Profit & Discount Calculator
This is a special page to help calculate your sales and profit margins. This calculator does not effect any stored database values. This allows you to freely change numbers and values as you wish.

The following are the fields and their requirements:

1. Quantity - Required. This is how many of the items you are going to be selling. The default is 1 but may be either positive or negative numbers. Decimals are also allowed.

2. Item Cost - Required. The cost must be 0.00 or above. Numbers and decimals are allowed.

3. Pricing Options - Required. Choose a radio button (dot form field) from the list provided. There are three different options. Once the option gets chosen, this will help the application know what method of calculation should be used. The other form fields are where you put the numbers and decimals that you would like to use in the calculations.

4. Discount - Required. The range is from 0 (default or no discount) to 100 (give it away or free). Both numbers and decimals are allowed. Special Note: If you have an open shopping cart and run a calculation that includes a discount, a number of special options will be displayed. One of the biggest time savers is that a special form will show up below the main calculations. This form will allow you to apply that discount right to the current open shopping cart.

There is also a special math help and explanation section below the results that explains some of the logic and formulas for the mark-up prices, profit, profit percentages, profit margins, and reverse calculations.