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Shop 10196 check and push code 5/31/2023  

check and push code

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Shop 10178 Meeting witih Hamid 5/30/2023  

Final sign-off for a promotional website done by Hamid. We looked at code and I printed him out a check. We chatted for a bit and he handed me over the code for the business zipper website that he was working on. I'll look over it a little bit better and then get it pushed up to a live server to be an actual site. This promotional site was going to be kinda like a billboard that talks about a certain topic and then points the users or visitors to the main website. We are calling them billboard sites, a form of light advertising.

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Shop 10179 Planning with Aspen 5/30/2023  

Working with Aspen to go over our plan for making the plan. Light review and discussing expectations and where we are going. Started in on adding some research links to part of our plan. Pushed up the new stuff to the google doc that John and I had started.

Here is a light version of where we are heading... (just barely starting - for the record, it looks nicer in the google doc)

Master Adilas Plan or Adilas Master Plan

Table of Contents. To-do

All time id's are inside of adilas

2283 - Main Index

2284 - Jellyfish Model

- Research on the Jellyfish model - link

2285 - Value Add-On Core Model

- Research - link

2286 - Adilas University

- Research - link

2287 - Adilas Marketplace

- Research - link

2288 - Adilas Cafe & Community

- Research - link

2289 - Fracture - Future Project

- Research - link

- Adobe XD mock-ups with options

2290 - Budgets & Finances

2291 - Marketing & Sales

- Adobe XD mock-ups with options

- World Building Concepts and Concepts of the Data Assembly Line - Pitching the concepts

- Research on world building, research on data assembly line

- Presentation Gallery - great start for an outline of what adilas does

2292 - Other Timelines, Plans & Projects

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Shop 10172 Working on the plan 5/30/2023  

Meeting with John and doing some planning. We were going over themes, ins and outs of how to make a new theme in our existing code, folders, paths, settings, and page level controllers. We talked about some of the new code and R&D that Jonathan Wells did. We are looking for feedback. We may end up offering options and pushing the choices over to the users. Tons of toggle on/off switches for the different features.

People don't want to scroll and they want a minimal number of clicks to make something happen. We talked about getting the information (all kinds) into the database. Minimal on the hardcoded pieces. The whole thing becomes data driven.

I was drawing and talking about different things. We would love to create a master plan. John and I started a small google doc to gather some the of the master plan info so we both could access it.

Shari O. jumped in and had some payroll questions. We did some quick research, pulled some records, and helped her make some changes. We got it all figured out.

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Shop 10205 Include others in the planning of the next level - fracture 5/30/2023  

This is mostly for me... but last night I couldn't sleep very well. I kept having the idea that I needed to include others and other business owners in the fracture project. This could be helping them build out their own systems and/or helping them get started on the white label journey. Anyways, meeting with them, helping them get things lined out, making plans, and getting their feedback, ideas, and suggestions. Group or community effort of sorts.

This is by no means official, but I was thinking about a six-month planning period, six months prototyping and getting funding, and then rolling things into a two-year build out. Once again, just putting things on paper. In reality, we'll need to check scope, project requirements, and who we have that can help. Lots of other variables. That's just what I was thinking.

I know some of the local business owners at the technical college, local ski resort, a bike shuttle company, a special race event, a high-tech manufacturing facility, and my dad (great resource to a number of other business owners). Anyways, just recording this as an idea for fracture.

This may not go here, but I was also thinking, if they commit to working on the white label projects (multiple versions) I could even cut them in on a small percentage of the main adilas system. Basically, a way to get them to help us push things forward. Once again, just thoughts and ideas.

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Shop 10108 Server Meeting 5/30/2023  

Cory was asking about a deploy that had a bad file. Somehow one of the servers was showing that it was on the master branch but had a corrupted file or something happened. Light back and forth between her and Wayne. Cory was asking about emails and trying to get some answers. Our email servers are struggling right now. We then switched and were talking about the sales tax aggregates project. It is fully live but just needs that little bit of a push. We've got a couple of things really close, but they just haven't fully landed.

We started talking about Wayne's new framework stuff. He was showing us some of his dynamic add/edit pages using a database or a data dictionary stored in a database. He then created a smart page that uses dynamics, cascading code and populating it all from database records or dynamic objects. Pretty cool stuff. Light years ahead of what we've got right now.

Some time was spent looking at and making suggestions to the data dictionary idea and concept. The more that we can make this whole thing data driven vs hardcoded, the better. Think of all of the things that show up on a web page, what if we could turn that whole thing into data driven pages and be able to pull the data and dynamically render the pages. That would be awesome! We already do tons of that, but Wayne was showing us options on a whole new level.

Steve was asking some questions and Wayne was answering them. Good conversation between them. Steve was talking about percentages of ownership, deferred payments for hours worked, and other forms of investment. We all see the potential. Steve was saying, "I'm sold, how are we going to do this?" Tons of potential, we just need to figure out how to do it, fund it, and sell it. That takes a lot to make everything happen and work.

Next, we rolled into talking about stability of the code and servers. Steve put the words - "what about the ice down dates" - through chat. We talked about how all of that is possible, we just need to make a plan and get it included. Nothing is just going to happen. We have tons of awesome ideas, it just needs to go the next level. That lead into talking about the plan and making it airtight. We also talked about getting that good plan and then being able to pitch it to investors to get some or all of the funding. That seems to be what needs to happen. We need our plan to be almost at the blueprint level with details, requirements, flow charts, and all of the specifics. Basically, a full-on business plan and full technical plan as well. We need it all. That's the goal.

Original notes are from 5/30/23. This little note was added on 6/3/23 (only a few days later) - As a small side note, this was actually a turning point for Steve in deciding what needed to be done. Nobody knew it yet, but I think that he was seeing that we are having a hard time finishing up things that need to be done (close but not quite finished) and yet we are totally lost in what could be. We know we need it, no one denies that, but how do you stop, control, and/or manage that. Maybe you don't. You may have to let it flow.

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Shop 10088 Adilas Time 5/30/2023  

Sean and I talking about dreams and plans. Where do we want it to go? I love those kinds of talks and conversations.

John and I were talking about budgets and hours. He is concerned. Shari O. joined and John and Shari O. were talking about layouts and interface stuff. We have a client that is requesting some custom navigation. They want to shortcut things by one click or put buttons and/or links where they want them to show up. This is more of a "controlling space" meaning what you work with and where things are located. Custom space - think of your desk or bedroom, you put certain things in strategic places in order to be efficient or effective.

Shari O. was asking questions about some of the new payroll settings for a client. We went in and looked, and it looked like the client was in there changing things around. Some of the changes that Shari O. had made were gone. We fixed it and will get ahold of the client and do some training.

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Shop 10165 Working on the plan 5/29/2023  

This didn't happen. Today was Memorial Day and everybody had family things going on.

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Shop 10077 Steve, Cory, Brandon-Catch up on projects and updates 5/29/2023  

Going over lots of requests for new and enhanced reports. Small errors and fixing a few things. Cory had a small list. Lots of talk about flex attributes and the need to build them out on all 12 main application player groups. Currently, we have them on customers and elements of time. It seems like the next one that is warming up is PO's. We have clients that are wanting to be able to add new and flexible data points to PO's (purchase orders). Of course, once they get added, they for sure want to be able to search by those new flex attributes. They also want them to show up on all the correct spots, forms, searches, reports, and exports. Not a problem, it just takes a goal and some time.

It seems that across the board, our users, on a global level, are wanting more and more control of their reports and exports. This inclues settings, preset and saved favorites, show/hide certain fields or columns, able to rename fields, set and remember the search criteria or filters, and be able to pull down any and all data (reports or exports).

Cory and I were talking about "visibility vs searchability". Our users want "visibility" first, then they want the "searchability". Basically, our users want to see the data and then be able to limit it and/or filter it down from the results that they got. From a coding side, it is easier to filter (control what will show) vs showing everything and then filtering after all of the data is shown and/or pushed out to the user (way more traffic, memory, and bandwidth). On the coding side, we would much rather have you know what you want, then we only have to serve up those records. Sort of a flip flop on who wants what and which way they approach their data and report results.

We have a report that the users want to control multiple parts of an object (say PO's or purchase orders) all from one export and/or report. Granted, the PO has multiple one-to-many relationships, table joins, and records that need to be matched up and presented. Imagine a report search page that has show/hide checkboxes for all of the main PO data (location, vendor, total amounts, PO types, dates, notes, ties to external invoices, etc. - 20 some fields). They then want all of the show/hide checkboxes to show/hide columns for all of the line item details (quantities, costs, prices, items, descriptions, etc. - tons of new fields - 60+ fields). Next, they want any sub inventory information (sub reference id numbers, barcodes, units of measure, special sub attributes, RFID tags, etc. - tons of other fields - another 15-20+ fields). Without going too crazy, they also want any new flex attributes (extra data points or in-line database extensions), parent attributes (inventory level controls for parent items), and other data. I didn't count, but it could be well over 100+ fields that they want to be able to pull, show/hide, filter, and organize. It gets into some advanced settings and big reports with lots of dynamic logic. Not that it is hard to do any of that, it just gets more difficult when you are mixing so many things or parts of the object together.

Cory wants us to start with the "visibility" of the data. As a side note, we may have to off load some of the processing for these bigger reports. I want to be careful about building on possible already tippy code or projects. We have to make sure that everything is stable. After this conversation, Cory and I lightly talked about budgets. We also looked over some code and did some quotes for clients. There are many challenges when trying to mix and bled and mix viewing with searching huge datasets.

Lastly, we talked about fair compensation. We are heavily underpaid and not showing our true value. That gets complicated as well. It's an interesting mix and an interesting game.

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Shop 10089 Adilas Time 5/29/2023  

Today is Memorial Day. Not many people on the morning meeting. Both Steve and Sean jumped on and were working on labels. Sean was prepping things for a demo and Steve was trying to be his cheerleader. The current label builder needs a little bit of loving, but it does work, and it does a good job. You just have to know what you are doing. We just need to tweak a few things to make it ready for the masses. Sean had a few ideas that he wanted to make sure got on the wish list for the adilas label builder. He's been putting in some good time there lately.

My opinion, but Steve is a great salesman. Even to us, internally, as part of his team. I can't tell you how many times I would have quit, walked away, or given up without his cheerleading and salesmanship charisma. It's pretty awesome. Sean came on the meeting with his tail between his legs (getting virtually beat-up by the label builder) and Steve sent him away ready to give the demo. That's pretty awesome!

One of the problems was that the adilas label builder uses a lot of JavaScript which is a client-side scripting language. That means, depending on which browser and which version, the code could act or react differently. That makes it tough. As part of this little exercise, Steve and Sean were popping in and out of a number of browsers to see where it worked the best. Most of us, me included, would have tested it in one browser and then passed a verdict - it's good or it's in need of some love.

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Shop 10204 General 5/25/2023  

Recording notes and uploading videos. Quick phone call with Bryan. Other general to do list stuff.

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Shop 10142 Professional Development Training - Internal Team 5/25/2023  

Great internal training event. John was running the show today. We had Brandon, John, Danny, Eric, Alan, Dustin, and Bryan on the meeting with us. We were going over the adilas docs (online style guide and code snippets), light review, going over conventions, components, and other style guide stuff. John was encouraging the developers to use the docs and play around with things. As a side note, John has also started some adilas server docs (major backend stuff) as well.

Lots of good discussions. Topics ranged from docker stuff, older code, bootstrap versions, and sign-off guides for development and frontend GUI stuff (GUI is for graphical user interfaces or UI/UX user interfaces and user experiences). We had some good practice sessions and John had prepped some code with some flags where he wanted us to work and change things.

It was great for all of the guys to be on the meeting. I did snap a screenshot of some of the webcams (see attached). We talked about using data 0 as the starting point or standard for a number of things. Especially if we wanted to duplicate and/or use the same things over and over again. The conversation then led over to talking about the future and where we are heading. We spent some time talking about the new framework and being able to swap out dependencies and what not.

One of the last things for the normal training session was a discussion about requests for future training and crossover training. Here is the quick list, not in any specific order.

Future Training Session Ideas
- Cfscript
- Javascript/JQuery
- Back End (Models, Services, DAOs)
- API's - Internal API sockets and external API sockets
- Ajax
- Testing
- Custom CSS & Print CSS

After everybody else left, John and I did a small review of the training session. We were chatting about options and feedback. John and I may start with some CSS and theme stuff (planning for the future). See attached for 3 different videos that we did from the training session. Great event.

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Shop 10080 Adilas Time 5/25/2023  

Sean and I going over labels and the adilas label builder. One of the topics that came up, once John popped on was dealing with raw assets and IP (intellectual property). We really want to work on gathering the info, assets, logos, drawings, original art work, text, copy, etc. all in one place. That would be awesome!

John and I then talked about some of the challenges of using pre-built themes and then being able to print things out nicely. There is different code to show things on the web and it changes when you try to print it. Anyways, just going over ideas and options. As we make changes, it requires some of our users and clients to redo their SOP's (standard operating procedures). These are their instructions and what not. If you start changing things, then all of the sudden, the instructions don't match what is being seen and/or displayed on the screen. It causes confusion and a disconnect.

We also spent some time talking about requirements that are pressed upon us and how sometimes we feel like the little red hen (story of a red hen who offers yummy bread to her friends, but no one wants to help plant the seeds, harvest it, grind it, and then bake it). Along the lines listed above, dealing with showing and printing web pages and mobile ready applications. Sometimes we build things for normal desktop applications and then people want to use them on mobile apps or mobile devices. It can be challenging.

The last conversation of the meeting was dealing with lite versions or light versions. Basically, talking about the concept of adilas lite or a scaled down version or versions. Good stuff!

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Shop 10175 Recording Notes 5/24/2023  

Emails, light tech support, and recording notes from the past few days. Also, on the phone with a client going over things. Recorded notes for 5/22/23, part of 5/23/23, and all of 5/24/23.

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Shop 10163 Next project 5/24/2023   Work session with Bryan and I going over some light debugging on a project. We then switched over and spent the rest of the session talking about a new report and new sub inventory report. We are going to be calling it the super sub invoice line items search or report. That's a mouth full. Anyways, we did record about 38 minutes of the session, see attached.
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Shop 10164 Project-2060-Review and merge code 5/24/2023  

Small work session between John and I. We started out by pulling up a local code branch and doing a visual review of the changes. We were working on the add/edit location page. We then moved into talking about making plans (frontend, backend, and overarching architecture stuff) and carving out timeslots for finalizing those plans. We planned 2 days a week for 2 hours a piece, all through the month of June. Putting some placeholders into the mix.

Another topic of conversation was about IP (intellectual property) and gathering things up. This includes raw code, raw graphics, and other assets and resources. Currently, I have a bunch of this stuff on my local computer but nobody else can get to it and it's not super organized. Anyways, that will be a future project as we move forward.

I promised John that I would check on what it would take to be able to gift a percentage of ownership for some of the bigger framework projects that we have coming up. I'd like to help incentivize our guys/gals to help us work on those pieces.

We talked about themes (existing and possible themes) as well as coming up with our own themes and custom CSS (cascading style sheets and full application layouts). Along those lines, we also need to plan in progression and deprecation of those visual assets and themes. Our product needs to keep changing in order to keep up.

John really loves feedback, and he was asking if we could, on purpose, include some others on our feedback models, internal needs, external needs, and wants of our users and our clients. All of that would be some great information and great feedback. We don't mind changing things, we just need a plan in order to know where we are headed and what the priorities are at this point.

This is more for me, but I was listening to an audiobook - Dale Carnegie - "How to Win Friends and Influence People", and it was talking about avoiding the acute angels or tight spots (with people, projects, and such). You want to keep your options open (like an obtuse angel) vs creating a squeeze or super tight spot (acute angles). Not that you never get into those spots, but you don't try to force anybody into those tight spots. As John and I were talking, that thought came back to me about trying to avoid the acute (tight) angles or tight spots. I'd like to build so that there is room to turn, maneuver, and adjust as needed. Once again, this is more for me than for anyone else.

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Shop 10092 Adilas Time 5/24/2023  

Sean and I going over the adilas label builder. He was requesting a smaller grid layout, options to zoom in on the smaller labels, and better save options. He had lost some work because he wasn't pressing save enough. Maybe automate that. Anyways, we pulled up some code and were looking around for the variables to control the grid layout and grid sizes. We tweaked some things out and pushed up the new code. He was working behind the scenes to make sure that everything was working. Small little microburst on the label builder.

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Shop 10201 Meeting with Bryan 5/23/2023  

Back on with Bryan. Merged in some code for showing the subs in the horizontal time view page. Pushed up some code to data 0 to do some testing.

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Shop 10162 check and push code 5/23/2023  

Working with Bryan on subs of time and showing things on the sub horizontal time view page. He had to jump off to help his wife. Short meeting.

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Shop 10177 Framework meeting with Wayne and Alan 5/23/2023  

After the server meeting, just Wayne, Alan, and I stayed on to go more in-depth on the framework stuff that Wayne is testing, trying, and pitching. Wayne has been spending tons of time looking into the ColdBox framework and experimenting with things. He's really going for it.

We talked about files, folders, and structure of how the application could and would work. The whole thing is setup in a rest type interface with specific paths, pages, and URL's (web addresses) to make it work. REST API or RESTful API architecture stands for representational state transfer. Basically, that deals with logical paths, files, and folders to create organization. You then place special code at each end point to do a specific task. That is part of the way it is organized. Our old site has tons of pages, all bunched into a couple of folders (all mixed together). When I say a ton of files, I'm talking thousands of files. This newer site will have like or similar pieces and pages in specific spots or places. It's all part of how it gets organized and managed. Interesting.

Alan and Wayne were talking about object-oriented coding with options for extending, inheriting, and sub classing functions, variables, and conditions. They both fully get it. I haven't had any formal training on this, but I'm picking up some of the pieces and concepts.

Next, they got into talking about limiting the handlers (receiving pages or virtual doors and windows). We covered a number of other topics such as nesting, sub classes, pre and post level page handlers, and how all deeper business logic needs to be over in the service models. Once again, it was mostly Wayne and Alan talking shop and I was listening. To translate, our existing site and pages have a bunch of things that we do every time to make sure that the page gets valid information. They are talking about doing all of that pre validation and logic as a simple handler and thus making each page smaller and not duplicating code (hundreds of lines per page).

After talking for a while, Wayne was showing us what it takes to rewrite things and pages using the new architecture and structure. We kept jumping off on tangents as Wayne was explaining and we were asking questions and making comments. Fun little interchange. At one point, Wayne had to either jump off and/or deal with something at his home. Alan and I were talking about options for permissions and limiting things even before we show them. Keeping things skinny and lite.

Here are some of my other notes. They don't really flow into nice paragraphs.

- Currently, our main pages, inside of adilas are kinda like handlers. We just don't call them that. Sometimes we call them the wrapper pages and string together some black box and/or special page includes to make it all work.

- All business logic would need to be in the services.

- Lots of talk about separating logic and views (pages).

- Using fracture (potentially more complicated) to show less (looks more simple - based on show/hide settings and configuration stuff).

- Creating rule books and using the database to help drive the pages, logic, rules, and procedures. Basically, the code gets stored in the database, where it could be updated, shared, or tweaked as needed. The pages just process the rules and/or instructions.

- Migrating data, seeding things (pre work and adding things for setup), checking for pending actions, and processing different actions. Small data assembly line stuff, for our own setup and configuration. That could be pretty cool!

- Wayne was saying, not really rewriting our code, more of moving it...

- Alan would love to help with this restructure project.

- We talked about options of how to integrate these things together.

- There are still some core changes that are needed. The key word was "core".

- Lots of talk about scale - how fast, how many, etc.

- Too many includes (code pages pulled into other code pages). This gets hard to trace down dependencies and variations if different pages are mixed together.

- We have some master copy and paste coders and developers. If that is the case, let's help them out so that they can copy and paste what we want them to do and use. If you can't beat them (some of our team may never change), then join them type attitude (give them good stuff to copy and paste).

- Tiny servlets and micro services. Everything is based off of time or events.

- We talked about budgets for both time and money. How quick can we do this? Time, money, resources?

- How long do we have if we don't do this? Not sure... meaning making changes and/or moving things over towards fracture (future plans and making the changes listed). Just part of our discussion.

- Wayne will reach out to Ortus Solutions (maker of the ColdBox framework) and see what options we have. Is there any way to use some of what they have and still keep some of our older existing stuff? We are looking for a middle ground, if possible. Basically, just a quick check to see if an option exists - mixing old code and new code and old structure and new structure. We may have to just choose one or the other, they may not cross or mingle very well (water and oil).

- Small story of how the Utah pioneers had to stop building a temple so that they could finish up the railroad. Once the railroad was done (lines completed) they were able to build their temple faster using the railroad to haul rock from the quarry to the temple site. Fun story.

- We talked about a new possible name for fracture (current code name for our future build out) and/or something that has a nice ring to it. We were thinking about "adilas lite" or something along those lines.

- What about building out a mini version, creating small modules and then charging for those pieces? Everything could be broken down into modules and sub modules.

- Originally, we were going to leave the existing adilas code alone and build something new, using the same database. As we were talking, it became apparent that we needed to build new. Meaning new code, new data, new database, new, new, new. The whole thing. As we were talking, we kept referring to ship A (existing adilas platform) and ship B (new or future adilas platform - aka fracture or adilas lite).

- Our first prototype, that Wayne is already working on, will be for payees. This is for vendors and users and will include a single sign-on option. Once again, just a prototype and proof of concept.

- Lots of great conversation about the adilas cafe and community. This is dealing with a global or master level list and access to the whole platform and/or adilas application. Imagine a single global login and then you could choose if you wanted to work (only show corporations where you have permissions and access), play (demo sites), buy things (marketplace), sell things (marketplace for goods and services - professional services), participate (community and social media stuff), and/or get some training (adilas university). Here is a link to more info and research on the adilas cafe from the developer's notebook.

- After Alan left, I talked with Wayne about percentage ownership stuff in adilas. Wayne would like to get some more ownership. He's doing a great job! We have many on our team that are really pulling the load very well. That is awesome!

- For me - adilas lite - make a simple play or plan. It could be a rough sketch or simple layout plan. Keep it simple.

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Shop 10107 Server Meeting 5/23/2023  

Eric joined the server meeting and we were talking about the sales tax aggregates and what kind of love is needed there. It's up, working, and just needs a little bit to really be fully functional. We talked about getting that code outside of the database triggers and being able to do manual or force updates. We spent 40 minutes going over pros and cons of automated database triggers, manual switches, scheduled tasks, and how best to tackle the aggregate counts, totals, and sums. We only have a few things aggregated right now, but a ton more options are on the horizon.

We then switched to the backend and frontend frameworks that we are looking into. We got into a conversation about technical debt (older or legacy code) and where we are headed. We really want to move more into an MVC (model, view, controller) type framework and application. We would like to change the main structure and underlying conventions that we are built upon. This brought up conversations about breaking the link between view pages, model pages, and controller pages.

Cory was saying that we beat the odds of how long we have lasted on our older code set, and lifecycle as a software company. We are really good at building new things. We would like to get better at planning and strategically doing maintenance and upgrades to the core and/or foundation. Ideally, we want to take some of our older, bigger, monolith code and break it up into smaller and smaller pieces. Things like helper files, microservices, MVC models, and restful API sockets. We already do a bunch of that, but the whole thing is not yet fully there.

Our guys (developers) keep running into things that are slightly off and/or could be changed. Sometimes, that makes them slowdown and either figure out what was done and/or them wanting to fix it, to make it smoother or better. There is a maintenance cost associated with training and learning. Sometimes you only learn by dinking around and playing with things (experiments and trystorming).

We may need to get some funding in place, even to help make the plan. This has been one of the things that has been missing all along (lack of funding). Sometimes, it also feels like we need some fresh blood (new energy or new talent). We are all getting a little bit older and have been pulling this load for quite some time now. That ends up wearing on you, even if that wasn't the intent. As long as we are talking about some ideals, we would love for our code to be more robust, less fragile, and easier to make global changes. There are a lot of intricate and moving pieces. As an idea, maybe we trim our team down and keep a smaller, highly talented, but nimble developer team. We are not sure where to go. It's always a balance.

Steve was asking Wayne some great questions. We are trying to figure out a plan for making the plan. It gets deep quickly. Steve was also asking about the datasource project and where that stands (looking for a progress report).

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Shop 10090 Adilas Time 5/23/2023  

Sean and Steve were on the meeting talking about the adilas label builder. They would like to create a simple label homepage. They were also talking about other smaller homepages or landing spots. Things such as the gift card homepage, loyalty points homepage, label homepage, and other industry specific homepages.

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Shop 10152 Sub horizontal time view page 5/22/2023  

Back on with Bryan going over the horizontal sub time view page. He added in some options for subs and subs of time. We did some code review and fixed a few things. We are getting close to launching this new page.

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Shop 10149 check and push code 5/22/2023  

Emails and then rolling into a meeting with Bryan to go over subs of time and showing those subs on the special sub horizontal time view pages. Bryan had to bailed out to fix a few things. I was doing emails and recording notes.

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Shop 10078 Steve, Cory, Brandon-Catch up on projects and updates 5/22/2023  

On with Cory and Kelly going over new requests for sub inventory reports. Kelly had created some spreadsheets and we were going over those pieces. Great review and we are ready to hand this project over to the developer. We switched topics and started talking about sales tax aggregates and creating manual switches to help force an update.

Cory and I were doing some planning for a server meeting and some decision making. We talked about doing some R&D on the new frameworks that Wayne is working on and almost doing a mini scratch app to get all of the kinks worked out. After that, Cory and I went over a number of other small projects and plans.

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Shop 10091 Adilas Time 5/22/2023  

Shari O. and I were looking at the verify payment logic for expense/receipts and expense payments. We had some questions that one of our power users had brought up. We recently made some visual changes, and we think that is what caused the confusion. The new interface as a graphic or icon where some words used to be. You can get a tool tip if you mouse over the icon, but it no longer spells it out in raw text. The same link and option exists, it's just smaller and tied to an icon vs a normal spelled out text link.

We are all so much of a creature of habit, we tend to go super-fast and not slowdown unless we need to. The slightest change can throw us off if we aren't ready for it. After we got done with our research and checking things out, I spent the rest of the hour doing emails.

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Shop 10151 Recording Notes 5/19/2023  

Recording notes from yesterday (5/18/23).

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Shop 10137 Brandon, Kelly, Steve and Cory sub reporting- how to move forward 5/18/2023  

Zoom meeting with Cory, Kelly, Steve, and I. Going over plans for sub inventory reporting. I took a number of notes. See below.

- Kelly did some prep work and had a small spreadsheet- Here is the link:

- Some of the report settings need to be at the user level vs the corp or global level- for example: the new advanced part search settings. They are controllable at the corp level but not at an individual user level. We are seeing a need for deeper levels of control, per user.

- She, Kelly, found a good report (that still needs some tweaking)- advanced invoice sub line search for all item categories. The current report shows and does some sub attribute grouping (text based off of the names).

- Kelly thinks that a limit of a 31-day month (whatever the range) would work for now. For both PO line items and invoice line items. If they want to pull info per item category, no date range limit. If they want everything or "all" we limit it to a month or 31 days.

- Ideally, she would like grouped output for PO's, invoices, and items. That's where subs play (currently).

- Steve is working on some sub inventory reports right now.

- We have a currently working model in the advanced invoice sub line search. If the part category of "All" is selected, the actual search page shows all possible sub attributes as filters. We then pass that list of combined attributes over to the results page. The results page then loops over the combined list and fills out what it can. We may be able to use some of these pieces.

- As a side note, we actually looked over some code for the working model to see how it was switching, grouping, and pulling the data. For now, we may take that code and push it over to other sections as a patch and/or band-aid of sorts.

- The sub reports need all of the main line item details plus the sub information. Currently, the sub reports are only showing the sub details. Kelly wants all of the data out of the system. Cory wants to be careful not to get in trouble if we add a bunch of new columns (past history with clients complaining - changing their reports or exports).

- The reports homepage is kinda messy- We may need to rework that page to make it look better.

- We need sub attribute information on its own, parent attribute information on its own, and mixed sub and parent attribute information together. Along with this... We need these same reports for PO's, invoices, and items in inventory. We need all of these pieces. Consistency across those reports.

- Kelly is sort of stuck- helping out the clients. She is pulling tons of reports and piecing them together. She is looking for some time savings and better reporting, out of the system or out of the box vs having to pull things and piece them together.

- Up next, once we have the good reporting that we need, we can build in bulk update tools where you can see it, fix it, repull the report. Export it as needed. We need the visual representation of the data first (good reporting). The other features and tools will come later.

- Steve, Dustin, and Alan are going to be working on some bulk tools for subs.

- Be able to export beginning inventory, ending inventory, and what is in between. That's the goal.

- Kelly likes the super invoice line item search/report. Could we add on a bit there? That might be nice. We talked about creating a super sub invoice line item search (same as above with subs). Maybe a link to that new page from the bottom of the advanced invoice search page (maybe at the top as well).

- At the end of the meeting, Kelly was asking what we needed to get going. She is going to build out a spreadsheet with columns and instructions per column for us to use as a reference. That should really help. We will pass this on to the correct developer to help them know what is wanted and needed.

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Shop 10150 Research 5/18/2023  

Research on sub inventory attributes and changes to sub inventory - over time. Started working on a document to chronicle the timeline and what we have learned over the years. Here is a link to show some of the entries that I was looking at.

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Shop 10148 Recording Notes 5/18/2023  

Recording notes and other small to do list stuff.

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Shop 10083 Adilas Time 5/18/2023  

Sean and John were on the meeting. We were going over ideas for a car window decal or sticker - advertising adilas as a business software solution for operations and accounting. We spent some time pulling together assets, logos, and chatting about what it should say and look like. Both Sean and I were giving John some feedback. I'll reach out to Russell and see if I can get any of the older assets, logos, and originals.

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Shop 10147 Phone call with Steve 5/17/2023  

Steve and I got on a phone call for a good hour. He was asking me what I thought was the next major step. I told him that I thought that we needed a good plan, and that was the next major step we needed to take. We spent the whole hour kicking around ideas, pitching ideas, and talking about what we want, where we want to go, and where we have been. Great conversation. We talked about prototyping, experimenting, and in the trenches experiences that we have had and are still having. Tons of good ideas, we just need to get it all lines out and make the pitch.

Regardless, the plan is a next step. If we decide it will be too much money, at least we will have the plan. Otherwise, there are just too many unknowns. Lots of big ideas and dreams. Let's see what we can come up with, as far as a plan goes. Steve wants us to create a new element of time to track what time we spend on making the plan. Here we go!

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Shop 10146 Recording Notes 5/17/2023  

Recording notes. Tons of ideas on sub inventory. See entries from 5/10/23.

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Shop 10145 Recording Notes 5/17/2023  

Recording notes. Working on entries from 5/10/23, 5/16/23, and 5/17/23. Some of it was already done and some of it was new as of today.

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Shop 10140 Adilas Training (Professional Development) 5/17/2023  

Review the itinerary for the professional development training session. This is going to cover the adilas docs, CSS training, bootstrap training, and code sign-off stuff. John and I met and chatted about the plan and itinerary a bit. After that, we got into talking about responsive data tables. Eventually, we would like to do a full rewrite of the system and make the whole things fully mobile responsive and mobile ready.

We also talked about some great professors that John had at school and some of their teaching styles. Also, getting to know the strengths and weaknesses of our guys/gals (our internal developers). Talking about more modern ways of thinking and coding. John is really looking for some feedback from this internal training session and professional development session. Good stuff!

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Shop 10097 Adilas Time 5/17/2023  

Eric popped in and we went over gift cards. He had made some small changes. We merged and tested some the pieces. I also talked to Eric about some needs coming down the pipeline for aggregates and deeper business intelligence (BI) levels. Eric was requesting deeper access to real database and SQL prompts on the test server. We talked about scheduled events, creating a manual trigger, and ways of getting at server logs and database logs. We talked about possible workarounds and getting things done.

After Eric left, John and I looked at his GUI page for testing results for page re-works. Small code review session and merged in and pushed up the code to data 0. John went in and did some live testing. This is a new tool to track code review, page sign-off, and who tested what on the new pages. It's a graphical tool to show progress on code/page sign-off. Looks good.

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Shop 10141 Recording Notes 5/16/2023  

Recording notes and pushing up videos from this morning. Tons of good notes from a meeting with Wayne and the crew. See notes from 5/16/23 for details.

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Shop 10106 Server Meeting 5/16/2023  

Long meeting today. Started out talking to Wayne and Shari O. about emails, internal emails, external emails (outbound to different clients), and possible options. Wayne repointed the IP addresses yesterday back to the original way we had the email system setup. It was kinda wacky for a couple of days. Anyways, we put it back to what it was. We still need to look deeper into this, but it should be stable for now.

Steve was asking about the bus to motorcycle project - datasource or world building project. Wayne was reporting that some of his new code is trying to deal with this issue or these issues. We talked about the current state and where things are going. Briefly touched base on combo primary keys and removing major dependencies on existing standalone primary keys (database connection and relationship stuff). Along with the datasource topic (which database to talk to as a single time) the conversation also included our ever growing need to do cross corp stuff. We didn't talk about it, but some of this is very similar to the adilas cafe talks and discussions that we have had.

If we get majorly into cross corp stuff, and each corp has its own database or sandbox, we may end up doing cross corp stuff through API socket connections. That sounded like a good idea. We'll have to look at it, as we may do unions, API sockets, or other temp database tricks to show and/or report combined data.

We flipped over to the new framework that Wayne is working on. He did a small demo for us on what he is working on. These are just a few of my notes. See attached for a 1:39 - one hour and 39 minute video of of some of meeting.

- Our switch to a new framework is not just a time saver. It goes way deeper than that.

- Lots of conversation about supporting different frameworks, themes, and versions of code.

- The whole new framework is setup as an MVC framework or MVC model - model, view, controller

- We need to keep moving forward in order to stay valid

- Layouts and views

- Everything is event driven

- We have both raw input (info and data directly from a user or customer) and we also have cleaned up and formatted data (okayed, approved, combed, retrieved, or sanitized data).

- These are just some keywords and concepts - handlers, events, models, interceptors, layouts, views, classes, methods, etc.

- One of the goals is to get rid of all of the repetitive, ticky-tacky maintenance code. This is stuff like params, validation, permission checks, making sure that certain values have been set, etc. Basically, the prep work before the real meat of the page begins. Some of our pages may be hundreds of lines of code deep before we actually get to the meat of the page. The framework would help us simplify and standardize some of the prep work stuff.

- If we build this way, it could open up options for multiple layouts and/or views (what it looks like). Keeping a separation between the business logic and the view or presentation of that data.

- Events, watchers, and triggers that help us run clean-up and other processes and routines. Key everything off of certain events.

- Getters and setters - smaller mini functions for each class, object, and property within that class. All built-in and/or available. We really wanted to do this for the fracture project (future project for adilas).

- Options for self-documentation

- Debugging, tracer options, logging, and security stuff already built-in

- Lots of talk about the benefits of using a framework.

- Mementos and smaller sub sets of data, that may be pre-formatted and/or setup how we need it - saving time in conversions and retrieving available data.

- Defining things and then using them over and over again in other pages.

- This is huge, but the framework already has a ton of built-in documentation and samples. That takes a lot of work and preparation. Also, it is able to self-generate basic documentation based on how we code it (based off of keywords, hints, notes, and rules).

- If we build off a new framework, we could use either Adobe ColdFusion (current model) or we could use Lucee - open source CFML engine. The framework can flip flop pretty easily between the different backend engines. It's basically a config option.

- We do lots of things over and over again. Make that more simple, standardized, and compartmentalized.

- They offer a standard set of options and configurations. We can use that and/or pick and choose or customize whatever we want.

- Light talks about the pros and cons of an ORM model (object-relational mapping - mixing of objects and relational databases)

- Shooting for a more modern approach - use of code, technology, and a layered approach

- Wayne really wants to come up with a process of how to convert our current pages and code into the ColdBox framework. Think of a set of instructions (virtual recipe) and then allow other developers to help convert the pages. Basically, a road map to follow.

- Our customers really need and want us to be more stable and reliable, as a company, and as a software system. This includes how we develop code, release and deploy code, and manage systems and servers. In a nutshell, they want us to grow up, as a company and have a bit more of a standard structure and presence.

- We are heading more and more towards clustering, enterprise level stuff. We need to build towards that.

- As a side note, Wayne says we have way too many includes (files that get included and/or strung together to make the whole).

- One of our major focuses on switching the backend architecture is customer reliability.

- Wayne sees a need for radical changes to simplify, stabilize, and build things out for the future. It has to be sustainable and sustainability. Light talks about evolution vs revolution or changes over time vs drastic changes all at once. Things are smoother if software can evolve vs just being harshly changed. However, sometime things need to majorly change, hopefully for the better. There are some pros and cons to both approaches.

- Building new has a motivation factor to it - true story - what keeps us going?

- This is a chance to rebuild it like we want it - build to the dream


We switched subjects and were the guys were talking about hosting companies and how that scene is changing in the datacenters that we are using. We have seen a lack or lowing of the customer service levels. We may end up checking out some other hosting companies.

John and Cory were talking about other projects and timelines. They were also talking about uptime, downtime, and databases. We talked about coming up with new SOP (standard operating procedures) for pushing up code, code rollbacks, and deployment of new features. That got into talks about manual and automated database updates, scripts, auto processes.

That topic lead to a discussion on roles and responsibilities and who does what. There is a need to define some of the roles a little bit deeper and make it clearer who does what and in what order. More SOP stuff for the backend processes and procedures. There also needs to be good communication between the developers and the system admin persons. We have to keep up those communication channels. That is really important. Nobody can read minds.

Towards the end, John and Cory were going over projects and coordinating dates/times for testing, review, look and feel changes, and testing. Good stuff.

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Shop 10093 Adilas Time 5/16/2023  

Eric jumped on and we looked at gift card logic. Apparently, a little bit of code changed. We were pretty tight a couple of days ago and then got a note yesterday that a client found an error (only if selling two or more gift cards on a single invoice). We were checking things out and retracing some of the steps and logic. Lots of good back and forth - dialogue. Eric was able to get the same error on his local box so he will take a look at it. After that, John and I were going over some layout stuff.

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Shop 10139 Recording Notes 5/15/2023  

Recording notes from the day (5/15/23).

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Shop 10136 check code 5/15/2023  

Reviewing time and scheduling stuff with Bryan. He is working on showing subs of time in a horizontal view. Going over a small list of bugs. Talking about how loose or tight to make things. Talking about flow, drill-downs, options, and search filters. We got into talking about experiments and learning by trial and error. Eventually, we would like to come up with all kinds of scenarios and then check to make sure we are hitting the mark.

Along those lines, we need to keep asking ourselves, what about this and that? The more questions and answers, the better. Also, there is a value of working in the system as a real user, not just a developer. If we are in there enough, we tend to find ways to speed things up and smooth out the corners (user vs just a developer). Good meeting and making progress.

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Shop 10138 Meeting 5/15/2023  

GoToMeeting session with Shari O. and Sean. Going over emails and client communication channels. Hoping to get with Wayne a bit. Shari O. had a quick question about merchant processing and some settings there. Light talk about some wish list stuff.

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Shop 10135 Steve, Cory, Brandon-Catch up on projects and updates 5/15/2023  

Steve, Cory, and I stayed on the Zoom session after Kelly left. We were talking about the evolving nature of software and how it seems like it keeps heading towards a form of AI (artificial intelligence). We were talking about developers, projects, and project management stuff. We really want to get that datasource project done (bus to motorcycles or world building project). We spent a lot of time talking about funding. We are pushing as hard as we can, we need some gas money. Big requirements and a tiny budget. It takes time and resources. Our product and our users keep evolving. Project management and quotes with Cory after Steve left.

- It may be good to do a pros and cons analysis of attributes - parent attributes, sub attributes, flex attributes, flex grid tie-ins, and other in-line database extensions. Speed, bulk, capabilities, searchability, show/hide on all or certain templates or views, etc. Where are we headed next or how can we tighten things up to make it even better?

- We first have to get the data into the database. They we have to be able to get it out. Next, what happens if anything changes? We need to think through all aspects of lifecycle of the data.

- We really need a plan - detailed out - commit to it - then really do it.

- More and more of a need for bulk tools (data coming in, data going out, and updating and changing things).

- Charging for what we are doing. We, as a company, are missing out.

- The value of our user/client base as a testing group. We couldn't pay for what they are doing.

- Cory and I were talking about requirements for industry specific software. Expectations of our clients. We have a standard package and then we customize on top of that. It's really tough to do everything, well.

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Shop 10075 AZ Sub attributes 5/15/2023  

On a Zoom meeting with Kelly, Cory, Steve and I. We were going over a number of different topics. We started out on expense/receipts and logic on limited expense types per vendor. Kelly was saying that we should only limit things if we know enough information to actually limit things. There was an error where a vendor had been assigned to a single expense type, but then that expense type got made inactive. She couldn't get into the expense/receipt. We had her go to the vendor and remove the limit by expense type value and everything worked fine.

We then switched over to talking about sub inventory and sub inventory attributes (sub attributes). We spent tons of time and I took a bunch of notes. Here are my notes:

- Kelly went through things to find the gaps

- Parents and children are so separate - you have to know what goes where

- She started on the grouped inventory report (just shows counts from the parents).

-- She was hoping that those quantities and costs would be able to show the same values.

-- Investigating and auditing - Going deep

- Cost of sold adjustments - 2 sides on an invoice... one positive and one negative. ICC - internal cost corrections (future project) - cleaning up the dust - bulk tools are needed.

- On big reports, we need to look at the size, and maybe do backend data pulling and then showing data.

- She has to go to the usage on each one to look at what is going on.

- Accurate inventory values - this is a big lift

- She needs an extended cost per - cost * qty = extended. We just show the cost and the quantity, not the extended cost.

- Clients are saying that their reporting is way off.

- Disconnects between PO line items - parents and subs

- She was using Excel pivot tables to get super close details to what we were showing.

- Cost changes, rounding errors, some parents and some subs, negatives, etc.

- In order to find all of the possible problems, you have to get so deep in the usage and details.

- How do you help clients fix items, quantities, costs, and usage, etc.

- When auditing subs... it would really help to show which ones have which costs

- Part status - active and allow sub only - could be both.

- The knowledge level to do an audit.

- Multiple tabs open and pulling data at one time.

- Level of trust... - I could pull more data but is it even what I'm looking for?

- Pagination of the data - say 40 pages - I need it all summed up - with what was what... in/outs, cost changes, etc.

- In Excel, she had to do find and replace, build special comparisons, standardize the data, etc.

- She had to figure out what was off and then go in deeper. Basically, she would love to see the known issues or sub sets of the data. Maybe even comparing things and helping them find the issues.

- Some of the dates... in the past - you can't even fix something - How do you fix it without adjusting things going forward.

- It would be nice if there were alerts, notices, or somehow finding those problem children.

- It becomes so complicated that they skip it. It is very manual on the fully deep audit.

- Locking things down - ice-down dates - being able to lock/hide things. We need this on all of the main players.

- If there is a difference between po line items and subs, we could show the problems... all at once. Similar to the bank balance helper report.

- Read them and weep numbers - too bold

- Our basic user's comprehension is not very deep.

- There is a need for oversight, maintenance, etc.

- Helping all our users to know what the problems are. It seems like it is coming down to known issues and disconnects.

- The cost field is so important... we allow that to be changed. Kelly was saying, the cost runs downhill.

- We talked about the balance sheet homepage and that it should run a number of checks before it does it stuff, and/or we need to let people know that there is a possible problem (or problems).

- Talking about some other check fields (aggregated values) that could be held on the main to show problems, disconnects, or whatever.

- On E/R's and deposits, we allow posting and locking. Most of our PO's and invoices can lock lines, but never get to the posted level.

- We rely so much on PO's. We don't have a ton of control over them.

- People are looking for the easy button - things keep evolving and users are expecting the system to help them along that journey.

- More guardrails

- Huge need for aggregates, counts, sums, averages, maxes, mins, and other values. This is a huge need. Bigger than we can say... We are very good at getting all of the data (transactional level). We need the aggerate levels. We have so much data. We need to get it summed up and other aggerate levels.

- Controls - at all levels

- We have seen users create more issues trying to correct other issues... Tons of cause-and-effect relationships.

- Inventory that goes into the negative. Ideally, this shouldn't happen. If it does, we need to show it.

- Visibility - start here - helping our users see what is going on.

- Parent/child issues - looking for disconnects.


Switching over to sub attributes

- Kelly has a client that has sub inventory and existing categories and wants to re-categorize the inventory. Category to category moves, in sub inventory. This totally creates a disconnect.

- People want to consolidate their categories or break things into smaller categories. We didn't know that people would be flipping the categories. That's a higher level of flipping but it has cause and effect drop-down effect.

- Currently, all sub attributes are tracked on (or off of) the column number (not the sort order or name, literally just the column number), not the id number. This can make things go off the rails.

- Is there a quick solution? Personally, I think this is going to take some time.

- One of the biggest problems is - we can't get the reporting out that we are needed. Because of this, they start altering things to solve their need. That can cascade potential problems. They want quick reports, quick exports, etc.

- We need to be able to cross over categories.

- We think that we need a master list for sub templates. In Kelly's words, maybe build above it. Along with that, we may need to build on both sides, build above it (master list) or build below it (custom cross category mapping).

- Build and break - build and break - part of the cycle

- Steve was talking... what about the next version of sub inventory. What would this look like?

- What about bulk tools?

- Kelly's goal was to show the different sides of what we are learning.

- Software has to evolve! What is the next step?

- From Steve - It keeps feeling like our users are wanting the software to go to the AI (artificial intelligence) level.

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Shop 10079 Adilas Time 5/15/2023  

Sean and Shari O. were on the morning meeting over GoToMeeting. They were going over clients and who is doing what and what needs are being expressed and acknowledged. They are doing a great job. Shari O. is doing a bunch of client one-on-one help and training. Sean was reporting on a demo from last week. There is a difference between frontend and backend expectations, as far as requirements and system needs and wants. In this case, the frontend guys are the ones doing the daily interactions (primary users or customer facing users) and the backend folks are more managers, accounting, and owners (secondary users or more specific users for certain tasks or internal facing users).

Shari O. and Sean were talking about internal reporting and setting up flex attributes and custom data fields. Along with that, it is hard to enforce specific standards, best practices, and other ways to help normalize the data. The more I watch, from the background, I can see a need for maintenance on data, practices, and training. Maintenance is a huge deal. The end goal is to make it all uniform and be able to get it in, get it out, and make it useful. Actually doing that can be a tricky move.

I was doing emails, listening, and scribbling down some notes. I had to jump off at 9:30 am to join a different meeting. I left and both Sean and Shari O. were still on the meeting.

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Shop 10133 Brandon, Kelly and Cory discuss sub reporting 5/11/2023  

Zoom meeting with Cory, Steve, and Kelly. We were talking about sub inventory. Subs are great but do require more work and effort. Getting info in, out, reporting, and bulk updates and bulk tools. When we started, we didn't even know what was needed. As things unroll and unfold, we are beginning to see a bigger picture. That is awesome!

We have mountains and mountains of data. Now what?

As the meeting progresses, we spent some time talking about the challenges to sub inventory. Here are some of my notes:

- Sub inventory attributes and being category specific

- Settings all over the place - configuration

- What about changes, updates, and flipping categories (after the fact)?

- Possible mapping of categories, sub attributes, etc. Talking about mapping by id numbers and not names or column numbers.

- We need a sub inventory history section. Tables are already built, but they have not been tied in.

- Some of our clients want so much control

- Sub attributes, parent attributes, flex attributes, flex grid tie-ins, and other different levels or layers

- Master list of sub attributes and then repurpose those per category. This could be tied in with the mapping options listed up higher. Either start from the top (master list) and go down (what sub attributes are needed per category) or list out each attribute per category (current model) and then tie and/or map them back to a master type list. We may have to go in both directions. Just some thoughts.

- Kelly likes how parent attributes can be bridged over categories. Having said that, we need to be able to search by sub attributes, parent attributes, and flex attributes.

- Certain clients want to pull data without the category specific reliance. Basically, once we catch the data, we have to be able to let it be searched, pulled, filtered, shown, and exported. It's all part of the puzzle. Being able to get at and use the data. That's a huge key. Just being silly - ADILAS - all data is live and searchable

- Maybe upping the permission level to add/edit sub inventory or sub inventory templates or sub attributes. Once again, we need some histories of who is doing what in the system.

- Steve was talking about - 1. Capturing the data. 2. Then being able to get it back out (in any form - CSV, Excel, PDF, printable, web). and 3. Being able to play in bulk and deal with automation options. Those are some of the goals (small summary).

- We have people who are wanting to add certain sub attributes on the fly, as part of a sub process or sub phase. This gets into sub locations, sub phases, and sub processes and/or steps. Currently, we only show the subs at certain steps and make them go back to certain places to add/edit or update that data. There is a lot of manual work involved. How cool would it be if we could help them and let them setup their own processes, phases, and sub processes. Mini concepts of the data assembly line.

- There is a need for bulk update tools, easy flow processes, and being able to setup their own data flow based off of the subs or steps within a process.

- The use of templates to help control other actions, defaults, rules, and assignments. Having that example and/or template really helps answer a number of questions.

- We went back to the main need of being able to pull data out of the system (quickly and easily) - all data is live and searchable - We really need this and keep going with what we already have.

- Kelly and Steve working on advanced reporting and moving beyond a band-aid. What about going back and correcting the plumbing from the get go. Planning for the future.

- Need for more controls, handrails, and ability to scale.

- Build and break, build and break. Well, it's time to fix it again! it's breaking!

- What if we re-imagined it??? What would it look like? What things do we need to consider if we were to rebuild this out?

- Kelly was recommending that we get into a real life system to see the challenges. We made some plans to meet with Kelly again see the tools that she uses, how she uses them, and what is still lacking and/or needed.


This is more for me, but what are the next steps in the planning process for new phases, data assembly line stuff, and where do we want this to go? Help lead and guide it! Keep pushing for more bulk tools, bulk options, and bulk tools to add, edit, update, change, pull data in, pull data out, etc. We can do a bunch of things on a one-by-one basis, let's keep pushing that to the next level. Yee haw!

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Shop 10082 Adilas Time 5/11/2023  

Sean and I talking about a big demo that he and the team did yesterday. The other company is doing a huge mashup, with all kinds of different system all mixed together. That is super common, these days. Inventory tracking in one system, ecommerce in another, loyalty points in another, financials in another, etc., etc., you get the idea. We are trying to do all of that from one system. We like that.

We switched over and added in a sandbox merchant processing option to one of the demo sites for Sean. He had requested that. Steve joined and they, he and Sean, were talking about finding the sweet spot and how to help companies (that want to be helped). He and Sean were talking about SG&A costs and where that is headed.

After that, the topic switched again. This time it went over to social media, training, pod casts, videos, and piece work. We talked about training manuals, SOP's (standard operating procedures), and the progression of things. At some point, we would love to help show people the game of business and then let them play it (the game of business). More talk about pod casts, social media posts, and steps to success.

Spending time to help and support our clients. That is big for us. We talked about finding companies that want more and more of their wants and needs. They are willing to put some money and funding into the system. We love that! There was talk about getting referrals from our current clients.

As a side note, we are seeing a number of clients and/or potential clients doing their own stuff on spreadsheets. That is a great tool but at some point, will breakdown. It is one of the tools that we use, but not the end all. We also talked about how eventually, everybody needs some custom stuff. We just need to figure out how to get in front of the right people.

Once the other guys left, just John and I were left on the meeting. We spent some time going over code and new page views.

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Shop 10144 Research 5/10/2023  

Light research on a possible disconnect between transactional dates (effectual dates or when it shows up for roll call) and historical dates (when it really happened). Sent an email to Eric with some questions. Listed the issue on the known issues page. This is a running list of things that we know that we need to watch out for. At some point, we'll have to fix all of those things, but at least we are recording what we know and are learning. That's part of the game.

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Shop 10134 check code 5/10/2023  

Working with Bryan on new time settings and a sub view of the horizontal time view (for subs of time). Merged in some code for him dealing with a show/hide button/link on an interface page.

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Shop 10143 Research 5/10/2023  

Checking on auto dates for loyalty points and gift cards. Didn't fix it but thought that I found something. I'll have to circle back around. The problem was dealing with an adjusted date/time or the actual transaction date (especially if back dating an invoice). We need those two dates for different things and processes. It looked like some of the code was using the adjusted date/time for both the effectual (when should it show up) and the historical date (when did it happen). They are different.

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Shop 10123 Brandon troubleshooting 5/10/2023  

Cory and I going over projects and assignments. Sub inventory reporting and getting into system wide aggregates. We also spent some time talking about supporting our team members.

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Shop 10096 Adilas Time 5/10/2023  

Fixing small issues with SG&A costs with Sean. They had setup a system and started running things. They were a little bit too deep and we had to back some things out (going from child inventory to parent inventory - going upstream a bit). Sean and I were working on some back dating of invoices. He was trying to get a balance sheet in order and up to date for a demo. We found a small error, if doing some back dating and got it fixed. Lots of backend database work to get things cleaned up.

We found an issue with both loyalty points and gift cards. If the invoice date was the same as today's date, no problem. If the invoice was back dated, it went through the cart ok but the dates that got stamped were the adjusted date/time stamps based on the user's time zone offset. What we really need is the transaction date to be applied to those invoice payments and any auto clean-up processes behind the scenes. We'll get it all figured out. The way was found it was on purpose doing tons of back dating and then immediately checking the financials and backend accounting reports and records. Good stuff.

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Shop 10125 Recording Notes 5/9/2023  

Paying credit card bills for domain name renewal, bit bucket code repository fees, new merchant processing integration packets, and web hosting stuff. Recording notes from the past few days and some from last week. Recording notes from 5/3/23 to 5/9/23.

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Shop 10105 Server Meeting 5/9/2023  

On the server meeting with Wayne, John, Cory, and myself. Sean and Eric popped in for a bit as well. We were talking about email servers, merging in code, and making plans for pushing up new pages. Eric joined and Wayne merged in his code for the global item catalog - enterprise stuff. Once that happened, I pulled the branch down on my local box and was clicking around to see if there were any errors. Looked good.

Small code merge for Dustin. Then working with Wayne on his ColdBox framework stuff. We talked about users, payees, vendors, multiple corps, and memory and session management stuff. Small Q&A with Wayne and John about the framework, plans, and how we will handle certain pieces of the puzzle. Light plans for the future (wish list stuff). After that, John and I spent a little bit of time talking about internal education and training for our developers.

Phone call with Shari O. touching base on budgets, tech support questions, and a new project for a client. The client has reached out to both Shari O. and Cory - trying to double dip and push their project through.

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Shop 10094 Adilas Time 5/9/2023  

I had a dentist appointment, so I jumped on late. Cory and Sean were touching base when I joined. Cory had me look at a report that was needing a little bit of loving. We spent the whole time looking over code and seeing what was going on. We found a couple of things that were questionable. Most likely, we'll have the developer who built that report look back at it.

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Shop 10124 Progress Meeting 5/8/2023  

Meeting with Hamid (adilas intern) to go over his progress. He is almost done with the billboard site for the "Business Zipper" site. A billboard is basically a site that points people to another place (like to from the business zipper site). Anyways, he had a lot more content this time and it's looking good. This is just a fun starter project. We chatted and made some plans to get the full version up and live. I'll wait until he hands me off the files and then we go from there to review it, push it up, and have it go live. Making progress.

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Shop 10127 General 5/8/2023  

Phone call with a guy who is an investor about options to buy a percentage of adilas. Briefly talked numbers and such. Fixing a small black box code page (custom code) for a client. Emails, text messages, and a quick phone call with John to talk about a server.

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Shop 10126 Tech support 5/8/2023  

Helping to look-up some custom code for a client. They wanted a new feature, but we had built them a black box page (custom code) back in the day. We ended up having to remove the custom code so that it would flow back into the normal page and code path.

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Shop 10076 Steve, Cory, Brandon-Catch up on projects and updates 5/8/2023  

Cory joined the meeting. She, Steve, and Sean were going over a few different projects. They were talking about combined PDF's (previous uploaded docs per item, per sub, or per PO) to generate delivery manifests and what not. They were talking about all kinds of stuff for an upcoming demo in the next couple of days. After those other guys left, Cor and went over projects and did some project management stuff.

We went over some cross corp mappings for a client. We removed a few mapped items (just the mapping) so that they could redo a small portion. We got onto the server and looked around by pulling queries on the database. We modified three small records and that should be enough to let them redo the section that they want to do.

Next, we started talking about a new project to allow customers to have vehicles added and assigned to them on a one-to-many basis. We have a machanic shop that really needs this and we can see some other applications down the road. We went over what it would take to set this up, build it, script it, add pages, add logic, and general data flow. We also need this info to be available in the shopping cart and show up on invoices and quotes, as needed. We talked about settings and other pieces that would be required. I thought that it was a fun session.

We will treat this new assign vehicles to a customer similar to how we allow for additional customers to be assigned to other customers, invoices, and quotes. We may use that existing functionality as a handrail or guide for where and how this new assign vehicle relationship will show up and function. I can't tell you how important some of these existing handrails are to our developers. Once they latch onto what the older stuff does, they can virtually back track and/or trace the routes and make the modifications to do the next pieces. Good stuff.

We did some other quotes and estimates. After that we jumped over to ecommerce and were looking at the show subs and sell subs settings. Lots of AJAX (asynchronous javascript and xml) and cascading and looking up choices (manipulating the page on the fly based on a prior selection without a page refresh - one-pager stuff).

Lastly, we talked about some other projects that just aren't ready yet (to even get started on). Some of them have to almost simmer for bit before we really know which way to jump and what to do. If you force it (jump before the picture or vision is clear), you may not get what you really want. It can be painful (to wait or put things off), but some of our best stuff has developed slowly over time (simmering) and we've taken small steps along the way that allow for the next step or phase to happen. Nobody can jump from A-Z, however, if we keep taking the next logical steps, it gets easier and closer to making that jump.

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Shop 10081 Adilas Time 5/8/2023  

Steve and I going over SG&A costs and maybe using expenses vs PO's. Going over some of the ideas that Sean had the other day (see element of time # 10085). Sean ended up joining the meeting and then he and Steve were talking about ideas. We keep taking the next logical step and getting closer and closer to the goal. That's about the only way that you can do it, keep taking the next logical step and advancing the ball.

As the guys were talking, it was clear that operations needs to lead the accounting - almost every time if not ever time. Otherwise, it gets all messed up. Steve was talking tot Sean about accounting principles and how we then to simulate or emulate those pieces or procedures. We use different means, but the principles are still the same. It really is a form of inventing, prototyping, and experimenting. I kinda like it.

While the guys were talking and going over things, I was looking over emails in the background.

This is for me, but yesterday I was reviewing my notes from a gospel related conference session. These little words stuck out to me  - "Begin again...". I can think of all kinds of ways to apply that. If something isn't just right, keep tweaking it. Refine it, make it better, constant improvement. If it totally fails, just begin again. What did you learn, what could you do differently, etc.? Instead of feeling stuck with whatever you've got, you could just begin again. I realize that doesn't apply to everyone and everything, but those words gave me courage to get in there and see what I could do to alter things (whatever things that I need to - personally, business wise, physically, or even spiritually). We are free to choose how we will act and respond. Good stuff!

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Shop 10132 Recording Notes 5/5/2023  

Recording notes both in the shop and inside of adilas. Spent lots of time doing notes for 5/2/23. Lots of good meetings. Slowing making progress.

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Shop 10116 check code 5/4/2023  

Meeting with Bryan to go over progress on the time settings. We did some work on setting up the new time template and what settings to set. Spent some time playing with the setting defaults and figuring out how to auto add or sub control the templates. Basically, we deny the users the ability to update these special time templates. However, we need some of their input in order to make it flexible enough to solve their needs but not full control (that would be too hard to code to for this specific usage scenario).

How we are doing this is denying them usage of the main add/edit tools that we use to add or update normal time templates (too flexible). We then put some values or show them a smaller (paired down form) in the settings page. They interact there (with a super limited number of fields) and we pull the rest of the data over and stamp it where needed. In that way, they feel like they have some control over the output but really it is a super limited view of all of the options.

It ends up being an internal one-off to control key pieces and not let the user have full reign and freedom over which things to choose. That could screw up our code or make it harder to do a certain task.

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Shop 10131 Research 5/4/2023  

Research on companies that invest and/or acquire software companies. We have a SaaS (software as a service) type model and just looking at options. We don't really want to sell but we do want to raise some capital to help push this thing to the next level. Checking out some of our options.

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Shop 10085 Adilas Time 5/4/2023  

Great morning meeting. Eric and Sean started out and were touching base and coordinating on a big demo and a big feature release. They were planning release times, testing times, and fall back plans if needed. I thought that it was really good. They were also talking about different servers and plans per server, based on the demo and the extra functionality. For the demo, they may script it and use an outline (direct links) and/or screenshots of the two different pieces, in case we don't get everything all merged together before the demo.

Sean and I switched gears and were talking about SG&A costs and using expense/receipts (E/R's) vs PO's and capitalized inventory. Sean kept waking up last night and wrote down a number of ideas on a Word document (see attached). We went over the Word doc and drew pictures, made notes, and talked about options. It was just Sean and I, but we beat it up pretty good. See attached for some of the notes.

Here are a few of the notes, beyond what Sean had pitched (once again, see attached).

- E/R's is where it all starts. Maybe just keep it there vs going clear out to PO and capitalized inventory levels.

- E/R's already have a normal date and a due date. The difference between the two is already a built in date range - how long to track the life cycle of each E/R.

- In Sean's notes, he was talking about to the exact minute, second, etc. We will be sticking with a daily value to keep it more simple. Most likely, it will be scheduled at a certain time so that we get consistent results, it can handle weekends, holidays, and becomes a built-in procedure.

- I liked his idea of flagging each SG&A vendor with a special flag. That will help us treat expenses from that vendor in a different way.

- If we run it through the E/R side of things, it will be very minimal effort and input from the user. Most of it will be done and distributed behind the scenes.

- Inventory still in place, keeps get hanger costs. Once it sales, that hanger cost stops and it gets recorded. Otherwise, it is sort of in a state of flux.

- If we get to the tightest level that we are thinking, it will add value for owners and managers to see what it costs over time to keep bigger on hand inventories. Being able to see past what is on the shelf and what that costs. Pros and cons to different inventory stocking models.

- If we hang (add hanger costs) to an E/R, we could reference (key word reference) the PO, invoice, item, sub item (sub inventory), etc. It doesn't add any weight to the current flow, it would just be a reference to those other pieces and/or items.


After Sean left, John and I were talking about some server stuff. I mentioned to John about getting him a higher percentage of adilas (as a co-owner) than what he currently has. He's playing an important role and doing server stuff, backend code, as well as frontend design stuff. I think that he is doing a good job. We will just keep refining things and playing well with others.

We ended up talking about servers, moving hardware to a new section within the Hostek environment. We also talked about internal developer training that is coming up, subjects, topics, and ideas. We really want the developers to virtually own or have ownership of and for their projects.

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Shop 10129 Recording Notes 5/3/2023  

Recording notes. The computers (our servers) were down, so I just typed out notes on my local box. I was working on notes for a bunch of days. See the notes for 4/26/23 to 5/2/23.

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Shop 10115 Meeting with Mike 5/3/2023  

I was a little bit late, but jumped on a Zoom meeting. It was a demo prep meeting with Mike Roundtree and his crew. Their plan is to do a quick demo, get in and get out. Almost a brochure level demo. It sounds great.

Mike was marshalling the troops and getting a plan in place. They are working on a small demo outline.

After the meeting, Sean and I got on the GoToMeeting account and did a small little follow-up meeting. I helped Sean setup the SG&A parent items for the demo site. We also looked at some small errors on the enterprise system side of the fence that he was getting for enterprise vendors and copying vendors down from enterprise to transactional corps.

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Shop 10130 Piece Work 5/3/2023  

Got a call from Harry, my dad's friend. He was watching videos on how to make Facebook work for you. We have some much content, no one knows about it. Harry was pitching an idea of doing piece work for dollars (based on content, posts, videos, images, etc.). The whole thing was reusing what we already have. If we could get the right person, and pay them a piece work fee or rate, we could push out soooo much good content. It just needs the right person to virtually recycle that content and push it out in the correct channels and spots. Great idea from Harry!

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Shop 10114 planning 5/3/2023  

Meeting with Bryan. Talking about rentals and what the next steps are? What options are available? We also spent some time talking about the horizontal sub time view page. We have a page that shows the parents or main elements of time in a horizontal time view. We were talking about options for showing subs of time in the same type of a view. There is functionality already built in but we want to beef it up and make it even easier.

Spent some time talking about other options for making rentals more visible and easier to use. Maybe even some custom buttons, pages, views, and/or pre-build bulk forms. Lots of good ideas.

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Shop 10128 Phone call with Cory 5/3/2023  

Phone call with Cory to go over plans and logistics. Emails, checking on the Herbo server, texts and emails, and working on a database update for Eric - pulling out a dependency in the code.

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Shop 10084 Adilas Time 5/3/2023  

John and I touching base on a big code launch and the responsibilities of each developer to see it through. We've had a few of the guys basically dump it on us and say, get it up and running and feel free to debug it if necessary. We don't like that. No one would like that. Anyways, we spent 45 minutes talking about best practices and how to help our guys follow those best practices.

Sometimes we have a limited launch window as some of our clients are 24/7 system users. That makes it tough. Our best window seems to be between 12 am and 4 am. We talked about the need for documentation to help others on the path. There is also a need for a slightly more rigid corporate structure. We are pretty loosie-goosy.

Another thing that we would like is to automate some of the database updates. We also need to beef up some of the communication channels and figure out and address any of the communication breakdowns. As we were talking, we decided that partial is sometimes better than nothing. We'll keep working at it.

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Shop 10122 Meeting with Aspen 5/2/2023  

Meeting with Aspen and going over her world building presentation and progress. She is working on scripting a presentation and then matching her slides up with her script. Also got her a check for the work that she has been doing.

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Shop 10109 Kelly, Brandon and Cory talk about high level report settings 5/2/2023  

Zoom meeting with Cory and Kelly. The whole thing was dealing with inventory reporting and an advanced report builder concepts. Kelly wants to throw-out a wider net and see what we can catch. Instead of going super deep to financials, she wants us just to focus on the invoices and PO's. Basically, an inventory and CRM (customer relationship management) mix. Leave the accounting alone right now (for these reports). Just help our clients get their data in and out quickly. Basically, it's operations stuff.

One of the goals is to show, teach, and allow our clients to use a mix of vendors, customers, invoices, PO's, inventory items, sub inventory, parent attributes, and location information as needed. All of these things interact on both the sales and customer relationship (CRM) levels.

Here are some my notes from the meeting:

- Talking about building a report building engine. This deals with groupings, filters, show/hide columns, sort orders, etc.

- Kelly was talking about getting to the meta data of the database data (going deeper). What is related, how does it work, what can I get out of it - including mixing things that a company and/or individual is looking for? Even things that we can't think of and/or thing about. Extracting those data analytics and details out of the system. Lots of value there.

- Be able to export to CSV, PDF, and web formats (normal HTML or data tables).

- Ideas about display options - Nested groupings, even pulling and storing data in temp tables, data dumps, and then querying that data. ETL - extract, transform, and load - manipulate the data however we need to. Leave the raw data alone, just tweak out other pieces or tables.

- Show all of the tables and their fields. Preset a few things so that the defaults are showing (not everything is checked by default).

- Use the data tables, be able to save the reports, see new reports from the saved favorites, all kinds of advanced report building options.

- Put this new advanced report builder engine under its own new permission.

- Thinking about vertical tabs (for a layout view). The tables or basic system players would be the left most side (left vertical tabs), the right side would show other settings per table. For example: Say the tabs down the left were things like vendors, customers, invoices, PO's, parts/items, etc. Then when you click on the different tabs, it would show which fields belong to what table (on the top of the page) and then the filters and grouping options would be below that. When you are done, you click to view the report. You could also save a new report name, set the sorting or sort order, and who can see it (assigned to who or just a assigned to all option).

- Help educate the users on the database structure. This could be a great side agenda item for this advanced report builder engine.

- Kelly was asking - Is this new advanced report builder a value add-on? How do we monetize it? We decided that for now, we'll just roll it in and try to sell it as a feature of the whole or bigger picture.

- We talked about sub inventory attribute mappings and creating groups (things or attributes that can cross over categories). This is a form of layering for the sub attributes. Basically, each item category can have any number of sub attributes. We then go in and allow a user to setup groups or which sub attributes are buddies or tied to other sub attributes in different item categories. Making small or mini family groups for the sub attributes. Just an idea to help with reporting and consistency.

- We won't build this in yet, but we have to think about things on an enterprise level. If we build this advanced report builder engine on the corporation or basic world level (where we need to start), it won't be long and some of our bigger multiple world level clients will want an enterprise level solution for the advanced report builder engine. We know that is coming!

- Along with the enterprise level, we know that some of our clients really want the business intelligence (BI) level of reporting and aggregation. It's a known need. That's a whole other plan and topic.

- There may be versions and phases of this report builder engine.

- I was asking about big reports and possible timeout issues. We may need to show sample data and then build out the bigger (in needed) reports and then let our clients know that they are done or finished. Some of these reports could potentially be millions and millions of records. As a note, I know that Wayne was working on something similar to this a few months back. I'll check with him on ideas for timing, flow, and notifications.

- We may want to build in options for details (default level) and/or aggregates groups, sums, counts, etc.

- If you are wanting to get more money from people, it really helps if the people that you are dealing with want the same things (that you want). It creates a common want and need.

- In a nutshell, this project would be mixing and blending all (maybe not all) of our existing advanced search features into one bigger master report builder. Because this project could get so big, we may end up playing around and building a mini version and/or a prototype of sorts.

- We talked about timelines and even ways of distracting our clients to buy some time. All of this takes time and resources to plan, build, and deploy.

- As an addition - it would be really cool if we had some presets (pre-maid selections and choices) to help people get started. That would make the building process simpler. We could show some defaults and then let them modify that vs building from scratch every time. This idea came from Aspen (my daughter) who was listening to the meeting while working on other stuff.

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Shop 10121 General 5/2/2023  

Looking into running a database update for Eric to help prep for a new feature roll out. Looked into it, couldn't do it because there were too many dependencies. We would have to rework it a bit. Emails back and forth.

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Shop 10113 Meeting with Mike 5/2/2023  

Meeting with Mike Roundtree on SG&A costs. He's pushing hard to prep for an upcoming demo. He wants it all done and ready to roll out. Took a few notes. He is really wanting to pitch and sell some of these things.

After the meeting with Mike, I jumped on a phone call with Steve touching base on a number of different pieces and projects. Talking about funding, options, and plans. This thing is constantly moving. It's kinda like running a race everyday. It's hard to keep up with it.

Here are some of my notes from meeting with Mike:

- He really wants to tie in the time portion of that formula. Things gain COGS over time. It's the carrying cost that matters.

- On the P&L – Mike doesn't really want to see the SG&A on the P&L. He wants it included on the actual cost so that it appears all together. He doesn't want it separately stated. It has to be included.

- How can I increase the cost without effecting the quantity of the units themselves?

- Mike would like to roll out the buckets per day

- Assembly (grouping over time). Aging and costing.

- Mike is trying to get a big demo up and ready. Lots of different pieces that he is wanting to show. Payroll, forms, unitization, SG&A, loyalty points, P&L, ecommerce, message marketing, SMS & texting (not all the way done yet), delivery, manifests and paperwork, full Metrc integration stuff, etc.

o He wants a 10,000 foot view

o Just a sandbox

o Showing a few transactions

- Sean is prepping stuff for the demo.

o Sean – I would recommend that we use some of the pre-built Colorado stuff. We can add the California stuff later – but the CO stuff works right now.

- We can do all kinds of paperwork stuff

- Menu boards – we have some simple solutions – they are going to want a more glorified version

- Numerous backdoors to the ecommerce ordering system – queues, fulfillment, and the rest of the process.

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Shop 10104 Server Meeting 5/2/2023  

Server meeting with Wayne, John, and Cory. We started out by talking about code that just sits on the shelf. We've got to get things finished up and pushed forward. We have to make some global changes and then make sure everybody knows about it. One of our goals is standardizing things across the board. We were also planning which branches are going live and who is on call for changes that are needed.

We have a big product upgrade coming out over the next couple of days. The big push is getting the enterprise level item catalog live on all servers. Making plans and assignments.

Wayne, John, and Shari O. had a meeting with Hostek. Good progress there. They were reporting about all kinds of stuff. We talked about disaster recovery stuff, plans, schedules, and contacts. It sounds like Hostek is going to try to work directly with our server admin team.

We talked about new email servers, flip flopping branches around on the testing server, and figuring out plans for all of those pieces. We then spent some time talking about changes to the look and feel. Getting approvals and other people to test and sign-off on things. Trying to coordinate efforts.

Eric joined the meeting to help us plan some stuff. As a side note, it is really hard to plan for every possible scenario. At some point, we need to move away from the classic theme (old look and feel). It is starting to cause issues because we still support it, but no new development is being done on that code set. It is also intermixing with other pages that are just on the new more modern snow owl theme (newer look and feel). It's causing more maintenance and larger pages due to keeping up with multiple sets of code (virtual supported versions).

At some point, we would like to automate some of the database updates to get rid of any dependencies when deploying new code and new functionality. John had some questions and we chatted for a bit after the main meeting.

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Shop 10087 Adilas Time 5/2/2023  

This got skipped today. Instead, most of us were on a meeting with Wayne going over some ideas and prototypes.

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Shop 10111 Meeting with Wayne 5/2/2023  

Meeting with Wayne, Cory, Steve, and Shari O. over a Zoom meeting. Talking about Wayne wanting to retire by the end of the year. He was reporting on his research and plans with the ColdBox framework from Ortus Solutions. I took a bunch of notes...

- Our development process – it's too difficult and hard to test

- Be able to make a plan, set some goals, requirements, and then be able to hand that off to a developer

- Unit testing

- Our product is super complicated

- Spaghetti code

- Included files – they are all over the place

- Knowing where to put things – tops, headers, body files, footers, etc.

- Spend a bunch of time developing and then spend more time trying to get the code actually launched.

- Our development process takes a long time and causes frustration to our team and our clients

- Back to included files

- Different processes – ways of using the page

- Element is undefined in xyz scope – session, variables, FORM, URL, application, arguments

- Things get lost

- Paths – all kinds - ../, ../../, other paths – that creates problems in different pages that are included in different pages

- Wayne talking about global variables and global listings

- Setting up a standard framework and setting up standard practices

- Even though our code is older, it has really gone a long way

- Because of the way that it is coded, it makes it harder for progression and ways to hand it off

- Steve wants to sell the cool-aid (our current product)

- Triage – what needs our attention first? Life threating things first.

- Steve was talking about some of the developers being lazy – kinda getting frustrated

- Wayne is trying to solve some of those problems and/or issues – he wants to show us some concrete evidence and ways to solve things.

- Some of our developers are up against the wall and doing the best that they can.

- Wayne would like to make our code as simple as possible – guide or a recipe type level

- Cory – to rewrite the entire adilas application – that would take years and years and thousands and thousands of dollars (millions – plural).

- Cory – What about clients who want changes to their current system?

- Steve – How does object-oriented programming play into this? MVC – model, view, controllers – classes, sub classes, view models, controllers

- Wayne really thinks that he could crank out some major changes in a hard month - at least a good indicator or model

- Tons of little maintenance stuff is already baked into the framework

- In our current code, we have so much validation, permissions, and sub logic work – 75% of the whole thing is error handling and validation.

- Cory – If Wayne leaves, what is the reliance on him and the framework? Wayne thinks that it will be even easier and work better – even for the long haul.

- Wayne – Open-source projects and making the framework better – he has contributed already to the main code branch and has had some of his code accepted.

- Steve – Can we do this little by little? Wayne – Sort of – It would be better to get it all done so that we are operating in a different environment.

- Steve – What about docker? Wayne – We would use docker for the main ColdFusion stuff for the servers – Not tied to the current ColdBox framework.

- Steve asking about the datasource project (bus to individual motorcycle). – Wayne was saying how we could do some work to eliminate the reliance on the primary key – Turn everything into combo keys vs the single primary key id. All of the tables could be intermixed with combo keys.

- Steve – We may need to abandon some of the old ways of doing things

- Wayne – Even our database structure needs to be updated and changed. It is built in the older style. Technology changes over time, speed, computing power, etc.

- Steve – We need to be careful where we go, because changes do happen – all the time. Skate to where the puck should be.

- More than one way to skin the cat – If it doesn't work, we could go a different direction.

- Wayne wanted to get a fully working prototype done and finished up before he showed us what was available.

- Wayne is starting on the payee level login as his first few pieces and pages. He wants to get it all ready and documented before we just jump. Wayne is still learning as well.

- Cory is glad that we are talking about this – She would love to see our developers be more efficient and get stuff done.

- Wayne – He feels this is something that has to happen. We need this as part of our solution. Looking forward, we almost don't have a choice.

- Steve – Wayne, you are part of the ownership of this company – Let's make it good for everyone. He was encouraging Wayne to keep going and even setting up the next meeting to show us more.

- Cory asked how Wayne found this framework stuff. Wayne explained how he found things.

- Wayne did a small little dog and pony show on some of his code. Showing rules, routines, variables, and lists.

- Steve and Cory – They both think that Wayne should keep going and bill as he does his work. We also want to make sure that John is up to speed.

- This is a personal investment on Wayne's part – building the future of adilas.

- Wayne has been using Toggl time tracking to keep track of his hours.

- Just for fun – Wayne wants to get it done well enough that we want to write him a check… :)

- Documentation on how you do things – Ortus books and live samples

- Hoping to save money, keep our clients happy, and have a stable product.

- Cory – you have to change to grow. Things that don't grow die.

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Shop 10120 General 5/1/2023  

Emails and light tech support. Reviewing a small video showing SG&A costs that we did with Steve earlier today. Recording notes from 4/25/23.

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Shop 10112 Planning with Bryan 5/1/2023  

Met back up with Bryan for a planning meeting. Going over horizontal time views (see EOT # 8004 and # 6967 for more info). Coming up with ideas for the any scheduler. Looking at ways to reuse concepts, functionality, and code from existing pages. Especially the horizontal time view page and the calendar view pages.

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Shop 10110 planning 5/1/2023  

Bryan and I were merging and pushing up some new code. Small changes to some of the existing projects. Talking and planning the next steps for online scheduling, rentals, appointments, and showing things on the horizontal time view page. Briefly talked about other time settings (see EOT # 8004).

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Shop 9993 Steve, Cory, Brandon-Catch up on projects and updates 5/1/2023  

Cory, Shari O., and I were talking about budgets, hours, and recording times, and notes. Small meeting about emails and our needs in that area. We have some email compacities but want to improve and refine those processes. We need a strong communication channel, auto emails sent out daily for collecting monies on accounts receivables, sending invoices, sending quotes, sending statements, etc. We also use emails tons out in ecommerce land to notify both customers and merchants about new sales.

Making plans and moving forward on our email services. Sadly, our current solutions have been a small thorn in our side. We need to provide an enterprise level communication channel. Some of our bigger clients keep wanting more and more high-level enterprise functions and support. Along those same lines, we talked about new development and being able to copy users and permissions between corporations. Other demands keep coming and piling up. It's hard to keep up and make sure that everything is tight and fully functional. Sometimes we feel like ants trying to serve virtual data giants.

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Shop 10095 Adilas Time 5/1/2023  

When I joined the meeting, John and Steve were talking about hours, work, documentation, and projects. After that, Steve and I jumped in and talked about SG&A costs. I showed him some of what I launched and how it works. We recorded two different sessions. Only the first one saved correctly. See attached.

Shari O. and John were chatting about a meeting with Hostek that they had with the main admin server team. Sounded like some good stuff was discussed.

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Shop 10119 Working on SG&A costs 4/29/2023  

Working on the SG&A costs - round one. Working on the submit cart logic for attaching hidden line items. The SG&A costs are converted from cart data into an invoice. Finished up the first round of coding. Pushed up new code and sent out a small email to certain key players.

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Shop 10118 Working on SG&A costs 4/28/2023  

Emails and then working on the logic for the auto apply SG&A costs to invoices. Figuring out what I need and going through notes, excel documents, and doing some prep work and planning. I had multiple code pages open, and I was strategically pulling bits and pieces from multiple pages. Making some good progress on what is needed for SG&A costs. It feels like about halfway through the code for this part of the puzzle (at least for our first-round level).

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Shop 10117 Code review with Bryan 4/27/2023  

Meeting with Bryan to go over more of his rental stuff. I had to call tech support for the email server on the Newtek account. After that, back on with Bryan looking at code. Had to do some back and forth emails and tech support stuff while we were working. Merged and pushed up code. Bryan was doing some live testing.

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Shop 10073 check code 4/27/2023   Code review with Bryan. Going over his rentals and simple scheduling stuff out in ecommerce. After we talked, he bailed out to work on some fixes. I spent the rest of the time recording notes from the past few days. We will meet up again after lunch.
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Shop 10007 Adilas Time 4/27/2023  

John and I were talking about a future internal training event. Talking about examples, hands-on training, frontend code and CSS training, as well as some other house cleaning subjects and topics for the developers. Spent the rest of the time doing emails and recording notes.

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Shop 10072 Working on SG&A costs 4/26/2023  

Working on the SG&A costs settings for the shopping cart. Quick phone call with Alan to go over the logic for auto pulling sub inventory behind the scenes. He had worked on a project for transitional invoices that did some of that sub inventory package manipulation stuff.

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Shop 10071 Code review with Bryan 4/26/2023  

Code review with Bryan. Going over his code for the first round of online rentals and settings for ecommerce and elements of time. Spent some time going over validation, defaults, and flow. Looking over JavaScript and other code assets. Talked about some small database changes. Getting into the shop and ecommerce pages and flow. Looking over the form and URL variables being passed back and forth.

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Shop 10066 Brandon and Cory projects 4/26/2023  

Started out the meeting and John and Cory were talking about the adilas docs and making sure that the adilas style guides and dev checklists were all up to date. That's easier said than done. Things keep evolving and changing. We talked about code review, requirements, sign-off procedures, and merging and pushing up code. Lots of moving pieces. There is a huge need for continuing education and keeping our skills sharp.

Cory and I got into discussion about being able to globally copy users, permissions, and settings from corp to corp (universe or world to world transfers - enterprise level stuff). We can bridge a single user between corporations right now, but all of their permissions and settings have to be setup per corp. We could totally automate that. It just needs to become the goal or a project.

John left and Cory and I started looking over code and reports. We talked about options of bypassing certain prebuilt stop-gaps. Many times, we built in certain stop-gaps to help with flow and dipping into sub routines and sub logic (conditional and nested logic). The last topic of the day was talking pros and cons of showing (show/hide) locations on different inventory exports. That could break things into a one-to-many relationship, depending on how they want to see it, especially for multiple items over multiple locations. Anyways, we went over some options there. Cory took some notes and we may revisit this topic later on. Mostly her notes were dealing with grouping, stacking, or defining output columns - various options.

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Shop 10010 Adilas Time 4/26/2023  

Shari O. and I talking about a bunch of different options. She was saying that she likes to give out virtual "hall passes" to our clients and our developers. They can kinda do whatever they want. However, if there becomes a problem, she can take it back and/or revote the virtual hall pass. I thought that it was kinda funny.

John jumped in and we talked about business and general DevOps (mix between software development and IT backend server stuff). We have a good team but it is a little wild and footloose. John would like to see more structure, responsibility, and defined roles. It can be very frustrating at times. I've seen this as well. Sometimes, I just don't know how to fix it or (the real question is) is that the biggest problem (getting pulled on to other fires)? We talked about competitive wages, challenges of multi-tasking, transitions between projects, wearing tons of different hats (roles), and other remote team issues.

We spent time talking about servers, challenges, and struggles of managing a remote team with a number of different skill levels. Switching to code, we were talking about the differences between building new vs converting the older into the new. We talked about scalability, clustering, and normalizing systems across teams, servers, and management styles. The conversation got into talking about knowledge and scope. Who knows just a little bit, who knows a lot, and who see and deals with the whole picture. There is a huge difference. At some point, we'd love to get rid of some of the older dependencies that have been built in. Progression of things.

There is a huge need for documentation and helping the next guy down the road. Looking out for each other. We flipped over to budgets and salary discussions at the end of the session. We talked pros and cons of hourly vs salary-based pay or systems. Anyways, just going over some goals and what not.

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Shop 10064 check code 4/25/2023  

Meeting with Bryan to go over his rental stuff (current project for elements of time out in ecommerce land). First, we pushed up some changes on the KPI (key performance indicators) dashboard page. Bryan and I were going over some CSS stuff in the shop folders and making sure that everything looked in sync and part of a system. He was showing me his to do list for this project. He's getting things done and it's looking better and better. We made some plans to do some more code review tomorrow.

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Shop 10065 Working on SG&A costs 4/25/2023  

GoToMeeting brainstorming session with Steve to go over ideas and concepts for SG&A costs (sales, general and administrative costs). The whole first hour was talking and going over ideas. We were drawing and going through some fake scenarios. Here are some of my notes:

- Imagine a bucket with a relative fill line partway up the bucket. This would represent the bucket or holding account for SG&A costs that need to be distributed. As new sales happen, we would bleed off that bucket (lower the amount) based on the sales (percentage of average sales per month and what we thought was going to be the average monthly SG&A costs).

- Some of what we are doing would be considered smoke and mirrors. We have some known values and some unknown values. We have to mix and bled both, known and unknown. We also talked about flex and being able to flex at different times (image 1 and 2 how we see flex bubbles or data assembly line concepts).

- We talked about how we move monies for automotive vehicles (managers checkbook) and slush funds. Virtually padding things as needed to help offset costs, basis, and profit.

- We talked about using a fake number as an average and/or a fake burn number. These would be settings for average monthly sales and average monthly SG&A costs. Once we record these as settings, we can then base our math off of those values. If we want to run things harder or faster, we just change those values, which in turn would change the ratios.

- We talked about thinking on an invoice based model not on a daily basis model. That way, each invoice would carry its own weight and only happens as it really happens. For this first round, this was an easier tie-in to make.

- It keeps going, average SG&A and average sales per month. Constant fill and remove, fill and remove of those associated buckets.

- We talked a little bit about time. How many days to drain each tank or bucket? Monthly bills, annually bills, and other time variables.

- Here is the rough formula for our calculations: sg&a cost = invoice sub total * (average monthly SG&A costs / average monthly sales)

- Don't let SG&A go into the negative. We can't spread out or disperse more than we have available to spread. Adjust the buckets as needed. Being able to control the flow (gas and brakes) based on settings.

- We could show them (our users) the rough averages on the SG&A homepage. We could even do some forecasting or showing a "look ahead" view of what it should play out to look like. We could even show what things would look like under different circumstances and conditions. Almost a snapshot and/or predictive model.

- We will format our data in groups, drill-downs, and details. The goal is to seek the IRS's approval for this technique for tracking SG&A costs.

- Steve and I spent some time talking about systems vs trying to marry together multiple independent software packages. That can be a real nightmare. This topic lead to talks and discussions about systems, normalization of data, and even other outside 3rd party solutions using our data to show reports and statistics.

- Interpellation or Interpolation (not sure on the spelling) - good estimate and/or an educated guess

- Putting a white label over the top of our software. This would allow us to play a more build and supporting role vs the main point of contact and training. We may really want to look into this as we build out fracture (future project). We could be the Intel chip inside the computer or laptop vs being the actual computer (analogy with the Intel chip being inside various different computers and laptops). Being the underlying pieces of the system vs the top level or frontend piece.

- Steve was saying - selling what they want and how they want it - that's how you sell and market things.


After talking about SG&A costs for the first hour, Steve and I switched over to talking about our guys, hours, projects, and having our guys record their time and progress. I really enjoy the building and brainstorming part of the puzzle. The management portion is less fun. This has been a small pain in our rear. Too much babysitting. Nobody wants to document what they are doing. Steve and I talked about our burn rate (money wise) going forward and what are plans are. We need to be able to finish up projects in a timely manner. Sometimes all we can do is keep chipping away at it. Some of these things just take time and resources. We know that, but still, it's hard to swallow sometimes. We need to add in some levels of accountability. It's an abundant model and there are lots of players who could play along with us. Lots of options. There are some real challenges to running a software company from a distance. We will keep trying to help our guys and gals finish their projects. Sometimes all we can do is keep pushing forward as we are able. Here we go...

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Shop 10070 Recording Notes 4/25/2023  

Recording notes from the end of last week (4/19 - 4/21).

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Shop 10019 Server Meeting 4/25/2023  

Wayne, John, Cory, and I on the server meeting. Talking about tech support at our hosting company. Wayne gave John some more permissions in the hosting environment. Wayne is working on a side project in ColdBox and testing out a new ColdFusion specific framework. We talked about doing upgrades and upgrading from some of our older code. Ideally, we are moving more to an MVC framework (model, view, controller) with tons of new options. Currently, we are mixing code with some older libraries and dependencies. Our goal is going to be making fully independent pages and pieces.

Constant process of upgrading our stuff. Conversation about upgrading and what technologies we are using. Are we upgrading with older tech or with the newer more modern tech. We are trying to plan for our future clients. Wayne and John were going over options for switching databases. After that, Cory and John were going over data layouts and small requests. They spent some time talking about different projects. Cory and I did some checking on some custom reports and additional requests for more data and more settings.

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Shop 10006 Adilas Time 4/25/2023  

Both John and Sean were on the morning meeting. It was pretty quiet for the first little bit. Then Cory joined and had a few tasks that needed to be completed. Alan joined and they were working on some branch stuff and making sure things were merged into the correct branches. We have some server that are tracking different branches. Most of the meeting was Sean and Alan working on some changes. Alan will get all of that merged into the master branch.

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Shop 10062 Planning session on SG&A costs 4/24/2023  

More work on the SG&A costs. Brainstorming on adding them (the costs) into invoices on the fly. I printed things, read over notes, and did some planning. Reviewing emails and documenting flow and samples that Mike sent over to me. Working on paper and scratch paper to get ideas and flow. I want to nail it down on paper before we go to code. Emails and texts with Sean and Steve.

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Shop 10063 check and push code 4/24/2023  

Looking at code with Bryan for rentals. He is making great progress. Small tweaks to the layout and the logic. He is going to get with John for a little help. We should be ready for code review in the next couple of days.

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Shop 9990 Steve, Cory, Brandon-Catch up on projects and updates 4/24/2023  

Cory and I going over different projects. One of the new things that needs to be done is some new code to help with emailing invoices as PDF's. Currently, we send emails with links to web based invoices out in ecommerce. We have a client that has to get their emails as a PDF invoice. Anyways, we talked about needs for that project and being able to automatically email clients who owe us money with the PDF invoice, be able to save it, attach it, and also do a clean-up routine for keeping things tight on the server. We talked about some new settings to make all of that happen.

Along with our conversation, we were talking about being able to do these things asynchronously so that the user doesn't have to wait. Also, as a side note, if we did this, our client would be happy and Shari O. would have an easier time. She does all of our billing stuff.

We flipped over to recipe/builds and a custom report that mixes elements of time, recipe/builds, flex attributes, and inventory planning. We made a small bug fix for the USAePay EMV chip transaction stuff. After that, we spent the rest of our meeting going over custom report requests. It's amazing what people want to search by, group by, and what things they want to mix and blend onto a single report.

As we were talking, Cory had the idea of building a big robust report builder that allowed for all kinds of stuff. Basically, a smorgasbord with options, filters, and such. We then put that power in the hands of our users and let them go at it. In rough terms, it will be let them pick and choose, save it, run it. That would be really cool. We also talked about linking and mapping things internally for sub inventory, kinda like family groups for sub inventory attributes. What are they paired with, how are they related, etc.?

The last subject was dealing with mapping, relationships, groupings, and aggregates. Everybody wants all of the data (details) but they don't want to have to wade through it (sums, counts, maxes, mins, averages, etc.). Those are the aggregates. Everybody wants sales data, inventory, and sub inventory data.

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Shop 10011 Adilas Time 4/24/2023  

Spent the morning with Steve brainstorming on SG&A costs (sales, general and administrative costs - ways of accounting for expenses as inventory). We decided to start with hidden line items on the invoice level. Playing with the law of deferring to other pieces that have more information. We do that all the time.

Here are some of our notes:

Meeting with Steve

- Mike said that we need to break things down into the smallest pieces (units of 1)

- Steve and I were talking about 5 decimals of accuracy.

- We will need some rounding error buckets.

- Like an item on a shelf, it will collect dust. We just track that dust.

- Vendors, Part Categories, Parent Line Items, Sub Inventory Items, and SG&A costs over time

- Deferring and going back up the chain

- If we go with hidden line items on an invoice. That could get heavy over time.

- We could also just use a whole other table that just references the invoice number. It’s tied to the invoice but not physically hanging on that invoice. Just a sub table that could be traced back to the invoice but doesn’t hurt any other pieces of the existing invoice.

- Folding it in (meaning the costs), and to what level

- Steve and I were talking about some of the math… sales, costs, expenses, etc.

- Steve already has an SG&A homepage. He/we could add some other settings.

- Here is Mike’s formula – monthly sales? Total SG&A? What is still in inventory?

- Steve is thinking about adding in some new settings – maybe total monthly sales, estimated SG&A per month, how many days are you open per month, what is the parent item that we will be adding as a hidden line item? On/off switch for SG&A costs with hidden lines.

- Figure out the fraction or percentage of the total. Use that number.

- There are a number of variables. Eventually, we could pull in that data, but for now, we may want to set some simple fields and fake it a bit.

- We need to build it out and automate it. Add the hidden line item to all invoices behind the scenes. We can’t add SG&A to transfer invoices.

- On adding in subs… we may need some logic to help us roll over between packages.

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Shop 10067 Working on the advanced item search layout settings 4/21/2023  

Emails and light tech support. Spent lots of time working on the new advanced item search layout settings. Working on the actual layout page and lots of checkboxes to show/hide certain columns. Finished up the first round and pushed up new code.

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Shop 10058 Intern meeting 4/20/2023  

Meeting with Hamid. He was showing me the progress on the business zipper website that he is building (small side project). I gave him the URL for our old site and told him to read the bottom portion that talked about the concepts of the business zipper. Here is the link and some of the text (you have to scroll down to the bottom portion of the page to get to this info).


Older website text


Many people over the years have asked us, what do you guys do? Why do you do that? Where are you trying to go? How long does that take? How can you do such and such and others can't? And what makes you so different? Those are some great questions. The answers vary depending on the time someone is willing to listen. :) This is somewhat of an inside joke, but sometimes we feel like saying "Did you pack a lunch?", meaning it can get pretty deep pretty quick.

To answer plain and simply, we are in the business of tracking people's data. We are a virtual data portal. The word "data" means different things to different people. The word "adilas" also means different things to different people. To some it may be CRM functionality (Customer Relationship Management). To others it might be inventory, sales and POS information (Point Of Sale). To others it might be ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) or backend office functions. To others; general operations tracking, JIT inventory tracking (Just In Time), manufacturing, online expense tracking, business intelligence (BI), paperless office, document management, a CMS (Content Management System), financial data and reports, paperwork, payroll, timecards, scheduling, etc. Because we say we track "data", we need to be as deep and diverse as the term itself.

Our goal is to help you, as a user or a company, get in, get out, and be happy. Along the way, and depending on what you consider to be data, we try to help show you the whole picture of what is going on. If what we have helps you out, great! If not, that's ok. We enjoy sharing what we have learned. The business platform is a huge integrated tool set that allows you to play in multiple different areas. It is very scaleable and caters to custom settings and different permission levels. Your use of the system, depends on you and your needs.

The words "system" or "platform" denote more than one piece working together in harmony. A full system allows you to do things that others can't do, simply because everything may not be there.

One of our biggest strengths is helping you get your data into the system. Once in, it becomes part of the big picture. Data coming in usually means some form of "operations" or the day-to-day business that happens. We love this and have a strong focus on helping on the operation side of the equation. We try very hard to follow a logical or linear model in helping you to get your data in and out of the system as quickly and easily as possible.

We also offer some great backend office tools and accounting features. If truth be known, the reason we are able to offer you accounting-type features is directly related to how we track your data and help you do your operations. We, at, are actively working on a new and more modern model for accounting as compared to the current, somewhat antiquated, double entry accounting system embraced by most companies. We can run your operations regardless if you use adilas for your accounting needs or not. If you are looking for a traditional credits and debits accounting system, we may not be your product other than for your operational needs. However, if you are willing to try a more modern and nontraditional approach to accounting, you will love what we do and where we are headed. Straight up, it is new and different and we are still pioneering on a daily basis.

Here is a little background on the traditional double entry accounting model that dates back to the fifteenth century (500+ years old). Luca Pacioli, an Italian monk (friar) wrote one of the first math text books called "Summa de Arithmetica". In that book he explained about how the Italian merchants kept track of their sales which we now call "double entry accounting". This guy was a genius and a math wizard for his time. Here is the kicker, this text book came out in 1494. Two years prior to that, Christopher Columbus, in 1492 sailed the ocean blue to show people that the world was round. People were just coming out of the dark ages and entering into the age of the Renaissance. The only way that businesses could track their "data" was in giant notebooks called journals and ledgers. They had large rooms with tons of paper copies and went through different processes of recording, adjusting, and posting their data between the different journals and ledgers. Sound familiar?

Basically, they were trying to track different states and statuses of the data. Some of the processes that they used to track these changes and states of the data were called "debits" (negatives) and "credits" (positives). These debits and credits were added to things called "T Accounts". The different T Accounts made up a bigger thing called the "Chart of Accounts". The Chart of Accounts usually had a numeric value and a name associated with it. This is how they tracked things, on paper and in different notebooks. These Chart of Accounts were then added up and used in financial documents called the "Income Statement" (profit and loss statement or P&L) and the "Balance Sheet". The goal was to make sure that everything got recorded and accounted for. In order to make things balance, they had to do one entry on one side and then a matching entry on the other side of the T Accounts. Thus the term "double entry accounting". This standard has been followed for years and is currently the accepted way to do accounting. As a mater of fact, most computer systems that do some form of accounting, have basically computerized the 500 year old model and added their own little tweaks to the process.

So what makes us so different? Well, we spent the first five years working on operations. The original goal had nothing to do with accounting. The goal was to start tracking inventory and other data. We wanted to be able to quickly view things, pull reports, and even be able to show where that data was or what had happened to it over time. Through a step-by-step approach to solving our own business problems, we stumbled upon a new way of doing accounting. Basically, once we had the operations in place (this is a big key), we just kept asking the question, what happens next? We would then build the system out to that level. As we kept going, the path began to be rolled out and we just kept taking the next logical steps. This process took years and years and was only possible because we kept working at it. Concepts that were only a dream or a wish started to be right in front of us and we simply reached out and grabbed them.

Adilas can virtually track objects and data over time without using the old double entry accounting model. We still simulate some of the pieces of that model, but we do not have any journals, legers, T Accounts, Chart of Accounts, and other standard accounting features that are considered traditional requirements. We don't use the words debit or credit and we try to use as few adjustments as possible. We use technology, good data, flags, dates, checkpoints, approvals, permissions, and business mapping to run things in a linear fashion. Every entry or data object has a life-cycle and we simply track it. We are then able to go back in time and virtually ask the objects or items questions. What's your story? Who created you? Where have you been? Where are you headed? Who are your buddies? Where do you belong? When did you finish? What is your value? And the list goes on. We call it "roll call accounting". At the end of the day, we still produce an Income Statement (profit and loss or P&L) and Balance Sheet. We just arrived there through mapping data and running objects over time.

We are still pioneering and developing steps to the roll call accounting process. We've had a blast creating it and we can't wait to share it with you! Although our accounting system is not completely finished (fully automated to the highest level), we have had many companies happily use it for years. We just keep adding new pieces that make it better and better. Remember, our main goal in providing the system or platform is to help you track your data. Adilas can help you with your operations, accounting, or both. The model is open and flexible.

We invite you to check it out. We would be happy to meet with you in person or give you a live online demo. Give us a call TODAY! Call 719.439.1761 and ask for Steve or email us at

If you want more information, there is a brief history document of the making of adilas at the bottom of the page. It is a short 6 page read that tells the story of what happened when and who was involved. It has been a wonderful journey thus far and we're still going!

Just for fun, we wanted to list a few of the core concepts if you don't want to read the history document. This is just for fun... :)

When we first started, back in 2001, our original goal was inventory tracking. As things progressed, one of our main goals was to figure out a way to help fill the gap or create a "bridge" between operations and accounting. There seemed to be a very large and visible disconnect between what was happening in the field (operations) and what the final output was (accounting and final numbers). In one of our brainstorming meetings, we came up with the analogy of a "zipper". One side of the zipper was operations and the other side was accounting. Our goal was to start bringing them together one cog at a time, like a zipper being pulled upwards until it came together.

We came up with the theory "track every penny in and track every penny out". With this thought in mind, we started to track each penny from start to finish. What we found was that every transaction had a life-cycle that it went through. We decided to enter the items and data as easily as possible on the operations side and then track it through a number of steps until it found itself finished or completed. Along the way, we started time-stamping each step with a flag and a date. Each flag and date combo became what we called a "checkpoint". As each new flag was added, we would lock the prior steps below that based on permissions.

This process of passing data from checkpoint to checkpoint, based on permissions, is how we track your data. A great analogy of this process is if you imagine what it takes for water to turn into ice. This process doesn't happen all at once, it needs to go through different phases, states, or status levels. As your data passes through these different phases, called checkpoints, we simply help you flag and date the data as it runs over time. Just like the ice analogy, the water droplets are very loose at first "operations" and slowly become crystals, then slush, and finally become completely frozen or ice "final numbers and accounting".

We then use a process called "roll call accounting" to virtually map backwards in time to where the data was at a given date or time. Another synonymous term for roll call accounting is data mapping. The reason we use the term roll call accounting is because that is what we ask the computer to do. Imagine data that is flagged and dated as it goes through certain checkpoints. Pretend that the computer is an army General giving out a roll call or a flag/status report. The computer says, "I need all of the invoices that were not fully paid at such and such a date to step forward". Only these invoices would then be counted - based on flags and dates. You could then use the computer to do the math and give you the totals you need. Each time you want more information, you simply tell the computer what criteria to use for the roll call and eventually it will tell you the story of what is going on.

To sum things up "literally", by keeping track of your normal day-to-day operations, we can get very complex results like aging, histories, usage, reports, final numbers, and accounting. Thus the accounting becomes the date sensitive sum of the details. These values are what make up your "Business Intelligence (BI)" or "Big Data" concepts. It all comes back to managing and tracking your data. Because every piece of the puzzle still exists in the database, you are able to virtually go back in time and see what was where and when it moved out of each checkpoint. If the data is correct, let it flow. If a modification is needed, make the correction, lock it down, and let it keep flowing. The accounting becomes more of a check and stamp of approval rather than entering numbers from different journals or locations. When you put it all together, what do you know... All Data Is Live And Searchable.

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Shop 10061 Working on advanced item search settings 4/20/2023  

Light brainstorming on ideas and questions for SG&A costs. See notes below:

After the meeting – ideas and questions:

- I think that we need to be one day after the fact. That way we know how much there is to distribute and how much was sold. We could work with real fixed numbers. If you try to do the whole thing real-time, you may end up with too many variables. If it is allowed, going one day back would help solidify that and/or those values (what was sold, from what category, from what sub package, from what parent, etc.).

- Technically, you could do some of this SG&A stuff right now by using PO's to populate virtual SG&A inventory items (subs would be best to control costs and help each bill get whittled down to nothing). Waiting until the day is done (we have firm sales and values). And then going to each invoice and attaching SG&A items (as many as needed) to each invoice. They would be hidden line items with no price, no tax liability, but just costs and quantities.

- If you used $0 price hidden line items, the inventory levels would be exact, each invoice would carry it's own SG&A costs, you could tweak anything that you want (add or subtract), and it would already show-up in all of the existing reports.

- Question – It would be easier to tie it (SG&A costs) to an invoice vs a single item on an invoice. Is that allowed? Or does it have to be tied to individual items specifically?

- If you had a bulk tool that took yesterdays sales, did the math, showed what the system could do automatically, allow for any tweaks (show local math and JavaScript stuff), and then do it – bulk update all invoices for a certain day. That could be pretty cool.

- I'm curious on the math… how do you get the sums and counts, how do you disperse it, track it, and show the full path and/or pattern of what went where and why?

- I honestly don't know how deep we need to go. It would be awesome if we only had to go to the invoice level. If we have to go to the sub level, we may want to create a new one-to-many off of the sub where we can keep track of the aging and SG&A sub costs that happen over time. Think of each sub package as a place to hold certain values over time. If we get a package in and sell out it really quickly, not much if anything will be there. If we hold on to that same package for a long time, it will have a number of sub entries hung or stuck to it.


After brainstorming a bit, I got back into some other older projects. On a call with Cory. She needed me to un-void a PO for a client on data 9. We normally don't do that. Working on the advanced part/item search layout settings. Started working on the actual settings page and doing some light testing.

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Shop 10069 Zoom meeting 4/20/2023  

On a Zoom meeting with Steve, Mike, Sean, and Jen going over SG&A costs (sales, general and administrative costs). I was taking some notes while listening to the guys talk about things. Steve had me show my screen and we did some drawing and discussing of possible options. We ended up going over some small scenarios and what not. Here are some of my notes:

Load and sell – SG&A

- Hang it – relationship – what is hanging on what?

- Expense over date range – say over 30 days or whatever

- Expense by percentage – say 5% per day or whatever

- Expense on one time event – everything hits right now

- Lifecyle events – everything starts, lives (whatever that is), and then everything dies

- Variable – some items will have SG&A and some will not – this needs to be a switch and/or a manual

- Selling it and grabbing all of the hangers

- Roots and branches – backwards and forwards

- Two channels – normal inventory channel and the SG&A channel

- Making a plan and road map – beat it up on paper/presentation level first before we go to code.

- Some expenses are forward facing or rear facing (we get billed for things that will happen or things that have already happened).

- The inbound hopper will be a moving, flowing, entity – once again think lifecycle

- Allocating the SG&A – there may be some that is attached and some of that may be unattached

- Ever second the balance sheet needs to be in balance.

- What do you want... ??? we need some scenarios – bring inventory in, what are the costs, what happens over time, what are the relationships and hanger values?

- Inventory comes in through PO's. We are thinking of maybe using a special E/R (expense/receipt) to handle the SG&A as the second channel.

- Steve was proposing a possible new inbound tool to help with those costs, capitalization, and flow of the data.

- Based on Steve's idea of using the PO and inventory route – we talked about selling x (real inventory) and virtually hanging z (SG&A or other hidden costs) to the same invoice.

- Mike was talking about a possible problem with PO costs and normal E/R costs and mixing them. Steve was talking about putting multiple lines or line items on each expense. Steve was also talking about a quick tool to split things out. Being able to do PO's with inventory and then adding in other costs. We talked about being able to move the AP between the PO or on the expense side. For example: $75 in real inventory and $25 in freight = 2 lines on the expense. One tied to the $75 PO and the other will be for the freight.


1. 100 items for $10 per : now we have 1,000 in inventory and we owe 1,000

2. Rent for 100 – in 30 days pull it down = 3.33 per day per item divided by 100 items = .33 per on day 1

3. Hopper = 100

4. We talked about dates, calendars, and being able to hang things on different inventory item

5. We didn't really finish... we started drawing and got pulled off on a tangent...

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Shop 10016 Adilas Time 4/20/2023  

I joined the morning meeting and Wayne, John, and Sean were on the meeting. Apparently, there was a hack attempt on the data 3 server. Wayne was watching things and putting up blockades. We talked about sanitizing certain variables and keeping things tight (checking for certain mal or bad values). Both Wayne and John were on it.

Wayne was helping me make a few changes to my local computer. Eric popped in and had some questions on vendor stuff. Steve called and I chatted with him on the phone for a bit. Mike wants to meet and talk about SG&A costs and how to virtually load and sell some of those costs as inventory items (moving capitalized expenses into inventory). Anyways, we chatted briefly about that and then jumped on a different meeting.

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Shop 10068 Working on my local environment 4/19/2023  

Running database updates to make sure that my local environment is up and ready to go. Doing updates clear back from 2014 to current. Lots of clicking and checking things. Working through some small bugs and small issues. Ended up running into some setting errors. All of this was just on my local box, all of the production servers are up and doing great.

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Shop 10008 Adilas Time 4/19/2023  

Sean was on the morning meeting. He was using ChatGPT to get some bullet points for adilas as an all-inclusive ERP system. Interesting use of AI (artificial intelligence). Here is what it came up with...

Here are some possible bullet points for an all-in-one ERP system called Adilas:

• Comprehensive Functionality: Adilas offers a wide range of features to support businesses of all sizes and industries, including accounting, inventory management, sales, purchasing, payroll, time tracking, project management, and more.

• Cloud-based Solution: Adilas is a fully cloud-based ERP system, which means that users can access it from anywhere with an internet connection. This makes it easy to collaborate with team members, work remotely, and manage multiple locations.

• Customizable Interface: Adilas provides a highly customizable interface, allowing users to tailor the system to their specific needs and preferences. This includes the ability to create custom fields, labels, reports, and workflows.

• Mobile Accessibility: Adilas is designed to be mobile-friendly, with a responsive design that adapts to different screen sizes. This makes it easy to use on smartphones and tablets, enabling on-the-go access to critical business data.

• Robust Security: Adilas takes security seriously, offering multiple layers of protection to safeguard user data. This includes role-based access controls, encrypted data transmission, and regular security updates.

• Affordable Pricing: Adilas is priced competitively, with affordable subscription plans that scale with the size and complexity of the business. There are no setup fees, and users can choose to pay monthly or annually.

• Excellent Support: Adilas provides comprehensive support to its users, including online documentation, video tutorials, live chat, phone support, and email support. This ensures that users have the resources they need to get the most out of the system.

Kinda fun... Anyways, he will tweak it and make it our own, but that's what the chatbot came up with.


Wayne joined the meeting and he and I were working on my local machine and box. Somehow my development environment got all messed up. We took things up, down, up, and back down. Trying this and that, rebuilding images, cloning things, etc. We even tried reverting back to an older image to see if that would work. Still had issues. I may need to get a new laptop or computer.

After about 2.5 hours of playing around, I decided to go back to the old non docker image way of doing the local development environment. This includes standalone installations of Adobe ColdFusion, MySQL databases, and other pieces. I was making progress and then got stuck, having to run ton of database updates to get the database up to speed. Ended up stopping and bailing out for lunch. Too much to do all in one sitting.

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Shop 10060 Recording Notes 4/18/2023  

Recording notes from today and yesterday (4/17 and 4/18).

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Shop 10059 Bug fixes and data clean-up 4/18/2023  

Small data fix for Kelly on data 34. Had to fix some sub inventory attributes for a PO that had been voided but had sub inventory on it. We did some back and forth via text message and we got it all figured out.

After that Cory had me look at a custom PO label that needed to be fixed/tweaked for a client. The barcode was missing a small piece and thus not scanning the number that we wanted for the sub inventory package. The number was right, it was just missing the "~" for the sub package or sub id number. For example: Say it was sub id ~34, the barcode was only scanning as 34. On the phone with Cory, made the small fix, and pushed up new code. Also sent the update to John and Steve to push into master. My local box is still kinda broken.

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Shop 10057 check code 4/18/2023  

Bryan and I going over progress on the online scheduling for rentals. We talked about being able to setup a default template. We went over pros and cons of either a manual path or full automation. I sent him a small list of things that will help get us across the finish line. Our goal right now is just to create an MVP and then circle back around and expand the options, settings, and functionality.

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Shop 10021 Server Meeting 4/18/2023  

We started out in the server meeting talking about an outage we had last week at the hosting level (upstream of us). We talked about what to do about an outage and getting and SOP (standard operating procedure) or process in place for what to do on a disaster recovery type level. Cory was checking on different projects.

Wayne is looking into ColdBox as a ColdFusion framework. We talked quite a bit about his findings and progress. After that, we were figuring out what is next for the data 5 testing server. We've had a few projects that get almost all the way done and then sort of get lost in the sign-off and testing phases. It could be data, time, scenarios, settings, or just not watching it all the way through. That code isn't gone, it's just sort of stalled out or in limbo land. Cory and John were making plans to do some testing on a project.

They were looking at a server and why it is running slow. We need more info from the client as to what they are doing (process or procedures). We really need to know what corp, what page, what time of day, and what process they are doing. Just saying that the server was slow doesn't help us out very much. Once we finished this up, Cory bailed out and left just Wayne and John and I on the meeting to work on my local development environment (docker images, git stuff, and database code).

Both Wayne and John were watching my screen and trying to help me figure out what was going on. We repulled down code, rebuilt images, and did whatever updates we could think about. Tons of command line stuff. I'm not very good at that (hardcore IT and tech stuff). They were very kind to help me for hours and hours. As we worked, we were having some side conversations about different things. Here are some of my notes.

- Aspects, events, announcing (broadcasting states and status), listening for events and announcements, virtual queues, and event handlers.

- We talked about resource collections, private resource collections, and virtual session management options.

- Standards and consistencies across platforms and development environments

- Different modules for security, validation, etc.

- Form validators and bulk issue finding

- The power of mixing rules and assignments

- Virtual flash memory and managing containers for memory objects (just in time memory allocations and storage).

- Thinking in both layers and levels - for almost everything

- Writing less code using a framework

- If we went with a new framework, we would need both training and deeper education.

- We talked about having both commercial products as well as open source products. Mixing the two types together. Some people will buy the commercial product and then contribute to the open source product. Or the other way around - open source to commercial.

- Packages, extensions, modules - making complex decisions

- Looking at clustering options - comparing Lucee and Adobe ColdFusion - including options for clustering and licensing requirements. Adobe ColdFusion is really nice, but you can lose your shorts on the clustering options and prices. It can get painful in the pocketbook (costs).

- If we make some changes, we would have to change our pricing models. If a client or customer wants more dynamic resources, they have to pay for it. The price would based off of usage vs just a fixed or static price.

- We talked about paying for support - both what we offer and what we are requesting from other vendors and web hosts.

- Talking about ways to give back to open source models and projects - help with bug fixes, donations, and keep pushing their product forward. We spent a little bit of time talking about other ways to help businesses and products that we like and want to support. Just conversations at this point but rolling a few things around.

Wayne had to leave (dinner time where he was at) and just John and I kept going. Wayne checked back in a few time but to no avail. We couldn't get my local environment fully back up. Wayne is going to do some testing on his side and we'll hit it again tomorrow. While we were waiting for things to download and install, John and I were talking about computers and different specs. I may need to upgrade my local computer. It's kinda small for what I use it for (spec wise and hardware wise - RAM, motherboard, chips/cores, hard drive, and processor speed).

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Shop 10004 Adilas Time 4/18/2023  

Sean and Michael were meeting and talking about gift cards, demos, and sales. I was cascading updates and settings to other servers. John jumped in and helped me with the Herbo server and with my local docker image stuff. The Herbo server just needed to be restarted (Adobe ColdFusion services). We kept running into problems with the docker image stuff. Some of it would run great and other parts would fail or not work correctly. Wayne jumped in and helped me out as well. No major success before the server meeting started (the next meeting).

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Shop 10052 Settings for advanced item search 4/17/2023  

Working on the advanced part/item search layout settings and defaults. Spent time wrapping the show/hide settings with conditional logic for the different reports, exports, and columns (headings and data output). I had to pull down a new local SSL certificate in order to do some testing. I ran into some docker (container and virtual image or virtual server setup). I got with John and we rebuilt some of the docker image stuff. We ran into more problems with my local box. That kinda stopped me for the day. Did a few other tasks but decided to hit it tomorrow.

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Shop 9992 Steve, Cory, Brandon-Catch up on projects and updates 4/17/2023  

Meeting with Cory. She was checking on projects. We ended up looking at some corp stats for a client. We found a small discrepancy between two different reports. The numbers were the same, but one report had more information, and it would be nice if both had the same values. One is called the history homepage (more values and drill-down links) and the other is called corp stats (no drill-down links and missing things like customers, log entries, customer media/content, employee/user counts, vendor counts, bank counts, etc.). We might need to build that out a bit.

Cory invited Shari O. in and they were helping me to look the data and figure out what is wanted and needed. I did a small data fix for Cory and a client on the data 8 server. It was running kinda slow. Anyways, we got it all fixed and patched up.

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Shop 10013 Adilas Time 4/17/2023  

Sean checked in and was telling me about a demo that he did last Friday. He is getting better at prepping things, making an outline, and even having preset URL (web links) ready as they go through the system (quick way of jumping around without having to navigate and/or fill everything in). That's awesome and good to hear.

After Sean left, I was doing emails and other small to do list tasks.

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Shop 10055 Recording Notes 4/14/2023  

Recording notes from 4/12 to 4/13 in the developer's notebook.

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Shop 10054 Settings for advanced item search 4/13/2023  

Another session working on the settings for the advanced parts or advanced item search page. Most of my session was defining the new settings and then going in and wrapping each output column or report column with conditional logic to show/hide each possible report section. Mostly a work session. Pushed up code to my branch.

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Shop 10050 Advanced item settings - show/hide 4/13/2023  

Working on new advanced item search settings. Created a new web page id # and started coding the new settings and defaults. These are new settings for different report layouts and show/hide certain columns and fields. We are also adding a few default fixed filters to help speed things up and take less clicks and/or education.

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Shop 10012 Adilas Time 4/13/2023  

John and Sean were checking in. Steve called in from his phone and had some questions about SG&A costs (sales, general and administrative costs). He is working with Mike on some cool ideas. Basically, they are trying to fold in certain expenses into the mixture. Instead of just strait expenses (say a light bill or something like that), you have to capitalize your expenses into the inventory and then show those expenses over time as things are sold and/or held in inventory. In super general terms, you can't just hang an expense on the P&L (financials) and call it cost of goods sold without doing capitalization and utilization (tie the bigger thing into small measurable pieces). This is only true on/in certain business verticals. Sometimes the other, more simple practice is allowed. If a real accountant was reading this entry, they would be rolling their eyes. I'm just talking my language.

Anyways, we were talking about some possible solutions, ideas, and ways to track those smaller aged variable costs per item or per package. Each item or portion within a package may get a different variable, aged, and cost portion/ratio assigned to it. The whole thing gets pretty deep and complicated. That's where we shine. one-to-many-to-many-to-many (or whatever) relationships. Bring it on.

Talks about capitalized inventory levels, smart reports, daily backend processes (auto and/or manual), certain date ranges, lifespans, terms, flags, tags, and automation. Details, histories, drill-downs, reporting, exports, etc. The whole nine yards. We were talking about how certain inventory (that is aging and/or being stored) may be assigned a higher SG&A cost due to how long we hold it before it gets moved and/or sold. Lots of talk about processes that would allow us to load an item with cost, sell it for that new loaded cost, then repeat. We could do this real-time, forward facing (predicting and assumptions), or running a day behind based on what really happened. Lots of possible options. Anyways, we ended up simplifying it and saying load, sell, load, sell, repeat.

This led us to conversations about having a hopper (holding container), loading the hopper, figuring out when and how each new expense should be disseminated or resolved (dates and aging and ratios per day stuff). Steve wants us to start thinking about it and running scenarios through our minds. We'll re-meet up and have a powwow. I recommended that he and Mike play with the financial flow calculator to play with some ideas. We have two different versions of that tool, one if free and public facing (a little older) and one is internal that has an updated look and feel and few other things. Anyways a great tool for teaching, learning, and running scenarios through it.

Shari O. joined the meeting. She and guys were talking about a live event and things that were needed. She had some suggestions on some pages and verbiage changes for some new pages. I'm super grateful for all of the feedback and suggestions, ideas, and requests we get. No way could we figure this whole thing out on our own. We need a village or a community.

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Shop 10053 General 4/12/2023  

Working with John and pushing up some files temporarily for some live testing on one of the servers. We were having issues with the auto deploy only on certain servers. Texts to both Wayne and Eric on different subjects and follow-up. Recording notes in the system for 4/11/23.

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Shop 10044 Brandon and Cory projects 4/12/2023   Meeting with Cory and going over requests and projects. We spent most of our time talking about ways of using settings to really limit reports - show/hide columns, show/hide buttons, show/hide sections and features. We already do some of that but looking into ways of beefing it up and spreading it all around. Tons of page and report level settings. They will be hidden unless asked for. Then you can set them, save them, and basically forget about them unless you need to make a change. That's the plan.
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Shop 10049 check and push code 4/12/2023  

Bryan and I spent some time looking at the time templates and using elements of time (that have been filled out) as samples or pre-filled events or entries. Basically, taking the concept of the time templates and expanding on it, actually filling out one element of time with all of the correct values and then using that as the model or basis to create other ones (duplicate, clone, or just slightly modify). We also talked about us controlling some of these pieces. We tend to give tons of freedom to our users, which is good. The hard part is then coding with sooooo many variables. We talked about setting things up for online scheduling and us (we as adilas) controlling it a bit tighter. Then as we get that all stable (a good starting spot) we can add in the other dynamics and possible options. Make the whole thing quicker and more turnkey or ready to use without having to tweak it so much.

Switched gears and pushed up some quick changes on the KPI dashboard (key performance indicators) for a client.

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Shop 10015 Adilas Time 4/12/2023  

John and I were going over some new requirements for developers. John wants to create a frontend checklist for the developers. I recommended that he check out our web/API documentation section within adilas. We could use his frontend stuff, tied to what we already have. Just an idea.

Cory joined for a bit and was going over some look and feel stuff with John. Small tweaks that are needed on a newer page. After that John and I were looking at a page for code sign-off. We also talked about setting up a date and time to do some internal adilas developer training. We'd like to get them in there using the adilas docs (style guide and code samples). Along with this new training, we'd like to help get them more accountable and following standard procedures. Without going into it super deep, John wants to build in some internal testing, development, and frontend requirements checkboxes that we could fill out and show who did what with dates and times. Basically, a virtual sign-off for different parts of the code, pages, and features.

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Shop 10043 planning 4/11/2023  

Bryan and I working on some of the new online scheduling. Talking a look at what we have and what else is still needed? Looking for the next logical step. We talked about a number of options and did some drawing and planning.

As a side note, after the meeting, I sent him a few text messages with some ideas about setting up the master time templates, then creating a new element of time that could work or server as a fully filled in sample record (a real element of time using existing manual tools). We could then pull data and values from the sample and hold them in the background. We could then collect the new data or things that need to change and use both the new data (just the things that changed) and the old sample data (old existing record) and make a new record from the mix of the old and new data. Anyways, it seemed like a good idea and possible option. We may expand more on this later.

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Shop 10051 Emails and Recording Notes 4/11/2023  

Emails and recording notes from 4/5/23.

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Shop 10032 Datacap call 4/11/2023  

Kickoff meeting with Datacap. We will be doing an integration with the DC Direct options for card present and card not present. There will be two different integrations. As part of the meeting, they had a number of key players on the meeting and Eric and I were on from the adilas side. They spent some time going over an onboarding questionnaire (in-take kits) and answering some questions. We are looking for one tool to help standardize things.

Like most merchant processors and gateways, they have a number of different terms and things that they were throwing around (even though Eric and I didn't really know what they were). We are excited to get a good one-to-many integration with multiple hardware devices and multiple standard merchant processing gateways. We already have a number of merchant processing gateways and integrations setup, clear since 2009. We are hoping that this one will be our last one and will help us standardize things into something that is more maintainable and easier to work with.

After the call, Eric and I jumped on a quick phone call to do some follow-up and talk between ourselves after the Datacap folks had left the meeting. We just wanted to make sure that we were both on the same page. Making plans and going over the meeting and conversation. They are going to be getting us a quote for some new testing hardware and the certification/testing stuff.

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Shop 10041 check code 4/11/2023  

Bryan and I making some changes on the KPI (key performance indicators) dashboard. Small work session. Pushed up some new code and dis some live testing on one of the servers.

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Shop 10040 Shari & Brandon - Guardian Insurance - CGL - Privacy Liability - Cyber Security Data Breach 4/11/2023  

From Shari O. - Get w/Brandon about the Insurance needed for Privacy liability, Data Breach and Electronic Data Liability - Need to get this into place by this week, so I can put this to rest, and get info to Nevada Compliancy Board; as Adilas renewal of app is pending METRC app for Nevada Compliancy Board until proof of insurance is submitted.

Recap of the meeting - Spent half an hour with Shari O. talking about insurance. We were using the analogy of a baby going naked to wearing a diaper (just being funny). We are ok taking on some more costs to a certain level. If more is needed, we'll have to pass on those costs to our clients. At least those who need the extra coverage. The main conversation was dealing with CGL (commercial general liability) insurance and going over a quote that we got from a company. We decided to go for it based on the quote.

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Shop 10020 Server Meeting 4/11/2023  

Shari O. had a question about the adilas phones stuff. We looked at the page and there was some code that tried to show a sub or outside website that was not in a secured SSL (https) site. We made some tweaks and pushed up the code. Kind of a temporary quick fix.

Wayne, John, Cory, Shari O., and I were on the meeting. They were talking about a client and their servers needs. They (our client) may be closing some of their locations down but want to keep other ones active. Light back and forth on whether or not any server specs needed to be changed on that server. There was also a conversation about the need for more tech support. Both on our side and on the server side (the hosting company). Often we don't need help, but when we do, it is kind of painful.

Cory had a list and was checking on different projects. Good dialog and good back and forth. Wayne may be moving on and working less in the next few months. He is wanting to be more of a part time or fully retired. We need to get plans in place to figure out who is going to be taking over that role and what documentation and knowledge needs to be transferred over. We talked briefly about Dustin maybe wanting to help with servers and also looking at existing knowledge levels. Do we want to bring up one of our own guys and/or hire it out to someone else with more knowledge? Great questions.

Wayne was talking about options for virtually building a new ship. This has been a discussion and topic for years. Do we keep building and tweaking what we have or do we rewrite things and try to go all new (code, architecture, design, etc.). There are pros and cons to both approaches. Due to current budgets, we have to stay with fixing what we have vs building all new. That can be painful as well and takes a lot of time. Wayne was talking about doing a sample project and seeing what kind of time it might take to move the existing adilas structure over or under a new standard framework. There are a number of unknowns, but worth looking into.

Towards the end, John and Cory were talking about look and feel stuff. Also, Wayne and John will continue to work on some outlines and plans for the system architecture stuff. Making progress on most fonts. We'll take it!

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Shop 10003 Adilas Time 4/11/2023  

Bryan checking into the morning meeting with a question or two. We will have to get with him later to get it all figured out. It wasn't a simple fix. Michael and Sean were talking sales and gift card stuff. Cory jumped on and we were talking about scenarios on reports for showing new columns. If we just add them, not all of our clients like that. If we don't add them, other clients want them. You almost can't win.

Our solution will end up being a mix between show/hide checkboxes and saved settings where they could set their own defaults and then still be able to change things on the fly if they want something different. Anyways, we may end up with a mix between normal filters and options and pre-saved settings to help speed things up.

This is our bad, but we have a small lack of communication to our clients. Here's the tricky part, even if we put something out there, they usually don't read it. However, if we do something and don't let them know, they get mad at us as well. Cory and Kelly requested some changes, now we are dealing with the backlash. Some like it, some don't. Sounds like we need more settings.

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Shop 10038 Recording Notes 4/10/2023  

Recording notes from last week. Did the entries for 4/4 in the developer's notebook.

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Shop 10035 Recording Notes 4/10/2023  

Finished paying bills and then recording notes from the last few days (4/3 from last week).

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Shop 10034 Meeting with John 4/10/2023  

Meeting with John. He was going to help me with my docker images and local development environment. Right before the meeting I was able to make a little bit more progress. It was stalled out and I had rebooted my computer a number of times. John and chatted for a bit and touched base on a few different things. He passed me some docker commands through chat that I saved for later reference. He and Wayne are working on some server documentation and system architecture documents. As I was doing the rebuild, it was taking forever so John bailed out and just said to reach out if I had any problems or questions. I was grateful for his help.

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Shop 10033 check and push code 4/10/2023  

Meeting with Bryan to go over a custom dashboard project. We merged things in and then did some testing and light tweaking. It is up live on data 20 and will go live on all other servers tomorrow morning. After that, we switched gears and were looking at his online scheduling stuff. That project has a number of possible variables. Once we get it all nailed down, it will be awesome. Until then, it may be a little bit one-sided or messy (not perfect for all scenarios). We talked about a number of options. We may end up meeting up later today or tomorrow to work more on a more robust plan.

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Shop 9991 Steve, Cory, Brandon-Catch up on projects and updates 4/10/2023  

Cory and I going over projects and quotes. We have a client that wants a few new columns on the advanced PO line item search. We talked about a number of possible options. One was dealing with settings and the other was more involved but what we would really like to do if it was just us deciding. We will pitch it to the client and see what they say. Depending on their interest, we may go either way. If they don't bite, we may put it in the schedule and do what we want to do. Where we want to take it is more of a pick and choose what values and/or columns show up (build your own report) vs just a hardcoded report.

Emails, paying bills, and other small to do list stuff.

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Shop 10017 Adilas Time 4/10/2023  

Sean reported on a demo from last week. Sounded like it went well and was well attended on our side and on their side. This was one from Mike Roundtree and one of his contacts. After Sean left, I was doing emails and trying to get my local development environment up and running. It was having issues this morning.

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Shop 10048 Working on sub inventory reports 4/5/2023  

More sub inventory stuff for Kelly. Worked on the advanced sub item searches for PO line items. Lots of work and changes to exports to Excel. Pushed up new code and did some testing. Let both Cory and Kelly know about the changes.

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Shop 10031 check and push code 4/5/2023  

Working with Bryan on his KPI (key performance indicators) report and dashboard. I answered a few questions and made some suggestions. It's coming along. It still needs a little bit, but making good progress.

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Shop 10047 Working on sub inventory reports 4/5/2023  

Working on the sub inventory availability filters for advanced item searches and data exports.

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Shop 10046 Emails 4/5/2023  

Emails and light tech support. Replying to different emails and questions.

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Shop 10045 Finished up the data clean-up for a client 4/5/2023  

Finished up the data clean-up project and ran the file and script live on the data 6 server. Let a few people know about the project status.

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Shop 10029 DataCap Exlporation 4/5/2023  

Meeting with Eric over the GoToMeeting session. We were doing a review of the Datacap project and how and what we are hoping to gain from that integration. While we were talking, I was doing lots of drawings and good back and forth conversations, ideas, and suggestions. We are hoping to turn this into an adilas sponsored 3rd party solution and 3rd party interaction.

Ideally, there will be no adilas admin users needed to complete and setup the whole 3rd party integration. We want to put it all in the client's hands. We are also hoping that they will take care of the outside hardware and merchant processing services. The other major goal with this integration is full documentation. We have a bunch of other merchant processing integrations finished and done. However, no one really knows much about them and how to set them up and use them. We are hoping to standardize our offerings and make it good and smooth.

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Shop 10014 Adilas Time 4/5/2023  

Both Sean and Shari O. popped in on the meeting. they have a client meeting a little bit later today. I spent most of the time working on the data clean-up for a client.

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Shop 10037 Data clean-up for a client 4/4/2023  

Back on the data clean-up project. Actually writing the update code. Finished up all but the subs. Came back later and got all of the sub inventory updates done as well. Two different sessions. One from 5:15 pm to 7:00 pm and the other from 8:30 pm to 9:15 pm. Total of 2.5 hours for these two sessions.

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Shop 10036 Data clean-up for a client 4/4/2023  

Working on a data clean-up project for a client. Deep in the logic (loops and conditional statements). John contacted me and we jumped on the GoToMeeting session. He and I ended up talking about sanitation of data, testing servers, and turning off all outside API sockets and 3rd party solutions. I showed him how to clean-up and turn off a few outside dependencies for the new testing server.

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Shop 10018 Server Meeting 4/4/2023  

Hostek went down a couple of days ago. Wayne was reporting on what was going on. We talked about communication and disaster recovery processes. Who does what and what are steps and responsibilities. We need to more tech support from our hosting companies. We have like 40 servers there at Hostek. Most times they do great. However, if things go wrong and/or bad, we don't get any preferential treatment. We kinda need that.

Anyways, Wayne was doing his own trouble shooting processes and found a few problems. We have a growing need for more documentation for our processes and procedures. We also need to keep some of them super secure. That makes for an interesting mix. There is also a ongoing need for more communications and keeping everybody in the loop that needs to be there.

At some point, we would like to reclaim some of the WordPress stuff on our main site. Sometimes WordPress is a high level target, with tons of plug-ins, themes, and required sequential updates. Once again, we need to get documentation for all of these pieces. The next subject was a statement that everybody needs to give us documentation and architecture layouts. Some people don't like that, don't think like that, and it's worse then torture for them. We have to figure things out and figure out who is going to do what. Everybody has talents, virtues, strengths, and weaknesses. It is tough to require the exact same things from everyone. It will end up being a moving balance.

As a side note, we may end up needing to help certain people do some of those things like documentation, training, and certain communication skills or tasks. There may be a need for a new role to help the devs and get the info out of their heads and into a consumable format. Eventually we have to get documentation on all internal and external dependencies. There is a big difference between knowing what to do and actually doing it. Sometimes we are pushing so hard, it's hard to slow down and virtually clean-up or sweep the floor.

We talked about having a checklist for our developers. We have an old one that Alan and I worked on years ago, but that's all that we have at this point. Some of the developers just can't do the documentation (and sadly, some of them we don't want them to do it). It seems like the next steps are helping to collect and organize the information and documentation. We have some holes that need to be filled. John was commenting that we need to add this into the budgets and project costs. We need to charge more than just the developer's time. Once again, we may be going too fast or running too hard. We are missing a part of the puzzle.

Next, we went into talking about Adobe ColdFusion uptime on hosted platforms. Wayne was reporting to Cory about a survey that he was reading and what it was saying. Cory wanted the guys (Wayne and John) to call and talk with Hostek to see if we could some things changes (service levels and response times). We need to make sure that we have the access and tools that we need. Some of our clients are 24/7 everyday, even holidays.

The new dedicated testing server was the next major topic. We switched over to talking about the data 5 server, capturing documentation, and walking through the project with both Wayne and John. They are working on both training and documentation and so it is taking a bit longer. Making good progress. John has a project that is done that needs to be tested by some outside parties. He and Wayne are setting up and managing the project queue. Cory is helping to coordinate the actual projects and the testing.

Spent some time talking about look and feel and talking about a new version of the internal shopping cart. We know that there is a need there, we are just not sure how deep to jump. We may end up doing things in a couple of rounds. Round one, just look and feel. Round two new settings to toggle on/off certain fields, sections, columns, and features. There may be another round that gets into a smart cart level (deep cart engine logic). In a nutshell, we want to remove things and make it smarter and easier.

We are looking for feedback. Talking about timing on projects, testing, and pushing things all the way until they are live and in production (and fully documented). Shari O. popped in and was asking about insurance and levels of support from Hostek. Sometimes, the lack of support can be a deal breaker. We've seen this even in sales of our system. It's a part of the puzzle that gets overlooked sometimes.

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Shop 10005 Adilas Time 4/4/2023  

Steve and I were going over sub inventory attributes. We got into all kinds of attributes. We talked about sub inventory attributes, parent attributes, and flex attributes. Currently, each section or attribute does a specific thing. There is a growing need for more or better sub attributes and parent attributes. Easier to get things into the database for storage and easier to pull the data back out. I mentioned to Steve that we would really like to add a few fields and values to the current sub inventory attributes. They are things like: part category id, app type id, main id (tied to the part_id), and sub inventory attribute id numbers. We have some of those columns but there has not been a project to standardize things yet. It's still on the wish list.

Quite a bit of talk about new corp-specific tables and data storage. Evolution... everything is evolutionary... look and feel, logic, business flow, and even sales (how we sell our products and services). We will keep working on making it easier and easier to use. SG&A costs (selling general and administrative costs) and going clear out to the financials. To the client, it is just data storage. To us, we have to make it all flow and work together as a system. Sometimes that's a challenge.

As recap - for sub inventory attributes or sub attributes:

1. Add the part category id as a look-up value (this would be a new column)
2. Add the main part id as a look-up value (we could use the column called main_id to hold the part_id - it would work perfect)
3. Add in the correct app type id as a look-up value (we already have this column but don't use it for sub inventory attributes - we just need to use it and tie it in better)
4. Add in the associated sub inventory attribute id number as a look-up value (this would either be a new column and/or repurpose an existing column that is not being used in the custom_text, custom_dates, and custom_numerics tables).
5. If we do change things here, we may want to go through these tables and rename fields and values. It was originally created for a specific project and then used over and over again for other semi related projects. Now that we know what it will be used for... we should take the time to future proof it a bit.

If we could add these fields and/or data points into the sub inventory attributes, it would be so much better for getting the data back out of the system. Currently, things are tied to the sub inventory id or sub reference id. We then look that up to figure out the part id and then use the part id to look-up the part category id. It would duplicate a little bit of data but it would make it so much easier to find things and quickly reference things. Currently, we have to join multiple tables and go virtually up and down the chain to find everything that we need. I would recommend that we do a special project, add the above, do some clean-up and then move forward. That would really help. Just my two cents.

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Shop 10025 Working with Aspen 4/3/2023  

Met with Aspen to look over her world building presentation. We ended up getting into this little Q and A session and small virtual interview. It was kind of fun. Aspen took a bunch of notes on a Google doc. I won't share all of the info that we covered but I may pull out a few key pieces.

- Settings and speaking the client's language is a huge part of it - where it starts or where they (the client) gets some buy-in. Once you speak their language, they feel more comfortable.

- System configuration - I like this, I don't like that, can I hide this, can I make this show up here or there, etc.

- Using world building concepts in trainings and demos. Once the clients figure it out and catch the vision, they use world building terminology in describing what they are wanting or what they are hoping to achieve. Basically, if you can get the client to start thinking about the bigger picture, it really gets the juices flowing and the ideas rolling in. Virtually get the wheels spinning.

- Keep building what we know and then deal with other ideas and requests as they come. Custom code vs settings and toggle on/off features. A growing blossoming idea farm.

- We have outgrown a number of different models. For example: We started out with 5 different roles for permissions. Things like sales, mangers, accounting, admin, and backend/web. Now we have over 170 individual permissions that may be applied in any configuration vs the five simple roles that we started with. Also, our first round of corp-wide settings was to build out six corp-wide settings. We had to flip the model when we got up to the 400 ish level. We ran out of room. We ended up building vertically (variable/value pairs) and using custom setting objects (JSON objects and linking similar settings). Tons of ways that things have exploded, changed, and evolved over time. It's been a process. The other big challenge is adding in or taking away new stuff without affecting those who are already in there working (existing clients). You almost have to make the system a chameleon that can change its shape and color on the fly.

- Aspen and I talked about the potential of doing a white label approach. Kind of like the Intel chip inside of a computer. It could be branded however, but the chip is what the whole thing rides on. For example: You could have an HP, Dell, or some other brand of laptop but all of them use the Intel chip as the underlying microchip processor. We would like to do something similar. Whatever brand, powered by on the inside. We don't have to be the main company like HP or Dell or whatever. We could easily just help power those brands using our tech and underlying engine.

- Along the lines of a white label - It would take a potential competitor years and years and millions and millions of dollars to do what we can do right now. If they saw the value of a white label option, they would be smart to go in that direction (saving time and money). Just reskin it and start selling it vs building it from the ground up. There is already a market for what we do (based on our current clients and 20 years in the business and millions and millions in revenue - even though we aren't done yet).

- Aspen asked me about a couple of features that we are using right now and how they relate to world building. I mentioned elements of time and the flex grid tie-ins. Both are hugely customizable and fill gaps and needs, out the door. We talked about selling in bulk but tracking individual items, tracking processes of change (dealing with sub locations, sub phases, or steps of a process). One-to-many relationships, custom fields, preset settings, configuration, and being able to limit what is shown (even though behind the scenes it could be very complex). Tons of samples, examples, prototypes, and working models. We have nuts and bolts companies, bike shuttles, ski schools, and tons of other companies that use these pieces. This is just two pieces of the much bigger puzzle.

- Most of our progress is somewhat limited by outside funding, not ideas or needs. We have huge dreams; it just depends on where the funding for that comes from. This whole thing has been build on a garage type budget. We have ideas and projects that sometimes sit for weeks, months, and years before we can get to them. Our list for an MVP (minimal viable product) keeps revolving and growing. If there is funding, it moves to the top of the list. If not, we chip away at it little by little.

- Lots of analogies between our system (the system) and the body. Often, we start out talking about things like arms, legs, feet, etc. As we get deeper, we get into layers, joints, muscles, system, and clear down to the cellular or molecular levels. People keep wanting to be able to control and/or see the next layer, the next layer, etc. We haven't found the end or bottom yet.

- Aspen was asking what is the difference between world building and fracture? I tried to explain that the fracture project is more of list of lessons learned, ways to speed things up, ways of standardizing things, allowing for customized things, show/hide things, toggle on/off certain settings, full control over flow and display, and controlling things at a smaller detailed level. World building is what we are trying to do and/or accomplish (think bigger picture). We use fracture (aka the next generation of the system or application platform) to get to the bigger world building pieces. We talked about Legos and building blocks of different size, shape, and functionality. Sometimes you need to play in bulk (bigger or preset pieces), medium pieces, and super small pieces.

- We got into talking about the iceberg analogy (or ice berg analogy - different spelling) and how if we could have the whole mountain but only show the iceberg, it would sell better than something seeing the whole big mountain. It makes it look too intimidating (showing the whole mountain). The iceberg looks so much more approachable (be able to configure just what you want to see and use). That's where fracture and some of those ideas come in. You could still have the whole mountain (under the surface) but only have to show what is needed or wanted. Put the rest of the engine under the covers (under water) like the Intel chip inside of a computer. It's all perception and expectations.

- Ideas that don't get exposed (out to the public) can sometimes die in a hole. We talked about if a bigger company was pushing some of the world building concepts or data assembly line concepts, they would sell like hotcakes.

- Towards the end of the meeting, we were getting into costs, growth, and projections - numbers, costs, financials, etc. Fun stuff!

Anyways, a great meeting. Aspen has more notes in her Google doc where she was recording things from the small interview. I enjoyed the chat and the learning session. Sometimes you don't know what you have until you start trying to verbalize it. Good stuff!

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Shop 9989 Recording Notes 4/3/2023  

Recording notes from last Thursday and today (3/30-4/3). Emails and going through things.

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Shop 10009 Adilas Time 4/3/2023  

Sean and Cory joined the morning meeting. Sean was asking about parent attributes and how to use them out in ecommerce. After that, Cory needed a bulk update for units of measure (converting each to grams on a bulk scale). Alan joined the meeting and Cory was going to have him help with some of the backend data updates and data clean-up.

Cory and I were looking into some errors and needs on the merchant processing side of things. Shari O. jumped in and we talked more about standardizing our merchant processing efforts. See elements of time # 9934 for ideas on standardizing merchant processing by using Datacap as a 3rd party solution. We need a more trusted solution and we are not very good at hardware integration stuff. An outside party to handle that would be awesome!

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