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Assigned To: Brandon Moore
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Created Date/Time: 2/24/2020 4:55 pm
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Title/Caption: Business consulting
Start Date/Time: 3/9/2020 1:15 pm
End Date/Time: 3/9/2020 4:45 pm
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no link - local file: napkin_budget_3_9_20.xlsx   Doc/Spreadsheet 3/11/2020 Quick and dirty napkin style budget


Meeting with Steve and Jonathan from Epic Enterprises (business consulting). We changed gears today and dealt with some very practical things, ideas, and decisions. We went over financials, numbers, and talked about sales.

One of the exercises that Jonathan had us do was called "napkin numbers" - this is where you scribble down some basic numbers (pretend it is on a napkin or something small and throwaway) and then you try to quickly fix or right the problems. Another thing that he had us do was pretend that we had just purchased the company, as if we were the new owners. What would be the next couple of steps that we would want to do or have happen? Fun little exercises.

We talked about times and seasons and being able to control ratios of spending, funding, R & D (research and development), and building for the future. We also talked about priorities and laying out expectations and requirements.

Brandon does have a small napkin budget that they worked on. It won't be uploaded for privacy stuff, but file name has the name napkin in it on his local hard drive. Good meeting and we are making progress. Our next meeting is going to be starting into sales and making a sales plan.