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Free Online Barcode Generator

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This is a special free online barcode generator for the web. This page does not affect any actual database values. Feel free to experiment and change things around. Use the form provided to interact with the Flash barcode generator. All barcode values are drawn at run time and are able to handle both UPC-A (standard retail barcode) and code 128B (flexible alpha/numeric and special characters barcode). See the help file for more information.

This is a scaled down version (generic public version) of the Adobe Flash barcode generator that is used inside of the main application. The full version gets dynamically tied in and gets data passed to it from all the normal application pages. Some of these pages include parts and general inventory, purchase orders, invoices, and the shopping cart. This page is capable of printing standalone barcode labels right from the web.
Barcode Generator
Advanced Settings
The old Flash widget went here - removed in 2021
Screenshot of the old barcode generator flash widget
Corp Name:
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Show Settings:
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