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Steve and Sean were talking about sales, display booths, and conventions. We had a couple of people staffing a live event this past week. They are going to be talking with them today and going over questions and what not.

Steve was asking for updates on a number of projects. They (he and Cory) are going to be starting to implement some due dates on some of the projects that just keep going and going. We need to find a good cap or breaking point. This will be a new change, on some of the projects. Currently, we have some projects that go on and on for months on end. Progress is being made, but the finish line is unclear and thus it just keeps going and going.

I gave Steve and Sean a small demo on the progress and new stuff that we are developing for the online client facing scheduling portion of ecommerce. We were going over things for 10/15 minutes. After that, they both had to bail out and jump on another call with one of their guys. I spent the rest of the time going over emails and follow-ups.