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Assigned To: Brandon Moore
Created By: Brandon Moore
Created Date/Time: 1/4/2024 2:03 pm
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Title/Caption: Meeting with Shannon
Start Date/Time: 1/16/2024 12:00 pm
End Date/Time: 1/16/2024 2:15 pm
Main Status: Active

click to enlarge - photo by: Brandon Moore - Just being silly... these are the plague zones withing the adilas jelly fish model. Once again, just being silly, but imagine a skull and crossbones in Admin, Project Management, and Sales/Marketing. No one likes to stay there.

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sounding_board_session_with_shannon.docx   Doc/Text 1/19/2024 I (Brandon) took the original sounding board document with Shannon and added or changed a few things around (lite corrections). This version is the latest version, as of 1/19/24. Original meeting and notes were done on 1/16/24.
SoundingBoardSessions.docx   Doc/Text 1/16/2024 We had a sounding board session today. Brandon was sharing some thoughts from meetings with Alan, Steve, and others. Defining some of the main problems we see holding us back and what we need to move forward as a company and as a product.


Our original plan was to work more on the SWOT analysis today. It ended up being a sounding board session. I was talking and telling Shannon what was going on and she was recording notes. See attached. Lots of fun ideas and concepts. It does repeat itself a lot but overall, great little brainstorming session. The cool thing is that we have some great take aways from our session. Here are just a couple. See the notes for deeper thoughts and ideas.

- AI (artificial intelligence) - Trends and observations

- Who? - Lots of talk about who will oversee and manage what

- Plans

- Marketing - Ideas including being able to cover over 85% of any business. Also some great ideas on marketing adilas' AI (artificial intelligence) aspects

- Company Structure - We really want to nail this down

- Value Add-On Core Model - Industry specific skins and quick aggregates (counts, sums, totals, etc.)


New note - added on 1/19/24 - see attached for a new or updated version of our sounding board notes. Small edits and tweaks made by Brandon, after the fact. See attached.