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Sort Value: Developer's Notebook Report - 3/26/2024 to 3/27/2024 - (6)
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Shop 10960 Research and recording notes 3/26/2024  

Emails and checking out a finance company's website. I got an email asking to meet and chat. I wanted to check it out a bit before replying back. Switched and started working on some notes from a multi-day conference for Rezzimax, back in September of 2023 (see element of time # 10257).

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Shop 10887 Meeting with Shannon 3/26/2024  

Working with Shannon. Going over all of the different custom code requests (doggie salon, frozen yogurt, golf/tennis clubs and restaurant, POS, and calendar (complex pieces). We had a brainstorming session and Shannon took a bunch of notes. See attached. Unwritten, our business plan has been - chase the $ (money). We talked about the difference between the demo clients vs existing paying clients. As we were talking, we made an analogy of running a race. Imagine the difference between racing and tying shoes vs just flopping along (not tying your shoes). Shannon took some notes (see attached). At different times, we are seeing cycles and patterns. We are trying to learn from that or those cycles and patterns. They are not bad, we just need to keep learning from them.

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Shop 10929 Planning 3/26/2024  

Went over to Bryan's house to plan some dining things and cart line item level groupings. See Bryan's notes on EOT # 2460 inside of adilas. We ended up doing a planning and brainstorming session. We had multiple handwritten pages in a notebook, tons of free scratch papers (each with different subjects), and a small whiteboard drawing. For scans and photos of our brainstorming session, see EOT 2460 in adilas.

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Shop 10915 Meeting with Cory 3/27/2024  

Meeting with Cory. Handing over the torch to Alan to work with the developers. Being wise about how we are spending our development money. She lined me up on a few different projects. Pretty short meeting.

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Shop 10961 Meeting with Russell 3/27/2024  

Meeting with Russell. Working on the mini dashboard layout practice project. Russell was working on the project overview layout. On the layout and planning, you have to take into consideration the length of the text (variable lengths). You end up making big ones, small ones, and mid sized ones to see how the layout looks and what is allowed (text and graphics - hit all the variables). Not everything lines up perfectly. We did some masking, locking, and playing with layout ideas, all in Adobe XD.

Wow, the value of a good mock-up is huge. It almost becomes live without being live. Being able to show and play with alternates and design decisions - duplicate, tweak, duplicate, tweak - see what you like. Towards the end of the session, we were working with profile pictures and playing with masks and opacity (alpha transparency). We also talked about showing and designing starting modes, active selections, and watermarks. Lots of playing with our layouts. Good session.

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Shop 10963 General 3/27/2024  

Emails. Gathering up some resources for Steve. Put together a quick page to help show some investment opportunities for adilas. It's really rough, but a start.