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Color Code: Blue
Assigned To: Bryan Dayton
Created By: Bryan Dayton
Created Date/Time: 3/19/2024 12:02 pm
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Time Id: 10913
Template/Type: Brandon Time
Title/Caption: planning
Start Date/Time: 3/19/2024 3:00 pm
End Date/Time: 3/19/2024 4:45 pm
Main Status: Active

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Meeting with Bryan. Working on some demo flow options. Tons of stuff for the golf club demo site. We went over new carts, ways to track tables (say like in a restaurant), custom buttons, and other topics. Here are a couple of topics that need their own line.

- We would like to set it up to be able to setup and/or pass through flex grid items from the shopping cart to either customers, invoices, quotes, or elements of time. That would be so cool. Currently, you have to get out of the shopping cart before you can deal with flex grid tie ins (custom fields or custom one-to-many relationships). We talked about ways to do this and make it happen. Brainstorming.

- Putting multiple people on a single element of time. We already do this for places like Beaver Mountain (ski school lessons) and High Valley Bike (bike shuttle services). We just need ways to make it easier to do for other companies. You can already set it up, but you kinda have to know what to do and how to do it to make it really work. Also, some of those other businesses, we've helped them out by creating a custom set of buttons to jump into their specific flows. That really makes it easy for them. Basically, ways to speed things up and make it not so custom but a generic, yet configurable, toolset. Behind the scenes, we use a thing called limited flex grid to make the forms look super simple and easy to use.

- Bryan and I went over lots of options for splitting tickets or bills. Here's the scenario. Say a guy wants to set up a tee time (golfing) for he and three other friends. We need to schedule the tee time (calendar event or element of time). We also need to bill each person or put it on their tab. We can do that right now but we would have to do one of the following. 1. Create four invoices, one for each person and put it on account (they will pay later or their tab). Or 2. We make one invoice for the full amount and then let them, each person, make a payment towards the full ticket. You can do that right now but it doesn't put it on account for each one. It would just be an invoice with multiple payments. Anyways, we talked about some bulk tools for the shopping cart or ways of saying... duplicate this invoice for these people (bulk tools). Then it, the system, goes out and does it.

Just some ideas and discussion topics. Good stuff! Bryan is doing a great job asking questions and what not. Lots of fun ideas and getting him some training on the system.