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Assigned To: Brandon Moore
Created By: Brandon Moore
Created Date/Time: 3/18/2024 2:08 pm
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Time Id: 10912
Template/Type: Brandon Time
Title/Caption: Meeting with Steve
Start Date/Time: 3/19/2024 7:00 am
End Date/Time: 3/19/2024 8:45 am
Main Status: Active

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Working with Steve and Suzi. They are planning a demo site for a dog care (nails, baths, grooming services) business. Going over processes, routes, settings, processes, etc. It ended up being a small planning and consulting type session. Suzi does a great job and is very organized. Once we figure out the flow, we plan on passing that info over to Chuck (designer) to let him work his magic to help design a custom skin or mock-up.

One of the things that we may end up doing is adding a button to the element of time to allow a pet to be assigned. We are handling all of the one-to-many pet to owner details in flex grid tie ins. That's working pretty slick. We just need to populate that data around a bit more to help it show up correctly.

Another thing that we may need to do is a popup builder to show services that can be added to an invoice and also pushed over to an element of time to help the attendants to know what is scheduled, needed, and what was done per appointment. We went over some options.

After Suzi left, Steve and I jumped back in and went over other stuff. We talked about merchant processing. We went over some database updates that Steve is working on for invoicing time and sub timecards (job costing stuff). As a side note, Steve was mentioning that adilas is starting to sell some bookkeeping services along with the main system or main product. That's awesome. All part of what we want the adilas marketplace to do, speaking towards the future.

Steve also requested that we start working on the known issues report to help Mike out. This is a list of things that we have identified where things could go off the rails. Things like duplicates, certain dates that are out of order, mismatch between main and line items, sub inventory issues, etc. We have a page called known issues where we are listing all of these possible gotchas (data problems). It would be really cool to start working on some small reports to show those pieces that may have issues.