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Thank You for your interest in! Our main goal is to help people succeed at doing business. We do that by providing a real-time data portal where you can cache, store, archive, and retrieve your data. We secure it, help you organize it, and make it available when and how you want it. Below is a list of tools and features that are offered when you choose to use as your online business application and tool set. All of the features below are included with your low monthly fee.

New adilas banner showing some of the tools that are in the shed. Second adilas banner showing world building concepts and assembly line for data options.
(click images to see larger version of the banners)

Screenshot of the main switchboard or homepage. Screenshot of the custom look and feel page per corporation. Screenshot of assigning payee/user permissions.
Features & System Tools
Real-Time Data Portal
No Limits
Safe and Secure
Completely Web Based
Hosted Business Solution
No Hardware Requirements
No Software Requirements
Dynamically Updated
Unlimited Search Potential
Search, Save, Store, & Print
Recipes and Builds
Scan Your Documents
Store Your Photos
Archive Your Documents
Expenses and Receipts
Quotes and Invoices
Search Entire Database
Browser Based
Optimized For Dual Screens
Open As Many Windows As Needed
Compatible With Windows, Mac, & Unix
Full Text Search On Every Page
SSL, Server-Side Validation, Encryption
Track Vin Numbers
Serial Number Tracking
Date/Time Stamps & Histories
Printable Help Files
Printable Reports
Save as PDF
Screenshot of the advanded build your own inventory report search page. Screenshot of a stock/unit inventory report with photo thumbnails. Screenshot of a stock/unit photo gallery page.
Inventory Management
Add/Edit Inventory
Inventory Reports
Photo and Image Galleries
Online Tracking
Parts and Accessories
Custom Service Products
Mini Conversions
Five (5) Decimal Accuracy
Stock Units
Serialized Inventory
Internal Inventory Transfers
Purchase Orders (PO's)
Update Inventory Counts
Linked To Your Website
Units Of Measure
Screenshot of a sample P&L or income statement. Screenshot of a sales deposit builder page. Screenshot of the check writing application.
Accounting & Payroll
All Your Numbers In ONE Place
Operation Driven Accounting
Cloud Accounting
Real-Time Environment
Good Numbers For Accountant
Bank Transfers
Accounts Receivable (A/R's)
Accounts Payable (A/P's)
Balance Sheet
Income Statement (P&L)
Photo Galleries
Scan Receipts & Invoices
Send Statements
Track Reimbursements
Make Payments On Account
Check Requests
Check Writing Application
Unlimited Banks
Remote Check Printing
Expense Types
Floor Plan
Bank(s) - Running Balances
Reconcile Banks
Check Register
Bulk Verification
Life-Cycle Accounting
Roll Call Accounting
Linear Accounting
Digital Timecards
Calculate Payroll & Withholdings
Calculate Hourly Paychecks
Combination Pay Schemes
Daily Diary
Paperless Office!
Aged Reports
Screenshot of a quote being saved and converted to a PDF for emailing to a customer. Screenshot of the add to cart page for parts and general inventory. Screenshot of the checkout process and payment options for a shopping cart.
Digital Filing Systems
Event Driven Updates
Huge Tool Set
Make More Sales!
Quotes - Save & Email
Internal Invoices & Tickets
Loan Calculator W/ Amortization
Profit & Discount Calculator
Manager's Checkbook - Slush Fund
Global Mark-Up Settings
Mixed Tickets
Unlimited Line Items
Merchant Processing
Credit Card Payments
Profit & Loss Report
Printable Customer Reports
Up Logs & Follow-Up Logs
CRM - Customer Relationship Management
Customer History
Year-To-Date Reports
Customer Photo/Document Gallery
Screenshot of the history homepage report. All links go directly to the underlying data. Screenshot of the expense/receipt images that have been scanned and uploaded to the server. Screenshot of a report for invoice payments and whether or not they have been deposited yet.
Reports & Maintenance
Sales Tax Reporting
Build Your Own Reports
Profit Per Line Reports
Advanced Search Options
Data Drill-Downs
Wild-Card Searches
Multiple Location/Stores
Multiple Corporations
Settings & Management Options
Custom Look and Feel
Peace Of Mind
Drive Profits
Work With Great People
Empower The Users
100+ Permissions
Simple To Use
Full Audit Trails
Corporation Specific Settings
Know Where You're At Daily!
Screenshot of the apply multi payments to outstanding invoices. Screenshot of the stock/unit detail page. This is where a manager looks at potential profit and what he/she has in a unit. Screenshot from a section of the calculate payroll page.
Time Efficient & Cost Effective
All Under One Roof
Server Based
Go Anywhere With Your Business
Any Computer With Internet
Enter Once - Use Over and Over
Easy Access - 24/7
Cloud Computing / Accounting
Cut Your IT Costs
Low Cost Full Business Solution
Reduce Travel
Work From HOME!
Your Business At A Glance!
Flexible, Dynamic, & Powerful
Flex Grid Tie-Ins
Custom Naming Conventions
Tie All Your Data Together
Quick Search Menus
Instant Web Presence
Customer Web Inventory
Point & Click Interface
Live and Searchable
Centrally Located Data
Super User-Friendly
Open To Ideas and Suggestions
NO Contracts
Reoccurring Invoicing
Ongoing Development
Build Data Relationships
Relational Database
We Love Helping People - How Can Help YOUR Business Succeed??
If you would like to learn more about adilas, the system, the tools, the theory, the people, please check out some of the other pages and get a hold of us for a free live demo. We thank you for your time and interest! Give us a call TODAY! or 719.439.1761 and ask for Steve.

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