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Color Code: Yellow
Assigned To: Brandon Moore
Created By: Brandon Moore
Created Date/Time: 2/7/2024 4:00 pm
Action Status: Blank (new)
Show On The Web: Yes - (public)
Priority: 0
Time Id: 10870
Template/Type: Brandon Time
Title/Caption: Meeting with a client
Start Date/Time: 2/7/2024 10:00 am
End Date/Time: 2/7/2024 11:00 am
Main Status: Active

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Meeting with the Cannapages guys over GoToMeeting. We started out by debugging an API call. We tried a few things. I then had to login to the client's site, flip some switches, and then try it again. They are pulling menu info, but we had to turn on some ecommerce settings to let the pages (API sockets) play through.

They also expressed a desire to get two more API endpoints for pulling sub inventory attributes (list of values) and parent attributes (list of values). They then take that data and loop over it to populate their menu forms. I sent an email out to Cory with an update.