Manage Smart Groups
This page is setup to help manage what we call "smart groups". Basically, a smart group button is a my cart favorite button that contains all of the functionality of the normal cart favorite buttons plus it allows for pre-set pricing structures (quantities, weights, and prices) to be assigned or connected to one or more inventory items.

One of the cool features about this type of button is that it may be applied to more than one items (if wanted or needed). Because it is setup on a group level (maintained by you), if a price change is needed (called rules), it will automatically cascade the new settings to all group members (called assignments).

By way of a note, there is a special permission that is required to setup and manage these button settings (rules and assignments). If a user does not have the admin permission, they (the other users) will be able to see and use only what has been established or setup but will not be able to manage or update any of the settings.

This page has two different display modes. One will show "all" smart group buttons assigned to a single user and the other will show just a single smart group button and will break it down into the rules and assignments.

Here is some information about what we call the smart group "rules" (how to play):

- Rules are based on a decimal level of accuracy for the quantity or weight range. They have a from quantity value, a to quantity value, a price, a price setting (price per or total price), a master tax category setting, and an add to description section. The add to description section allows for custom verbage to be added to the current description if wanted or needed. Options include skip (use existing part description), add something before the current description, add after the current description, or do a full description replacement (custom).

- All rules must start with 0.00 and end with a max number of 99,999,999.99 (almost a hundred million). No gaps are allowed in the to and from ranges. That helps the system be able to give a response back according to the quantity or weight supplied (or scaled in). Basically, we need to make sure that nothing falls through the cracks, hence no gaps are allowed. The page is also setup to help you adjust the next starting value (from quantity range) based on the last ending quantity range value (to quantity range). These auto populated numbers (the next starting range) are controlled by the decimal accuracy level at the top of the page. The decimal accuracy level is between 2-5 decimal places.

- If you don't want to enter the big ending number (99,999,999.99) there are two shortcuts that have been established. The first option is to type the word "end" (without any quotes) and hit your tab key, the max number will be entered for you. The other option, which you don't have as much control over, is to just not finish the rule set. The system will automatically finish it for you using the last valid price and settings. You could always edit it later on, if needed. Either way, the rule set must be finished at some point.

- You are allowed to use or setup as many rules as needed (unlimited). If you use up all of the supplied form options, submit the page and then return back to this manage rules and assignment page. The new page (after it has been submitted) will provide five (5) new rules each time you come back. Repeat this process as many times as needed to meet your needs.

Here is some information about what we call the smart group "assignments" (who or what gets to play):

- The assignments are part numbers or general inventory items that are assigned or connected to the group. As stated above, because the entire thing is based on a group level, the maintenance is much easier.

- At least one assignment is needed per group. The group size could be anywhere between one and as many as you want (unlimited). The assignments even have options of being active (show and use), inactive (hide and don't use), or deleted (totally remove from the group). This page allows you to manage the assignment status in bulk. Flip and change as often as needed.

- The actual assignments are done on another page that allows for you to do a search and then use a point and click interface to make the assignments. Once a valid assignment is made, they will show up as options under the smart groups.

Here are some other benefits of using smart group rules and assignments: Each physical part number (inventory item) that gets assigned will show what cart favorite buttons it is assigned to if viewed as an individual part number (including other user's buttons if set to public). You may also see the smart group rules and assignments when using the advanced add to cart page, the edit cart line items page, etc. Basically, we tried to spread the wealth and power of the smart groups to other places where they may be used directly or referenced for more specific tweaks.

To read more about general "My Cart Favorites", click here to view the help file for that page.