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Color Code: Yellow
Assigned To: Brandon Moore
Created By: Cory Warden
Created Date/Time: 8/22/2022 11:44 am
Action Status: Blank (new)
Show On The Web: Yes - (public)
Priority: 0
Time Id: 9335
Template/Type: Brandon Time
Title/Caption: Steve, Cory, Brandon-Catch up on projects and updates
Start Date/Time: 9/20/2022 10:45 am
End Date/Time: 9/20/2022 1:30 pm
Main Status: Active

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Started out with Cory and I going over projects. We touched base on multiple projects. We even spent some time going over existing code and how it worked and functioned (logic questions on customer terms and invoice due dates). We talked quite a bit about merchant processing and both existing options and future development options.

Cory wanted us to look into some code on one of the homepages that showed the top 15 customer/clients based on invoice counts. We looked for a good while but didn't see anything. I took some notes down and wrote them in my digital scratch file. We may have to circle back on that one.

After Cory left, I stayed on the meeting for a bit. I ended up calling the bank and requesting that our daily limit for expenses on our bank card get permanently increased to handle some of our expenses to the hosting company that we use. We spend thousands and thousands a month on hosting fees. Lastly, Chuck and I jumped on the GoToMeeting and I helped him out with a small bug fix on his local development environment. Busy morning!