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Update Web Customer
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This method will update a customer in the database. Somewhat limited as far as fields and options. See the main updateCustomer method for more options.
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Scope Name Type Default Description Required Alternates Known Values
Arguments ADDRESS String Pass in the main address. No
Arguments ADDRESS_2 String Pass in the address 2. This is usually apartment or suite numbers and other details. No
Arguments BUSINESS_NAME String Pass in the business name. No
Arguments CELL_PHONE String Pass in the cell phone. No
Arguments CITY String Pass in the city. No
Arguments CORP_ID Numeric 0 Pass in the corp id number. This is your corporation ID or your business world number. This is required and will be validated. The default is 0, but will be checked for a real number. Yes
Arguments CUSTOMER_ID Numeric 0 Pass in the customer id number. This is the primary key from the main customer record. Yes
Arguments CUSTOMER_TAX_ID String Pass in the customer tax id number. This field may be used for multiple different things inside the system. We allow you to name it, and you can use if for whatever value you want. Some examples are membership or card numbers or other important numbers. No
Arguments CUSTOMER_TYPE_ID Numeric 0 Pass in the customer type id number. This can be looked up using the getLookUpValues method. Use the value "customer_types" for the TABLE_NAME and your corp id for the OPTIONAL_PARAM. No
Arguments EMAIL String Pass in the email address. No
Arguments FAX String Pass in the fax number. No
Arguments FIRST_NAME String Pass in the first name. No
Arguments HOME_PHONE String Pass in the home phone number. No
Arguments LAST_NAME String Pass in the last name. No
Arguments PAYEE_ID Numeric 0 Pass in the payee id number. This is the person who is updating the customer record. Yes
Arguments STATE String Pass in the state. No
Arguments WEB_ADDRESS String Pass in the customer web address. No
Arguments WORK_PHONE String Pass in the work phone number. No
Arguments ZIP String Pass in the zip number. No

ok customer updated successfully This assumes that everything went well.
Name Type Description Notes
CUSTOMER_TYPE_NAME String This is grabbed from a query for the customer type. This is to populate the customer type associated with an id number. If it can't be found in the query, it defaults to "Web Unknown".
corpSettings Missing the correct corp-wide settings. Unable to proceed. Use your back button and try again. This is returned if the corp-wide settings are missing.
dbZero Unable to get the required corp-wide settings. Missing some data. Use your back button and try again. This is returned if there is an error querying the corp-wide settings.
dataIn Unable to update the [name]. Missing some data. Use your back button and try again. This is returned if we're missing a corp id, customer id, or payee id value.
db Unable to connect to the database. The [name] was not updated in the database. Use your back button and try again. This is returned if there was an error querying or updating customer info like first name, last name, business name, address, cell phone, customer history, etc.

Caption Text
{"API_CALL_FUNCTION_NAME":"updateWebCustomer","CORP_ID":53,"CUSTOMER_TYPE_ID":53,"PAYEE_ID":3,"CUSTOMER_ID":23169,"ADDRESS":"123 Main","ADDRESS2":"PO 123","BUSINESS_NAME":"Business Name","CELL_PHONE":"1234567890","CITY":"Salida","CUSTOMER_TAX_ID":2,"EMAIL":"","FAX":"1234567890","FIRST_NAME":"First","HOME_PHONE":"1234567890","LAST_NAME":"Last","STATE":"CO","WEB_ADDRESS":"","WORK_PHONE":"1234567890","ZIP":"55555","API_CORP_KEY_ID":"PLA-0053","API_USER_NAME":"demo","API_USER_PASSWORD":"1234","API_CURRENT_PAYEE_ID":"3","API_INPUT_OUTPUT_TYPE":"JSON","API_URL_ENCODING":"AUTO"}