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Assigned To: Brandon Moore
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Created Date/Time: 3/9/2024 4:44 pm
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Title/Caption: Meeting with Steve
Start Date/Time: 3/14/2024 7:00 am
End Date/Time: 3/14/2024 8:30 am
Main Status: Active

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Meeting with Steve and Suzi. Looking at a dog care software package. It was actually a human salon software system that they are using for the dog care company. Looking at options and seeing what we can do, using adilas to help them out. Lots of talking, planning, and even building out some flex grid pieces in the demo site. Steve had to drop off due to bad Internet. Suzi and I spent the rest of the time planning things out and talking about what already exists and what would need to be custom. Great session.

Suzi is quite sharp. She is willing to get in there and figure things out. Self-taught.

As a fun idea, Suzi thought that it could be really cool if you could tie a picture to a piece of flex grid. That would be pretty cool. Great idea.

Just for the record. Some of the pain points for the dog care people were things like their software system only allows one person per appointment. Sometimes they need multiple people if they need to restrain and/or assist with the appointment. Each client needs a one-to-many relationship with their pets. When a tip is given, they need to be able to split it based on who was working the appointment. Currently, all of their notes just run together. There isn't a any type of log notes or custom fields.

Suzi and I were having fun planning things out and being able to come up with ways that we could solve all of those problems, almost right out of the box. We will have to do some custom stuff, but it isn't too big of a lift, and we could easily reuse it over and over again. Fun project.