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Sort Value: Developer's Notebook Report - 3/28/2024 to 3/28/2024 - (3)
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Shop 10888 Meeting with Shannon 3/28/2024  

Working with Shannon. Talking about sorting and grouping cart, invoice, and quote line items. That's a new and upcoming need. We talked about cutting corners and building on top of that - under pressure. Sometimes it just has to happen but you don't want to make that the norm. At some point, there will be some future clean-up that is needed. As we look forward, the question comes up... who is going to get to it and when? All part of the game. See attached for some of Shannon's notes.

We also spent some time talking about buying a house and what a person would like to know... and how that translates into buying shares of a technology and SaaS (software as a service) company. Good discussion. See attached notes.

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Shop 10966 Meeting with Bryan and Suzi 3/28/2024  

Phone call and planning with Bryan. Then meeting with Suzi and Bryan to go over cart/invoicing line item groupings and sorting options. Both Bryan and Suzi have some upcoming demos that need invoice line item grouping and sorting. Quick meeting to figure out a plan and talk about timelines. Lots of drawing and just talking about possible options.

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Shop 10967 Projects and recording notes 3/28/2024  

Projects for Cory. Did some PDF changes for a client. Changing state withholdings for Colorado. Checking on Oklahoma state withholdings, formulas, and table data. Recording notes from earlier in the week.