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Talking about sales and follow-up calls and emails. Steve, Sean, and I were going over some emails that we got over the weekend. We decided that we would reach out to one of our clients, as another potential client wanted to ask some questions to some of our existing clients. Making plans and getting ideas from each other.

Cory joined the meeting and we broke into a small project overview and question session. She was out of the office most of last week and just had a pile of emails and questions for Steve and I. There were 3rd party solution needs, emails, small bugs, and new requests. It doesn't seem to slow down... and if it does, it isn't for very long.

Cory and Steve were going over the compare Metrc inventory page and talking about ideas to help shorten up that page. We have a client that is getting so many sub packages that it is causing problems (too much data). We talked about other possible bulk tools and ways to help them clean-up there data and/or be able to easily filter their records and results sets. Kinda funny and kinda not, but we build and break, build and break. Our clients keep pushing things to huge extreme levels. All you can do is build and break, build and break, try to respond and look forward as far as you can. It becomes an interesting game.

After that, Cory was bringing forward some new requests to be able to duplicate PO's with sub inventory packages. We have been able to duplicate PO's for years now, but not with sub inventory packages because those are all fully independent and have varying sub attributes and usually it's not a straightforward duplication process. It requires too many other questions, variables, and switches. Anyways, that is heating up and we may have to figure out a way to get that going.