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Assigned To: Brandon Moore
Created By: Shannon Scoffield
Created Date/Time: 3/5/2024 4:04 pm
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Time Id: 10883
Template/Type: Brandon Time
Title/Caption: Meeting with Shannon
Start Date/Time: 3/19/2024 12:15 pm
End Date/Time: 3/19/2024 2:15 pm
Main Status: Active

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Uploaded Media/Content & Other Files (2)
Media Name   File Type Date Description
OverviewAdilasOtherBusinessPlans.docx   Doc/Text 3/19/2024 Overview and notes for the Other Business Plans section. We tried to tie this in to the bigger picture and help extend an invitation for people to come and participate at the level they can/want.
OverviewAdilasLiteFracture.docx   Doc/Text 3/19/2024 Our overview and notes for the Adilas Lite and Fracture plans. We have a bunch of additional notes below the overview we created but wanted to get this uploaded so we can push it to the website.


Working with Shannon. We finished up the adilas lite (fracture) project overviews. We then pushed up the overviews to the correct pages. That is awesome, we've been working hard on some of these overviews. Here's a list of projects. They are not done yet (as of right now) but we are making progress and getting things planned out.

Adilas Lite - Main Homepage
# 1 - The company structure - adilas jelly fish model
# 2 - The overall structure of the adilas platform or system - adilas value add-on core
# 3 - The education and training needs - adilas university
# 4 - The marketplace for the adilas community - adilas marketplace
# 5 - The virtual portal or primary landing spot for the community - adilas cafe and community
# 6 - Deeper dive into the adilas platform or system - adilas lite or fracture
# 7 - The budgets, finances, marketing, and sales plans - other business plans
# 8 - Come take a look!!! - adilas lite videos and research