Adilas Lite - Videos & Research


The ultimate goal of the Adilas team is to create a plan so we can share the vision for where we feel that this platform could go. Along the way we hope this vision will inspire people to come and participate. We welcome all forms of input and ideas! We anticipate that through this process a community of people will come to understand, learn and share in the growth of this online software application and project.

In order to go to the next level it will take a community-based approach. We have been gathering ideas and suggestions, and making observations for over 20 years as we have been building this platform. We have felt compelled to record and capture many of these ideas, plans, notes, wants, needs and dreams for what can be accomplished. We believe the concepts and ideas are worth more than the code, that is why we have spent so much time and energy on recording the process and documenting lessons learned.

We are planning to leverage all of our resources from over two decades of experience to help push this project to the next level. We are trying to create a trail as we go. Hopefully others who come behind us can smooth it out even more. We love helping people succeed in their business ventures!

If you need help or have questions, please reach out to Brandon Moore via text, phone, or email - 435-881-1536 or

Thank you for your interest in seeing where we are headed!

Overview of an XD mock-up from Jonathan Wells (designer). The content shows a possible walk through of getting into the adilas cafe and loading in a demo site. This was a first round attempt on what were are trying to accomplish. You will see progression on other videos that were done after this one. Great start. Just over 1 minute in length.

This is a round two mock-up of the possible concepts for the adilas cafe. In this video, we walk through some links, options, and explore a possible look and feel of some of the pages. Original mock-up artwork was done by Jonathan Wells. Length is about 2.5 minutes.

This is an overview of the concept of an education mode or helper mode for adilas pages. This mock-up was created by Jonathan Wells and shows ways of hiding and showing training and education stuff as needed. This would be on a per user basis and they are able to toggle it on/off at will. This little video is about 2 minutes long.

This is a small demo or mock-up of the adilas quick search. The original art work was done by Jonathan Wells as part of some R&D for fracture or adilas lite. The video covers the adilas quick search, adding new pieces, and even a concept of a navigation search. Pretty cool concepts. This video is just under 3 minutes long.

Small demo video from the Jonathan Wells Adobe XD mock-ups. This one is dealing with invoices, a small dashboard, drill-down options, search and filter options, and general feel for the application. 00:03:26 in length.

I was having mic problems. It may have some extra feedback. Also, the kids were home from school and it has a little bit of family noise in the background. I'll re-record it, just pushing it up for fun.

This is the second attempt to record the video to highlight the invoice section. Once again, just a mock-up from Jonathan Wells dealing with invoices. The total time is 00:03:27. As a side note, this one has a slightly different flow from the first one. The audio is better, but I bounce around a bit more in this one.

Round 1 demo of the internal shopping cart. This demo goes through some simple options of showing items, doing searches, adding items to the cart, and being able to configure the shopping cart on the fly per user. Running length is 00:03:49. Original design was done by Jonanthan Wells.

This is a small demo or tour of the fracture or adilas lite main homepage and main interface. This video goes over options, buttons, navigation, reports, build your own homepage or dashboard, etc. Lots of configuration type options. Running length is 00:05:05. Original design was done by Jonathan Wells.

This is a small video showing some colors and look and feel stuff for the adilas lite or fracture projects. It also spends a little bit of time talking about an adilas fracture style guild. Running length is 00:02:08. Original design work was done by Jonathan Wells.

This is a video walkthrough of some of the application, navigation, and backend research that is and had been done to get to the fracture level or layout. This file (video) is done from the Adobe XD interface. Lots of scrolling, zooming in/out, and panning across the artboard. Running length is 5 minutes. Original work and research was done by Jonathan Wells.