Adilas Lite - Adilas Marketplace


Companies that use the Adilas application, and are building their business worlds, may need other resources to make their world grow and thrive. We want to build a community, and third party marketplace, where people can buy and sell products and services, that enrich and enhance their business.

We have been servicing the Adilas application for over 20 years. Through this we have seen that Adilas actually creates a number of other byproducts which allows other entities to service additional client needs and wants. These byproducts are things like: bookkeeping, data entry, consulting, design, custom code, project management, marketing, hardware, etc.

In a way this could be compared to an analogy on byproducts. Think of a ski resort. The main goal is to get up and down the ski hill, but at a ski resort you have things like rentals, lodging, a ski school, food services, ski patrol, retail shops, etc. You get the idea. The ski resort doesn't have to own or run all of those other entities. However, the main service offered by the ski resort creates a host of other opportunities and services that can readily be paired with the original product.

This marketplace project has so much potential! There are so many opportunities for where we can take this marketplace to better service all of our clientele's needs and wants.
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