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Color Code: Yellow
Assigned To: Brandon Moore
Created By: Brandon Moore
Created Date/Time: 2/10/2024 11:08 am
Action Status: Blank (new)
Show On The Web: Yes - (public)
Priority: 0
Time Id: 10878
Template/Type: Brandon Time
Title/Caption: General
Start Date/Time: 2/10/2024 10:30 am
End Date/Time: 2/10/2024 1:45 pm
Main Status: Active

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Media Name   File Type Date Description
email_to_wayne_about_sub_and_parent_attributes.txt   Doc/Text 2/10/2024 Technical email to Wayne about the database storage of both parent attributes and sub inventory attributes. It also includes a small wish list of where we could take it to help with sub inventory attributes and helping to look up data quicker and more easily.


Email to Wayne about ways to improve or fix the tables for storing sub inventory attributes and parent attributes. See attached for a copy of the email. It has some light plans on how we could change the columns on the custom_text table (and other custom attribute storage tables - numeric, text, date, and json).

Fixed the error messages and moved the unique id/error code to lower on the error message. Trying to make it look better. Wayne just added the unique id/error code a couple of days ago.

Started to work on an advanced search page that shows parent items, parent attributes, and sub inventory attributes, all on the same report. Bryan originally made the report. Just going over things and lightly cleaning things up. Refining some of the logic.