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Created Date/Time: 2/1/2024 2:09 pm
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Title/Caption: Meeting with Shannon
Start Date/Time: 2/8/2024 12:15 pm
End Date/Time: 2/8/2024 2:15 pm
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OverviewAdilasUniversity.docx   Doc/Text 2/8/2024 Discussed things happening and recorded additional notes and points near the bottom of this document that have happened since yesterday. Reviewed notes for the Adilas University aspects and wrote content for the overview. Right now everything is saved on this document. We will piece it out later to where it needs to go.


Meeting with Shannon. Looking for and seeing trends and patterns. Some of the hot topics right now are building industry specific skins (customer interfaces), BI or business intelligence reporting, AI or artificial intelligence options and marketing, job costing, manufacturing, and harvesting services and byproducts that adilas creates.

We spent most of our session reviewing and working on notes for the adilas university project dealing with education and training (No. 3 in the adilas lite or fracture plan). See attached for our notes and progress.

Just for fun, Shannon and I were talking, and we made an analogy of chasing a ball down the hill. It just keeps going (out in front of you). We talked about communications and collaboration options. We, our goal, is to stay out in front of the guys/gals with some rough plans. As the guys/gals get to the next levels, they will be looking for the next thing. We will keep feeding in the pieces that we have done or roughed out. We will let them interpret those plans and make them (the plans) their own. Basically, help to point and influence a direction without directly forcing it.

We also talked about how we learn by repetition and relearning things over and over again. It seems to really help to write things down, then re-sharing it back to someone else. That helps it gain clarity and makes it stick better.

Sometimes we present our clients with tooooo many options. We love that but it can be overwhelming and distracting to someone who is brand new. As part of our discussion on education and training, we talked a lot about industry specific skins and matching training and verbiage to those industry specific skins. See our attached notes for some other ideas.

Lastly, as we were talking, I mentioned to Shannon that Steve has a dream of offering basic business classes (business principles) to cities and communities. He would like to use adilas as the teaching tool. The class would be on the business principles, we would just use adilas to show those principles (how to do it and how easy it is to do it using adilas). I also wanted to record that another dream that Steve has is jumping in his plane and flying around and talking to CPA's. If CPA's really used adilas and adilas for their clients, they could do way more tax returns and also offer other ongoing oversight services, consulting, training, etc. It could be pretty cool! Just wanted to record those ideas from past meetings with Steve.