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Show/Interact with the adilas API

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This is the pre-built/visual interface for the adilas API (application programming interface). The page is setup into a visual 3-step process. Step 1 is where you prep the fields and data. Step 2 will take all of the form field values and will format them into an object that may be passed to the API. Step 2 will show the formatted data that will be submitted to the API. Step 3, once submitted, will actually run the API call and will then show the results. See the help file for more info.

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Step 1 - Prep & Convert Values
Page Mode:
API Visual Mode (pre-built/visual interface): https://data0.adilas.biz/web/show_adilas_api_calls.cfm - (default)
API Live Mode (raw/direct interface): https://data0.adilas.biz/web/adilas_api_calls.cfm
Corporation Key:
API Socket Username:
API Socket Password:
API Socket User Id:
Input/Output Type:
URL Encoding:

Method & Function Information
How Many Rows (arguments):
Method Or Function To Call:
Argument Name 1 = Value 1:
Argument Name 2 = Value 2:



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