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Add Quote
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This method will add a new quote to the database.
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A quote inside the system does not affect the actual inventory. It may be restored to the cart and then converted into an invoice. Another name for a quote is an order or an online eCommerce order where no payment is applied.

Scope Name Type Default Description Required Alternates Known Values
Arguments CORP_ID Numeric 0 Pass in the corp id number. This is your corporation ID or your business world number. This is required and will be validated. The default is 0, but will be checked for a real number. Yes
Arguments CUSTOMER_ID Numeric 1 Pass in the customer id number. Pass in the value of 1 if it's a counter sale. Pass in the customer's id number if it's a customer quote. Yes
Arguments EXTERNAL_PO_NUMBER String Pass in the external customer PO number. No
Arguments INVOICE_NUMBER Numeric 0 Pass in the invoice number that results from the quote. This helps show chains and what got converted into what. The default is 0 unless an actual invoice resulted from this quote. No
Arguments INVOICE_TYPE_ID Numeric 0 Pass in the invoice type id number. 2=Customer Invoice, 3=Counter Sale, 4=Rental Ticket, 5=Internal-Repair, 6=Transfer, 7=Quote, 8=Transition Invoice. As a side note, a valid customer id is needed for invoice types 2, 4, 7, and 8. Yes
Arguments NOTES String Pass in the quote notes. This field accepts up to 255 characters. If additional notes are needed, you'll want to see Elements of Time. No
Arguments OTHER_SALESPERSON_ID Numeric 1 Pass in the other salesperson id number. This is actually a payee id number if there is a second salesperson or associate assigned to the ticket. If unknown, use 1. Yes
Arguments OTHER_STORE_ID Numeric 1 Pass in the other location id number. This is for transfers. The default is 1 unless an actual transfer invoice. Yes
Arguments PRINTABLE_NOTES String Pass in the printable notes for the quote. This field accepts up to 255 characters. No
Arguments QUOTE_AMOUNT Numeric 0 Pass in the quote amount or invoice total. Yes
Arguments QUOTE_CREATED_BY_ID Numeric 0 Pass in the payee user id of the person who created the quote. This id number will be used for a history message of who added the record. If this is not passed in, it will default to whoever the main payee/user id is that is using the method. Yes
Arguments QUOTE_DATE String Pass in the original quote date. If a date is not entered, the current date will be put in as the default. Yes
Arguments QUOTE_DATE_TIME String Pass in the adjusted date/time stamp. If a date/time is not entered, the current date will be put in as the default. Yes
Arguments SALESPERSON_ID Numeric 0 Pass in the salesperson id number or main payee id number. Yes
Arguments STOCK Numeric 0 Pass in a stock number if applicable. Use 0 if not applicable. As a note, a stock unit is a big ticket item like a vehicle, trailer, house, gun, or some other serialized item. No
Arguments STOCK_UNIT_LIST String Pass in a comma separated list of stock numbers if any. No
Arguments STORE_ID Numeric 0 Pass in the store or location id number. This value is corporation specific and can be looked up by going to the getGeneralLookupValues method. You'll be looking for the QRY_LOCATION_INFO_ARRAY data. This is a huge part of how we track quantities per location. If you have multiple locations, this is extremely important. Yes

ok Successfully saved the quote in the database. Where can we take you? [view new quote] [interactive map] [classic homepage] [start a new cart] [my quotes] [quote homepage] This assumes that everything went well.
Name Type Description Notes
NEW_QUOTE_NUMBER Numeric This is a unique number for the added quote. The function provides an auto-incrementing number to assign to each new quote so it can be used as an id.
dataIn Unable to save the quote to the database. Missing some information. Use your back button and try again. This is returned if the corp id, customer id, invoice type id, other salesperson id, other store id, quote created by id, salesperson id, or store id arguments are not found.
dataIn2 Unable to save the quote to the database. Missing the date/time information. Use your back button and try again. This is returned if the date is not valid.
db Unable to connect to the database. The quote was not saved in the database. Use your back button and try again. This is returned if there was an error in inserting values such as corp id, customer id, external po number, invoice number, notes, quote amount, quote date, store id, etc.

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