View/Copy/Use Other Cart Favorites
This page is setup to help you view, copy, and/or use other employee/user cart favorites. The process is very simple and only takes a couple of seconds. If you would like to use someone else’s cart favorites as your own (somewhat permanent - per session or per login), look for the link that says "use as my own". If you click that link, the system will make a new assignment and you will be able to view and use that person's cart favorites. If needed, you could always switch to a different user. Only one assignment is allowed at a time. The system will show you what your current assignment is by showing the value "current assignment" next to the person's name. This temporary assignment lasts for your current login session. Once you logout or get timed out, you may need to select this assignment again. As a side note, there are some personal settings that allow you to choose another user's favorites as the default. That allows you to skip this chooser piece.

If you want to go a little bit deeper and get a copy of someone else's favorites, there are two basic steps to view and/or copy. First, find the person's name who you want to copy or view their public favorites. Click on the "view" link by their name. This will take you to the view/copy section. This is step 1. If you need to get back to step 1 (choose a user), look for the link at the top of the page.

Step 2 is looking over their favorites and deciding which one to use and/or copy. There are two options. One is to view and click their button. This will run their favorite as if it is yours (not as permanent as the option above - set as own). The other option is that you can copy their button and save it as your own personal button. To do this, look for the link that says "copy" (far right side). Once clicked, you will be taken to the new favorite add form and all of the data (except their category and group) will show up. You can change anything you need and then click the add button at the bottom. Once you do that, you just created a new my cart favorite button that was patterned off of another user's favorite.

If you are doing actual copying of buttons, you do need to have the normal my cart favorite buttons permission. If you only have the view only permission, you will only be allowed to see and use other public buttons.