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Steve and Sean were talking about merchant processing and where we are headed. Good ideas and plans. Shari O. popped in and we ended up on a 2 hour call with Newtek and USAePay. We were debugging our integration with the USAePay virtual terminal - merchant processing stuff. We originally did that integration back in 2009.

It got a little bit frustrating because it would work if we only had a single account with the correct API keys. Once we got into two different accounts, then it fail depending on which account was first (alpha sort order based on the account name). We ended up finding a small bug dealing with how the system choose which account to use, in the multiple account environment. An account id was being passed on to the correct pages but it wasn't sticking. At one point, we had Shari O., a guy from Newtek, a lady from USAePay, Eric (one of our developers), and myself on the meeting. We just couldn't figure it out. We were doing traces, testing, creating new accounts, trying it from different servers, you name it. I'm so glad that we ended up finding it.