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Get Web General Inventory
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This web service will return general web inventory data and information for parts, items, and services. This is the general parts or item search method. Results also include basic information for sub inventory (child items) and special tiered pricing.
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Sub inventory was added on 6/19/19.

Scope Name Type Default Description Required Alternates Known Values
Arguments CORP_KEY_ID String Pass in the corporation key. If more than one, separate with a comma. Example: PLA-0053 or PLA-0053,ASP-0057 Yes
Arguments PAGE_NUMBER Numeric 1 Pass in the page number. Must be positive. Use 1 by default to get started. Use any other number if you are advancing the ball to other pages. As a note, the values TOTAL_PAGES and TOTAL_RECORDS will be returned with the record sets to show pagination options. Yes
Arguments PART_CATEGORY_ID String All Pass in the part category id number filter. This filter may be the string All, a real numeric value, or a list of numeric values. See the method getAllPartsCategories to help get possible part categories. Yes
Arguments PART_NUMBER String All Pass in the part number and/or description filter. The default is the string All. This filter, if used, will actually search 5 different fields at the same time. They are the part number, part id, description, reference number, and the barcode field. Yes
Arguments SHOW_PER_PAGE Numeric 25 Pass in the show per page number. Must be positive. It does cap out at 1000, but most normal values should be somewhere between 5-250 records per page. Yes
Arguments SHOW_UNLIMITED String NO The default is "no" which will just include your normal items. Pass in yes to show the unlimited items in the search results. As a hint: if you only want your special line items, change the part category to "2" and this value to "yes". Yes

ok success This will be the main success message. This is what you are looking for if all is well.
Name Type Description Notes
TOTAL_RECORDS Numeric This will be the total number of records that matched your main part number or item search. This deals with the number of parent items. This is a basic record count.
TOTAL_PAGES Numeric This should be the total number of pages - based on the pagination. Use this value to help with things such as page x of y. This value should be the y value.
START_VALUE Numeric This will be what record number the new pagination values will start with. For example: Say we have 100 records and we are on page two of the records. This value may be something like 51, assuming that there were 50 per page.
END_VALUE Numeric This will be the ending record number for the current pagination. For example: Say you were on page 2 of showing 50 items per page. This value would be set to something like 100 or currently showing records 51 to 100.
QRY_GENERAL_INVENTORY_ARRAY Array This is the main data array. This array will have a separate piece for each part number or item number. Here are some of the values that will be returned along with this array (alphabetic order):

- CORPID - This is the corp id number

- INVENTORYTYPEID - This will be a value such as 5 (normal items) or 7 (special or unlimited items).

- MARKEDUPPRICE - This is a calculated price based off of the cost. If the USEMARKUP value is set to a 1, we will use this marked up price.

- PARENT_ATTRIBUTES_ARRAY - This is a possible value. The default is a blank array, meaning no values found and/or assigned. If it does have a value, it will be the parent attributes for the item/category. Not to be confused with sub inventory attributes (just tied to a single category and then tied to the sub or child packages). Parent attributes are at a higher level and may even span categories. If there are values, they will have values such as: ATTRIBUTE_MAIN_CATEGORY_NAME, ATTRIBUTE_GROUP_ID, ATTRIBUTES_AND_VALUES_ARRAY. This sub array will contain the actual names and values of the actual parent attributes. The values in this sub array are: ID, NAME, TYPE, VALUE.

- PARTCATEGORYBUFFER - This is a value set on a per part/item category level. The buffer allows/disallows certain items to be shown/hidden based off of current quantities on hand and the buffer values (make sure you don't oversell an item). This value is returned, but it has to be turned on in order to work.

- PARTCATEGORYID - This is the part/item category id number. The main goal here is to provide the id number incase you need deeper information on a per category basis. If you are doing sub inventory, the part category id is very important. All sub attributes are based on the part category id.

- PARTCATEGORYNAME - This is the part or item category name. Say we were looking up a chocolate bar. The category name might be something like candy or snacks. Something like that.

- PARTCOST - This is the actual cost of the item. Often this will be passed in behind the scenes to help with cost of goods sold if doing quotes or invoices. Usually this will not be shown to the customer. As a side note, if building quotes and invoices based off of the sub inventory, there is a sub cost value that should be used. This allows for different costs for the same parent item.

- PARTDESCRIPTION - This is the description of the item. This field allows for 255 characters and has basic info. There is a bigger description field called WEB_LONG_DESCRIPTION. If doing sub inventory stuff, there is also a field called SUB_DESCRIPTION that may have specific verbiage per sub or child inventory. This main PARTDESCRIPTION is the main description for the parent item.

- PARTID - This is the main part id number for the item. This is the primary key for the item. This value is usually hidden but required for drill-down links and ecommerce type transactions. This value is always numeric (internal auto number).

- PARTMARKUP - This is the value the part or item will be marked up. This is only used if the USEMARKUP is set to 1. Often this will be a number or a decimal such as 2 or 1.85 or whatever.

- PARTNUMBER - This is the human readable part number or item number for the current record. Behind the scenes, the PARTID usually does most of the work, this is what people see or call their items. Say was had a candy bar with a part id of 55555 (auto number). The real part number might be "snickers" or "mars bar".

- PARTSALEPRICE - This is a set price to sell the item for. This value is used if USEMARKUP is set to 0. As a side note, if doing sub inventory, there is a SUB_PRICE value on a per package basis. There are also options for tiered pricing in the SMART_GROUP_OPTIONS array has any data. These tiered pricing options deal with built-in quantity discounts. More information below in the SMART_GROUP_OPTIONS section below.

- PARTWEIGHT - This is a string or text value that may hold a weight value. This could be blank, a number, or an alpha/numeric piece of data. If you (as a developer) end up doing math based off of this weight value, please make sure that it is numeric before just doing your math. If not numeric, make your code assume a value of 1 (one). Anything times 1 is itself.

- PHOTOCOUNT - This is the number of photos. This number will be 0 if there are no photos for this item.

- PHOTOLIST - This is the list of photos. This could be blank or it could be the list of photos. You still may need to build the path to them, but this is the acutal photo names.

- PRICESETTINGSHORT - This is shortened version of the PRICESETTINGTEXT value. Kinda like a small set of initials or mini version. This could be a value such as: price, cost, web price, best price, price, or call for price.

- PRICESETTINGTEXT - This is a loger version of the PRICESETTINGSHORT value. This could be values such as: Current Price (default), Cost, Special Web Price, Best Price (first mark-up), Zero Price, or Hide - Don't Show Price.

- RFIDTAGNUMBER - This is the parent RFID tag number or special tracking number that is set on the main item. RFID stands for Radio Frequency Identifier. Kinda like a barcode but with an actual little chip or tracking tag of sorts. If doing sub inventory stuff, there is a value called SUB_RFID that holds the RFID tag for each sub or child package.

- SMART_GROUP_COUNT - This value will show a numeric value. The default is 0. A smart group button is an internal button assignment that watches for quantity price breaks or discounts. If the number has a valid quantity, then there will be more data in the smart group options array listed below.

- SMART_GROUP_OPTIONS - This will be a sub array. The default is blank or no data to show or report. If the item is tied to a smart group button (internal tiered pricing), it will show an array of the data. This gets kinda deep and shows an array with buttons names, id's, colors, quantity rules (another sub array), and price breaks. This is somewhat extra: If you get smart group options back (tiered pricing structures), you will have an array with the following fields: BUTTONS_COLOR, BUTTON_NAME, CART_FAVORITE_ID, CUSTOMER_TYPE_ID, CUSTOMER_TYPE_NAME, and BUTTON_RULES_ARRAY. The button rules array will have one or more values that show: ITEM_PRICE, PRICE_PER_ITEM, RULE_END, and RULE_START. As a note, the price per item will be a 1 for a real price per and a 0 for a total amount. If you need more documentation, please contact us and we'll help fill in the gaps. Smart group logic can get pretty deep. Once again, this only plays in if your corporation uses the my cart favorite buttons called "smart groups" (advanced tiered pricing).

- SUB_CHILD_INVENTORY_ARRAY - This is a sub array if any child or sub inventory packages are available. By default, this array will be blank unless valid options exist. The sub inventory array is broken into a few different pieces. There are what we call child core elements and a dynamic thing called sub inventory attributes (each corporation builds their own database extensions based off of needs). It is possible to have any number of sub/child packages under a single parent item. See more information below.

Core sub/child inventory values and fields (sub of the SUB_CHILD_INVENTORY_ARRAY):

- - SUB_BAR_CODE - This is a sub barcode that may be set by the corporation on a per sub or per child package level. Usually an alphanumeric string of some sort or another.

- - SUB_COST - This is the sub cost for the specific package. Often the cost is left hidden unless trying to add an item to a quote, order, or invoice. Each sub and/or child package has their own sub cost. The parent item holds a single general cost called PARTCOST. If using subs, make sure and use the correct sub cost.

- - SUB_DESCRIPTION - The sub description may be set on a per sub or per package basis. The parent item description is called PARTDESCRIPTION. There are also other possible web descriptions (long description, alternate message, specs, and web reviews). See the outbound values that start with the phrase WEB_??? for more information.

- - SUB_DISABLED - The sub disabled field is a numeric value. The name may be a little bit misleading. Think of it as availability vs disabled. Here are the values: 0=open/use/show (open and ready for use), 1=open/greyed out/disabled (exists but sub or child package has not yet been open), and 2=closed/hide (done - no more quantity). The most common values are 0 and 1. The code for this method call does not include any packages set to a sub disabled setting of 2 (fully closed). Only options that may be available will show up.

- - SUB_ID - This is the key field for the sub inventory or child package. This is often needed when doing look-ups and recording requests and actual sales. As a tip, if you don't know the sub id, send in a 0 or a blank value. It will force the user, when they restore an order to cart, to pick and choose a valid sub inventory id or child package id. If known, use the real one. If not known, force the internal user to choose that value later on. In English, that is sell the parent (virtual item placeholder) and then let the salesperson record which sub package it really came from later at the source.

- - SUB_PRICE - Each package has a possible list price. The pricing can be tricky... There are options for parent pricing, special web pricing, advanced pricing tiers, etc. This is just a set price per package but other options may be used as needed. This of this as a starting place per package.

- - SUB_QTY - This is the quantity on hand for a single sub package. Inside the main adilas system, there are a number of protecting conditions that should block any overselling or overusing of a single sub or child package. Once that data is being processed outside, through the API socket, we need you as a developer to help monitor and keep track of things.

- - SUB_RFID - Each sub or child package has its own sub RFID tag number. This is an optional field, but may be very important if really tracking full traceability and/or if reporting to some other outside or 3rd party tracking system. Often the sub RFID tag is the key to keeping inventories, in multiple systems straight. As a reference, the parent item has a field called RFIDTAGNUMBER that exists on the higher or parent level. It is totally allowed and common that the parent and the sub RFID tags are different.

- - TIME_ID - This is a numeric value. The default is 0. If other than 0, the sub inventory or child package is tied to an element of time (robust calendar and scheduling object inside of adilas). If yes, there may be a number of other key pieces of information, phases, sub locations, processes, groupings, etc. that may exist on the element of time. This id number may be used in other look-ups to get additional information.

Dynamic sub/child inventory attribute values and fields (sub of the SUB_CHILD_INVENTORY_ARRAY):

- - SUB_ATTRIBUTES - This is a sub array of the dynamic sub attributes. Technically, there may be all kinds of sub attributes with different names, data types, and values. The only ones that will show up in this API socket call are attributes that have a setting called "show on web" clicked and/or turned on. This setting is controlled from inside of adilas and is a simple checkbox. If they don't have the box checked, the sub attributes won't even show up. They are still there, but they will not be shown in the output. The next paragraph will cover the details about the sub attributes array.

- - - Under the SUB_ATTRIBUTES array, you will have the following values. ATTRIBUTE_COLUMN - This is a numeric value and basically shows a column number or column place holder. Without getting super technical, we have three different data types (text, numeric, and dates). Each section restarts the numbering at 1 and goes up from there per part/item category. What this means is that you could have a T1 (text number 1), a D1 (date number 1), and an N1 (numeric number 1). ATTRIBUTE_ID - This is an auto id number that gets assigned behind the scenes. ATTRIBUTE_NAME - This is the human readable attribute name set on a per part/item category level. ATTRIBUTE_TYPE - There are three main data types (text, number, date). The text data type has two subsets (normal text and select). A select type just means that they, the users, have setup a text drop-down list of available options (standardizing data). ATTRIBUTE_VALUE - This is the actual attribute value. The default is a blank string. If the attribute has been filled in (really exists), this should show the real attribute value. The actual attribute value should either be blank or match the correct data type.

- TAXCATEGORYID - This will show a tax category id. This is used if doing ecommerce and calculating sales tax. The value will be numeric. The default is 2 or taxable (calculate taxes). All other value other than id number 17 (with tax included) will calculate to a $0 tax. Some of the other common tax categories are: 2=taxable, 3=Resale, 4=Labor, 5=Misc, 6=Religious, 7=Government, 8=Freight, 9=Sublet, 10=Deposit, 12=Internal, 13=Delivery, 14=Disposal, 15=Farm Use, 16=Out of State, 17= With Tax Included (help it back into a special pre-set price), and 18=Wholesale. As an additional side note, each item has a default tax category assigned to it. Sometimes, certain customers or clients have their own tax category id. Internally (inside of adilas) we always default the item category to the customer or client tax category. Outside, we just pass the data to you and let you decide what is needed. There is another full method that helps with calculating taxes called calculateTaxes

- THUMBNAIL - This is a small text value that helps you know if the item has one or more images uploaded for it. If it is the string "default_th", then there are no images for the item. If it is anything else, there are images that are available. If you need help with linking out to images, please contact us. Each corporation has a special images folder where the images are stored.

- UOMDESCRIPTION - This is the unit of measurement description. This will hold values such as: Each, Inches, Feet, Yards, Centimeters, Ounces, Pounds, Grams, etc.

- UOMINITIALS - This is the smaller version of the unit of measure. For example: ea. (Each), in. (Inches), ft. (Feet), oz. (Ounces), g (Grams), etc.

- USEMARKUP - This is a number field. It will hold a 1 or a 0. 1=yes, calculate the salesprice on the fly based off of the item cost. 0=no, use the saleprice only.

- VENDORPAYEEID - This is the vendor/payee id number that is needed behind the scenes. This is who you bought the items from or who the item belongs to (think product vendor). This is required for quotes, invoices, and ecommerce transactions.

- WEBPRICE - If there is a special web price, it will show up here. If used, this price will be shown and the other saleprice will have a line through it (if using the pre-built adilas ecommerce stuff).

- WEBPRICESETTINGID - This is an id number that will help you know what price settings have been selected. 1=normal (use either mark-up or set saleprice), 2=cost only (use the cost value), 3=special web price, 4=best price (big ticket items), 5=zero price, and 6=skip or don't show a price.

This is somewhat extra: If you get smart group options back (tiered pricing structures), you will have an array with the following fields: BUTTONS_COLOR, BUTTON_NAME, CART_FAVORITE_ID, CUSTOMER_TYPE_ID, CUSTOMER_TYPE_NAME, and BUTTON_RULES_ARRAY. The button rules array will have one or more values that show: ITEM_PRICE, PRICE_PER_ITEM, RULE_END, and RULE_START. As a note, the price per item will be a 1 for a real price per and a 0 for a total amount. If you need more documentation, please contact us and we'll help fill in the gaps. Smart group logic can get pretty deep. Once again, this only plays in if your corporation uses the my cart favorite buttons called "smart groups" (advanced tiered pricing).

- WEB_ALTERNATE_MESSAGE - An optional field that allows for longer alternate messages. It could be used for all kinds of stuff and may contain HTML tags and values.

- WEB_LONG_DESCRIPTION - An optional longer description field. Limit of 65,000 characters. It may also contain HTML tags to help with display options.

- WEB_RELATED_PARTS - An optional field where additional part id numbers may be stored in a list. This helps if you need to create some kind of dependency and/or a virtual buddy list (you may also want to see x, y, and z items).

- WEB_REVIEWS - This is an optional field where you may store and hold reviews, testimonies, and recommendations. This field is HTML compatible to help with formatting.

- WEB_SPECS - This is an optional field where specific specs and details may be stored. The field is HTML compatible to help with lists, bullets, links, etc.

- WEB_VIDEO_LINK - This is an optional field that allows you to store an external link to YouTube or some other online video for your product or service.
CORP_IMAGE_FOLDER String This folder name will help with getting corporation specific photos, images, and scans. Each corporation has its own folder where we store the images. This folder name will be under the top_secret/images/ folder. For example: Say we were looking up inventory items for corporation 53. The folder name may be something like: corp53_5FC2B3D1C9
searchLogicProblem Unable to connect to the database. Missing a list of general inventory items that matched your search. Use your back button and try again. Not a list of general inventory items that matched your search.
zeroPartData Unable to find any general inventory items that match your search criteria. Use your back button and try again. Not any general inventory items that match your search criteria.
startProblem Sorry, the page can not find a suitable starting point. Go back to the main [search web inventory] page or use your back button and try again. Problems with start value in pagination.
pageNumberProblem Unable to show the page. There was an error in showing the page number you requested. Go back to the main [search web inventory] page or use your back button and try again. Pagination error.
zeroParts Unable to find any general inventory items that match your search. Use your back button and try again. No parts records.

Caption Text
Possible Response with sub inventory and tiered pricing
{"RET_SECOND_MESSAGE":"","END_VALUE":4,"TOTAL_RECORDS":4,"CORP_IMAGE_FOLDER":"corp53_5FC2B3D1C9","START_VALUE":1,"TOTAL_PAGES":1,"RET_STATUS":"ok","RET_MAIN_MESSAGE":"success","RET_TYPE":"success","QRY_GENERAL_INVENTORY_ARRAY":[{"PHOTOCOUNT":0,"UOMDESCRIPTION":"Each","VENDORPAYEEID":28591,"PARTMARKUP":2.25,"PARTSALEPRICE":0.85000,"PARTWEIGHT":"","MARKEDUPPRICE":1.1250000,"TAXCATEGORYID":2,"WEB_SPECS":"","PARENT_ATTRIBUTES_ARRAY":[{"ATTRIBUTE_GROUP_ID":2,"ATTRIBUTE_MAIN_CATEGORY_NAME":"Candy Attributes","ATTRIBUTES_AND_VALUES_ARRAY":[{"ID":4,"VALUE":"Fruity","TYPE":"select","NAME":"Flavor"},{"ID":3,"VALUE":50,"TYPE":"number","NAME":"Pieces Per Package"},{"ID":2,"VALUE":"Gummy","TYPE":"select","NAME":"Shape/Form"}]},{"ATTRIBUTE_GROUP_ID":3,"ATTRIBUTE_MAIN_CATEGORY_NAME":"Distributors","ATTRIBUTES_AND_VALUES_ARRAY":[{"ID":5,"VALUE":"Yes","TYPE":"toggle","NAME":"Allow Discounts"},{"ID":6,"VALUE":10,"TYPE":"number","NAME":"Discount Amount"},{"ID":7,"VALUE":"Cosco","TYPE":"text","NAME":"Vendors"}]}],"CORPID":53,"PARTNUMBER":"Dots","PARTCATEGORYNAME":"Candy","WEB_VIDEO_LINK":"","WEB_REVIEWS":"","PARTDESCRIPTION":"Movie gum drops","PHOTOLIST":"","USEMARKUP":0,"WEBPRICESETTINGID":1,"THUMBNAIL":"default_th","PRICESETTINGSHORT":"Price","INVENTORYTYPEID":5,"WEB_ALTERNATE_MESSAGE":"","SMART_GROUP_COUNT":0,"SUB_CHILD_INVENTORY_ARRAY":[{"SUB_COST":0.50000,"SUB_PRICE":0.00000,"SUB_DISABLED":0,"SUB_ID":1,"TIME_ID":0,"SUB_QTY":480,"SUB_DESCRIPTION":"Movie gum drops","SUB_RFID":"","SUB_ATTRIBUTES":[{"ATTRIBUTE_NAME":"Count Per","ATTRIBUTE_TYPE":"number","ATTRIBUTE_COLUMN":1,"ATTRIBUTE_ID":1,"ATTRIBUTE_VALUE":1.00000},{"ATTRIBUTE_NAME":"Extras","ATTRIBUTE_TYPE":"text","ATTRIBUTE_COLUMN":1,"ATTRIBUTE_ID":2,"ATTRIBUTE_VALUE":"No Extras"},{"ATTRIBUTE_NAME":"Holiday","ATTRIBUTE_TYPE":"select","ATTRIBUTE_COLUMN":2,"ATTRIBUTE_ID":3,"ATTRIBUTE_VALUE":"Christmas"},{"ATTRIBUTE_NAME":"Best By Date","ATTRIBUTE_TYPE":"date","ATTRIBUTE_COLUMN":1,"ATTRIBUTE_ID":4,"ATTRIBUTE_VALUE":""}],"SUB_BAR_CODE":"b-1"},{"SUB_COST":0.50000,"SUB_PRICE":0.85000,"SUB_DISABLED":0,"SUB_ID":2,"TIME_ID":0,"SUB_QTY":170,"SUB_DESCRIPTION":"Movie gum drops","SUB_RFID":"","SUB_ATTRIBUTES":[{"ATTRIBUTE_NAME":"Count Per","ATTRIBUTE_TYPE":"number","ATTRIBUTE_COLUMN":1,"ATTRIBUTE_ID":1,"ATTRIBUTE_VALUE":1.00000},{"ATTRIBUTE_NAME":"Extras","ATTRIBUTE_TYPE":"text","ATTRIBUTE_COLUMN":1,"ATTRIBUTE_ID":2,"ATTRIBUTE_VALUE":"Blue"},{"ATTRIBUTE_NAME":"Holiday","ATTRIBUTE_TYPE":"select","ATTRIBUTE_COLUMN":2,"ATTRIBUTE_ID":3,"ATTRIBUTE_VALUE":"Easter"},{"ATTRIBUTE_NAME":"Best By Date","ATTRIBUTE_TYPE":"date","ATTRIBUTE_COLUMN":1,"ATTRIBUTE_ID":4,"ATTRIBUTE_VALUE":""}],"SUB_BAR_CODE":"b-2"},{"SUB_COST":0.50000,"SUB_PRICE":0.85000,"SUB_DISABLED":1,"SUB_ID":3,"TIME_ID":0,"SUB_QTY":200,"SUB_DESCRIPTION":"Movie gum drops","SUB_RFID":"","SUB_ATTRIBUTES":[{"ATTRIBUTE_NAME":"Count Per","ATTRIBUTE_TYPE":"number","ATTRIBUTE_COLUMN":1,"ATTRIBUTE_ID":1,"ATTRIBUTE_VALUE":1.00000},{"ATTRIBUTE_NAME":"Extras","ATTRIBUTE_TYPE":"text","ATTRIBUTE_COLUMN":1,"ATTRIBUTE_ID":2,"ATTRIBUTE_VALUE":"Fun"},{"ATTRIBUTE_NAME":"Holiday","ATTRIBUTE_TYPE":"select","ATTRIBUTE_COLUMN":2,"ATTRIBUTE_ID":3,"ATTRIBUTE_VALUE":"Halloween"},{"ATTRIBUTE_NAME":"Best By Date","ATTRIBUTE_TYPE":"date","ATTRIBUTE_COLUMN":1,"ATTRIBUTE_ID":4,"ATTRIBUTE_VALUE":"6/29/2020"}],"SUB_BAR_CODE":"b-3"},{"SUB_COST":0.50000,"SUB_PRICE":0.85000,"SUB_DISABLED":1,"SUB_ID":4,"TIME_ID":0,"SUB_QTY":100,"SUB_DESCRIPTION":"Movie gum drops","SUB_RFID":"","SUB_ATTRIBUTES":[{"ATTRIBUTE_NAME":"Count Per","ATTRIBUTE_TYPE":"number","ATTRIBUTE_COLUMN":1,"ATTRIBUTE_ID":1,"ATTRIBUTE_VALUE":2.00000},{"ATTRIBUTE_NAME":"Extras","ATTRIBUTE_TYPE":"text","ATTRIBUTE_COLUMN":1,"ATTRIBUTE_ID":2,"ATTRIBUTE_VALUE":"Fun"},{"ATTRIBUTE_NAME":"Holiday","ATTRIBUTE_TYPE":"select","ATTRIBUTE_COLUMN":2,"ATTRIBUTE_ID":3,"ATTRIBUTE_VALUE":"Other"},{"ATTRIBUTE_NAME":"Best By Date","ATTRIBUTE_TYPE":"date","ATTRIBUTE_COLUMN":1,"ATTRIBUTE_ID":4,"ATTRIBUTE_VALUE":""}],"SUB_BAR_CODE":"b-4"}],"PARTID":233903,"WEB_LONG_DESCRIPTION":"","WEBPRICE":0.00000,"PARTCATEGORYBUFFER":0,"PRICESETTINGTEXT":"Current Price (default)","SMART_GROUP_OPTIONS":[],"PARTCATEGORYID":2741,"UOMINITIALS":"ea.","PARTCOST":0.50000,"RFIDTAGNUMBER":"","WEB_RELATED_PARTS":""},{"PHOTOCOUNT":1,"UOMDESCRIPTION":"Each","VENDORPAYEEID":28591,"PARTMARKUP":1.87,"PARTSALEPRICE":0.85000,"PARTWEIGHT":"","MARKEDUPPRICE":0.8415000,"TAXCATEGORYID":2,"WEB_SPECS":"","PARENT_ATTRIBUTES_ARRAY":[{"ATTRIBUTE_GROUP_ID":2,"ATTRIBUTE_MAIN_CATEGORY_NAME":"Candy Attributes","ATTRIBUTES_AND_VALUES_ARRAY":[{"ID":4,"VALUE":"Cinnamon","TYPE":"select","NAME":"Flavor"},{"ID":3,"VALUE":"","TYPE":"number","NAME":"Pieces Per Package"},{"ID":2,"VALUE":"Individual Pieces","TYPE":"select","NAME":"Shape/Form"}]},{"ATTRIBUTE_GROUP_ID":3,"ATTRIBUTE_MAIN_CATEGORY_NAME":"Distributors","ATTRIBUTES_AND_VALUES_ARRAY":[{"ID":5,"VALUE":"","TYPE":"toggle","NAME":"Allow Discounts"},{"ID":6,"VALUE":"","TYPE":"number","NAME":"Discount Amount"},{"ID":7,"VALUE":"Cosco","TYPE":"text","NAME":"Vendors"}]}],"CORPID":53,"PARTNUMBER":"Hot_Tamales","PARTCATEGORYNAME":"Candy","WEB_VIDEO_LINK":"","WEB_REVIEWS":"","PARTDESCRIPTION":"Hot Tamales... Hot!","PHOTOLIST":"part-225446-1.jpg","USEMARKUP":0,"WEBPRICESETTINGID":1,"THUMBNAIL":"part-225446-th","PRICESETTINGSHORT":"Price","INVENTORYTYPEID":5,"WEB_ALTERNATE_MESSAGE":"","SMART_GROUP_COUNT":0,"SUB_CHILD_INVENTORY_ARRAY":[],"PARTID":225446,"WEB_LONG_DESCRIPTION":"","WEBPRICE":0.00000,"PARTCATEGORYBUFFER":0,"PRICESETTINGTEXT":"Current Price (default)","SMART_GROUP_OPTIONS":[],"PARTCATEGORYID":2741,"UOMINITIALS":"ea.","PARTCOST":0.45000,"RFIDTAGNUMBER":"","WEB_RELATED_PARTS":""},{"PHOTOCOUNT":0,"UOMDESCRIPTION":"Each","VENDORPAYEEID":28591,"PARTMARKUP":1.87,"PARTSALEPRICE":0.87000,"PARTWEIGHT":"","MARKEDUPPRICE":0.9350000,"TAXCATEGORYID":2,"WEB_SPECS":"","PARENT_ATTRIBUTES_ARRAY":[{"ATTRIBUTE_GROUP_ID":2,"ATTRIBUTE_MAIN_CATEGORY_NAME":"Candy Attributes","ATTRIBUTES_AND_VALUES_ARRAY":[{"ID":4,"VALUE":"","TYPE":"select","NAME":"Flavor"},{"ID":3,"VALUE":"","TYPE":"number","NAME":"Pieces Per Package"},{"ID":2,"VALUE":"","TYPE":"select","NAME":"Shape/Form"}]},{"ATTRIBUTE_GROUP_ID":3,"ATTRIBUTE_MAIN_CATEGORY_NAME":"Distributors","ATTRIBUTES_AND_VALUES_ARRAY":[{"ID":5,"VALUE":"","TYPE":"toggle","NAME":"Allow Discounts"},{"ID":6,"VALUE":"","TYPE":"number","NAME":"Discount Amount"},{"ID":7,"VALUE":"","TYPE":"text","NAME":"Vendors"}]}],"CORPID":53,"PARTNUMBER":"M_and_M","PARTCATEGORYNAME":"Candy","WEB_VIDEO_LINK":"","WEB_REVIEWS":"","PARTDESCRIPTION":"M&M's","PHOTOLIST":"","USEMARKUP":0,"WEBPRICESETTINGID":1,"THUMBNAIL":"default_th","PRICESETTINGSHORT":"Price","INVENTORYTYPEID":5,"WEB_ALTERNATE_MESSAGE":"","SMART_GROUP_COUNT":1,"SUB_CHILD_INVENTORY_ARRAY":[],"PARTID":225405,"WEB_LONG_DESCRIPTION":"","WEBPRICE":0.00000,"PARTCATEGORYBUFFER":0,"PRICESETTINGTEXT":"Current Price (default)","SMART_GROUP_OPTIONS":[{"CUSTOMER_TYPE_NAME":"General Customer","BUTTON_COLOR":"white","CUSTOMER_TYPE_ID":1,"CART_FAVORITE_ID":17186,"BUTTON_NAME":"Candy Tier ","BUTTON_RULES_ARRAY":[{"RULE_END":5.00000,"RULE_START":0.00000,"PRICE_PER_ITEM":1,"ITEM_PRICE":0.87000},{"RULE_END":12.00000,"RULE_START":5.01000,"PRICE_PER_ITEM":1,"ITEM_PRICE":0.80000},{"RULE_END":50.00000,"RULE_START":12.01000,"PRICE_PER_ITEM":0,"ITEM_PRICE":24.00000},{"RULE_END":99999999.99000,"RULE_START":50.01000,"PRICE_PER_ITEM":0,"ITEM_PRICE":24.00000}]}],"PARTCATEGORYID":2741,"UOMINITIALS":"ea.","PARTCOST":0.50000,"RFIDTAGNUMBER":"","WEB_RELATED_PARTS":""},{"PHOTOCOUNT":1,"UOMDESCRIPTION":"Each","VENDORPAYEEID":28591,"PARTMARKUP":1.87,"PARTSALEPRICE":0.87000,"PARTWEIGHT":"","MARKEDUPPRICE":0.9350000,"TAXCATEGORYID":2,"WEB_SPECS":"","PARENT_ATTRIBUTES_ARRAY":[{"ATTRIBUTE_GROUP_ID":2,"ATTRIBUTE_MAIN_CATEGORY_NAME":"Candy Attributes","ATTRIBUTES_AND_VALUES_ARRAY":[{"ID":4,"VALUE":"Chocolate","TYPE":"select","NAME":"Flavor"},{"ID":3,"VALUE":"","TYPE":"number","NAME":"Pieces Per Package"},{"ID":2,"VALUE":"Bar","TYPE":"select","NAME":"Shape/Form"}]},{"ATTRIBUTE_GROUP_ID":3,"ATTRIBUTE_MAIN_CATEGORY_NAME":"Distributors","ATTRIBUTES_AND_VALUES_ARRAY":[{"ID":5,"VALUE":"Yes","TYPE":"toggle","NAME":"Allow Discounts"},{"ID":6,"VALUE":15.25000,"TYPE":"number","NAME":"Discount Amount"},{"ID":7,"VALUE":"Sam's Club, Costco","TYPE":"text","NAME":"Vendors"}]}],"CORPID":53,"PARTNUMBER":"Snickers","PARTCATEGORYNAME":"Candy","WEB_VIDEO_LINK":"","WEB_REVIEWS":"","PARTDESCRIPTION":"Snickers","PHOTOLIST":"part-225406-1.jpg","USEMARKUP":0,"WEBPRICESETTINGID":1,"THUMBNAIL":"part-225406-th","PRICESETTINGSHORT":"Price","INVENTORYTYPEID":5,"WEB_ALTERNATE_MESSAGE":"","SMART_GROUP_COUNT":1,"SUB_CHILD_INVENTORY_ARRAY":[],"PARTID":225406,"WEB_LONG_DESCRIPTION":"<p>This is a longer web description. It may end up being much, much, bigger. This is a longer web description. It may end up being much, much, bigger. This is a longer web description. It may end up being much, much, bigger. This is a longer web description. It may end up being much, much, bigger. This is a longer web description. It may end up being much, much, bigger. This is a longer web description. It may end up being much, much, bigger. This is a longer web description. It may end up being much, much, bigger. This is a longer web description. It may end up being much, much, bigger. This is a longer web description. It may end up being much, much, bigger. This is a longer web description. It may end up being much, much, bigger. This is a longer web description. It may end up being much, much, bigger. This is a longer web description. It may end up being much, much, bigger. This is a longer web description. It may end up being much, much, bigger. This is a longer web description. It may end up being much, much, bigger. This is a longer web description. It may end up being much, much, bigger. This is a longer web description. It may end up being much, much, bigger. This is a longer web description. It may end up being much, much, bigger. This is a longer web description. It may end up being much, much, bigger.</p>","WEBPRICE":0.00000,"PARTCATEGORYBUFFER":0,"PRICESETTINGTEXT":"Current Price (default)","SMART_GROUP_OPTIONS":[{"CUSTOMER_TYPE_NAME":"General Customer","BUTTON_COLOR":"white","CUSTOMER_TYPE_ID":1,"CART_FAVORITE_ID":17186,"BUTTON_NAME":"Candy Tier ","BUTTON_RULES_ARRAY":[{"RULE_END":5.00000,"RULE_START":0.00000,"PRICE_PER_ITEM":1,"ITEM_PRICE":0.87000},{"RULE_END":12.00000,"RULE_START":5.01000,"PRICE_PER_ITEM":1,"ITEM_PRICE":0.80000},{"RULE_END":50.00000,"RULE_START":12.01000,"PRICE_PER_ITEM":0,"ITEM_PRICE":24.00000},{"RULE_END":99999999.99000,"RULE_START":50.01000,"PRICE_PER_ITEM":0,"ITEM_PRICE":24.00000}]}],"PARTCATEGORYID":2741,"UOMINITIALS":"ea.","PARTCOST":0.50000,"RFIDTAGNUMBER":"","WEB_RELATED_PARTS":""}]}
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