Custom Code

Your flavor and flow, we'll make it so.

Design custom labels for your business

Custom Labels

Create custom labels for your business. Design and assign custom labels with barcodes to connect to inventory, making the tracking of your products seamless. Warning labels, barcodes, or anything else you need regarding labels we can handle.

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Bank Reconciliation
One bank to rule them all

Bank Reconciliation

Track multiple corporations in one location. Full view of multiple corporations: custom bank reports, inventory pools, multi location tracking. One bank to rule them all. The main reason for bank reconciliation is to keep all your financials from many locations in order. Keeping your financial numbers balanced is essential to making smart business decisions.

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Fulfill Your Needs
Create and utilize custom-made reports

Custom Reports

We can creat any custom report you could ever wish for. Adilas has the potential to link custom reports to anywhere you need within the system. Such custom reports could be state documents, registration, PDF fill-in forms that feed into Adilas, and any other way you can imagine to present your data.

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Optimize Your Flow
Customize your business processes

Optimizing Flow

Optimizing flow allows corporations to utilize their time efficiently. Thousands of dollars are saved when corporations optimize their flow, creating an easy working environment for their employees. By identifying necessary processes, important information, and procedural needs, our coders can help companies create a successful, seamless process.

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Integrated E-commerce
Manage your online processes


Adilas automates the e-commerce experience. All inventory is tracked and updates in real-time as people purchase from your website. Custom skins brand Adilas with the look and feel of your company. Because e-commerce is attached to Adilas, all purchases from e-commerce immediately affect the inventory database within the system. This makes your e-commerce a direct asset and connection to your business.

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Anything Else
Dream it up, we'll wire it up

Special Tasks

If you need to simplify or redirect a process within Adilas we can create a specialized task or workflow for you. Need notifications? We can tie a notification to any part of the system. We can mimic processes from other programs to utilize within your system for an optimal experience. We can also connect with any API connection as well as produce API connections for your needs. Really, we can just do about anything you need. Your business, your way.

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