• Zip together operations and accounting.
  • Access real-time data.
  • Receive up-to-the-minute information concerning Accounts Receivable and Accounts Payments.
  • Register immediate action on profit and loss margins.

Customer Relations

  • Log customer information with every interaction.
  • Readily access data necessary to develop a deep customer relationship.

Inventory Tracking

  • Keep inventory up to date.
  • Record stock by make and model or track it in any other way you need.
  • Track quantity and inventory anywhere with Internet connection.
  • Provide full point-of-sale solution for parts and service department.


  • Gather detailed information on every purchase.
  • Track your day-to-day business transactions.
  • Track all sales and commissions.
  • Customize your work environment to optimize flow.

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Operations are day-to-day actions. Accounting tells the story of these actions, enabling operations to move forward. Real-time accounting occurs when operations directly feeds data to accounting.

Adilas harnesses the power of real-time accounting, allowing businesses 24-7 access to the real-time dealership numbers. This includes ready access to payables (Accounts Payable), clients (Accounts Receivable), and profit & loss statements through in-the-moment accounting.

When operations are feeding real-time information to accounting, dealerships are always up to date. Adilas is the complete solution to zip operations to accounting.

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Customer Relations

The customer pays the bills. Without customers, businesses are just expensive parking lots. Finding the ideal customer brings life to companies. Building relationships with these customers helps business in all the best ways.

Adilas gathers meaningful customer and vendor information to improve the relationships that matter to dealerships. This data can include a customer’s birth date, preferences, purchase history, spending amount, payment history, and interactions with the company.

Adilas helps businesses gather and store important information as searchable data. Adilas is the complete solution for customer relationship management.

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Inventory Tracking

Inventory is a dealership’s lifeblood. Every unit on the lot is a possible sale and, at the same time, a real liability. Knowing the price, age, and quantity of a commodity is the key to a successful dealership.

Adilas allows a dealership to track inventory anytime and anywhere with an internet connection. For example, businesses are able to see which salesman has sold which unit as soon as the transaction takes place. Agencies are able to track the costs of internal repairs, cleaning, or other services that increase the expense of the stock unit.

Every aspect of inventory can be viewed, tracked, and recorded using Adilas. Adilas is the complete solution to the demands of inventory tracking.

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Dealerships develop processes, known as operations, that push business forward. To be sure that these systems are doing their job, dealerships constantly need snapshots of their business’ status.

Adilas captures and files business information. Once documented, it becomes fully searchable, and each unit becomes an individual story within the dealership. From purchasing to internal repairs to the output of every sales representatives, Adilas can record it.

Every business operation can be held accountable by information in real-time. Adilas is the complete solution for running and tracking daily operations.

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Adilas for dealerships

Adilas offers a full system solution for dealerships. See some of our main features for dealerships below.

Cloud-Based Software

Internet-based - Open 24/7, which allows you to view all your numbers and inventory from anywhere in the world, even from home.

Powerful Inventory System

Stock in your vehicles by make and model - See live reports of your inventory and what sales have been made.

Incoming Finances

Monies coming in - Know exactly who owes you money (receivables or A/R's) and the aging and activity on their accounts.

Outgoing Finances

Monies going out - Who do you owe money to and when do you need to pay (payables or A/P's). Options for reimbursements, petty cash, and expense accounts.

Inventory, Parts, Barcodes

One click to see your entire parts inventory - Adilas will handle barcodes and any number of inventory items. Each item goes right from inventory into the shopping cart.

Up-To-Date Inventory

Your vehicle and parts inventory will be online and updated every second - All web inventories will include descriptions, pricing, and photos.


Quote all of your customers - Ability to e-mail or print out the quote. Convert the quote to an invoice. Track every customer you talk with for a virtual up-log.

Multiple Locations

Multi-locations - Adilas will handle as many locations, departments, banks, etc. as needed. Very scalable.


Payroll - Pay your staff based on hourly, commission, salary or any combination of these. System will track and reward sales staff with proper pay programs.

Unlimited Invoices

Unlimited invoices, payments, statements, deposits, expenses, check writing, inventory management, purchase orders, serialized units, recipe/builds and much more.

Media Content/Storage

Upload documents and photos - Scan in all your documentation to be viewed at anytime in the future for a 'paperless' office. Simplify your filing.

Inventory Media Content

Upload photos of all your parts - This helps show your customers exactly what they are buying.


Financials - Income statement (P&L) and balance sheet. Know where you stand on the reasons for being in business.

Real-Time Data

Real-Time Numbers - Be able to give your accountant numbers at any time and close out each and every month.


Adilas has the power to integrate all of your inventory into a fully functioning e-commerce website for your clients, tracking all data from the e-commerce page.

The Right System For You

Special pricing for all dealers - From the small mom and pops to the largest automotive dealers we can help you save money and run your business better!