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Shop 10816 Meeting with Steve 1/17/2024  

Meeting with Steve. We started out talking about some projects for one of the developers and what is still hanging out there. Will is working on a three-page website, bi-directional messaging out in ecommerce, and a new specific ecommerce shopping cart.

We, Steve and I, went over some things that Shannon and I were talking about yesterday (1/16/24). We had some great back and forth pitching ideas and being pitched to. That was fun. Pros and cons, ideas, internal struggles, laws of business, etc. We know that most of our clients are looking for ways to be more efficient or looking for features that help them with efficiency.

We got into talking about how difficult sales are in real life. You have to jump through a lot of hoops.

This might sound silly, but we talked about how many times we have to have virtual little talks with ourselves - should I, yes, no, shouldn't I do this or that, yes, no, etc. It's not all cut and dry. We have to daily keep pushing the ball down the road.

As part of our conversation, we have decided that one of our biggest goals is to figure out our company structure and really make some plans there. That is huge, for us.

Towards the end of the meeting, Steve had some code questions. We got him figured out and going in the right direction. Good conversation and making progress. I think the fact that we are acknowledging that we need a bit more structure is huge for adilas. I'm excited to see where everything goes.

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Shop 10822 Working with Eric 1/17/2024  

Jumped on a meeting with Eric. Debugging some code and running some tests for stock/units and wholesale carts for his tip project. As we were working, it was amazing how many places (code pages) that this little project hit. Over 48 pages that needed changes. That is just adding tips to invoices. Cause and effect to statements, deposits, accounts receivable, accounts payable, balance sheets, tons of different invoice versions (pdf, mini, printable, add/edit pages), reports, searches, logic, etc.

Lots of moving parts.

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Shop 10798 Meeting witih Russell 1/17/2024  

Work and continuing education session with Russell. Quote from Russell, "Design Determines Functionality". We were talking about how design (web or interface design) can sometimes make or force certain backend functionality based on those designs and how things look and act.

We were working on some AJAX training. Today we spent time populating the drill-down data lists and appending that data to the current code. Started working on the infinite scroll functionality. This is where you pull in records (limited record set), as you scroll, you pull in more records (pull in next set of records), up to a certain point. We didn't quite finish it, we will circle back around next week. Good conversations and good learning session.

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Shop 10818 Client meeting 1/18/2024  

Debugging the add/edit customers page with Cory. Jumped on a client meeting with Wayne, Steve, Cory, and the clients (a few different people). They, this other 3rd party solution was wanting some custom ecommerce (menu) type stuff. Including a new sub domain pointer, ability to inject meta data, and customer headers on existing ecommerce pages and websites. The whole thing is for more or better SEO (search engine optimization).

Wayne did a great job explaining what we do and how we do it. He also mentioned full take overs on ecommerce pages and ways to interject custom code without rewriting everything. I thought that he did a great job. Good stuff!

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Shop 10774 Meeting with Shannon 1/18/2024  

Meeting with Shannon to go over ideas for the adilas company structure. We spent the whole time putting together a two-page proposal on where we would like to go with the adilas team, an admin advisory board, and four internal departments. See attached.

We got some of our info from element of time id # 2284 inside of adilas. These were notes from Brandon and Alan as they were doing some brainstorming. Basically, Shannon and I took some of that and put together the small proposal. It still needs a little bit of work but has a good flavor, in my opinion.

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Shop 10823 Planning with Bryan 1/18/2024  

Planning meeting with Bryan. Going over progress on the tie-in between elements of time and PO's. We decided to broaden it out to allow any of the 12 main players to tie directly into elements of time. We are harnessing code from flex grid tie-ins, linking main id's and app types. Good stuff.

He is going to create a function that will populate any dynamic link between any of the main 12 players. We already have code in place, but it is hardcoded (embedded into one or more pages). The new function will take an app type id (one of the 12 players) and a main id. It will then generate all of the code and verbiage to make that dynamic hyper link.

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Shop 10824 Recording Notes 1/18/2024  

Recording notes. Then going over the sounding board doc from Shannon and I, from a couple of days ago. See elements of time # 10777 for details and a copy of the document (both original and modified version).

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Shop 10796 Meeting with Hamid 1/18/2024  

Training session with Hamid. He showed me some progress on his bootstrap training and then we jumped into an Adobe ColdFusion training session. Nothing too fancy, working on forms, URL's, variables, and simple if statements. I showed Hamid a little bit about XSS (cross site scripting) and how to help prevent that type of thing (web security for URL's and form values). Fun session.

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Shop 10825 Recording Notes 1/19/2024  

Recording notes and finishing up entries from 1/16/24.

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Shop 10826 Recording Notes 1/20/2024  

Recording notes from earlier in the week. See notes in the shop for 1/17/24 to 1/20/24.