Recipe/Build Homepage
This is the main homepage for a section we call recipes and builds. Basically, a recipe is a pre-set group of line items, parts, ingredients, and outputs. These instructions have custom quantities, prices, costs, and descriptions. They can be used by themselves, in bulk, or as pick and choose type interface. Once created, the recipes may be used over and over again to help speed up any of the processes that your company does on a repetitive basis. Think of the recipes that you use at home in the kitchen, it has what to use, how many to use, how to do it, and what you will get in the end. The Adilas recipe/build section is that same type of interface for business processes and functions.

The recipe/build section has two basic flavors. One is called a "build and sell" recipe and is tied to the shopping cart as an invoice group. What that means is that you pre-set the build and sell recipe to hold things that are sold as a group, pulled together at the last minute, or as a tick list of common tasks or options. The build and sell recipe is also capable of creating a package or kit type structure. This includes hidden line items that carry costs and quantities and other advanced options. A build and sell recipe doesn't make anything to keep in inventory, it just pulls items (actual inventory items) or services in a just-in-time fashion as needed. A couple examples of build and sell recipes might be: A light weight assembly, an install job, a multi piece marketing or sales kit, a package deal, a starter kit, a standard quote or bid layout with all the items that just need a dollar value, actual menu options (like a combo meal with possible sides), etc. Basically, anything that goes into the shopping cart in bulk or as a pre-set group with or without options.

The other flavor of recipe is called a "build and hold" recipe. This recipe type deals with actually making things or items. We like to call it "mini manufacturing" or "internal builds". Imagine using raw goods from inventory and then making something new to either sell or pass on down the line. Once again, it is a pre-set group of line items, parts, ingredients, and outputs or final products. This recipe type uses an internal PO (instead of the shopping cart or an invoice) and allows for one or more items to become or create something new (thus physically manipulating inventories). It could be painting it, heating it, cutting it, chopping it, combining it, mixing it, assembling it, separating it, or somehow changing it into some other part or item. The basics are: ingredients in and outputs or final products out. Think of any type of mini manufacturing, kitting, or any type of assembly process. These new items that get created may then be sold, used, combined with other processes, stored, etc. Very powerful!

As a small note about internal builds or mini manufacturing: Some people get caught in the thought process that they are not a manufacturer due to the fact they don't have a physical assembly line or a huge warehouse of goods. Mini manufacturing could be as simple as buying in bulk (to get a cost break), and then selling the individual items as smaller units. This takes a big package and then breaks it into a smaller bite size or usable pieces. That is mini manufacturing or taking something and making something else. Mini manufacturing could also be on the level of buying one or more items from one vendor and combining it with one or more items from another vendor. As soon as you are no longer selling the individual items by themselves, you are doing mini manufacturing. The level you choose to play at will depend on your corporation or business entity. There are no rules to the size of the builds or the number of items used. That's what is so cool about the recipe/build portion of Adilas. You get to determine and setup what you need to help you be more productive. The key component is you and what you need!

Basic information about this page:

This page is divided into two main parts. The top part is a search form for the recipes. The bottom part is where the search results will show up. To show the search criteria, use the show/hide button at the top. Once the results show up, use the links provided to edit, view, and do the build process. The button that says, "build prep" is the main builder page that allows for the recipes to be used or applied.

As a side note, recipe/builds may also be tied to and searched using barcode values. See this help file for more information about barcode searches.