Finance Loan Calculator - Payments
The finance and loan calculator page is a helping tool only. If your corporation has a finance manager, please use his/her numbers as the final numbers. This tool only provides an approximate payment.

The application uses preset default values for taxes, interest rates, and number of months. All fields are editable and are only used on this page. No information on this page is ever entered into the database so you can use, change, or try different scenarios.

There are four main parts to this page. The top is the calculation form. The estimated monthly payments section is the value of the payment using the information provided in the top calculation form. The other estimates section is a quick breakdown of the numbers from the submitted form with different periods or number of months. The bottom section is a disclaimer that states these numbers are only an approximate.

1. Price/Principal - This is the cost of the unit and must be numeric.

2. Taxes, Shipping, & Misc. Fees - Enter any extra taxes, fees, and/or other costs of the deal. Use 0 if not applicable.

3. Interest Rate - This is the annual interest rate. You may use the number and/or decimal equivalent. For example, you may enter 5.5 or .055 and both values will return the same payments.

4. Number of Months - This is the number of payments or number of months that the loan will extended. If years are easier for you, use the year conversion field. The years will end up being converted back to months for you.

5. Down Payment - This is how much money the principal or price will be reduced by. Use a positive number if applicable. Use 0 if not applicable.

6. Trade-in 1 - This is the amount that will be applied to the principal or price from the trade-in. Note: This value should be minus any lien or amount still owned on the trade-in. Use 0 if not applicable.

7. Trade-in 2 - This is a second field to help with a second trade-in. See the notes for trade-in 1 for more details.

8. Days Till 1st Payment - This is the number of days until the first payment is due. Usually this number is 30 days. Note: If the days are more than 30, the application will calculate the extra or odd first period interest and will show the value at the bottom of the page.