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Assigned To: Brandon Moore
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Created Date/Time: 1/29/2024 11:36 am
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Template/Type: Brandon Time
Title/Caption: Meeting with Wayne
Start Date/Time: 1/29/2024 1:00 pm
End Date/Time: 1/29/2024 1:45 pm
Main Status: Active

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We have a client who wants to use the main adilas ecommerce site and do their own SEO (search engine optimization) and web stuff. Super advanced black box and dynamic page building for our clients and their web addresses. Basically, taking what we already have and adding a reverse look-up based on a SEO parent attribute. Then taking that dynamic data and building a special page to help with the SEO for the client. Light database talks and going over options. Drawing and going over sub inventory and parent attributes. Talking about possible bug on our local boxes for https and port numbers (test is different than the live sites).