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Customer Remote Sign In
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This is how a customer logs in for e-commerce or a backend portal. These settings are internally set, and this is how you use them. There are 10 fields that you can mix and match to create your login credentials.
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Scope Name Type Default Description Required Alternates Known Values
Arguments CORP_KEY_ID String Pass in the corporation key. This is a combination of 3 letters from the corporation name, a dash, and then the actual corp id number. Ex: PLA-0053, XYZ-0123. As a note, the corporation ID may be padded with zeros. This is not required, but it will be added if the number is system-generated (the numbers will be stripped off later). Yes
Arguments CUSTOMER_ID Numeric 0 Pass in the customer id number if known. If passed in, it will virtually bypass the normal sign in procedure. If you know the person's id, you can skip getting any of their other login credentials. Yes
Arguments SIGN_IN_VALUE_ONE String Pass in the sign in value for field one. As a note, there are corp-wide settings that already map to one of 10 existing customer fields. Whatever is passed in in this value will be matched to that field that is held in settings. For example, say that your sign in value for field 1 is email. You would enter something like, and behind the scenes we would match that to the customer's email field. No
Arguments SIGN_IN_VALUE_TWO String Pass in the sign in value for field two. See sign in one for more info. As a note, there are 10 fields that this might be mapped to. For example, for a zip code you might enter 55555. No

ok success This assumes that everything went well.
Name Type Description Notes
QRY_CUSTOMER_INFO_ARRAY Array This array has the main customer data. This has information such as business name, first and last name, address, contact info, customer id etc.
searchLogicProblem Unable to connect to the database. Missing the [CustomerName]information that matched your search. The sign in process was unable to complete.<br />Use your back button and try again.
zeroCustomerMatch Unable to find a matching record in the database. The [CustomerName] sign in did not take place. As a note, the sign in values must match exactly what is stored in the database. Otherwise you will get this zero [CustomerName] match error message. Use your back button and try again.
multiCustomerMatch According to the system, more than one [CustomerName] matches was found. See notes below. In order to protect your and others personal information, we can not sign you in at this time. Please contact us and let us know that a duplicate may exist. Once we make sure that we have the correct information on file, this sign in process will work. If you would like to try again, use your back button.

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