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Search Additional Contacts
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This method will do a search on the additional customer contacts.
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Additional contacts are a sub of the main customer record. These are often used to create relationships to owners, managers, partners, parents, spouses, children, shipping addresses, billing addresses, etc. There could be an unlimited number per customer.

Scope Name Type Default Description Required Alternates Known Values
Arguments BUSINESS_NAME String Pass in the contact business name filter. No
Arguments CONTACT_TYPE_CATEGORY String Pass in the contact type filter. This generally describes the contact's relationship to the customer. Here are some common examples: Ship-to Address, Billing Address, Owner, Manager, Spouse, Accounting, Partner, etc. Yes
Arguments CORP_ID Numeric 0 Pass in the corp id number. This is your corporation ID or your business world number. This is required and will be validated. The default is 0, but will be checked for a real number. Yes
Arguments FILTER_CUSTOMER_ID String 1 Pass in the customer id number filter. Pass in a 1 for an open search. Yes
Arguments FIRST_NAME String Pass in the contact first name filter. No
Arguments LAST_NAME String Pass in the contact last name filter. No
Arguments NOTES String Pass in the contact notes filter. No
Arguments SALESPERSON_ID_FILTER Numeric 1 Pass in a 1 for an open search. Pass in a real salesperson id number for a more limited search. Yes
Arguments SORT_BY String Pass in the sort by value. main_customer_business, main_customer_last_name, contact_type, business_name, first_name, last_name No

ok success This assumes that everything went well.
Name Type Description Notes
ADDITIONAL_CONTACTS_ARRAY Array This array is populated with information about any additional contacts. This has data like address, business name, cell phone, city, contact id, contact type, customer id, email, name, etc.
dataIn Unable to search the additional customer contacts. Missing some data. Use your back button and try again. This is returned if the corp id value is missing.
corpSettings Missing the correct corp-wide settings. Unable to proceed. Use your back button and try again. This is returned if no corp-wide settings are found for the corp id.
NoResults [Get Contacts Results message] Use your back button and try again. This is returned if the query for the customer information returned a zero record count.
db Unable to connect to the database. Missing a list of additional [default customer name] contacts. Use your back button and try again. This is a catch for any errors that occur while querying for corp-wide settings or customer information.

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