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Assigned To: Brandon Moore
Created By: Brandon Moore
Created Date/Time: 1/15/2024 2:53 pm
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Template/Type: Brandon Time
Title/Caption: Phone call with Steve
Start Date/Time: 1/15/2024 12:15 pm
End Date/Time: 1/15/2024 1:30 pm
Main Status: Active

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Phone call with Steve. Talking about plans, where we are heading, options, sales, developers, and other staffing areas. We covered a bunch of topics. Here is a quick list of topics.

- AI (artificial intelligence) and what that look like in our industry. We talked about trends that we are seeing and speed to market that other companies are gaining from on their products. This seems like it (AI) is here to stay and really making some waves. It will be interesting to see how it all plays out. In my mind, I think that AI will be used as a tool, not a complete takeover option. That is just my opinion.

- External Reps and how to help manage them and their clients. If we try to support them using our internal people, we get in trouble. But at some point, the external reps will get maxed out and can't help all of the clients. It can get tricky.

- Developers (coders) and who is doing what. We have a number of projects that are 3/4 baked but not yet finished. That makes it really tough to hang your hat on those things. We get super far along, but it becomes hard to really get it across the finish line. We have a number of these projects. Some of deals with testing, dependencies, and rollout/integration plans. Other times we get to a certain point and funding runs out or whatever. We just need to get these things over that virtual hump. Some good stuff to still come down the pipeline.

- Sales, investments, cash flow, and where we are heading - bouncing between topics and just generally doing some catch up. We have a bigger client that was waving some big carrots but hasn't paid us anything. We did tons of work for them and when it came down to us actually giving them a bill, they wont pay it. That is rough and tough... Some lessons learned.

Good chat! We'll keep trying to figure things out and just keep taking the next step. That's about all we can do right now.