Adilas Developer's Notebook
This help file helps with a section called the Adilas developer's notebook. Basically, it is a collection of daily notes, blog entries, brainstorming sessions, project notes, ideas, requests, and daily tasks that have been done by the Adilas developers (code writers and application builders). Most of the early entries were done by Brandon Moore. Other developers have also contributed as time has gone on. In a way, this is the step by step history of projects worked on, requests made, lessons learned, and hope for the future vision of the company.

To some, this section may be a mess of random notes and such... To us, here at Adilas, this is a historical gold mine with tons of notes, ideas, concepts, successes, and failures. This is where we came from and how we got to where we are. Enjoy.

If you want a small visual treat... Click here to see a number of concepts in graphic form. As a side note, if you click on the smaller thumbnail images, there is a small caption about each photo in the gallery. Lots of these photos and concepts came from the developer's notebooks over the years.