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Shop 9749 check and push code 1/4/2023  

Merging in code with Bryan to help with some date format stuff. This was going from a 2-digit year to a 4-digit year, in order to work better with our date-picker plug-in. We then switched over to the advanced rostering settings for elements of time. We got into the shift settings and what is needed for the next steps. We just keep walking it forward. Talking through things and making plans.

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Shop 9736 Working on CSS with John 1/4/2023  

Work session with John. We were fixing some CSS and making changes out in the shop. We fixed the ecommerce view for what are called icon boxes (a view out in ecommerce - layout). The display needed more space and we had to move the price and add to cart buttons around. It got a little deep, due to the settings of what was going on. After that, we started into the Beaver Horizontal time view and trying to add tool tips to the layout and view. Because this page is custom and somewhat old, we had to go back to older styles of code. The new pages have that stuff built in, but the older pages couldn't pull it in, there were conflicts - libraries and other crisscrossing dependencies.

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Shop 9709 Steve, Cory, Brandon-Catch up on projects and updates 1/4/2023  

Cory and I were working on projects and project management stuff. Shari O. was reporting on the new payroll rules for the state of Colorado. We spent some time talking about the new payroll settings and how to help them handle things. We talked about both fixed values and dynamic values. These new payroll settings will end up being a new project for Bryan and John.

Next, we checked on some custom data for a client. We figured out a few things and sent them an email asking which way that wanted us to fix the data. After that, Shari O. and I got on and did a small session on graphics and editing PDF's. She may need some Adobe Creative Cloud tools to help her out. She it trying to modify existing welcome packets and what not.

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Shop 9768 Going over new payroll settings and requirements 1/4/2023  

Meeting with Shari O. and John. Going over payroll and new requirements. Whether or not we like it, on payroll and other things in the system, we have to virtually keep up with the Jones (stay up to date). We talked about some new settings for other withholdings 1-5 and helping to standardize those names and values. They are very flexible, but maybe too flexible.

If the company isn't careful, they could mix numbers for different things. These custom withholdings fields are for things like 401K, insurance, dental plans, meal plans, child support, Aflac, IRA's, etc. The problem is, if one person has child support and they put that value in flex withholding field 1, then they have to do child support always in field one, for other people in the same company. If not, image how crazy it would get if Betty (fake person) has field 1 for her 401K and the Tom (other fake person) has field 1 for child support. Individually, they would be totally fine, but any combined numbers get muddy and mixed.

We talked about the need for some other payroll settings (show/hide, aliases, global naming, etc.). We will create these new settings and then help our clients configure things so that they run how they want them to run. Basically, we'll help hold their hands through the setup process.

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Shop 9717 Adilas Time 1/4/2023  

Fun show and tell with the guys and gals. I showed off the Beaver Mountain special events, how we are building in paperwork and release forms, subs of time, history and usage, and customer logs. Danny, Sean, Michael, Shari O., John, etc. were on the meeting and I was just explaining things and showing the guys where we are headed, drawing, asking questions, good back and forth, and just having fun. I'm not sure if they knew it or not, but they were my audience today.

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Shop 9734 Gift Cards Wave 1 1/3/2023  

Eric and I were pushing up files for wave one of the gift card project. John and Cory are going over the discount engine and talking about ways to do live testing with good data, without hurting anyone's live data. As a wish list, the developers would really like a way to get good clean data (basically a new database or new data) at will. Some of the data that they end up with gets muddy, due to testing, demos, and bug fixes. Sometimes they only complete a part of the process. It sure would be nice to be able to clean that data or database up with a click of a button. Basically, a restore to point x or y (whatever or even an ongoing good and clean data point).

After John and Cory got finished, Eric and pushed up some more code for wave one. The goal was to get some of the dependencies out of the way without leaning on them (using them). That way, when we push up the next wave, those other dependencies will allready be there in place.

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Shop 9727 Server meeting 1/3/2023  

Checking on a list of parked domain names. I reported back to the guys about how my Docker server install was going. No problems on my local development environment. We talked about other server level projects such as: inventory snapshots, email formatting, gift cards, dependencies, and sales tax aggregates. We keep making small little tweaks. We also checked on a number of other small projects.

Eric popped in and he and Wayne were talking about triggers and stored procedures. They were looking at the database entries and what not. As part of the meeting, they (Wayne and Eric) were physically looking deep in the database. Eric is going to circle back around and do some more checking on his side of things. They were reviewing the stored procedures.

It was kind of fun to watch them view and refresh some of the aggregate data on the fly. Cory was acting as the user (actually doing something inside of adilas), Eric was orchestrating what to do and look for, and Wayne was doing the backend calls and database SQL statements. It was fun to watch, as a fly on the wall.

Eric is going to run some debugging scripts on the data. They are looking for a cause and effect scenario. They were also looking at servers, monitoring processes, and running pages. From what it looks like, they will need to do some further data research and analysis. They are trying to get to the bottom of the data differences between the transactional records and the aggregated data.

As a note, if we can't get with Wayne, John is the backup database admin person. He has access to all of the different servers.

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Shop 9738 check and push code 1/3/2023  

Bryan and I looking at the advanced rostering and scheduling options and settings. We are getting into things like days, swing, and graveyard shifts. More work and planning on the "any" scheduler. Talking about next steps and going over plans. Bryan is doing great and we are adding in more settings to help things be data driven vs just code driven. That allows us to cater to more people and clients without super detailed custom code. If we base things off of the settings, it becomes data driven and even if it does something special, it is based off a setting, so other can use or do the same thing. Good stuff!

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Shop 9718 Out of the office - working with a client 1/3/2023  

Went into to the Beaver Mountain office and worked with Amie and Kristy. Showed them a live demo of the special events and how things work and flow. Good demo and making progress. They gave me a small list of other things that are needed and wanted. Great meeting.

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Shop 9781 Prep work for Beaver Mountain 1/3/2023  

Working on some custom code for Beaver Mountain and their special events. Spent time working on waivers, paperwork, and prep work. Pushed up files and prepared for live demo. Getting vendors, items, PO's, web settings, elements of time, and photos all ready.

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Shop 9725 Custom code projects 1/2/2023  

Two different sessions, working on custom code for Beaver Mountain. The first one was from 1:30-4:00 pm and the second was from 4:30-6:30 pm. Spent time looking into custom data collection and waivers and paperwork. Tying the pages into a time id and invoice number. Worked on hidden flex grid fields to pass along for the forms to work correctly. Started building the new waiver/paperwork file.

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Shop 9735 check and push code 1/2/2023  

Merging in code for Bryan. Looking at date-picker stuff for 20 different files and pages. We then switched over and he as the first round of the simple rostering for scheduling done. We merged in that code. We had to fix a couple of merge conflicts. Pushed up new files to data 0 for testing.

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Shop 9783 General 1/2/2023  

Emails and working on adilas ownership percentages for Wayne and Marisa. Built a small spreadsheet with percentages of ownership to show who has was percentage. Steve and I are helping to spread the load and also the ownership. We are excited about that.

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Shop 9716 Adilas Time 1/2/2023  

Shari O. joined the meeting and let us know about a new state withholding tax called "FAMLI" - pronounced family. Each of us on the meeting was giving an update on what we are doing. More need for mobile and doing ecommerce type transactions. We are also seeing more of need and want for online ecommerce appointments, scheduling, and online signup for special events. We spent some time talking about our current sales staff.

Some of the guys were talking about going to other peoples sites and checking out what they have for ecommerce and how their checkout and transactions take place. Kind of some research, in a way.

John was reporting on some new CSS and layout changes that he is working on. We are making progress there. Things are heading more and more towards mobile ready and mobile responsive development.

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Shop 9787 Beaver Mountain - Special Events 12/31/2022  

New custom data collection page that submits data to the paperwork or registration form. Custom code for Beaver Mountain special events.

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Shop 9786 Account setup 12/31/2022  

New user accounts for Kristy and Amie for Beaver Mountain. Working on formatting on ecommerce pages and micro tweaks to code.

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Shop 9785 Code work 12/31/2022  

Working on Beaver Mountain stuff. Merged in some changes. Small tweaks to internal elements of time pages. Working on code.

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Shop 9784 Beaver Mountain - Special Events 12/31/2022  

Working on Beaver Mountain special events. Small bug fix on the classic add/edit parts categories page. Adding in new vendors, part categories, and items for Beaver. Setting up ecommerce images and ecommerce settings. Tons of new product images.

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Shop 9793 Merging in code 12/29/2022  

Emails and merging in some code for Dustin.

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Shop 9792 Working with Aspen 12/29/2022  

Meeting with Aspen on her world building research and visual timelines project. Light training and history of adilas. Printed her out a check. Pitched an option for co-ownership for part of adilas, llc - MMLLC - multi member LLC stuff.

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Shop 9724 Custom code projects 12/29/2022  

Building out the unique and special events for Beaver Mountain. Going through the checklists from my notebook from an in-person client meeting with Beaver. Small time and flex grid code changes. Pushed up some files.

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Shop 9733 planning 12/29/2022  

Planning with Bryan. The topic of the day was brainstorming on the "any" scheduler or any scheduling stuff. We talked about a number of different steps and what we could save and where.

1. We will use JSON page level settings for simple and advanced (shifts) rostering. Thinking about a number of different tabs going across the page for the new settings. Tab 1 would be simple full day rostering, tab 2 would be advanced shift level rostering, tab 3 would be shift settings, and tab 4 would be the web availability stuff listed below (in number 2).
2. The more advanced stuff will be saved in the layers or availability layers. We have already come up with 3 sub steps of that process. Click here for more info about the web availability layers. As a note, the web availability layers would be saved in a database as individual records vs JSON object storage. It will help us look things up and map usage/availability levels better.
3. We will offer a number of different, user defined, saved favorites. These are custom reports with saved search criteria. Some of these may be calendar views, horizontal time views, vertical time views, and other custom reports. Here are a few links with some ideas. See element of time #'s 8004 and 6967 in the shop.

Good brainstorming session and going over ideas. We got pretty technical and did a lot of drawings. It's fun to see how things progress and the progression of things.

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Shop 9646 Adilas Time 12/29/2022  

Quick sales standup meeting. Everybody was reporting in and what they were doing. The focus was on continuing to gather information. Maybe looking into multiple sales channels. Most of our clients could benefit if we could provide services or help them sell their stuff through multiple channels.

For us, we will continue to make calls, doing email campaigns, and online research. The guys were also talking about different angles and circling back around on different companies. Danny was saying that sometimes the easiest person to sell is a salesperson. Lots of groundwork. We even talked about teaming up with others to bring a bigger team or group effort.

They spent a bunch of time talking about SG&A (selling, general, and administrative expenses) for internal production. We will be looking deeper into production and manufacturing companies. More gathering info and solving pain points. That's where we shine. Lots of talk about selling support, training, no contracts, and price points. Ideally, we want to help people do well and succeed.

John was reporting in on some new look and feel changes. We will be pushing up some news and updates that talk about a blanket number of changes. It would be too much to cover every change that is coming down the pipeline. The main goal is to help standardize the look and feel. Some of this will be done with page level settings per page - what to show/hide, verbiage, aliases, rules, etc. There is a progression of things! It just keep going!

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Shop 9790 Working with Eric 12/28/2022  

New code with Eric for gift cards. We also decided that we would add the adilas quick search to the classic homepage in the top header as well as all other pages. That was the only page that has/had a built-in quick search, so we didn't think that we needed it in the header as well. We have had requests to put it on all pages, even if it is already there. Some users use the quick search as a primary navigation tool.

Cory joined us and we went through some scenarios and did more testing.

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Shop 9789 Recording Notes 12/28/2022  

Recording notes and digitizing post-it note entries.

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Shop 9723 Phone call with Eric 12/28/2022  

Phone call with Eric. Making a plan for deploying the gift card project. We have already rolled it out a few times but had to pull it back due to some random errors. Our next deployment will be staged or done in waves to get rid of the system dependencies that exist at the application level and the session level.

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Shop 9730 planning 12/28/2022  

Work session with Bryan going over projects. We talked about date-picker stuff and then moved onto scheduling. I was pitching a small proposal to add in a temp roster for the horizontal time view. This would be a JSON formatted setting that would allow you to pre-load in certain people to your horizontal time view. It's not real availability, but it was a step in the right direction. I did a bunch of drawing and brainstorming with Byran. Most of it was on the fly. He recorded a few notes.

We then switched and got into deeper availability and the layered calendar options that we are planning on building. This flow would allow us to prep or overlay a schedule or virtual availability schedule over the main calendar (elements of time). We went over ideas for flow, logic, and what it might look like. We determined that there were 3 main steps. For a single assignment, we would need who it was that was being assigned? The who could also be the what. For example: are we setting the availability for a person, place, or thing? That's step one. Step two would deal with a date or a date/time range. These first two steps would always be required. The third step would ask if we need to reoccur or duplicate those new availability settings. We would need to select that option, only if needed. If used, we would copy or duplicate the existing settings in bulk.

We got into tons of details and ideas. Lots of drawing and brainstorming. Bryan and I were even playing in Microsoft Excel and doing some fake table layout and data input stuff for the new layer tables. We would like to think of the new overlay functionality for the calendar as layers or availability layers. This will end up being part of our "any" scheduler. Behind the scenes, we will have the real elements of time (that already exists). The front or overlay layers will be for things like employee scheduling, non availability, holidays, web availability (options for online booking), etc. Fun stuff.

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Shop 9731 General 12/28/2022  

Phone call with Steve. We were talking about ownership and year end 1099's. Emails and text messages. Random to do list stuff.

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Shop 9637 Adilas Time 12/28/2022  

Danny, Sean, Steve, and Michael were talking about sales and sales leads. They were also talking about other sales related topics like Ag (cows and farming), CPA's (accountants and do they have or see a need), state compliance centers, fees for merchant processing, etc. They were also talking about other point of sale systems and pros and cons of those systems. The conversation went out to Uber Eats and other delivery services.

As it kept going, Steve was encouraging the guys to keep looking for the pain points and then being able to solve and help out to relieve those pain points. Sometimes the users or possible clients see a system and start thinking about the future workload to get a system up and running. That can scare people away. We are looking for solution minded people who are looking for a system.

The guys were talking about asking for other leads and trying to keep it simple. Helping them to basically fill in the gaps where possible.

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Shop 9728 Recording Notes 12/27/2022  

I got behind. Recording notes from the past couple of days.

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Shop 9712 Gift Card test/merge/deploy 12/27/2022  

Work session between Eric, Cory, and I. We were testing and going over gift cards and trying to see if we could push some things up to data 0 for live testing. We looked over code, made some back-ups, and then did some code review. We ended up pulling the code branch onto my local machine and did some testing instead. We found a few problems.

After Cory left, Eric and I made some plans for moving the project forward in smaller pieces. Currently, there are too many system level dependencies and things that deal with the entire application scope variables and values. We are going to push it up in smaller pieces or waves so that the dependencies become less of an issue. It may take a few days (vs a single quick push) but it will make it smoother. Good plan.

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Shop 9710 Brandon review grouped inventory report 12/27/2022  

Cory and I looking into an inventory disconnect. She was calling it a ghost cost out in inventory. It had a similar feeling to a project that we would like to call internal cost corrections (ICC). Anyways, the error ended up being that the company had duplicate vendors and the code was grouping things based on the vendor's name, thus creating a missing vendor and its data.

The fix is to make sure that the vendors don't have duplicates or redo the code and make it loop over vendor id's vs vendor names. The id's would always be unique. Anyways, we talked about work arounds and ways to fix the data and get the vendors and items fixed and merged together. There already exists a tool for that, we just have to talk the client into to using it.

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Shop 9698 Server meeting 12/27/2022  

Checking emails before the server meeting. Once the meeting started, we went over some of the changes that we have been working on with internal emails, output formatting, and changes. Wayne is working on things and going through a process of elimination to figure out what else is still needed. Cory and Wayne were talking about scheduling and plans for new feature releases. We also went over some other projects and gave small reports to make sure that everyone was on the same page.

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Shop 9726 planning 12/27/2022  

Met with Bryan briefly to talk about projects. He had some family over and we had to cut it short. We'll hit it again tomorrow.

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Shop 9645 Working on custom code 12/27/2022  

Scheduling time, doing research, and planning for some custom code that is needed for Beaver Mountain. Went in and made a whole to do list inside of my digital scratch file. I'll be working through the list. I spent some time reading over my notebook notes from meetings with the client. Transferring hand scribbled notes into digital to do lists.

Logged into their new system and spent some time going through corp-wide settings, locations, snow owl look and feel, and ecommerce settings. Feeling better about the project and making good progress.

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Shop 9696 Custom data export tool 12/26/2022  

More work on the custom data export tool. It is getting really close, and I pushed up new code. Writing out some documentation and getting some screenshots. I had to install Photoshop to edit the screenshots (my hard drive crashed, and I didn't have that installed yet). Recording notes while waiting for the program to download and install. Sent an email out with the screenshots and the web link to the export tool. The export tool has a series of checkboxes to show/hide data or sub data relationships. You can filter it and it shows JSON data for customer info. It also includes customer additional contacts, flex grid tie-ins, customer log notes, media/content files and data uploads, etc. Pretty deep customer-based export tool.

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Shop 9697 Brandon projects 12/26/2022  

John was reporting on some new updates on the department homepage. Eric, Cory, and I were looking at gift cards and scenarios with different settings. We had an internal email bug reported to us and we started looking into it. John was the lead and doing most of the debugging today. Bryan joined us as we were checking things out. Sort of a grouped effort. We spent quite a bit of time looking at the email stuff. We pushed up some new code and John will get with Wayne later today to finish things up. We did what we could for current time. It will need more attention later.

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Shop 9648 Adilas Time 12/26/2022  

Small sales meeting and morning meeting. Some of the guys were talking about linking things together and how that takes time but really helps with the flow of both data and logic. The ability to link things together is huge and rests on the web technology called hyperlinks. It's been around for some time, but the power of what it can do is not fully realized. That's pretty cool!

We got into talking about how we have tons of features but some of them are hidden, or no one knows how to use them. It's our job to keep pulling thing together like a zipper be zipped up. Organization, links, navigation, settings, and permissions will be needed to continue to keep pulling things together. Those are huge parts of the system.

Shari O. was talking about some new hardware that we are going to be buying. The sales guys are going to be able to give some of the hardware away to help with the setup process and to sweeten the deal for our clients and customers. That's pretty cool. We have never really done that before. Basically, taking away the barriers to entry. For example, including a free credit card mag stripe reader or whatever.

After that, the guys were talking about 3rd party integrations and the problems and disconnects that we run into with those solutions. They are both good and bad. Sometimes, they put up good money and help push the ball along. Other times, something goes wrong with either us or them (usually them) and it gives us a black eye. Meaning to our clients, they have gotten a bad taste in their mouth due to problems or promises being made (either side of the fence). We've talked about it before, but if we put as much effort and energy into our own product as we have given to outside 3rd parties, we would have a ton of stuff. Like I said, it's a bittersweet subject. It has helped by filling a role but has come at a higher cost.

Steve was talking about going back to finding and setting up smaller companies. It's so much easier to set them up and get them going (how much red tape). We then switched over and were talking about some of the sales staff and what they are doing and/or trying to do. Currently, our goal is to just get them going and help them learn step by step. It's a process.

While they were talking about stuff, I was pushing up code for Trailer Solutions for their custom data export tool.

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Shop 9729 Custom data export tool 12/26/2022  

Working on the custom data export tool for a client. Worked on making the form fully dynamic and then adding in custom pagination (next page options). The pagination took a bit of time as I haven't done that in a while. Light testing and page review.

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Shop 9788 Custom data export tool 12/24/2022  

Working on the custom data export tool for Trailer Solutions. Added a number of new checkboxes and if statements. Trying to make the page and export tool more dynamic.

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Shop 9797 Custom data export tool 12/22/2022  

Three different sessions. Working on the custom data export tool for a client. Building out the web app page for the tool. Most of the logic is done, just working on the web interface and output display. Running the page live, pushing up new code and committing the changes.

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Shop 9702 Phone call with Steve 12/22/2022  

Quick phone call with Steve going over sales and possible strategies. It's really hard sometimes.

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Shop 9695 Working with Bryan 12/22/2022  

Work session with Bryan. We spent some time on the date-pickers and AJAX helper pages. Doing some debugging. We were also looking at other links and navigation to help with the horizontal time view pages. Trying to make it smoother and flow from page to page better. Small back and forth work session. Faking it along the way. We pushed up some new changes.

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Shop 9701 Bank Homepage Code Review 12/22/2022  

Working with John on bank transfers. Pushed up some files for Dustin. Then back on the code review stuff with John. Looking over the bank homepage changes. Pushed up the new pages for John. Yeah!

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Shop 9647 Adilas Time 12/22/2022  

Sales meeting. Finding pain points and then addressing those pain points. Everybody was touching base and sharing stories. I did a demo on elements to time and how it works with the new pages and new horizontal time view. At one point, only Beaver Mountain Ski School had a horizontal time view page. We revamped some of that custom code and made it more global and available for everyone.

One of the guys had the idea of showing schools and being able to show multiple people at a single time. Dealing with training and education and even demos. Getting more people to see and understand things at once vs the one-on-one game we are playing right now. We spent some time going over MVP's and what is needed. MVP's could be - minimal viable product, plan, person, etc. We all need the continuous win to help us along the way. Little wins and success go a long way.

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Shop 9694 General 12/21/2022  

All kinds of random stuff. Emails, local computer setup, installing Calvin's tools, Microsoft Office, printer drivers, scanner software, entering expense/receipts, antivirus stuff, and a phone call with Dusin. All over the place.

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Shop 9699 check and push code 12/21/2022  

Date-picker files with Bryan. Fixing FTP and merging in code. Looking at the horizontal time view project and harvesting code. Helping Bryan push things up live based on Bryan's files and new changes. Pushed up some new code using my new laptop. I've been kind of grounded, because I didn't have everything all setup due to my hard drive crashing. Everything is getting better and I'm getting used to the new stuff.

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Shop 9644 Adilas Time 12/21/2022  

Steve and Sean were talking about sales stuff and where they are heading and going. Danny jumped in and they were all talking about personalities and outcomes. Fun conversations. Adilas is such a great tool, you can watch everything... we want to keep using that! That's what we want our clients to say. Giving our clients the knowledge to help make the decisions that they need to make.

The guys were talking about maybe hiring a new salesman and doing a 60-day trial period. Just trying to get some ideas. We also talked about education and the big need for structured learning within the system and about the system.

Switched to working with Wayne and John. Got a temp file from Wayne and a dump of his local database. As we were downloading and installing things, I was asking them where we stand and what are their goals? Wayne said - I think that our goal is clustered servers on both the database and code side of things. Small talks about load balancing and not overloading our servers. We also talked about back-ups and storing all external files and images in a different way (maybe the content server or something like that). Basically, getting rid of the local file storage so that the clustering would work better for the different servers and clusters.

Wayne would also like us to switch over to Lucee. That would cut the hosting costs on a monthly basis with a big overall savings year over year. We briefly touched base on the datasource or world building project (getting each corporation on its own database). The other goal that Wayne was talking about was tracking usage based on each corporation's load and data traffic usage (bandwidth and storage). Once we have those pieces in place, be able to bill accordingly.

After that, we switched back over to my local development environment. The way that they have it setup, both Wayne and John, the local environment closely simulates the live or production environments and servers. Trying to make things be more consistent for both test and live environments. Ideally, once we get it a little bit further, some of our automated tests will make sure that things are flowing and behaving consistently. That lead us to a whole other conversation about testing and having a whole test suite. Both unit tests and migration tests.

Lastly, Wayne was helping me install Sublime Text libraries and custom packages. We also went over creating new code snippets to help me code quicker. I had tons of those on my old box, and in my old editor, got to get it all setup again on the new laptop. 

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Shop 9692 Server meeting 12/20/2022  

Quick server meeting and then leading into a work session with Wayne, John, and I to get my local environment all setup and working smoothly. First off, we checked on a number of different branches. They (Wayne and John) flopped the data 0 box (quick reboot) and then we started working on my local machine. I was downloading Microsoft Office, working with Wayne on VPN's, FTP settings, Git stuff, installing Docker, and setup of my local environment. Huge work session. Lots of good back and forth while we were bringing Docker up, down, and testing settings. I took a few notes during the process. Multi-hour tech session.

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Shop 9807 General 12/20/2022  

Installing new software and tools from Calvin. Phone call with Eric to go over inventory snapshot project and how to get certain info back out of the system. I spent some time being stuck on a database problem.

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Shop 9685 Adilas Time 12/20/2022  

From our meeting this morning - sales technique - is there anything that I haven't shown you that we are missing? Open it up and let them respond.

The guys were going over SG&A (selling, general and administrative expenses) options based on batches. Steve is willing to help with some API integration stuff for certain 3rd party solutions. We also talked about the need for flex grid tie-ins and being able to use those as a pass through in the internal cart or shopping cart. We need to be able to pass customer, invoice, time, and part number (items) information through the cart flex grid options. This doesn't exist yet.

Danny was talking about stock/units and using VIN (serial number) look-up tools and outside services to help verify user inputs. John was reporting on some new changes for the bank homepage. Light talk on layout options and using tabs, cards, and responsive web layouts. Small date format bug fix. Talking more about the flex grid pass through in the cart.

The further we go, the more settings play into the mix. We tend to build generic tools and then reuse those tools over and over again. Custom stuff for individual companies may be required, but we will try to use settings and permissions where possible. Try to make everything as data driven as possible.

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Shop 9693 Projects 12/19/2022  

Bunch of random stuff. Emails, phone call with Shari O., new systems and setup options, more emails, and trying to setup and work on my local system. 

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Shop 9689 Steve, Cory, Brandon-Catch up on projects and updates 12/19/2022  

Meeting with Cory to go over projects. We talked about the pick ticket stuff with elements of time. Checking on different errors. Auto emails for PDF attachments for invoices. Going over new date-pickers. Reviewing other projects. Talking about transitional invoices and reserving inventory. Mini conversion and laying claims on certain inventory items. Deep production and manufacturing type stuff.

We also got into talks about backorders, cross-corp invoice to PO stuff, and some new sub barcode requirements and settings. After that, John and I spent some time and talked about Adobe XD files and documentation for certain projects. We also talked about some Docker (server) stuff.

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Shop 9691 check and push code 12/19/2022  

Steve and I touching base on things. Meeting with Bryan. Merged in 10 new files for elements of time. The new code came from Chuck. John helped us push it up to data 0 for testing. Looking over Bryan's progress on his migration of the custom Beaver Mountain horizontal time view to a more generic and public accessible horizontal time view page. Bryan is also working on pulling across the add additional user/payee assignments page. Once again, custom code that only Beaver Mountain had access to and now we are reverse merging in that new code so that other clients could use that type of functionality.

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Shop 9641 Adilas Time 12/19/2022  

Eric joined the meeting and was touching base on a number of projects. We chatted about gift cards, enterprise catalog or item catalog, and the inventory snapshot project. Small sales meeting. The guys were reporting on efforts and what not. Lots of follow-ups and different communications. We have the best price for the value. Talking about bigger demos and updates. There are lots of little shops out there that need our help.

Shari O. asking questions about a client setup. Steve was showing some stuff from the Herbo proposals. Light research on using Google Meet (online meetings). We currently use GoToMeeting, just looking around.

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Shop 9806 Setting up local environment 12/17/2022  

A couple of different sessions to work on my new local environment. My hard drive crashed, and I had to install all kinds of new software, tools, and products. Adobe ColdFusion, MySQL, Git, Bit Bucket, database updates, etc.

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Shop 9683 check and push code 12/15/2022  

Went over to Bryan's house to work. My computer was down. We went over new settings and ideas for time buttons and tying them into my cart favorites. We wrote down some ideas in Bryan's notebook.

From 2 pm to 3 pm - Bryan and I jumped on the server meeting (from his house). Cory, John, Bryan, and I were on the meeting. Wayne joined part way through. After the meeting, Bryan and I jumped back in and worked on refining the old custom code that we made for Beaver Mountain. More time button stuff and planning. Bryan has all of the notes. I was kind of just an extra today - no computer or anything.

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