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It's time to throw out multiple software systems to run your business!
Try and simplify!
We have developed a real-time integrated web-based application to bridge the gap between your business operations and your accounting. You've been waiting for this for a long time! Now, is the time to check out the awesome features we offer!
Live and Searchable is set up as a real-time virtual accounting system. Our philosophy is to track every penny in and every penny out. This means that as things happen in the field (normal operations or day-to-day business), they automatically show up for approval and roll call in the accounting side of the application. The word "adilas" is an acronym for "all data is live and searchable".
Centrally Located Data handles remote access as well as onsite data entry points. The entire application is server-based and only requires a computer (any kind and any OS) and an internet connection. With the site open 24/7, things like business trips, remote workers, multiple locations, and after hours access is no problem and part of the solution.
Always Up-To-Date is a hosted server-based solution which allows us to update the application on the fly to provide the latest changes and updates. You will never need to install another version or patch. All updates are handled on the server and dynamically passed along to all users regardless of OS.
Empower The People is a permission-based system that can be customized for each user. Once inside the application, each page checks for individual page permissions by user and corporation. This allows you to assign only the permissions that are needed for each user. All permissions are checked on every page and completely hidden if unassigned. This keeps the interface simple and direct.
Enter Once - Use Many allows people in the field to enter the data once at the point of action. The data is then passed to the next step for approval, verification, and posting. This eliminates the need for multiple data entry and possible duplication or mistakes. As long as the data is correct, let it flow!
No Limits can handle any number of locations, vendors, payees, users, customers, inventory items, banks, corporations, PO's, invoices, quotes, recipe/builds, stock/units, check requests, expense/receipts, deposits, statements, etc. Even if you have multiple corporations, you can access data in your other corporations at the click of a button.
View At A Glance excels as a business tracking tool and shows up-to-the-minute information, data, and reports. Two special reports of interest are accounts receivable and accounts payable. Both are automated and include aging, search and filter options, and links to recent activity and histories. A single click allows you to view your inventory with descriptions, pricing, and photos.
Build Data Relationships gives you a powerful and flexible tool set to help link and tie all of your data together. Once tie-ins are in place, the application will show drill-down links to each sub-section. This allows you a number of different ways to get at your data and move around the system. Virtually anything in the system may be linked to any other piece within the system to help fill in the gaps or provide an accurate history of what really happened. Document the story!
Super User Friendly has customized application pages to create a look and feel to fit your business. Each section is a point and click interface with standard page elements like web links, navigation, sub navigation, data entry forms, search forms, reports, and buttons. Every page is printable and contains its own help file. The application is also optimized for use with dual monitors and multiple windows opened at one time.
Digital Filing System excels as an accounting and operations (accopps) system for your day-to-day business needs. Depending on your permissions, you can lookup anything in the system. Beyond the flexible search capacity, you have the option to add photos, scans, and documents to almost every section of the site. This is truly, digital filing made easy!
Ongoing Development is the seventh full version of a project that started in 2001. Originally created as an operations tool, to track inventory, adilas has grown from a hometown mini application to a full blown online virtual accounting and operations system. adilas is what it is today due to the many years of ideas, suggestions, development, testing, feedback, and brainstorming from people who use it on a daily basis. We try our best to listen and deliver.
Safe & Secure is set up to allow you to run your business "Worry Free" while we take care of the security issues. We use all of the latest advanced web-based security options such as 256-BIT encryption on all pages, secure socket layer (SSL or https), "3 Strikes - You're Out!" on failed logins, corporation to user to permission checks on every page, server-side validation on all forms and reports, and much more! Add in commercial level scripting and database servers, daily back-ups, secure data center, and 24/7 support staff/techs. Your data is in good hands!
In a Hurry? - Go Mobile! lets you access your data any time, any place, where an internet connection is available. You could be at home, work, or on the road. You could use your desktop unit, laptop, PDA device, cell phone, etc. Stay connected regardless of where you are! Choose and win!

To schedule an appointment, please contact us for a live demo and free no-obligation consulting visit. When you decide to do business with us, we will provide you with an adilas accopps (accounting and operations) specialist to get you started! We look forward to serving you!

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