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Color Code: Yellow
Assigned To: Brandon Moore
Created By: Cory Warden
Created Date/Time: 8/22/2022 4:50 pm
Action Status: Blank (new)
Show On The Web: Yes - (public)
Priority: 0
Time Id: 9340
Template/Type: Brandon Time
Title/Caption: Finish label maker quote
Start Date/Time: 8/31/2022 1:00 pm
End Date/Time: 8/31/2022 3:15 pm
Main Status: Active

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Meeting with Cory to go over the quote line items for the adilas label builder. We made a small Word document and added in all kinds of notes, verbage, and estimates on hours for each section. That document was sent to Cory via email and also uploaded inside of adilas for that label builder project. We also did some training on adding media/content to sub inventory items. Lastly, we went through some older notes and tried to make sure that we have/had all of the MVP requirements. Productive meeting and making good progress.