Adilas Market (Merchant Processors)

Merchant Processors provide financial services for your Corporation.
They provide such services as financial transactions, reoccurring payments, direct deposits, and other services.
*Any agreements made are between you and the professional.*



We are excited to be able to provide a special offer for Adilas clients! 

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CannaTrac® developed the CannaCard® and CannaCard App™.


The only true cashless-payment platform designed for consumers.


Fully integrated into the Adilas point-of-sale (POS) for turn-key operation.


Benefits of CannaCard:


•Full banking Privileges to Qualified Cannabis Related Businesses (CRB)

•Lowest Transaction Fee Percentages to the Cannabis Industry starting at *2.45% and as low as **1.95%

•Highest Revenue Sharing Percentages to our affiliates (ISO's, VAR's, POS)

GreenLink Merchants

GreenLink Merchants

GreenLink Merchants

Compliant and legal payment solutions for cannabis companies. Integrated payment processing within Adilas POS eliminates checkout errors and additional accounting reconciliation steps by accounting departments. 
  • PIN Based Debit
  • Credit Card Processing
  • Digital Wallet
  • Mobile Payments
  • Bank Accounts
  • ACH
  • ATMs
  • Integrations & Reporting
GreenLink Merchants are experts in procuring financial solutions for cannabis dispensaries. For more information click here or email