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Assigned To: Bryan Dayton
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Created Date/Time: 8/10/2022 8:48 am
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Poor Bryan - he was having major internet issues. He and I got to chat at the beginning and at the end. Steve came on and we got to hear from Steve for a while (I'll share some notes below). Part way through, Bryan's internet connection was going in and out and the poor guy kept trying to connect and then got booted, time and time again. I was on the whole time, Steve most of the time (while he was on the meeting), and poor Bryan in and out the whole way through. Finally, Bryan sent me a text message and said that he would hook up with me later on. He was making a great effort but some of that was out of his direct control.

Anyways, here are some of my notes:

- Bryan and I spent some time looking over Chuck's first round mock-ups. I was drawing and showing Bryan what we were thinking about. We got kinda techy and talking about flow, processes, settings, and ideas from the mock-ups. Good session.

- Steve popped in and he and Bryan were talking about videos and marketing. Lots of good back and forth. Bryan's brother is the one pushing the videos. Steve would be very interested if he (Bryan's brother) wanted to work on a commission basis - he does the videos and then gets a kickback from sales.

- We have tried a bunch of different things. Trying to figure out where we get the best bang for our buck - ROI (return on investment).

- Small section talking about our sales and marketing teams and how they have to deal with a level of client rejection. If they get too much, it tips them over the edge, and they start doubting their skills and confidence. Pretty natural but very much a real thing.

 - The costs (huge costs) of training someone to be high-level power user in adilas. You almost have to take an adilas power-user and then go from there vs trying to get a non adilas user and get them trained up. The costs are too high, and the skillsets need some in the trenches experience. Interesting!

- Steve was talking about allowing people to invest in marketing and then try to get some ROI on those efforts. It's really hard for us to do it internally, based on funds and available personnel who could really do what needs to be done.

- YouTube and YouTube influencers - that seems to be a very modern trend that is getting some results. That also takes someone fulltime who is pushing on things, knows what they are doing (adilas power user), has a following (other people like them and what they do), and they keep creating new content (daily, weekly, monthly, etc.). You need a mix of all of those pieces.

- Adilas has been a frontrunner and forward-thinking company since the get go. We just haven't been able to capture the full market. We were doing software as a service before SaaS became a buzzword. We were doing cloud, web-based software, paperless office type functions way before they were cool. Tons of other frontrunner type approaches. We have been pioneers and out on those front lines. We've been doing this for the past 20+ years. We started wtih modem speed internet connections and Microsoft Access Databases. We've come a long way. So, how do we market that? That seems to be the question of the day.

- Bryan was trying to reconnect to the meeting and Steve and I were just talking. I mentioned that Heather (my wife) said that we are too broad and trying to help too many people or do too many things. In the very next breath, I mentioned to Steve that I had a phone call with one of our clients (Drew at the bike shuttle and coffee shop) and they wanted all of these other things. Some of which were standard and some of which were custom. Steve was saying that we are caught somewhere in between those two realms. Some want it to be simplified and others want even more with choices, settings, permissions, and pick and choose functionality. It gets crazy deep.

- Seems like people want everything under one roof and they want it for free. That's a tough ticket (super powerful, low cost or free, looks great, and is easy to use). Sounds great! Sign me up! How do we get there?

- Just thinking about possible funding options - What if we were free (the whole adilas transactional core) and just charged a small cover fee? Credit card do it... everybody wants to use a credit card processor because it helps them make sales and run their business. We would also do something along the lines of the value add-on core model where we provide the main adilas core (full adilas account that takes care of all of the transactional data - what it is right now). We then could charge for any of the additional layers. We could even charge for the core and then add-on fees or charges for the higher levels. All kinds of options. Just as a quick review - Levels are: 1. Transactional core, 2. Industry specific skin/functions, 3. Custom code, 4. Business Intelligence (BI) (sums, counts, aggregates, stats), and level 5. Enterprise level (multiple corps in array and interconnected with roll-ups, roll-downs, controls, and full control over the flow of data.

- We can also sell other professional services, training, consulting, analytics, custom code development, design, marketing, hardware/software integration, etc. We are not limited as to possible avenues where we could monetize our efforts. Currently, our monthly application fees are our bread and butter (SaaS type levels of a monthly subscription or usage license). We could sell digital real estate (web hosting, database serves, mirrors, shared hosting servers, semi-dedicated servers, fully dedicated servers, and other special server configurations). We can sell storage (active and archived or cold storage - for data). We could flip our model so that is fully based off of usage, throughput, bandwidth, storage, counts, amounts, and transactions. Tons of options.

- We sure are gaining a lot of feedback and insights on what we can do with fracture (future adilas project). This is where we are headed. We just aren't sure how to fund that. We have an awesome testbed; we've done tons of little prototypes (they are working and in production), have tons of feedback from our users and other outside critics, we've been making plans, we have learned tons of lessons dealing with settings, permissions, interfaces, transactional data vs aggregate data, speed, servers, configuration options, look and feel, solving pain points, and bringing all of these pieces together. So.... what is our plan and what can we do to bring these pieces more fully to market? Where do we go from here?

- Switched gears and started talking about using some other video conferencing software packages. We've been using GoToMeeting but have been having some issues. Steve and I briefly talked about Google Meet, Discord, Zoom, or whatever. Just looking at options.

- Steve left and Bryan was able to rejoin for a few minutes. I told Bryan that Steve was very thankful and grateful that he, Bryan, is adding his timecards and time clocks to the adilas system. That is very helpful.