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Free Finance Loan Calculator - Payments

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This is a free loan payment calculation page. Use the form below to get approximate payments. All of the fields may be changed to meet your needs. The results will appear below the main form. See the help file for more information.
* (starting amount to finance)
Taxes, Shipping, & Misc. Fees:
* (this will be added in)
Interest Rate:
* (8.5% = 0.085 enter as decimal)
Number of Months:
* Or Use Years (this will be converted into months)
Down Payment:
* (this will be subtracted)
Trade-In 1:
* (minus lien) (this will be subtracted)
Trade-In 2:
* (minus lien) (this will be subtracted)
Days Till 1st Payment:
* (odd days till first payment)
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All calculations are approximate only - please see disclaimer below

Disclaimer for approximate figures and calculations
  • This page will compute the estimated monthly payment of a loan depending on the information you provide.
  • This is strictly an estimate and nothing else.
  • Trade-Ins need to be value minus lien (how much is still owed).
  • No taxes, shipping, and other misc fees are included in this estimate.
  • Interest rates may vary with approved credit.
  • Adilas, LLC. - ( is in no way responsible for any calculations resulting from this page.

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