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CannaTrac® developed the CannaCard® and CannaCard App™.


The only true cashless-payment platform designed for consumers.


Fully integrated into the Adilas point-of-sale (POS) for turn-key operation.


Benefits of CannaCard:


•Full banking Privileges to Qualified Cannabis Related Businesses (CRB)

•Lowest Transaction Fee Percentages to the Cannabis Industry starting at *2.45% and as low as **1.95%

•Highest Revenue Sharing Percentages to our affiliates (ISO's, VAR's, POS)

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The CannaCard® and CannaCard App™ the ONLY true cashless payments system designed for all cannabis consumers (patient/recreational/tourist).

Our Unfair Advantage:

•Is the only cannabis related company that is a corporate member of the Independent Community Bankers of America – ICBA.

•Its ability to satisfy regulatory compliance through its complete vetting process all but guarantees banking services to its clients.

•Offers a comprehensive banking solution and cashless payment system to alleviate the financial stress and administrative burden that is caused by the regulatory process.

•Money never crosses state lines, unlike traditional credit and debit cards and cashless-ATM’s, it adheres to FinCEN Guidelines and are BSA/AML compliant.

 Mobile Payments for Dispensaries / Designed for Consumers:

•CannaTrac® has secured Financial Institutions that will provide full banking privileges to Qualified cannabis industry retailers. Dispensaries will no longer have to hide the true nature of their business using multiple LLC’s and DBA’s. Increase your brand awareness and value through financial transparency!

•In Addition, we eliminate the Risks associated with accepting “CASHLESS ATM” debit and credit card transactions that touch the Federal Rail! Use our NO Risk solution Today!!

CannaCard Mobile App Retailer Features:

• Increase Margins/Reduce Overhead

• Promote product offerings through a single-interface

• Recommend products based on consumer behavior

• Send special offers based on purchase history

• Send coupons for items sold in your store

• Present in-store shopping lists and text specials

• Fulfill online orders for fast, easy in-store pick-up

• Expedite checkout times with mobile payments

• Highlight your location through our geographic interface

CannaCard Mobile App Consumer Highlights:

• Build, save and share shopping lists from anywhere

• Get reminders for what you have previously purchased and what you may want to purchase again

• Receive specialty coupons based on your buying preferences

• Choose your products online, validate your pick-up time and sub­mit your order for in-store pick-up

• Skip the checkout line by using your Mobile App barcode at the pin-pad station for one-click payments

• Find the nearest dispensary and get directions with geo-location services

• Select from pre-enrolled payment options for fast secure payment at the lane (automatically syncs reward points)

• Social Media functionality built in.

 CannaCard Rewards®:

CannaCard’s Rewards was created to encourage customer loyalty and motivate sales by issuing points for every dollar spent at your dispensary. The rewards program tracks the purchasing habits of your customers and enables you to present them with special offers, e-coupons, gift certificates and other discounts. If you choose to participate in the CannaCard Rewards, you’ll have complete control over how points are earned and redeemed. Highlight your dispensary’s Brand every time the CannaCard App is downloaded anywhere in the World!

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