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Shop 10881 Meeting with Shannon 3/5/2024  

Working with Shannon. I was talking and she was taking notes. Lots of things have been going on. My son Tanner passed away, I haven't been working for almost a month, things were left with some uncertainty, etc. Pretty crazy time. Anyways, I was talking and speaking, and Shannon was catching what I was saying and talking about. See attached for some of the notes.

After our meeting, I printed out the notes and reread them. What a help to have here take such good notes. I was literally just talking and she was catching all of that.

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Shop 10889 Meeting with Russell 3/6/2024  

Meeting with Russell. These are some of my quick notes from our meeting:

- Talking about testing and testing coverage.

- Doing mock-ups and putting yourself in the right thought pattern (not pixel perfect mock-ups).

- Experimenting, looking at layouts, looking at distractions, questioning everything, etc. Quick mock-ups and throwing things around to see what looks good. All of this in Adobe XD. Bouncing between the project (CSS theme) and then pulling out small reference pieces.

- Managing the attention of the user (visual layout and visual priorities).

- Make the mock-up so mouthwatering you just say yes - powerful, easy, and beautiful.

- Dream it up and then build it and make it happen.

- Crafting an experience takes time.

- Building out mock-ups to catch all of their desires.

- Even asking for non-refundable percentages to do a more detailed estimate or price quote.

- If you tell me what you want... I can sell it to you (sell you a solution to fit your needs).

- Russell, helps other people build their dreams and then tells them how much it would cost.

- Just for fun... I sent him a copy of the horse graphic (client asking could you do it any cheaper?). See attached.

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Shop 10884 Meeting with Shannon 3/7/2024  

Working with Shannon. Touching on the adilas value add-on core model and the adilas university overviews for the adilas lite and fracture projects. We also spent some time working on the adilas marketplace project overview. Good work session. We then added the overviews to the web pages where they belonged. See attached for our documents and progress.

Links to the project overviews:

- adilas jelly fish model

- adilas value add-on core model

- adilas university

- adilas marketplace

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Shop 10901 Phone call with Steve 3/7/2024  

Phone call with Steve. Going over ideas, what's happening (I've been out for almost a month with the passing of my son), talking about new projects, job costing ideas, merchant processing, managing people, talking about investors, and creating a pitch deck. Steve had the idea of creating revenue caps and repaying things based on values that exceed a certain revenue cap or amount. Other different ways of financing things. Good conversation.

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Shop 10904 Lunch meeting with a friend 3/9/2024  

Lunch meeting with Chad Jeppsen. Talked about different companies that Chad has worked with or for. Their cultures, management styles, perks, and stable vs more open models. We talked about getting multiple tasks piled on top of you without removing other already assigned tasks or responsibilities.  That can really add stress to your load. We also spent some time going over work environments and level of control where you work. Those are big factors.

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Shop 10905 Updating time zones 3/10/2024  

Daylight savings time changes on all servers. As a note, data 5 was missing the main logo. May need to check that out (fixed it on 3/14/24).

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Shop 10906 Paying bills 3/11/2024   Paying bills and updating info for the Wells Fargo account changes. This is required in order to e-sign some new documents.
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Shop 10891 Meeting with Steve 3/12/2024  

Meeting with Steve. We had a great little brainstorming session. We were looking at the database, checking out tables, and planning out options for using elements of time for perfect job costing. See attached notes for some of our plans.

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Shop 10885 Meeting with Shannon 3/12/2024  

Great meeting with Shannon. We were going over ideas for an adilas pitch deck for selling shares (percentages of ownership) for adilas. I was talking and going over some of my notes and ideas and Shannon was taking notes about what I was talking about. See attached. After we got done talking about plans there, we switched gears and did some more planning on the project overviews for the adilas cafe. Once again, see attached for our progress.

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Shop 10907 General 3/12/2024  

Letter of recommendation for Bryan. Also, cutting a personal check out for Shannon and work done helping me with Ship B stuff.

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Shop 10908 Pitch Deck Planning 3/12/2024  

Looking over plans for the pitch deck (notes from session with Shannon and I from this afternoon). Rereading some of the notes and plans.

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Shop 10890 Meeting with Russell 3/13/2024  

Meeting with Chuck and Russell. Touching base with Chuck. It's been a while. Working with Russell on some CSS tweaks for the adilas lite site (mobile ready). Then back to working on our dashboard mock-up project with Adobe XD and AJAX stuff. Russell was prepping things and building out his own components. While working in Adobe XD, get close but not pixel perfect. Just enough to get going. Everything will be dynamic (data wise) later on. Building out custom components and zooming in/out to make sure that we get the visual ranking correct (what is the most important). We also talked about not being limited by the template (CSS theme or template). It's okay to go custom if needed. Asking lots of questions. What do we want to show, why, where, what is the most important part of it? Balancing out the visuals, the user experience, and gently leading the user to what to do and what is important. As a light goal... is the user experience good enough that they could use it without training? The design determines the architecture (what is needed). Good session.

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Shop 10900 Meeting with Steve 3/14/2024  

Meeting with Steve and Suzi. Looking at a dog care software package. It was actually a human salon software system that they are using for the dog care company. Looking at options and seeing what we can do, using adilas to help them out. Lots of talking, planning, and even building out some flex grid pieces in the demo site. Steve had to drop off due to bad Internet. Suzi and I spent the rest of the time planning things out and talking about what already exists and what would need to be custom. Great session.

Suzi is quite sharp. She is willing to get in there and figure things out. Self-taught.

As a fun idea, Suzi thought that it could be really cool if you could tie a picture to a piece of flex grid. That would be pretty cool. Great idea.

Just for the record. Some of the pain points for the dog care people were things like their software system only allows one person per appointment. Sometimes they need multiple people if they need to restrain and/or assist with the appointment. Each client needs a one-to-many relationship with their pets. When a tip is given, they need to be able to split it based on who was working the appointment. Currently, all of their notes just run together. There isn't a any type of log notes or custom fields.

Suzi and I were having fun planning things out and being able to come up with ways that we could solve all of those problems, almost right out of the box. We will have to do some custom stuff, but it isn't too big of a lift, and we could easily reuse it over and over again. Fun project.

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Shop 10882 Meeting with Shannon 3/14/2024  

Working with Shannon on project overviews. We did some work on the adilas cafe overview and then on to the adilas lite and fracture overviews. We made a few website changes and Shannon attached the documents that we are working on. See attached.

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Shop 10909 Phone call and recording notes 3/14/2024  

Phone call with Bryan. He had some questions about merchant processing and internal scheduling. Recording notes from the past couple of weeks (3/5/24-3/14/24). It's been a little bit crazy.