Project Manager categories

Every piece of your project is recorded, tracked, and accounted for. You are able to view your projects in all their small details or in a comprehensive, larger view.

Project Management

All the information for all your projects at your fingertips, all the time. We record employee times, customer logs, media content, scheduling, project notes, expenses, and much more. Contact Us


Adilas has the capability to track an employee's working hours, either by specified projects or just general company hours. It provides a complete login/logout of an employee's day. Contact Us

Elements of Time

Elements of Time creates a powerful tool for generating templates that utilize scheduling, notes, logs, billing, and any other information you would need to document. Contact Us

Time Management

Know precisely who is doing what, how well they're doing it, and how long it took them. Time Management gives you a true view of your processes. Complete time management at your fingertips. Contact Us

Resource Management

In Adilas you are able to know what resources you have on hand, what materials you need to order, and the usage of any items that are brought into your business. Contact Us

Human Resource Management

Manage customer relationships, optimize work environments for employees by permissions, and gather vital reports regarding employee interactions. Contact Us