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Quick Part Quantity
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This is a quick and dirty parts quantity check for one or more items at a time.
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As a note, all quantities are tied to an item per location. Also, the inventory date allows you to go back in time if needed.

Scope Name Type Default Description Required Alternates Known Values
Arguments CORP_ID Numeric 0 Pass in the corp id number. This is your corporation ID or your business world number. This is required and will be validated. The default is 0, but will be checked for a real number. Yes
Arguments INVENTORY_DATE String Pass in the inventory look-up date. Most times it is the current date. If an older date is used, the system only looks for quantities and transaction from that date back. Yes
Arguments PART_ID_LIST String Pass in one or more part id numbers separated with a comma in a list form. The part id is the system-assigned auto id number for the item or part. Yes
Arguments SHOW_GROUPS Numeric 0 Pass in a 1 for yes and a 0 for no. If 1, grab all locations and all quantities. No
Arguments STORE_ID Numeric 0 Pass in the store or location id number. This value is corporation specific and can be looked up by going to the getGeneralLookupValues method. You'll be looking for the QRY_LOCATION_INFO_ARRAY data. This is a huge part of how we track quantities per location. If you have multiple locations, this is extremely important. No

ok success This assumes that everything went well.
Name Type Description Notes
QRY_QUICK_QUANTITIES_ARRAY Array This array grabs the quick quantities. See description.
QRY_ALL_QUANTITIES_ARRAY Array This array grabs the quick quantities and groups them by the part id and store id numbers. See description.
QRY_QUANTITY_LOCATIONS_ARRAY Array This array contains all the location information. This holds data like store id, store initials, store name, and store status.
QRY_QUANTITY_TOTALS_ARRAY Array This array holds the total quantities per part number. See description.
SHOW_GROUPS Boolean This returns a 1 or 0 for whether the groups should be shown. See description.
dataIn Unable to run the get quick quantities function. Missing some data. Use your back button and try again. This is returned if you're missing the required arguments (corp id or part id list).
dataIn2 Unable to run the get quick quantities function. Missing the inventory date value. Use your back button and try again. This is returned if the "inventory date" value is not a date.
corpSettings Missing the correct corp-wide settings. Unable to proceed. Use your back button and try again. This is returned if no corp-wide settings are found for your corp id.
db Unable to connect to the database. Missing the quick [name] quantities that were requested. Use your back button and try again. There was an error querying values for the selected corp id or store id.

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