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Assigned To: Brandon Moore
Created By: Brandon Moore
Created Date/Time: 3/28/2024 8:39 pm
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Template/Type: Brandon Time
Title/Caption: Planning for the adilas pitch deck
Start Date/Time: 3/25/2024 10:00 am
End Date/Time: 3/25/2024 11:15 am
Main Status: Active

click to enlarge - photo by: Brandon Moore - Notes on custom drawing tools and how a custom label builder may have similar options to a dining room table layout tool or visual interface drawing tool. Adilas pitch deck ideas and sketches.
click to enlarge - photo by: Brandon Moore - Using some different graphics to help show progress over time. Showing things in combo to help with the visuals. More scratch paper notes on ideas for the adilas pitch deck.


Phone call with Bryan. Talking about needs for Golf Clubs (resorts) or Tennis Clubs and how they need software for Tee times (scheduling), pro shops (retail), memberships, dining, etc. Multifaceted needs. We talked about options to help draw or create custom visual interfaces for dining rooms, restaurants, and bars. We talked about how we have custom label builders that allow for buttons, input, and then setting up rules and data connections to each field or barcode on the custom labels. Setting up a dinning layout could be similar to the custom label builder (in theory).

We may need someone to help plan things out. Maybe work on layout and flow as well as processes and options. There seems to be a growing need for a project manager/designer.

I spent some time brainstorming on the adilas pitch deck and how to build some of the graphics and videos. Lots of ideas about using the adilas core graphic and the adilas interactive map graphic. Maybe even using both of them in combo to help show progress and what happened over time. See attached for a couple of scanned planning note pages (scratch paper).