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Title/Caption: Rezzimax Conference
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rezzimax_conference_notes_sept_2023.pdf   Doc/PDF 9/12/2023 Handwritten notes from the Rezzimax Conference. 22 pages. Mostly observing what they were doing and how they did it. Lots of great little lessons and observations. I really enjoyed the people, the presentation, and the conference. Lots of hands-on learning, in multiple arenas. Good stuff!


Great two-day conference. Took tons and tons of notes. See attached.

So, Sharik Peck, owner and founder of Rezzimax allowed me to come watch he and his team put the conference on. I brought my mother, who loves that kind of learning and content. Those people (the participants) were her kind of people. That was fun to watch all of them interact. I ended up loving it as well. I learned a ton, tried out the products, and even contributed a bit to the conference (questions and comments). My main goal was watching what they were doing, how they interacted with the conference participants, and observe little tips and tricks that I could pick up and use when I do some training events and conferences. Good stuff!

Here are some of my notes. Once again, this was more of me observing and picking out tiny tidbits of information vs taking notes on what they were really doing and talking about. I hope that makes sense.

- The Dream - telling a small story. Dreaming and then trying to put the dream into reality. Just the motion of following a dream led to a whole other set of ideas, situations, experiments, and achievements. Basically, the whole journey that ensued and is still going. All from following or attempting to follow a dream.

- One of the main goals was sharing knowledge and getting manuals and resources out to their users. One of their biggest problems was - How can we replicate "Sharik" (fill in the name of whomever is a major key player or awesome influencer)? Sometimes, to start with, lots of the main knowledge and/or know how resides in a few key players. We have to get that information out, virtually duplicate that person, and let others help run with it.

- They spent some time, right at the first, trying to get the conference attendees to help pass the word along. They did a whole section on the affiliate program that they are using. This could be done through referral links, commission structures, affiliate program website, training, certification, and specific tracking of coupons.

- They used some guest speakers to help spread the word. They also have done some research, written articles, and gotten things published, in order to get the word out. Some of that takes times and networking. Along with that, it is always good to bounce ideas off others in your field. Collaboration and idea farming.

- "Form follows function" - they kept saying that

- Small pieces of world building - I saw interconnected system, relationships, finding and fixing problems, addressing pain and disfunction, and seeing how those interrelated pieces worked together to almost create a world. This is an older entry dealing with some world building concepts.

- The smallest change in a system can play through and create new problems and new solutions. Trying to get a good balance - along the way.

- Straightening out disharmonies

- Helping people help themselves - teaching them coping and learning skills

- Deprogramming - things that run in natural or normal habits that may be unwanted or causing problems and issues. Deprogramming, in a way, means undoing or rerouting paths and avenues.

- Lots of experimenting and being okay with that - nothing happens by magic.

- Practice and hands on training - they were giving additional instruction during the practice session. The instructors were miced (had microphones attached to them) as they were walking around and helping others with the practice session. Everybody was able to gain from the instruction and feedback given to individuals.

- Durning the presentation, they would bounce out to a well formatted video to help encourage the participants to go to their YouTube channel for more information.

- Talking about alignment and getting things in-tune or aligned - This was tied into a foundation and going back to the basics. This included basic knowledge and basic techniques. The alignment seemed to be a key factor.

- Focus your mind on what you are grateful for... One of the best sources of change.

- Over the years, Sharik has gone onsite and helped out many people - where they are (to their place, their home, or their business). That seemed to be a reoccurring theme.

- Look where you want to go - If you do, you'll have a better change of getting there.

- Victim or Advocate - Question - I make things happen or things happen to me?

- Thinking about thinking - an active approach

- They used their tagline over and over again. It was - "Tune out pain and tune into life!"

- He, Sharik, tries to surround himself with people who have lots of skills, knowledge, and talents.

- They had products and samples that they gave out and let people use, try, and experiment with.

- Their packaging was very professional looking. Nice glossy info sheets, nice visuals, everything looked very professional.

- Matching frequencies - we don't want to stay out of sync very long. We tend to want to match what we are hearing and/or feeling.

- Great interactions between the instructors and the conference attendees.

- Consistency and creating good habits.

- Don't be afraid to try something new. Learning over time and recognizing patterns.

- There were a few different times that Sharik would talk about the process of inventing - He would wake up, write things down, react to things as they keep coming (from any source), and keep moving forward based on where he was and where he wanted to go. I loved the stories.

- Quite a few user stories (from the participants) and testimonials. You could tell that everybody liked the products and the procedures (protocols).

- Lots and lots of great hands-on practice sessions. He even had a number of people (assistants) who could help him out, there at the conference.

- They kept referring back to their website for videos, information, manuals, products, etc.

- They had a new product that got introduced at the conference. You could tell that a lot of time, energy, money, planning, and excitement were part of the new product release. They introduced their mini's or mini version of their calibrated vibration tuner. It was pretty cool! Everyone there got one to play with and experiment with it. Lots of ideas and scenarios started to play out. The participants were expressing ideas and possible solutions, almost imediately. That was really fun to watch.

- Feedback was requested and very welcome.

- Sharik has been doing some public speaking at different events for quite some time. Great way to get the message out there.

- Loved the light flexibility in their agenda. They switched things up on the training as needed. If you were a person who fully expected perfect clockwork, you would have been disappointed. If you were ok with some flexibility, they you were spot on. They still kept it moving but there were definitely some custom alterations on the fly. I really enjoyed it.

- Recipes - basic steps to get a certain outcome or output. They called them "rezzipes" for Rezzimax but they were virtually recipes - simple steps to get certain results.

- Harvesting ideas from others - giving credit where due.

- Lots of personal stories, details, knowledge, hints, tips, and experiences. That made it fun.

- They kept showing success stories - it almost made you want to be one of the success stories. Almost a level of marketing without actually marketing. That was cool!

- They ended the first day pretty casually and soft - they didn't teach clear to the end. Sort of a soft ending on day one. Light interactions, hands-on experimenting, networking, etc. Quite a few people hung out and chatted, asked questions, and had some great interactions.


Day 2

- Small suggestion from my mom - A bag with your logo on it. We got lots of goodies and new toys. My mom recommended that a bag would be nice. It would be reusable, helpful, and people could see your logo and name as the people carry their stuff.

- Sharik started the day off by asking for feedback.

- He had a few people that could only be there part of the day. He was willing to change his agenda to help accommodate some of the people who needed to leave early. Those people wanted to cover a specific topic. That showed great flexibility and a personal touch.

- He, Sharik, made some fun and great introductions to those who were helping him out. His fun introduction added credibility to the presenters and/or helpers. Whatever their role was.

- They showed a new mobile app to go along with their new minis (calibrated vibration tuners). Super small demo. Talking about upcoming changes. The users wanted to be able to read/write new hardware names (be able to name the devices - in English vs multi-digit serial numbers). They wanted ways to name the device, assign them to a room, or attach a type to the device. Basically, ways to flag and tag things so that they could organize their environments. It was all about organizing their flow.

- They (the users) wanted to be able to turn things on and off remotely. Using technology to help their clients and patients sleep better.

- They also wanted full control to program multi devices with plans, modes, times, timers, and custom options.

- The end users wanted to know timelines, they were really excited to get using it.

- Currently, they are using Bluetooth to connect. They want to be able to do all functions, remotely, including ways to control all of the micro functions, timers, wake-up, go to sleep, modes, cycles, etc. Ideally, they would love it if they could program something remotely and then the device could go pick up that information from a central server or central location. Basically, a web app of sorts. Going beyond Bluetooth.

- Users wanted to know about updates, notifications, communications, and how to provide feedback.

- Not only feedback but also recommendations and feature requests.

- Sharik was asked a question and jumped back into a small history of where they came from. The electric toothbrush story. That was part of the start of the whole dream. In his dream, he was told, "Vibration will heal the human nervous system. Go figure it out!". Through experimentation, they went through over 800+ electric toothbrushes. This is a side note, but I've known Sharik for years. At one point, he was experimenting with handheld sanders (from a hardware store). The toothbrushes were too little and small and the handheld sanders were too big or too powerful. They ended up with their own tuners that allow for calibrated vibration (speed, intensity, and frequencies) and even waves and patterns. All part of the invention process. Kinda fun.

- It was fun to see journeys come full circle

- Back to the minis and the new app - the users wanted to know protocols - who to talk to, what to send in, how to communicate, etc.

- Sharik invited the developer to show the new app. All of this feedback was being thrown at him while he was presenting. They were recording it and others were taking notes. There was no way for the developer to actually take all of the notes for the requests, ideas, and suggestions as he was presenting. It really helped to have other helping to either record or jot down the notes.

- Just for fun - Sharik said about the programmer - "A programmer on a mission!"

- Note about the media guys who were helping - they had two guys recording the conference. One was the primary tech guy. The other was more promotional and marketing. They were capturing testimonials along the way. They miced (used microphones) all of the speakers. If someone else made a comment, they tried to resay it or recap over the microphone. Sharik was also recommending that the attendees get with the media guys to get their stories and/or testimonials. Pretty cool setup.

- Jumping back into the conference and some of the topics. Lots of time spent on "Trauma" - aka problems, issues, and pain. Without pain or needs, no solution is needed. Once trouble or a problem exists, a solution or answer is needed or wanted.

- Pornography, drugs, alcohol, PTSD, life events, etc. All forms of trauma or issues. Some of these things are taken in by the eyes, ears, hands, mouth, touch, feel, or other ways. Eventually, they get into us and/or affect us in some way or another.

- Teaching the law of opposites - joy and misery, happiness and sadness, inhale and exhale, push and pull, etc. Being ok with being uncomfortable. Pairing these opposites and finding patterns. Back to trauma - front door and back door approach. There is always a way in, look around and be creative.

- Let it go! Exposing yourself and being vulnerable. "IT" will come later. It meaning, what you are looking for. Sometimes you just need a catalyst for change. Replacing negative with positive (thought).

- Standing next to the event, not in it (trauma and events). Can you remove yourself from it and virtually watch it play out, what can you learn, do, observe, as you look at it from a different angle. If you only look at things from a single vantage point, you may be limited as to what options are available.

- Going almost empty and then rebuilding and replenishing.

- Trauma has attachments - it could be other traumas or connections with other events or situations. Usually, it is not just a single thing... there are relationships and multiple interconnected pieces.

- Forgiveness and understanding. Forgiveness doesn't make it right. It does have power to help you. At some point, you may need to ask, how is this all done? Where does that lead you?

- Having a safe place to recover and seek healing.

- The ability to connect to the music within you.

- Saying prayers - for self and for others - looking beyond yourself.

- Sharik was sharing his story and tons and tons of other experiences. It makes it real.

- Triggers

- Learning lessons and then passing on those lessons learned. Experiences just happen!

- At one point, they went over a number of FAQ's (frequently asked questions). They had a preset list and it made it easy to just jump through them and/or skip around as needed.

- Different people do things in different ways - that's ok and even encouraged...

- Great discussions and awesome feedback and ideas from the participants. There was enough flexibility in the presentation to allow for that.

- Inspiration and being open to new ideas. Sometimes it takes time to come to an understanding.

- Freely give, freely share - keep it open.

- Each participant comes from a completely different place. Acknowledging the pioneers in the room. Go explore. Learn from your experiences. If you are experimenting, try it on yourself first - controlled experimenting. Fun discussion.

- Mixing and combining techniques and skills.

- Finding out what nature does and either using it (nature or natural ways) or trying to simulate it. Helping to integrate those type of techniques and processes.

- There are tons of other things that can be added into the mix. Take what we have and what we offer and then add to it and even enhance it. Build off of a stable base.

- Back to a topic in the main presentation - deep questions and sequences - Am I safe? Once you feel safe or relatively safe, you can open up and/or work from there. Interesting.

- Making time to care for ourselves.

- Stick to the basics - back to recipes.

- This is from my mom - She can hear the main presenters but can't hear anybody else (other people who asked questions or chimed in). That bothered her a bit. She knew that I was taking notes on my observations and leaned over and asked me to write that down. That can be hard to fix and tends to fall on the presenter to restate the questions and comments. Just noting that was requested (restate what is being said by others).

- Pathways - things that are used over and over. What works for you? Use that and then build and go from there. Along those same lines - think about strategies and figuring out how to duplicate or predict certain outcomes and behaviors.

- Light humor lubes the discussion and/or topics being taught or discussed.

- Gathering information - connecting the dots - even over time. Be patient! Along the way, seek for opportunities and find alternate paths or pathways.

- Sove a problem, then move on to the next... the deeper you look, it will become a map of the environment. That's pretty cool!

- Going back to basics - the goal is the big picture.

- Repetitive processes - that's how we learn.

- More videos and referring the participants to subscribe to the YouTube channels (plural).

- Lots of techniques, tips, and tricks.

- They were talking about self-healing... at times more advanced help is needed - meaning surgery or other advanced help. That is okay! Start with self-healing and go from there. There is a point that we need other people and their skills and knowledge.

- Talking about pain - if you take it all away, sometimes you do something stupid - keep it real - without any pain, you can push things too hard. Pain can be a great teacher. Knowing your limits.

- In their videos... there was a lot of consistency - well done. Some of them felt repetitive but yet different.

- Sharik's wife kept helping them, whoever was presenting, with reminders and helping them if they forgot something.

- Giving service - helping and doing good

- Public speaking and facing fears

- They were talking about sharing energy and sharing energies (plural)

- The feet are great messengers to the brain

- Simple steps - set timing - set steps - make it repeatable

- Watching friendships and relationships being made from the conference attendees - fun to watch

- People cheerleading each other and supporting each other

- Good laughter and fun times

- Emotions tied to injury - making new paths to the brain

- Putting all of the pieces together - creating a system and using other systems that already exist

- This was big for me... what have we found... letting people know... passing on that knowledge

- Just noticing - some of the attendees were standing, going up, getting closer, taking pictures of slides, videoing, recording, and taking notes - internal thinking

- People want to learn - some great questions and follow-ups

- Telling the brain "the map"

- Being developed on the fly... people testing things on the fly. They were putting ideas into play on the fly (meaning the attendees and the presenters). This was especially true as they were playing with tuners and techniques.

- Alignments - keep coming back to simple alignment concepts

- Improvements and seeking improvements

- Major participation - he called someone up to the front, let them do it, and he was commenting and lightly direction what was being done. Very hands on.

- Watching for reactions - seeing through their behavior

- Things working together

- Talking about sensitivity and visiting or building up those areas over time.

- Following protocols - set steps to follow to get certain results

- Translating ideas and concepts to different applications

- Personal stories and tying them into parts of the bigger or main story

- Helping to solve problems - daily

- Constant message of gratitude - being grateful

- Good resources - that helps to bring back that knowledge quickly

- Sensitive individuals - start where or wherever they are at - helping them quickly get back to recovery

- If it takes time - take that time

- When they are ready... there is always a timing that goes along with healing

- Question - Are you trying to solve things or just make things better or easier? There is a difference.

- Thanking others

- Explaining why we do the same things over and over again - finding those patterns and reasons

- For me, I loved the stories and how much Sharik and others had helped others, all around the world, making a difference.

- If you do some pain... Make sure you put a smile on their face before they leave.

- Some of the participants want a way to share and pass on advanced tips and techniques. They talked about a Facebook group(s) and making them public or private, depending.

- Wanting to stay connected

- Mindfulness and being focused - going there on purpose

- Self regulating

- A tool to help - not the end all solution

- Primitive reflexes - a return to a pattern - there are both good and bad primitive reflexes - ways to help overcome ones that are unwanted

- Light it up (an area of the body or a pathway to the brain) - the brain loves information - food for the brain

- Asking others to help us get the word out - work of mouth

- Technique - cross grain or crossing - going across the midline and then back again.

- Transforming and transferring energy

- Test it as you treat

- Work on the weak side

- Working through barriers

- Accelerating processes

- Isn't that cool (both ! and ?) - statement and question

- Combos

- Tests

- X is tied to Y, is tied into Z, is tied into... Everything is interconnected.

- Reviewing, even at the risk of sounding like a broken record.

- Spent some time going through scenarios (different changes or alterations based on the circumstances)

- Integrating both sides - of the body or of your environment

- Keep working on things that need help - wake it up - then integrate it

- Mirror therapy

- Don't put limits on what people can do - the mind and body are amazing