Adilas Lite - Value Add-On Core Model


Adilas is a fully operating web application based on a transactional core. The transactional core is a term we use to describe the way players and pieces of the system interact to capture and record all the daily operations and subsequent accounting for a business.

Imagine your business as a world. Imagine looking at a cross section of that world (your business). What is at the core of what you do? How well is that working? What other layers would make things run smoother? The core is the critical, essential base that allows the world, or business, to exist and thrive.

We see that our robust transactional core will improve by developing and adding on these new levels of specificity and value.

We propose these value add-on levels to be:
  1. Transactional core level - the current Adilas system
  2. Industry specific skins level
  3. Custom code level
  4. Business intelligence level
  5. Enterprise level
For further information look into the specific levels for more ideas and plans.
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