Terms and Agreements

Customer acknowledges acceptance of these terms and conditions by signing contract or making payment for classes, training materials, videos or products/services by Adilas For Business LLP.


All return and refund requests must be pre-authorized by our company in writing. Please contact our refund department by sending an email to support@adilas.biz. If the contracted work, verbal or written, is not completed by the specified time (agreed upon by both Adilas For Business and Customer) you have the right to request a refund. Most of our contracts are service based. You will not, under any circumstances be refunded for work that has been completed. You may receive the balance of money not incorporated into the development of requested work.

Use Of Website

Except as expressly provided in these Terms of Use, no part of the Site and no Content may be copied, reproduced, republished, uploaded, posted, publicly displayed, encoded, translated, transmitted or distributed in any way (including “mirroring”) to any other computer, server, Web site or other medium for publication or distribution or for any commercial enterprise, without Adilas For Business’s express prior written consent.

Accounts, Passwords and Security

Certain features or services offered on or through the Site may require you to open an account (including setting up an ID and password). You are entirely responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of the information you hold for your account, including your password, and for any and all activity that occurs under your account as a result of your failing to keep this information secure and confidential. You agree to notify Adilas For Business immediately of any unauthorized use of your account or password, or any other breach of security. You may not use anyone else’s ID, password or account at any time without the express permission and consent of the holder of that ID, password or account. Adilas For Business cannot and will not be liable for any loss or damage arising from your failure to comply with these obligations.


The personal information we collect allows us to keep you posted on Adilas For Business's latest product announcements, software updates, and upcoming events. You can opt out anytime by replying to an email and state that you do not wish to receive emails. Adilas For Business websites, products, applications, and services may contain links to third-party websites, products, and services. Our products and services may also use or offer products or services from third parties − for example, a third-party app that is an extension of AFB like a credit card merchant service. Information collected by third parties, which may include such things as location data or contact details, is governed by their privacy practices. We encourage you to learn about the privacy practices of those third parties.

All Projects: Payments

If your desired project is over $500, an initial payment will be required to begin the project. A payment plan will be arranged throughout the life of the project and set in place so that developers will be paid as they work on the project. All payments are due within one week of the invoice date. Failure to pay in a timely manner will result in pausing the project or code being removed. In the event that code needs to be removed, an additional fee of at least $50 will also be incurred to remove and replace code after payments have been received. Be aware that, in the event of a late payment, the project finish date may be pushed back. Our developers are all independent contractors and depend on projects coming in to support themselves and their families. If payments are late, developers will move onto paying jobs and return to the project as funds come in and as they have time in their schedules.


For the most part, we provide estimates. Estimates allow you to flex, to change features as much as you want, without incurring extra fees. Estimates provide an educated assessment of how much a project will cost. With any estimate, if the project goes over by a substantial amount we are required to notify you as soon as possible so you can make a decision for future direction. This stipulation is in place as sometimes there are unforeseeable problems. We charge $50 an hour, which covers our developers and project management team. Please remember budgets and timelines will flex as you add and subtract desired features. For clarification, remember estimates are charged hourly. For estimates, the quoted project amount generally just covers developers. Whether we give an estimate or bid, an additional 20% charge is added for overhead costs.

Example: $100 project + Overhead charge $20 or 20% = $120 total.


Bids are also available, but require 10% of the bided price upfront, and is nonrefundable. The bid will contain an exact list of features that will be given for the price and if any changes are desired it will have to go through a change order which will require an additional fee to assess and re-structure the original bid.

All Projects Unforeseeable Problems

For all projects, we have the right and the responsibility to contact you and alert you to any large or unforeseeable problems as soon as they arise. Coding is very complex and sometimes unexpected problems occur both in the process of the project as well as while testing and debugging afterwards. Whether we give a bid or estimate, we maintain the flexibility to include any unforeseeable problems. Our responsibility is to let you know as soon as possible so you can make the decision whether to continue the project, to suspend it, or take various other options into consideration.

Refund Policy on Custom Code

For the most part we do not provide refunds for custom code. Custom code refunds will be up to Adilas For Business (AFB) and whether or not the situation demands such an action. We typically will give refunds if we cannot complete or transfer the project in question, at which point we will set up a payment plan with the customer in question to pay back/refund money. Generally, for work that has been performed by one of our independent developers, a refund is not possible.

E-commerce Refund

Typically, after three days refunds for e-commerce are not possible. All sales are final and the product is sold as-is. Please make sure to review the product carefully before purchase.

Adilas Market Refund

Typically, after three days refunds for an Adilas Market account are not possible. All sales are final and the product is sold as-is. Please make sure to review the product carefully before purchase.

Redress Against Work Performed/Developers

We take great pride in our independent developers. In the off chance one of the developers slacks in their duties or is unable to perform the required tasks, AFB will not be held liable. Our developers are independently contracted. We are only responsible for the organization of independent developers, not in the work performed by them. If the problem cannot be resolved any other way than by legal action, AFB will support you in legal action against the developer. This legal aid would be to testify of their neglect or inability to complete their contracted part. We will help you take redress, but we cannot pay for the mistakes of these independent developers. A developer who has continual problems, neglect of responsibility, or performing unsatisfactory labor will be removed from our list of independent contractors.

To date, 11/16/17 we do not have any problems that have not successfully been resolved.

Last Updated 11/16/2017